2007-03-09: Benedict Arnold


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: The aftermath of 'How many agents does it take to get one woman to talk?'

Benedict Arnold

Somewhere in Hartsdale, NY

Once Angie has left..Claudine lets out a soft sigh of relief and comes in with notepad once more. She's still wearing the mask of course and wrinkles her nose as she looks over to Orion and then Eliana. "So, did she talk? Cause if she did, I brought cake.." With that, she carts in some cake, cause well, cake always make people feel better or something like that..

Orion looks to Claudine and nods once before turning his attention back to Eliana. The tall man seems to be doing his best to seem intimidating and ever-watchful.

Well, there's no turning that valve if Orion is going to stay there. But Claudine's reemergence with cake causes Eliana to smirk. "I thought I could go home," she says lazily, clearly exhausted from not only the drugs but the emotional stress.

"Oh you know how bureaucracy works. There's all this red tape and stuff, but soon enough you'll be able to go home. So..how big do you want your slice?" Claudine asks as she wrinkles her nose before looking over to Orion with an amused chuckle under her breath. Next time she's asked to get some info out..make sure there's someone big and intimidating there initially.

Pose around Orion. He'll pose when he feels it necessary and/or appropriate… Like some kind of metal Lurch (no, wait, Lurch is taken)… Like some kind of metal… Jayne?

"I'm not that hungry," Eliana says with a sigh. Of all the things she wants right now, Jack is at the top of the list. Her mind wanders to her belongings, and she squints at Claudine again. "You /know/ you don't need that mask so long as this IV is in. And it makes you look stupid. Can you get me my stuff?" Eliana rolls Tact and…well, it's bad.

"Not taking any risks.." Claudine says matter of factly as she just leaves the cake as it for now with all the plastic forks. "And it doesnt matter to me that I look stupid..I just dont wanna get high off you." shrugging her shoulders once more as she remains standing where she is. "So..until you're released, is there anything I can get for you to make your stay with us a bit more comfortable?"

Eliana narrows her eyes a bit. "Yeah. You can give me back my stuff. What I had in my pockets." A pen, her notebook, her wallet, her keys, and her cell phone. "You know, a little taste of home to help while away the hours."

"I'm afraid I'm not authorized to do that yet..there's still somethings that have to be processed. Like I said..bureaucracy.." Claudine says matter of factly as she hrmms for a few moments, "If you want I can get you a notepad and something to write with though.."

It's not an answer that surprises Eliana. She sits up a little and tries to smile, but again, her muscles aren't that strong. "Aw, come on. I've been helpful, haven't I?" Let's forget the torture thing. "My stuff would be a lot more rewarding than cake. Besides, you know how writers can get about /what/ they write on and /what/ they write with. And my cell has all my muse-music on it."

What does this woman take her for? She's not stupid, even if she is a newbie. So this time, Claudine just gives her a firm and resolute, "No. You werent all that nice earlier anyway.." she says with a shrug of her shoulders in the end. "If you want music, I can get you a portable radio though..or a walkman.." Yeah she's not getting the high end stuff for this girl.

"Look," Eliana says with a sigh. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have insulted your baking, and you're right. The Company has good intentions. But you have to realize that when you wake up in a strange place and have to /immediately/ fork over information you barely have in the first place…well, it doesn't put you in the best of moods. So please? /My/ music? /My/ notebook and pen?" Puppydog eyes?

"What are… Your favorite… Bands?"

Oh god. Granger's talking.

Claudine looks on over to Orion and lets out a hearty laugh, shaking her head a little at that. "I can get you old LPs of stuff, but you arent suppose to have your things back. Especially your cellphone.." emphasizing that part before she beams at Orion once more. "And see..he's nice when you dont make him angry..he's like a metallic super cuddly teddybear.."

Eliana looks at Orion, squinting at him. "Hard to find stuff. A lot of independent stuff that I had to upload myself. So yeah, /my/ phone. But…" Eliana has to pick her battles carefully. "The notebook and pen are more important."

"I can get you paper and crayons. I dont want you to try to stab one of us with a pen." Claudine says matter of factly, as she knows the pen is mightier than the sword afterall, so she'll give some leeway. As long as that leeway is demeaning..

Orion arches an eyebrow at Eliana's response, but twists toward Claudine. Both of his eyebrows arch at her assertion and he folds his arms across his chest, leaning against the wall once more. Well there goes all of his street cred.

As demeaning as crayons are, they're better than nothing. "So long as they're /new/ crayons," she mutters before she lies back and turns so that her back is somewhat to Claudine. She stares at the IV in her arm, frowning softly.

"Okay..new crayons it is.." Claudine says as she takes the plastic forks and knives, though the cake is still there, should any of them want some while she's out….

Orion Granger is leaning against a wall in Eliana's room. He is pointedly watching her and her IV arm, but he keeps a metallic 'bandana' covering his face. Presumably he has some sort of oxygen mask on underneath it, because he has not taken it off for a very long time.

Unless The Company keeps unopened Crayolas on hand, Claudine's errand will take time. And that sedative is well…a sedative. Already lying on her side, Eliana's eyes on her bandaged elbow start to close. She could be falling asleep, or she could just be tired of keeping them open.

There's always some art supplies somewhere. Claudine had crayons when she was a patient to pass the time, so yeah. there. She comes back in with a box of 96..yes, 96 different colorsand some construction paper. Yeah, she's kind of taking this whole being mean thing to heart and when she heads back in she says, "Wakey wakey..got you what you wanted.." Well it isnt exactly what Eliana wanted, but it's as close as she's going to get..

It becomes quite clear that Eliana isn't asleep, because when Claudine enters, she opens her eyes and sits up again. She takes the supplies with a bit of smile, then looks to the two agents. "Privacy would be nice," she says, as if Claudine had once more asked what would make her comfortable.

Granger is quiet and still. If you don't look in his direction, you might not even notice the tall, metal-faced man at all. It might be a little unsettling.

"That's reserved for people who arent a flight risk.." Claudine says with a laugh as she wrinkles her nose before patting Orion's shoulder gently. "If you wanna grab some grub, it's fine..I got a few things other than crayons to keep me company.." she says with a warm smile before heading over to one of the chairs in the corner, crossing her legs and just stares at Eliana. With that, she pulls out several crystals from her pockets and they start to warp like clay, as she's trying to do with the quartz what Orion did with his metal. That was a pretty neat intimidation trick afterall.

"What?" Eliana half chuckles, but the mirth is strained at best. "I've got crayons and cake." Still, she knows she won't win. She leans forward and stretches out her un-IVed arm to set the supplies at the foot of her bed before she rolls over onto her side again. No more words. She /is/ tired, and sleeping will pass the time more quickly anyway.

There's a dull knock at the door. It's Ed, who has the door open and leans in for a peek. Those who haven't met Ed can probably already sense the aura of dissatisfaction and crudeness that sort of orbits around him. "This her?" he asks.

Claudine snaps out of her little daze and what was going to be a little quartz dagger suddenly turns into a harmless marble. She quickly puts it away into her pockets and eases on up, wrinkling her nose a little. "Yes sir..Eliana Pasternack.."

Granger was half-way across the room when Ed opened the door. He was, apparently, going to take Claudine up on the offer of going to get grub. No telling what he was up to before he came to help with Eliana.

"… Evening… Sir…"

Eliana remains quiet, but she opens her eyes a little bit. It would take someone getting down right near her face to be able to tell that they are barely open. This is apparently some sort of superior, and if he thinks she's asleep…well, it might be more beneficial.

"Pasternack, huh? You must have had a rough ride in grade school," Ed says, still leaning against the door. He doesn't make eye contact with Orion or Claudine, but he has the same sort of deeply insincere smile on his face. "We get everything we need from her? Fully cooperative?"

"Not initially, but she was persuaded to cooperate later on.." Claudine says matter of factly while idly running her fingers through her hair as she looks over the 'sleeping' girl once more.

Orion remains quiet on the matter. Claudine can answer quite well for him. Instead, the tall man turns his attention back to Eliana… Just in case she goes for that IV, again, and does something untoward.

"Good," Ed says. "Cooperation always works out best, as I'm sure she knows." Eliana seems to be asleep, but Ed apparently keeps talking as though he knows she's listen. Maybe that's the entire point. "She shouldn't feel bad," he says, happily. "None of her friends have stood up for her, either. At least not yet. You guys are making right decisions."

"They do want to release this..Peter Petrelli.." Claudine admits ruefully, whom she doesnt know much about, "And she did say if he was released their attack would cease.." Yeah, she just throws it out there, idly running her fingers through her hair once more, since it's more of habit now than anything else. "But..I dont know. At least the location of the Mendez paintings were revealed.." shrugging her shoulders in the end.

"Probably not," Ed says. "But I've never turned Benedict Arnold. I'm already on the right side. But, hey. Don't hold it against yourself. I can't speak to Petrelli's release, or even if we have him. I'm not privvy to that information. But he's certain a person of interest. Other than that, enjoy your stay. Hopefully, it'll be brief. The more you help, the less extensive it needs to be."

Claudine cant help but snicker at the witty retort in the end as she looks over to Eliana. "It's all right..when your friends come and they realize it's an ambush, I'll be more than happy to reveal our source of information." With that, she sits back down and crosses her legs at the same chair and looks over towards the patient once more.

Great. Just great. But while Ed isn't Crazy High Up whatever ladder exists here, he's still higher than Claudine. "Look, I'd really like it if you guys went and talked about all of this someplace else," she says in a tired voice, and it isn't like she has to fake it. "It would certainly make things more /enjoyable/ and /comfortable/ for me. You know what I can do, and that doesn't include breaking down doors or picking locks." Please?

"… I would… Suggest that… You get some… Sleep… Miss Paster… Nack…"

Granger remains in his corner, watching Eliana quietly for the moment.

"I'm fine with that," Ed says. "Enjoy your stay, Miss Pasternick," he says, probably intentionally messing up her name. "If you need anything, just press the button." There is no button. "G'night."

But it's not until the room is empty that Eliana lets herself drift off. Her previous intentions with that valve are forgotten. Maybe later. Right now there is too much swimming in her head (and in her bloodstream) to focus on anything. Anything but the wish to be free and in an Irishman's arms.

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