Roberta Whitney Sachs
Roberta Whitney Sachs
Portrayed By Kari Byron
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 18th, 1978
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Bert, Robbie
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Geek, Techie, EvoSoft Game designer
Known Relatives David Sachs (Dad), Katie Sachs (Mom), Sisters: Daniela, Paula, Natalie and Leslie
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Geek Padawan
First Appearance Rubber Ducky, You're The One

Formerly holding her dream job as a video game designer for EvoSoft, she now works for the NSA.


The youngest of five daughters, Roberta's parents clearly wanted sons. Cursed, or blessed with girls, well, the Bronx family was a zone of pure estrogen at times. By the time she was born, her father was determined to raise one of these kids like a son. As such, Roberta is a well rounded sort of geek. She enjoys sports, video games, sci-fi and motorcycles. She wasn't much of a scholarly overachiever growing up. Roberta, or Bert, was an average student who did a little better where science was, but not by much.

In school, she pitched for the softball team while making time for the Dungeons and Dragons crowd. Needless to say, she was popular with a lot of the boys. Breasts, cute face, tomboy interests, breasts.. What else was there to like? She had a string of boyfriends, but nothing truly serious. The last couple of years in high school were spent studying hard to get the best grades she could muster. With five kids, her family was struggling and money for college just wasn't there. So she had to work hard to get a scholarship. She didn't get the full ride she wanted, but it was padded with part time jobs and high interest loans.

With a fondness for computers and other geekery, it was no surprise that she majored in computer science in college with a little art design on the side. Now in her late twenties, she's gotten her bachelors, but is now going for graduate study. (Hey, it can't hurt!) Her sisters Daniela, Leslie, Paula and Natalie are each married, with kids. So the questions are always coming as to when Bert's getting hitched! It can get a little tiresome to say the least. So far, she doesn't have much interest in settling down.

She's been holding down mostly technical support jobs to help pay for schooling and to keep her plum purple Harley running.. oh and to pay for rent.. groceries.. utilities, student loans. It ain't easy.. but she's got her sights set on the big time. Video game design. She doesn't expect to get there overnight, but she's trying to get her foot in the door!


In the year since working for EvoSoft, she suddenly upped and quit her job, moving to Washington D.C. The move hasn't exactly worried her family and friends, despite knowing how much she wanted to design games. She assured them this job was a fantastic opportunity, and was top secret.

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  • Jaden Cain - Her boss. The head honcho, the big cheese, He Who Gets His Way. I honestly likes Jaden, even if his eccentric behavior can make me a bit wary of him. It's because of him that EvoSoft has a bit of a party atmosphere and I love coming into work. I'm even willing to put up with Jaden's off the wall probation demands now that he's hired me back. Oi vey, how could I have been so weak minded as to quit and work in D.C.?? How the hell did that happen!?
  • Gene Kensington - He's quiet, and seems a bit broody to me, but I really do like the guy. I'm never going to stop feeling guilty what happened with him and the government. I know I worked hard alongside him to make up for it, but still. It weighs heavily on me, even now that it's over and done. When I'm feeling crazy, in a way I kinda miss hiding out with him and Eric. There was a weird camaraderie going on. Not that I want to relive this period, although having downtime now makes me kinda jumpy.


  • "I think I'll just call you Jaden.. but it's Bossman or Darth Cain when I'm on the clock."
  • "Fine, fine.. You're off the hook. For now. But only because you're my boss, and you're cute." Pause. "We're off the clock, so I can say that without being sued for sexual harassment."
  • "Aw, you little farbissenah punim. Keep that frown turned upside down will ya?"
  • "Don't be afraid to let your inner geek shine my man."

RP Hooks

  • A former employee of EvoSoft. She's probably recognizable to the gamers as being one of their designers. She also appeared at panels and trade shows as a representative of the design department.
  • She's currently in DC, working on a top secret NSA project. What a leap huh?
  • Bert is back at EvoSoft, designing games. No more government work for her, she's had enough of that!


  • Is Half-Jewish.
  • Uses more Yiddish when excited.
  • Her father works in a dairy and is jokingly nicknamed 'Tevye'.
  • Has a purple motorcycle that she fondly calls 'Ernie'.


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