Portrayed By Emmy Rossum
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 16, 1978
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Bek
Place of Birth Boston, Mass, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation E.R. Doctor
Known Relatives Thomas Morgan (father), Elizabeth Morgan (mother), Joel Morgan (brother), Elijah Morgan (brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Healing
First Appearance Coffee, Drugs, and a Nap

Dr. Rebekah Morgan is better known as Bekah, or even Bek for the really lazy. She's a caffeine and sarcasm addict with a good heart buried somewhere way, way down.


Rebekah Morgan was born and raised in Boston. The daughter of a doctor and a successful lawyer, she saw as much of her nanny as her parents. They were loving parents, but they struggled to find time for Rebekah, more often called Bekah from the time she was little, and her two brothers. The middle of the three, Bekah had to find her way to stand out. She was an intense student from elementary school, pushing herself with attempts to be the best student in every class she was in. Thankfully, Bekah had the brains to pull it off, but she still put a lot of pressure on herself. Summers were a time to take her away from all that. Her parents sent her off to an all girls camp for the whole summer each year, pushing her to learn outdoors and sports skill and to leave behind the pressures of school.

When Bekah started High School, she did so at Exeter Academy, a boarding school in New Hampshire. Without family so close to try to impress, she relaxed a bit on pressuring herself. She still put more than enough effort into her academics to do quite well, but she also made time for her friends and to compete on the swimming team. Bekah stayed in New Hampshire for college, moving on to attend Dartmouth University for her Bachelor's degree, studying Biology.

After graduating from Dartmouth, Bekah moved to New York City. Her reason for this was her acceptance into medical school at New York University. Her social life took a dive as she once again threw herself into studying. Bekah succeeded in this, through a lot of hard work. As she tried different specialties in her later years of medical school, she ended up deciding to pursue a career in emergency medicine. It was far from the private practice of her father, but she felt that it fit her. She currently works for Mount Sinai Hospital in the Emergency Room as an attending. Despite her sarcastic nature, she has made many friends at work, including Samantha Applebaum, a fellow ER attending.

Friends and Family:

Elijah - Bekah's little brother Eli just moved to the city to take job with the District Attorney's office. Elijah and Bekah get along well, though as siblings there legally has to be some teasing there.

Samantha - Samantha works with Bekah in the ER. The two are good friends outside of work as well, sharing a love for the sarcastic. Bekah is currently plotting, er planning, a fitting bachelorette party for Sam.

Namir - Bekah met Namir when he came into the ER with a gunshot wound. Their friendship grew from Namir being her friend's boyfriend to being Bekah's friend in his own right. The two bicker like siblings, and occasionally exchange books that should never be shown to siblings.

Erica - Samantha and Namir introduced Bekah to Erica. Erica continually tries to get Bekah to fly with her, which so far Bekah has said no to, especially if it involves any form of skydiving.

The Not Favored List:

Lee Lee's recent apology for nasty things said during their breakup might be almost enough to get him off this list. Still, Bekah isn't ready to be friends again yet with her ex.

Lachlan - Bekah thinks he's an idiot. Enough said.

Kitty - Bekah views Kitty as a flirt and rather on the annoying side. There's hope they could have a better relationship at some point, but for now, Bekah is most likely to grind her teeth and make snarky comments whenever Kitty's around.


  • Bekah is allergic to lilies.
  • Swimming is one of her favorite pastimes.
  • Bekah attended numerous years of summer camp in New Hampshire as a child and even worked as a counselor in college working on the waterfront.
  • Bekah is a Red Sox fan and will even be brave enough to declare that in New York.
  • Bekah is owned by two kittens, a black one named Gato and a white one named Neko.
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