2007-03-13: Benched


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Summary: Claudine is chastised, and taken off field assignments

Date It Happened: March 13, 2007


Primatech's Research Facilities

The Company Danger Room..ooooh. No, it's not really the 'danger room' per se as it is a controlled environment for different people, both agents and patients to learn how to control and make better use of their powers. Undergoing such tests at the moment is the young Filipina as she's dressed in a pair of Columbia bootie shorts and a black tanktop as there's mounds of dirt, sand, and rocks before her again.
Attached to her head and various other body parts are electrodes monitoring her vitals of course, and right now, her body temperature is slightly elevated and her heart rate is going fast at a rate of about 100 beats per minute. They just had her finish running a mile and a half afterall, so it's now time to see what she can do after a workout.

"Just..gimme a sec.." she says before grabbing a bottle of water and chugging it..

Mohinder is across the room, just finishing up with another patient. One whom he is /not/ pushing to the breaking point. Possibly to the annoyance of other doctors who have orders to do such a thing. He finishes marking on the patient's chart before sending the young man off for another test. The clipboards in hand are shuffled as he moves on to the next. Lips purse and his brow furrows, this is the part he dislikes. He prefers spending more time with particular patients rather than any sort of 'rounds'. Ready to go work with testing on another patient, he walks past Claudine and nods to the girl, even as he frowns at the monitors and the results on her vitals.

And she's given a few moments of rest..literally. Just moments. The other scientists want to know what she does, and so she'll do it. "Gah! Fine! Okay..I'll do it!" she cries out, definitely fatigued as she looks over to the mounds of dirt once more. She takes a deep breath and stretches out an arm towards the piles, causing it to swirl into a giant fist once more, and her temperature rises. 102 now. Claudine's sweating profusely as she wrinkles her nose while maintaining the shape of the fist. Damnit..it's hard.

The scientists nods and continue to make their notes as they motion towards the granite and marble slabs. "Pick them up and transport them to the other side of the room.." the lead says.

And so..slowly but surely the earthy hand starts to go pick one up. It's heavy like woah, and the strain is becoming apparent now as her nose starts to bleed, but at least she's picking it up.

Mohinder watches the progress, looking more than a little displeased. He fetches a bottle of water, knowing that Claudine's body dehydrates with the effort of using her abilities.. then he notes the nosebleed. "Stop! That's enough. Miss Salonga, take a rest." He flashes a dark look at those supervising Claudine, "You heard me, this test is over. Come down Miss Salonga." He hands over the water to the young woman as he looks at the monitors.

"I'm not interested. Piss off." Someone is in an absolutely choice mood today. One can almost hear the Imperial March from Star Wars playing as Angie makes her way down the halls of the hospital in her chunky boots. A set of doctors (what is with those guys and wanting to stick people with needles today?) mutter as she walks right between them and moves past. Unlit cigarette in her mouth, she slows by the door to the room where Claudine is having her tests, brow skewing and lips curling into a sneer.

The lead scientist doesnt look too happy about this, but he dismisses it. "Fine..you can stop.." he says while looking over to Mohinder with furrowed brows.

"What?" Claudine says as she stops and puts down her hand, to let the earthy fist gently put down the slab of granite before it crumbles to dirt once more. She sighs and takes a deep breath, sweating like a pig now as she takes the water and chugs the entire thing. Yeah..she was thirsty.

Once she looks down, there's a bit of blood on the bottle and her hand and blinks a little. Okay..that doesnt look too good..and she grabs a few napkins to wipe it off. "I..I think I need to throw up.." she admits ruefully before taking a seat.

Mohinder glances past Claudine at Angie's entrance. If he's made the scientists angry, he doesn't care. The girl could give herself an aneurism or something. Grabbing up a towel, he hands it to the Claudine. Another bottle of water is found, "This time, smaller drinks. Just stay put and rest." He looks ready to round on those supervising Salong with something akin to anger.

Angie takes it upon herself to step into the room. "You boys in white can all leave. Now." Oh yes, she's barking orders. "'cept you, Doctor Suresh, of course." She indicates the door and then glances at Claudine, expression softening only just a little bit. "Agent Salonga, did you agree to this testing?"

"O..okay.." Claudine says a little as she takes a drink of water before looking up towards Angie. Man, she's scary, and at the question, she nods. "Yeah..I agreed to the testing.." she admits ruefully while running her fingers through her hair. Her heartbeat is still racing fast, but her temperature is slowly dropping with the more water she drinks.

Mohinder looks up from where he's keeping an eye on Claudine. He doesn't blame the others for backing away and listening to Angie. Agent Alvarez.. is scary. He nods to Angie as she puts him in the exception. The geneticist would like to know Claudine's answer to this. He knows the girl's limitations so far. "Miss Salonga, you aren't strong enough for this sort of testing. You're only just now beginning to learn how to control your abilities. You've dangerously dehydrated your body… What?" Now it's Suresh's turn to look angry at Claudine. "You know this is beyond your limits!"

Angie nods at what Claudine says and then adds, after Mohinder finishes speaking, "I'm afraid I'm in agreement with Dr. Suresh. By all means, test your abilities. But riding yourself this hard will kill you in short order and you aren't use to anyone dead, not yourself, not your family and not to our cause." She crosses her arms over her chest. "We all appreciate your enthusiasm and I don't want to diminish it, but I think it might be best if you be taken off the active field mission roster temporarily. You need to get more training in. And you need to not give yourself an aneurysm doing it."

"I..I want to help, and well, with what happened at Kirby Plaza..I..I just thought.." and Claudine sighs, nodding as she wrinkles her nose a little and takes a deep breath, as she still feels like crap, but it's also because she was just chastized as well. "Yes ma'am..I should really catch up with classes anyway, but..I'd still like to continue observations of Mr. Cho and Ms. Kimura, namely cause well..I hang out with them on a friendly basis anyway." And then she blinks a little and nods, "Oh..I almost forgot. Dr. Suresh..this woman..her name was Maya..she and her brother want to meet your father for some reason. She said she's really sick.."

"You know usage of your abilities causes your body to dehydrate, and you're in danger of an aneurism." Mohinder tones the anger down, his eyes drawn to the stain of blood from the girl's nose. He falls silent temporarily as he pretty much echoes Angie. "I'm in agreement with Miss Alvarez." In fact, he picks up Claudine's chart and signs off his recommendations before handing it to Angie for her to do as well. "You can help Miss Salonga, here," he says gently. "There is a lot for you to do that does not involve field missions." He looks directly at Claudine and nods. "Did you get their information? I'll speak with them."

Angie stares at Claudine, though the girl might get the impression she's being stared through. She's had practice, clearly. Nodding once, snags the chart from Mohinder, groks it and then signs off on it. "You're in school still, right?" Obviously from what Claudine just said. "I think that catching up on your studies is a great idea. Continue your observations, but don't engage and for pete's sake don't push yourself like you've been doing. You've been physical training with Agent Granger, correct?"

"I..well, they sort of ran off in a real hurry. When Maya started to get frustrated, she sort of ran off with her brother. Kinda on edge the whole time really, so I wasnt able to. Sorry. On the off chance that I do run into them though, is it okay if I give them the address to the lab?" Claudine asks, as she didnt want to give that information without permission afterall, cause well..she doesnt exactly know what their intentions are.

She then looks back over to Angie and nods, taking a deep breath. "Yeah. I've been learning some hand to hand with him, and Agent Skaargard taught me how to shoot.." she says.

"Bring them here, to the hospital instead," Mohinder says. He'd rather have full medical facilities just in case. He frowns slightly, but says nothing else. He's already given his input, now is the time to listen to Angie as she ranks over Claudine, and see what she has to say.

"Continue your training and the observations then," Angie acquiesces, glancing to Mohinder and then back to Claudine, blue eyes glinting. "If I hear about another incident like this where you've pushed yourself near to breaking? I'll be the first one recommending that the Company release you. We need solid agents, we don't need people who are liabilities to themselves and the people around them because of their recklessness."

"Yes ma'am. I wont push myself again.." Claudine says sounding rather apologetic, as this was the first time she really had done it, but it seems like she doesnt want to do it again. "I'll concentrate on school, and training, and being normal and stuff.." sounding rather relieved at that last little bit, cause she's been wanting a bit of normalcy and stuff.

"If I hear before you Alvarez, I'll let you know." And Mohinder means it too. "I won't have Miss Salonga causing needless harm to herself. It can take years to fully understand and control one's abilities. You're pushing yourself far too fast. No more field assignments." Then, "You're done in here for the day. Stay hydrated or I shall see to it that you are put on an IV." He looks once to Claudine before giving Angie a nod and striding off.

Angie gives Mohinder a smile and nods, taking a step towards Salonga to lay a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Believe me, we're glad you're with us. We just don't want you to drive yourself into the ground… you know? Get some rest, okay?" This is about as soft as she gets while in professional company. "I'll talk to you later, alright?" And then she's headed for the door herself and then the hall, turning the opposite way from the way Mohinder took.

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