Bethany Amber Thorne
Portrayed By Tabitha Grayston
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 18th
Age 13
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Cordelia (character on 'Afterlife')
Place of Birth Annapolis, MD, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Child Actress
Known Relatives Hazel Thorne (mother)
Significant Other Ew!
Known Abilities Electrokinesis
First Appearance One Cookie a Day

Bethany Thorne is the newest addition to the 'Afterlife' cast, taking on the role of Cordelia the child vampire. On TV, she's creepy and evil; behind the scenes, she's shy, sweet and pinned firmly under her domineering mother's thumb.

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So far as the public knows, Bethany Thorne is a young up and coming soap actress on the popular show 'Afterlife'. Previous to the show she worked as a model for catalogue ads and commercials but due to overwhelming talent (and the careful and loving guidance of her mother), she was discovered and cast on the show. Her role, that of Cordelia the child vampire, has only been recently introduced but she has already proven popular with viewers. She even has that dash of personal tragedy that is so compelling to celebrity-watchers, having lost her father at a very young age to an accident involving a drunk driver.

Behind the scenes, things are less rosy. Mrs. Thorne is in reality the best (worst?) possible example of "stage mother" in the business today. Were Beth any less shy, this wouldn't necessarily be a disaster in the making but currently, the young actress allows her mother to ride roughshod over her. Others in young Bethany's life are not so quick to bend and as a result, Mrs. Thorne has already been banned from the set of 'Afterlife', allowed only to appear at the sound stage when dropping off and picking up her daughter before and after shoots.

Even worse, Beth has lately begun to suffer excrutiating headaches that she and her mother have both mistaken for migraines. This has allowed Hazel Thorne to smother her daughter all the more, fussing over her health and well-being, while using the girl's "fragile health" as an excuse to twist the arms of agents, producers, directors and co-stars. Denied face to face contact due to her banning, the staff of 'Afterlife' have been subjected to a constant stream of emails that have left more than one wondering if it's worth it, keeping Beth on the cast.

What the formidable stage mother does not realize is that Beth has begun to manifest an ability, electrokinesis. So far it has been limited to small bursts of static electricity that the girl has been able to successfully conceal, too afraid of what it might mean to mention it to anyone. Especially after seeing the video of the little girl who was able to turn into water, and hearing that the government might be hunting those who display unusual powers…


  • The character Cordelia on the daytime drama 'Afterlife' is an ancient vampire with the appearance of an angelic child. It's been two months (as of December 2009) since she was written into the show, and while she hasn't been on every episode (darn those child labor laws), she's being set up to the be the one of the next big villains.
  • Beth has done print and TV ads for Candie's, Target (with the Jonas Brothers!), GAP, Disney, Guess and H&M.
  • She can play the piano and is a capable dancer, preferring ballet, modern contemporary and jazz.
  • While her fan mail is sorted and censored before she receives it, those letters that do make it to her desk always receive a hand-written response.
  • Beth has a super mega ultra SECRET crush on Robert Pattinson. He's so dreamy. Sigh.
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