2007-03-29: Beware Of Doctors Bearing Gifts


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Summary: Bekah and Sam each come to visit Namir with gifts in hand.

Date It Happened: March 29, 2007

Beware Of Doctors Bearing Gifts

Mount Sinai

It's only been a few days since Tamara visited and told him that he'd be spending another week in the hospital, and Namir is already feeling the bad effects of anticipation. It's bad enough that he hates being useless and idle /anyway/, but knowing that he's still got until next Thursday to be stuck practically immobile in a bed only makes the days go that much slower. He's finished Don Quixote, he's worn out any sort of novelty that the TV may have held, and now he's extremely restless. The fact that he's been allowed to get up and out of bed on occasion to walk around is only slightly relieving. He's just finished a lap around the room under the supervision of a nurse and now sits on the edge of his bed, trying to work up the courage to lay back down. It's not so much the pain as the restrictions that make him want to stay upright.

She's done her best to keep word of the assault at bay. There's no getting around hiding it in entire, after all, Sam had to go through an incident report and all that other nonesense. So when it's gone around at the hospital, she's disclaimed to her co-workers to keep Namir from hearing about it, as she'll tell him -after- he's recovered. After all, it might hinder his own recovery, and she knows him well enough to figure it would be the sort of thing he'd get depressed about. Hopefully, most have acquiesced to her request. But suffice to say, she's gotten the day off, and ironically chooses to spend it at the hospital. Samantha comes bearing gifts, but what they are is best concealed in the canvas bag draped across her shoulder by a strap as she steps in the door. "Hey." she greets him. She's still a bit edgy, and hope he doesn't notice.

Bekah is coming off shift, and she's still dressed in her scrubs and sneakers. At least this is a place where she can dress comfortably for work. She's got her backpack slung over her shoulder and another bag in her hand. This one is a gift type bag in a very manly blue, complete with the tissue paper to hide what's inside. It must be gift day at the hospital. "Looks like this is grand central station." Bekah says as she steps inside the door.

When the door opens, Namir glances up, and most of the tension in his face melts away into a smile when he sees who it is. "Hey." His expression soon becomes one of quizzical concern, however, when he notes that there's something amiss with Samantha. Before he can ask about it, Bekah enters, and his gaze shifts to her. "Apparently," he chuckles softly, eyeing the bags that both women carry. "You've brought me gifts, so I can forgive the intrusion — especially if you are planning to smuggle me out of here." The last is spoken to Samantha with a smirk and a wink.

"Afraid not." Sam could see the start of concern on his face, mentally curses, and attempts to smoothe whatever cue he picked up away. "But I do come bearing gifts. As does Bekah apparently. I bet hers are shinier than mine, so look at hers first." She sits on the side of his bed, reaching over to pluck the chart up off its hanger on the foot railing. She starts flipping through it.

Bekah grins over to Namir and to Sam. "That's because I always have the best gifts." She jokes offering out the bag. "I thought you may have finished Don Quixote by now with all this wonderful reading time you've been getting." She notes. She's not going to let the cat out of the bag about the attack in the park.

Books are always a welcome gift to Namir, who perks up even more when Bekah gives her clue. He accepts the bag with great interest and immediately starts sifting through the tissue paper to get at the tomes within. Spotting the first book inside, he grins and draws it out, setting it aside as he glances over the cover. "Hmm. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Tom Clancy, Patricia Cornwell, and— " Each of the other books are drawn out as their authors are named, but he balks at the fourth one, stares at it in shock, then quickly stuffs it back into the bag, hopefully before the doctor sitting next to him can see it. Color starts to rise in his cheeks.

Samantha looks up from the chart. "And what?" she asks curiously, staring at the pair. Sheepishly, "I brought you some books too, along with some other things." She leans over to try and see the cover of the last book, curious about why Namir would be flushing while darting a suspiscious look at Bekah.
Bekah gives Samantha an innocent look when she gets the suspicious one. Though Bekah trying to look innocent should probably tell you right there that she isn't. "I tried to wrestle some video games away from Peds for you, too. The nurse told me that you were an adult. Right."

"Nothing." The word is spoken a bit too forcefully and rather shakily, followed by a rough clearing of the throat. "Nothing interesting." Namir throws a wry smirk Bekah's way, shaking his head slightly. "/Very funny/, Bekah." He's taking it in good humor, at least, but that doesn't stop the redness from creeping into his cheeks and face. He quickly closes up the blue gift bag and starts to set it aside. "What did /you/ bring me, Sam?" Moving on!

Samantha opens her bag, which is just a canvas thing she totes from time to time. Out pours a few things: A few sudoku and crossword books, a copy of A Wrinkle In Time and a much thicker copy of John Jakes' North and South along with perhaps surprisingly, Tanith Lee's Don't Bite The Sun. But perhaps most importantly, an envelope with Polaroids in it of Namir's rats, some from inside the cage, some held in Samantha's hand, one terribly cute of both of them over a mini-banner that says 'We Miss You Abah!'

Bekah just plain cracks up when Namir blushes. "But it's educational! Sam will thank you later for reading it. Believe me. You can just wait until you're all alone in here to read it. And then pretend that you would never do such things." She says with a big grin before she steps closer to see what Samantha brought.'

It takes a high degree of control for Namir not to facepalm, but he manages. He simply shakes his head again and looks over the gifts presented by Samantha. The sudoku books are given a curious look — he's seen the strange Japanese game in newspapers and such, but he's never done them himself. Seeing as he has nothing /better/ to do around here, well, this is something he'll take up. It's the Polaroids that really get his attention, and he picks up the envelope to sift through them, grinning wider at each one. "Thank you, Sam," he intones, leaning over to give her a quick peck on the lips. "I love them."

Samantha beams. "You're welcome." she says, and straightens up. "But come on, now. What did she have in that bag that got you so red?" She takes advantage of Namir's invalid state to reach for the new gifty bag, parting the opening at the top and peering down into it curiously.

Bekah leans in to take a look at the pictures. "Aw. Are these your pets?" She asks, actually sincere for the moment. Then she's snickering again as Samantha moves to look into the bag. Yes, she is definatly evil. "Well, it looks like you'll have plenty of reading and such to occupy you until you can bust out of here."

"Mm-hmm. These are my ra— " The response is cut off by thievery. Because Namir's hands are full of pictures (and his ribs full of a hole), he doesn't quite have the ability to stop Sam from snatching the bag, though he does make a clumsy effort and protests with a wordless cry. Augh! No! She is not allowed to see his shame!

Samantha's mouth drops into a little 'o' as she stares into the bag, looks up at Namir, then Bekah, and then back down into the bag again. Her mouth then closes, twists into a little smirk as she then looks back up to Bekah, willing herself with mighty force not to blush. "I hope you gave a copy of this to Lee." she tells her friend. "He seems like the patient, attentive sort." Revenge is kinda sorta sweet. She reaches out and slides a hand onto Namir's wrist, giving him a no-complaints grin.

Bekah sticks her tongue out at Sam. It's really professional. "Maybe he already has one." She notes before she shakes her head. "Besides, it's the job of friends to embarrass boyfriends with things like that. And I don't know that I'll get the chance to call Lee my boyfriend." She's not blushing, not yet anyway.

The embarrassment is made only slightly better by Sam's retort to Bekah, but the grin and reassuring touch help much more, though Namir's cheeks remain rather pinkish. He smiles tightly, almost sheepishly, before he utters, "Yes, well, I will have to find somewhere to hide it in here." If his mother or brother were to see anything like /that/ in his new pile of reading material, there's no telling what sort of hell would break loose. "And I don't know about that, Bekah. You apparently had such a wonderful first date." He can rib back /too/.

Samantha grins. "So anyway," she says, sparing both undue trauma from the teasing, "Looks like you'll be out by Thursday. That's not so bad, is it? How long are you going to be off duty now? I'll have to plan on how to drive you up a wall in the time framework.

Bekah gives Namir a grin. "I think our potential relationship is cursed." She notes before she grins over to Samantha. "If you need any help coming up with ideas, I bet I can think of some great ones. Right now though, I should give you guys some time with me tormenting you. And maybe go crash at home."

Samantha grins. "May your pager not go off." she blesses Bekah, making vague gestures toward the woman. "I don't know, if you guys can still find that you want to spend time with each other despite your proximity to crime, you two crazy kids might just make it work."

"A couple of weeks, they told me. I'm getting half-pay, at least." Namir straightens his back a bit with a sigh, stretching, before he smirks after Bekah. "Ah, I wouldn't worry about it. You can at least rest assured that it can't get any rockier." After a first date like that one, it'd be hard to get any /worse/. "Though I might take to stalking your every footstep and making inappropriate remarks should you keep gifting me with such things." He raises an eyebrow jokingly.

Bekah gives Namir a smirking smile. "Are you sure you want to challenge me? Because that could only be the beginning…" She trails it off to make it fakely omnious before she nods to Samantha. "Maybe. If he's interested. It's hard to really know when all hell keeps breaking loose. I may just conviently lose my pager though. I'm off for the night. My empty apartment is waiting." She waves before turning to head out the door.

Bekah has left.

"Good to know." Sam says, and looks back at him. Leisurely, she leans forward, resting her chin on his chest to look up at him. That bit of edgy nervousness appears to be gone. "What do you plan to do on your enforced vacation? Might as well take advantage of the time."

Which is good, as Namir seems to have forgotten it was even there in the first place, or he's brushed it off as something to do with the job. In all the embarrassment and laughter, it's an easy thing to dismiss. He smirks a little and loosely wraps his arms around Samantha's waist, 'hmming' thoughtfully. "Well, I /could/ hole myself away in my apartment and play XBox the entire time," he states, "but I think I might read instead." He sends a glance towards the ominous blue gift bag. "Perhaps try a few theories."

Samantha lets out a laugh, and this time -she- blushes. "Don't you worry," she promises. "I'll get her for that." She sits up. "Sadly, your first few days are probably going to be a bit slow and based on shuffling around the apartment anyway. No straining yourself, and straining your thumbs on the console doesn't count, so you're in luck there. Think you can go a month without getting shot or stabbed or inhaling toxins?"

"Mm. Tough one." Namir squints upward at the ceiling as though considering something very seriously. "I would say that being off work for a couple of weeks would ensure my safety, but seeing as the shooting and mustard gas incidents both happened while I was off-duty, I may not be safe anywhere. Perhaps I'll invest in a bubble." He tips his head to place another light kiss on Samantha's forehead before adding, "We'll just have to wait and see."

Samantha leans back. "That does not fill me with great hope for your future prospects." she informs him with a grin. "Don't let the nurses catch you reading that or you'll never hear the end of it. I, on the other hand, expect a book report. In a week, maybe two." The remainder of that joke doesn't pass her lips, too ribald even for her. "I need to get going. Ma's got a ladies luncheon tomorrow and needs me to help with the last minute catering. Can't disapoint the old biddies of B'nai Brith."

Namir grins, snickering softly under his breath. "If I manage to get through it without dying of embarrassment, you will be the first to know," he agrees with a nod. "Thank you again for the gifts, especially the pictures." He truly does appreciate them.

"You're welcome." Sam says instantly, rising to her feet but bending over to give him one last kiss. "I'll poke my head in tomorrow." With this last promise, she's out the door and on her way into the wilds of the city.

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