2007-06-02: Beyond Shop Talk


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Summary:Ryan and Claudine get together to talk about things other than Company stuff.

Date It Happened:6/02/08

Beyond Shop Talk

Common Grounds

It's 7, the time that she was told to come here, and so she's come in, casually dressed in a pair of snug fitting jeans and a red blouse. Claudine's modestly dressed, not wanting to seem like a slut-ho, but not wanting to come off as a complete prude either, and so she sticks by the door to see if Ryan's already gotten a table or something like that..

Ryan comes waling into the coffee shop just a bit past 7. He's wearing a metro-casual grey dress jacket open over a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He looks around and sees Claudine near the door. "Hey there," he says with a smile. "Hope you haven't been waiting long."

"Oh God, I've been here for hours.." Claudine says teasingly before she lets out a soft chuckle and shakes her head. "Actually just got here myself. I was worried I'd be on Filipina time and end up an hour later, so I had to set my clock an hour ahead so I'd make it here on time.." She then motions towards one of the tables and beams, "So shall we?"

Ryan smiles and gestures to a table. "Sure, what would you like? I'll stand in line to grab it."

"Um..I'll just have a blueberry scone, and a small chai latte.." Claudine says while she idly runs her fingers through her hair before heading for a small table for two in one of the back corners..

Ryan nods and waits in line for the refreshments. After a few minutes, he goes to the table with Claudine's order and a iced coffee and bagel with cream cheese for himself. "So, you're originally form the Philippines?" He asks as he settles in. "Went back home for your vacation?"

"Born and raised. I actually just went here for school. I should go home, but well.." And that's when Claudine hrmms and purses her lips, wrinkling her nose a little while chewing on her bottom lip. "It's complicated right now." Yup, having the youngest of the family get murdered by a psychopath while under her care will put a strain on family relationships.

Ryan nods in (what he thinks) understanding. "I guess I can understand complicated. Although you sounded like your family would be willing to back you no matte what." He sips some of his coffee. "How was the culture shock when you moved out here?"

"I have a few responsibilities here that need to be taken care of first.." such as finding Sylar and capturing him, or perhaps rock-smashing him..something along those lines would do. Claudine takes a sip of her latte and swirls it around with one of those stirring sticks for a few moments before shrugging her shoulders. "The Philippines is pretty Americanized, ya know with being a US protectorate for a while, and having my people being raped and pillaged by drunken American soldiers.." Oh, how she puts it oh so lightly. "But it was more of a country girl in the city type culture shock more than anything else. I grew up on a farm, not in a huge metropolitan city."

Ryan nods and frowns a bit at Claudine's words. "Well, I think that's any kind of expansionist power. Britain, the Soviet Union, the other colonial powers….I mean, there's not much I can say to respond to that, is there? I guess I can kind of relate, given what I know of my Irish ancestry."

"Oh, I completely understand. We've kind of been on the short end of the stick for colonialism and neocolonialism, but let's talk about something, less..touchy?" Claudine says while taking another sip of her drink before she breaks off a piece of her scone and pops it into her mouth.

Ryan smiles a bit and starts prepping his bagel. "So, biochem and art, huh. That's an interesting double major. But I guess if you can handle it and they're both what you love, it sounds like a cool combo."

"I like it well enough. Organic chemistry is an art. Pushing electrons and moving them to create and make bonds to get a certain structure for your molecule isn't too different from molding clay into a desired shape. In the end, they're both aesthetically pleasing.." Claudine says with a warm smile as she leans back in her chair and crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "So what about you? What do you do?"

Ryan chuckles. "Jeeze what haven't I done?" He sips on his coffee for a bit. "Let's just say that I suffered from a severe lack of focus coming out of High School. I've spent a year each switching between pre-law, political science, business, and now pre-med. Which is kind of expensive at the rates Stanford charges."

Claudine winces and wrinkles her nose, shaking her head a little. "Yeah, I can only imagine..especially since Columbia's tuition is probably comparable.."

Ryan nods. "Which kind of explains the stress between me and my dad." He shrugs. "I tried to do my best given the list of 'acceptable' majors for him. I guess I got luck that I found such an interest in genetics. So, dad's happy with me being a pre-med. Although he probably figures I'll go into something bg bucks like cosmetic surgery."

"Well that makes sense, but in all honesty.." with that, she pauses and leans in closer, "I cant stand pre-meds.." Claudine then leans back and grins smugly afterwards, just waiting to see his reaction.

Ryan chuckles. "Oh come on. Give me a chance. I kind of grow on you after a while. You know….like a fungus." He leans back smiling. "Nah. In all seriousness, I'm just here to make a friend and get to know you better. As long as you're not a dirty, stinking Dodgers fan, it's all good." He gives you a joking smile.

"Fine, fine..whatever. I just know that they don't know jack squat for orgo and always asked me for help during the last two semesters while not offering to even help by offering back their notes in cell bio.." Claudine grumbles a little, impishly giggling once more. "And not a Dodgers fan…"

Ryan smiles. "Oh good. Then I can start on your conversion to the Church of Orange and Black, also known as the Giants' Faithful." He gives a shrug and sips his coffee some. "But seriously, if you ever need help studying, give me a call, I'd be glad to help."

"Well the semester's over, so it probably wont happen for a while. My regular study buddy is MIA and he's been really busy, so I haven't been able to bug him as much.." Claudine admits ruefully, as she polishes off her latte before really digging into her scone now.

Ryan nods. "Well, we'll have to see how things go over the summer then." He takes a sip of his coffee. "So, other than research, what else do you like doing?"

"Well, I've been wanting to head out to Club DNA again. Haven't gone for a while. I mean, sculpting is relaxing, but sometimes a girl just wants to dance, ya know? And then, I like the outdoors, so I try to rock climb and camp when I can, though urban climbing is something I picked up not too long ago.." Claudine says matter of factly. Again, it was part of her agent training.

Ryan blinks a bit. "Urban climbing? Is that like that 'urban exploring' thing they do in Europe, where they jump around rooftops and up and down fire escapes? That stuff is hard core…."

"Pretty much. It's hard, and it's a definite workout, but it's actually a lot of fun." From the looks of her, she doesn't seem to be muscular or anything, but she could be quite nimble to do those things. Who knows?

Ryan knows that muscular is not really needed for some sports. "Cool. What kind of music an movies do you like? CLub DNA is a nice place, though I'm not really into the music there."

"Depends on my mood I guess. I mean, when I just need a girls night out with the roommie and girlfriends, then of course, romantic comedies are in order. But I cant have those too much, or else I just get pissed off, since I don't know many guys who actually act like that in real life, so ya know..action adventure stuff." Claudine says in the end.

Ryan nods and smiles. "All set for Die Hard 4 and Transformers, then?"

"Bruce Willis…of course. Transformers! More than meets the eye.." Claudine says with a wry grin.

Ryan smiles. "Well, At least I have a movie buddy for the summer." He starts in on his bagel. "So, got any questions for me?"

"Oh..God..I'm horrible at this.." Claudine admits as she's puts on the spot and she hrmms for a few moments. "It's so much easier just answering questions instead of asking them.." she says with a soft chuckle. "Well, just tell me whatever you feel comfortable telling me, I guess.."

Ryan smiles. "Ah. Not so creative without a clipboard and some electrodes stuck to me, huh?" He chuckles some. "Well, I grew up just outside San Francisco. I've got 2 younger sisters. We had…." he pauses for a bit, trying to think of how to phase his next words. "We had a different child hood than you did. But one thing I learned on my own was that having money doesn't make you a better person automatically" He smiles wryly. "That's something that's unfortunately lost on my youngest sister, but that's another matter entirely…"

"Hey, I get most of my social interaction from people with electrodes!" Claudine lets out an amused chuckle and nods as she ahhhs. "A rich boy huh, well, you're not an obnoxious prick, so that's a start.." Ahh, she's definitely one who just speaks her mind. Feisty she is! "So, it just seems I'm find all sorts of things wrong with you. you're rich..you're pre-med..what other faults do you have?" Of course, she's just teasing..right?

Ryan chuckles. "Rather than stand up for myself to my father, I sneak around his intentions? I'm still a metrosexual when that's clearly out of style?" He finishes off his coffee. "Give me a while, I'm sure there's a lot more."

"I imagine boys tend to have daddy issues..and well..as long as you're not prettier than me, I can deal.." Claudine says with a hearty laugh while popping the last bite of her scone into her mouth.

Ryan smirks a bit. "And girls don't have mommy issues?" He gives a bit of a shrug before going on. "And it's more like I have 'family issues'. That's part of the reason why I wanted to transfer out here, to get away form them. I mean, they care for me in their own, abstract kind of way. But they're very much part of the social elite. And I'm not really into that anymore."

"Well, I guess eating beluga caviar at every party will get old after a while.." Claudine says teasingly as she stretches her arms into the air.

Ryan grimaces at the mention of caviar. "Yeah. Not so into the caviar. Nasty stuff. But that's not what I mean, anyways." He finishes the rest of his bagel while thinking. "I'm tired of being a chameleon. Of having to like certain music and certain shows and certain things just to be accepted. Most of my life, I've been hiding who I am and what i like just so that I don't get treated like the people who are 'different'. I don't want to spend th rest of my life not being me, you know?"

Claudine hrmms for a few moments and purses her lips before shaking her head. "I can kind of understand what you're saying, but at the same time, I really don't know much about it. All I am is me, and there's nothing I'd do to change it, so I cant really relate with not being me, cause all I've ever been is me.."

Ryan nods and thinks for a bit. "Okay…what's a band that you think is kinda annoying but don't hate outright?"

There's a simple answer to that one. "Fall Out Boy."

Ryan nods. "Okay. So imagine that in order to be accepted, to have friends, to any kind of social life at all, you have to pretend that you like Fall Out Boy. You don't have to be a fangirl, but you have at least say that you like them and pretend that you're interested in them. Now, think about doing that for a whole year. Five years. Ten years. All the while keeping up on the trends and following them, regardless how you feel. That's kind of what it's like."

Her nose wrinkles with obvious distaste and she shakes her head while rubbing her temples. Her head's hurting from the thought of actually having to like Fall Out boy. "I think I'd shoot myself. I'm sorry.."

Ryan shrugs. "Well, compared to some lives, it's not that big a deal. I mean, I know how lucky I am to have the life and opportunities that I have. Social acceptance in American High Schools is nothing compared to growing up starving in Ethiopia or being a child soldier in some other African nation. My point is that coming out here to New York is a way of finding out who I am without the pressure of my family or the people I knew back home."

"Good, at least you have it in perspective, cause really, I don't know if my sarcasm came through earlier.." Claudine says with a wry grin as she crosses her legs once more. "But at least you're trying to find out who you are now, so that's always a step in the right direction, right?"

Ryan smiles. "Yes there are two paths you can go down, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on." He chuckles. "I can't think of anyone I knew in High School that would know where those lyrics are from. Much less understand it."

"Led Zeppelin..it's not completely unheard of.." Claudine quips with a wry grin as she yawns and stretches her arms into the air.

Ryan smiles. "Yeah, but for some people it is. There are some people that have no idea what those black plastic discs in the attic are for, either."

"Well, they don't know what they're missing out on, but in the end, I guess you cant complain about what you dont know exists.." Claudine says while shrugging her shoulders.

Ryan quirks his eyebrows a bit and smiles. "Well, ignorance might be bliss, but what you don't know can hurt you sometimes." He leans back and chuckles. "Then again, curiosity killed the cat, so either way, he pursuit of knowledge is risky."

"That..it is.." Claudine says with a warm smile, looking down at her empty cup as she hrmms and chews on her bottom lip for a few moments..

Ryan lets Claudine mull her thoughts over for awhile. "So…do I pass the 'date-able' test? Or am I still in the 'just friends' category?" He crosses his arms as he leans back and smiles widely.

Well that definitely got her attention, and Claudine blinks blankly for a few moments, as the question caught her by surprise. "Well..what do you think?" she asks curiously with her brows raised. It's always better to turn things back on the person who asked the question anyway.

Ryan smiles."Oh, I'd say 'date-able'. But then, I am a bit biased here." He thinks for a bit before continuing. "So, how about a repeat? Say Saturday afternoon?"

"Saturday afternoon works." Claudine says with a wry grin, beaming the entire time as she runs her fingers through her hair.

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