Benjamin A. Winters
Benjamin Avery Winters
Portrayed By Will Ferrell
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 5th, 1967
Age 42
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Ben, Benji, Benny, Bingo, Bunjamioh
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation CPA, Consultant for Yamagoto Industries
Known Relatives Margie Winters (Mother), Rose Madison (Illegitimate Daughter)
Significant Other Meryl A. Wolfe (Wife)
Known Abilities Narcokinesis
First Appearance "Roadside Assistance"

Benjamin is a former CPA with a good firm in NYC. He now consults with an unnamed company and has remarried.


A native New Yorker, Benjamin divorced his wife of fifteen years, Eileen. The relationship suddenly turned ugly within the span of a year and they separated in 2006. The downward spiral was almost inexplicable, but perhaps inevitable as both husband and wife were CPA's. However, Eileen began nagging and sparking arguments about Ben's dull nature. Fights that started small soon grew. When Eileen finally accused Ben of being so dull he put her to sleep, well that surely was just exaggerating.

Since Eileen walked out of his life, Benjamin wanted little to do with life outside of work. Of course his dear mother kept telling him that Eileen was a stuck up bitch anyway and he could do better. Somehow, that's little consolation. Geee, why is that?

He's coming out of his shell more and more. It's difficult to be a recluse when you're working for an unnamed Company and you have coworkers that you are required to associate with. He has since remarried after falling in love with his partner, Meryl Wolfe. The pair have to lay low and stay mostly out of sight thanks to an incident that occurred on their honeymoon.


Narcokinesis is the ability to manipulate sleep patterns. From a simple drowsiness, to a full out coma. On the harmful side, inflict severe insomnia to the point of brain damage/shutdown. Thanks to the Company and their training, he's getting better at his ability.


  • Late 80's - Shows that he can loosen up while in college. Alcohol helps!
  • 1991 - Marries Eileen
  • 2006 - Their marriage crumbles and they divorce. Late in the year, he has an encounter with a young girl named Evie, which results in him checking in with a therapist.

Benjamin's RP Logs

RP Hooks

  • Company employee, a trained agent.
  • As an evolved and agent, he's had a few encounters with people.
  • He's a certified CPA.

OOC Information

  • My best days for RP are Tuesday - Thursday.



  • Avery Rose Madison - His illegitimate daughter. He didn't know of her existence until she appeared in his office in January of 2007. He loves her fiercely and would do anything for her.
  • Margie Winters - His mother. An intimidating and overbearing woman with a controlling personality, but he'd do anything for her too.
  • Meryl Wolfe - Easily his best friend, he and Meryl are now married.


  • Angie Alvarez/Alice Lensherr - Initially the woman who tagged Ben and introduced him to the Company, they had a relationship for a brief time.
  • Lawrence Church - Amusing and genuinely likable, Ben likes associating with Church. On and off the clock. Ben looks up to Church as a senior agent and trusts his counsel. He's easily one of Ben's best friends these days.
  • Felix Ivanov - Another likable sort within the Company.
  • Peter Petrelli - The boss's son, Meryl's new partner, and someone to trust.

Acquaintances and Coworkers

  • Angela Petrelli - If he could remember what she ordered done to him, he might actually hate the woman. As it stands, she's in charge, to be respected and obeyed.
  • Bob Bishop - One of his bosses within the Company.
  • Doug Butabi - First partner, a very scary little man on so many levels. Currently Doug is off to the Alaska facility for an undetermined period of time.
  • Mariska Dmitryevna Ivanova - They've had their ups and downs, but he still likes her.
  • Max Swan - Another Agent, with a very twisted world view.
  • Megan Deatley - It's… complicated..
  • Noah Bennet - A man to be feared and respected. One of Ben's superiors. Not a man to piss off.
  • Vasili Babenkov - Second partner within the Company. It didn't work out.

Burning Bridges

  • Cass Aldric - She runs Enlightenment Books. The woman was immediately likable, and Ben feels like absolute shite for having to spy on her as part of his job. He's probably not much on the friends list of hers these days.
  • Elena Gomez - A friend by proxy as she is Ramon's daughter. Not so much anymore, owing to having to kidnap her for the Company.
  • Ramon Gomez - You kinda bond with the person you get kidnapped in front of. See above.
  • Niki Sanders - A very nice lady, he's had seemingly random encounters with her around town, even wound up a patient with her at the Company's Hartsdale facility. (If only he could remember her now!)


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