2007-09-11: Bink'd!


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Summary: Dr. Mohinder Suresh's guest lecture session at New York University is cancelled for unknown reasons. So what do a bunch of college kids do in an empty lecture hall? Shenanigans, of course.

Date It Happened: September 11th, 2007


New York University Campus, Greenwich Village

Ian is right up in the front row, yo. He arrived early, and plopped himself down like he owns the place, and everyone should be waiting for him. At the moment, he's got his mp3 player (which is actually a cheap, crappy one, rather than a real iPod) plugged in, is slouched down in his seat with booted feet stretched out before him, and is walking a golden presidential dollar boredly back and forth over his knuckles.

There's an event going on in NYU today, and that is a scientific presentation by Dr. Mohinder Suresh, a geneticist. It was probably just about the driest topic ever conceived to man, perhaps, unless you're just curious or part of the scientific community at the school. The auditorium the event is set in, however, is rather empty - it was too great an afternoon to be spent indoors. But Elena, being Elena, is attending this one. Dr. Suresh promised an appearance for several months now and tonight now that he was making do on his promise, she isn't about to miss it. Company ties aside, the man still knew his stuff when it came to….things beyond the norm in terms of human evolution.

So she rounds up Eric, whose interest in the subject was…rather personal. And Mikhail, because she was intending to drag him out for Korean barbecue after. She wonders if they'll even show up, though… still, when she enters the room, clad in a pair of jeans and a tank-top, her hoodie tied around her hips, she blinks at the first person she sees in the area….who is also someone she needs to talk to anyway.

"Hey," she greets, walking up towards Ian and plopping on the seat next to him. "Who knew I'd see you here?" She starts digging around her book bag. "Remember that book I was telling you about the other day?"

Ah! Back to school even though she finished her English program Kitty decided to come and take some more classes, why not right? So she heard of the lecture and instantly knew she had to attend. Especially with what has been happening lately with her ability. Her auburn hair with highlights falls free to her shoulders and she is wearing a red tank top and jeans and her finger-less gloved hands grip her messenger bag as she enters. She spots Ian and her eyes perk up. Guy from the club, cool. Her head tilts as she walks up to Elena and Ian and she smiles, "Hey, mind if I sit here?" she gives a friendly wave to Elena and grins to Ian.


Leather boots trudge heavily down the hall, the body attached to them almost staggering on the way to the classroom. With his messenger bag in tow, it's amazing he doesn't even fall over with its weight. Well, it is his fault for staying up past three in the morning trying to figure out what to add to the art canvas he had in the studio; in fact, he spent most of the time staring at it again, failing to remember he had time constraints looming. So now, instead of four blobs of colors, he has ten. What progress.

Mikhail stumbles over toward the door, grabbing onto the frame to readjust some things mentally. Stifling a yawn, he blinks and waves at two familiar faces, pushing off to continue walking as if nothing happened. Yeah, act normal, no matter how plaid his pants are in contrast to his striped hooded jacket. The black brimmed beanie stays low over his eyes, the only thing that isn't terribly blatant on him. Although he tries remaining cool, it doesn't last long when he reaches one of the seats behind them, almost falling to the ground as he settles in. "….Yo," he greets, nodding tiredly.

When you're just about to evolve into a Raichu, this sort of thing is FASCINATING. Which is why Ian's here, staring at the podium accusingly like he's offended Mohinder isn't here right this minute. But then Elena greets him, and he pops the headphones out of his ears, palms the dollar and vanishes it into a pocket, and looks over with a grin. "'s up?" he says, cheerfully. "I remember hearing your mention this guyh, so. I do remember. Isn't it by this guy's dad?" he wonders, jerking his head at the image of Mohinder on one of the posters for this event. Kitty gets a reflexively rakish grin. "Hell no," he says, cheerfully. Look at me, I am such the smoothie. Just like Han Solo. Mikhail also gets a wave. "Afternoon, Leonardo, you look beat."

She nods to Kitty, a quick, casual smile tossed her way, but not much else. "Oh so you were paying attention when I was telling you stuff," Elena says, elbowing Ian a bit. "Here. I figured you'd want a copy." She pulls out the oh-so-familiar blue book and passes it to Ian. "And yeah, Dr. Chandra Suresh passed away a few months ago, but I think his son followed in the same footsteps." Not think, know, but she's not going to reveal anything more than she has to. Ian can control his powers. He was safe. "Oh, you know Miki?" She grins when Mikhail drops on the chair behind her.

She gets up, and perches on one of the armchair things attached to the seats in the lecture hall, and turns sideways so she can look at Miki too, setting her bag on her lap and bracing her hands behind her on the desk. "God you look dead," she tells the Jap-Russo bishie sitting directly behind her. "What the hell were you doing all day? We still on for Korean BBQ after this?"

Don't you love school?

Eric does most of the time. This is indeed one of those times, as yes the subject matter is rather personal to him. The smile on his face is entirely unfeigned as he strolls into the room. Oh he's dressed in his usual business best. Button up shirt, dark dark blue slacks. The youngest son of the Lancaster Clan glances around the room as he enters.

Ah. Excellent. People he knows. Though he expected Elena here the rest is a pleasant surprise.

A half wave towards Elena before he strolls over and settles down on the seat on the other side of Elena and smirks. "Well I'm here!" He says with a stretch of his arms. "…you going to introduce you to your new friend Elena?" He asks with a friendly grin towards Ian. Then a blink as he twists his head around. "…and just what are you doing here? I thought you went and graduated or something." He says with a smirk.

Then a pause again before he laughs and gives Mikhail a grin. "…yo…looks like the gangs all here."

Kitty smiles and takes a seat, her bag on the floor next to her. She sees the book and nods, "Love that book" she says and smiles back at Ian then to the people she doesn't know. "I'm Kitty by the way or Cat, whichever" she winks at Eric, "I decided to come take some more classes" her eyes then fall back on Ian, "Sorry about bailing at the club it's just that.. I have been having these massive headaches recently and yeah" she looks around the room.

"Well, I'm not completely Captain Oblivious," Ian says, amiably, taking the book and looking it over before he vanishes it into his messenger bag. "How much do I owe you for this one?" Mik gets an amused look. "We met last night. He was watching me be a jackass with a lightsaber last night in the park." Eric gets a little inclination of the head. "I'm Ian Jackson," he adds, straightening up to offer the other man a hand in greeting. "No worries, Kitty. …..I have to ask. Are you a Treadstone assassin?"

He buries his head into his arms, sighing deeply. "Mmf. I just wasted time last night trying to figure out what I was doing," he says, his sleeves muffling his voice. Mikhail barely lifts his head up after the thought, his stare blank. "Uh…painting," he answered after his brain froze, hunching his shoulders together. "Or…not, really. Ooh, meat." Distracted by that thought, he nods vigorously. Yes yes yes he still wants meat.

Attention poing - "Iiiiit's Eri!" he says, trying to sound enthusiastic. "Hi." Guh, can't keep up with conversation. Mikhail goes back to burying his head. "Hurgh."

"…you my friend, need coffee." And that is Eric's professional opinion.

Mikhail raises his head and sticks out his tongue.

"Elena," Elena tells Kitty. It's only polite, even if she glances at Eric curiously with a hint of a confused smile. She graduated but she's back? But she doesn't look any older than the rest of them. Weird. But when Ian tells her that he met Miki while being a dork, she laughs. "I tend to gravitate towards the right kind of geek." And she grins at the Bourne series reference. "Dunno about her, but Eric can totally be a Treadstone assassin. He can ninja his way into anything. Eric Walker, Ian Jackson. Calc tutor, meet lab partner." And when Eric taunts Mikhail about coffee, which she knows he hates, she can't help but laugh.

Reaching over, she ruffles the bishie's locks. "Alright alright. We'll go for meat. Even if that sounds incredibly wrong if just said out loud randomly," she says with a laugh. Because meat is good. And there's an excellent Korean barbecue place in East Village. "….and that doesn't sound good. Studio time run for you late or something?" To Ian, she grins. "Don't worry about it, I know the owner of the bookstore I got it from. It's no big deal." She paid for it, but she's not going to say that. Evosoft paid her well, and her father was the Chairman of the Board. She can afford a single textbook that can help a classmate of hers a great deal.

When he had heard from causal conversation that Mohinder was giving a leature here, Gene decided that he needed to come up here. About a week or two ago, he wouldn't have cared much about such topics, but life has a nasty way of throwing curveballs. Without his usual killbot companion, R2, Gene is cleaned up and dressed up, wearing a simple brown button down dress shirt and some tan dress slacks. His hair is combed back neatly, a couple of pens placed in his dress pocket. There is no pocket protector, so don't even ask. He moves toward the location where the talk was supposed to take place, wondering how he'll get a chance to pull the man aside and discuss some matters with him.

Kitty chuckles and shakes her head at Ian. She smiles at Elena, "Nice to meet you. I finished my English program and then decided to come back to take more classes, not knowing what I want to do career-wise" she shrugs lightly and looks over to Mikhail, "Sorry you are so tired" she gives a little smile.

"Enh. I owe you. I'll get you dinner, or something," Ian says, waving it off with an imperious gesture of one hand. At that comment, Eric gets a closer looking over. "I just don't wanna….you know, be stabbed to death with a fountain pen, or something. Life is hard enough here already." HE gives Mikhail a grin. "Coffee. Man, it looks like you need cocaine."

"As eloquent a response as ever Mik!" Eric says with a laugh as he settles back in his chair. He straightens again though with a laugh and a smile to take Ian's hand. "Eric Walker," He introduces himself easily enough as he shakes his hand with a firm grip. A blink at the Star Wars /and/ the Bourne reference in the same breath. A glance at Elena. "…oh I like him." He says with a grin. "…and I'll take the Treadstone comment as a compliment. I promise though, I won't use a fountain pen to stab anyone. Scouts honor." He says with a nod and a laugh. A glance again at Kitty though before he shakes his head. "Couldn't get enough of the insanity here could you?"

"Yay," Mikhail cheers half-heartedly, his bangs more of a mess now that Elena ruffled them. And yet he still looks good. But the meat will help him. Well, maybe a nap and the meat, but still. "But…but Ianan was being awesome…and I wanna be awesome too…" the artist trails off, nodding at Kitty with the apology. "My fault," he grins, tilting his head again. Woo, too many conversations at once. Whatever, he can do this. Soft chuckles follow as a belated response toward Eric, his mind zoning out again.

Monica's college dreams have been put on hold for the sake of her family, but that doesn't mean she can't stray in their direction from time to time. She'd taken to wandering around the campus today, and came upon the board announcing the lecture. It was free, and gave her an excuse to linger, and added to that she had heard a few people talking about and decided the topic was kind of interesting. So despite the fact that she's still in the black slacks and white blouse that is her uniform for the Grill, she makes her way into the auditorium, quietly envious of those who get to sit for lectures here on a regular basis. She's smiling though, friendly Southern nature hard to hide.

"Have you learned how to kill someone with a split-open can yet?" Elena teases Eric. It's not really a Bourne reference, but it's Bournesque. Though she wonders if Eric's even seen Chronicles of Riddick. Yes. We are all geeks here. But at the pitiful little 'yay' from Miki, she can't help but grin again. "Don't see the fedora anywhere, you could get away with sleeping through this all if you had it," she tells him. And no, not Indy Fedora. Plaid fedora. And almost as awesome. Her eyes lift to catch sight of the newcomer, who's rambling inside….and she smiles, lifting a hand to wave. "Gene!" she calls out. She won't force him to socialize, he was in a very sensitive place right now, but she's not going to just ignore him. He was a friend. She jumps off the arm-desk thing and trots over, so she could give him a hug before he can take a seat. Because she's like that. Her eyes fall on the newcomer too, but she doesn't recognize her really.

Ian is, as always, a veritable fountain of pop culture asides. "I was whaling on my dormmate, who has a lightsaber, too. We were being complete 'tards, it was great." He's up at the very front of the lecture hall, practically up on the podium itself. All the better to moon at Mohinder, when he arrives. The others are there with him - it's a little group who seem to know each other, at least somewhat? "No, but I once killed the President of Paraguay with a fork, how've you been?" he retorts, winking at Elena.

"Ha, you know me. Insane is my middle name" she laughs softly. When Monica and Gene walk in she gives them friendly waves and turns back to Ian, "So what's you guys' majors?" she runs a hand through her hair and then plays with her fingerless gloves. She laughs, "Ian, you are a funny man" she then looks again in Monica's direction, "Hello!" she says and grins at the woman, let's hope she doesn't scare her off this time. Kitty takes a moment to rearrange her bag and then she settles back into her seat.

When Gene gets up, he hears of some complaints of some student making their way out, as well as a couple of student reporters. Mohinder is not coming? It figures, Gene thinks to himself. He stands at the hallway, balling up his fists. He just wants to start punching everything in sight, but thankfully, Gene rarely, if ever, acts on impulse. Someone calls out his name and the young geek sees who it is. Kitty gets a faint wave; Elena's call gets a tired smile. His first words this evening are not to them though, but rather Monica who is somewhat close by. "I think they canceled it, no idea why."

People think she's a student here! For some reason Monica is internally thrilled by this. "Hey, y'all." she greets, brightening, and starts to approach the collection of her fellow young adults - at least until Gene speaks up. She half turns facing him. "Aww," she says, letting her disappointment show. "Not enough people?"

"…it was a teacup," Eric says with a grin. "Riddick killed him with a /teacup/, he was very specific about that," He says with a wicked grin towards the slightly younger girl. "Besides, I don't have the voice or the look do I?" He adds with a smirk towards her. A glance then towards Ian and he just laughs. "Sometimes you just /have/ to be an idiot with a lightsaber. Its good for the soul," He adds with a sage nod towards him. A blinks then before he just laughs. "Then that was an excellent shot with a fork."

His gaze is drawn towards Gene then as Elena greets him and he smiles and waves. "Hey Gene!" He adds his greeting to Elena's. Like her she doesn't call him over just smiles towards him.

Mikhail mumbles, all of it unintelligible. The next part comes out a little clearer to everyone's ears, though, with effort on his part. "Left the fedora at home, didn't want paint on it. Where….where's my be - oh, there it is," he says, finding that his beanie cap had fallen on the floor near his desk. Reaching over for it proves to be a trick, but he manages to snag it in one try, smushing it back on over his hair. "There we go."

He feels a little more awake now. Either that, or he's kidding himself. Mikhail blinks, glancing over at Kitty. "Art, unspecified," he yawns behind a hand with some sort of fingerless glove thin on it. It has little chains, too. Attention jump to Elena suddenly disappearing - oh, there she is, over there. With - "Genie~," he calls softly, too soft for Gene to actually hear, anyway. And…who's that person? Mik's mind decides to shut down some, head meeting the desk with a thud.

Ian frankly scowls at that announcement. "Wait, what, I hauled my ass all this way and he's not gonna show?" He folds his arms over his chest, theatrically, and sets the soles of his boots on the ground. For all the world like a toddler about to sulk about not getting the ice cream he wants. "That sucks," Gene gets a grudging chuckle, though. Monica gets a glance out of he corner of his eye. She someone he knows? Kitty gets another of those would-be rakish grins.

"It was a can!" Elena argues with Eric. She will bring the DVD to class tomorrow and prove it! "And that was an awesome movie." She points to Ian, grinning. Gene gets his hug, but when he lets out that the event might have been canceled, she blinks. "Wait. What." She looks around - no Mohinder, not yet. But….knowing who the man works for, something must've happened. An emergency, maybe? Monica gets a smile, and a wave. "Hi….and…yeah, that's odd though. An announcement should've come out by now." She furrows her brows a little bit. "And it could be. The lecture hall's pretty empty." Save for her crew, Kitty, and a few stragglers, the lecture hall that could seat a couple of hundred is seating only a dozen. Or a little more than that. She frowns a little bit. She wonders if something happened…

And she had wanted to grab Mohinder aside to talk to him about Gene too…

With a sigh, she eases away from Gene and just flops on her chair near Eric and Miki. She groans out loud. "I've been looking forward to this forever." And she's not kidding, the good doctor told her for months he was going to do this engagement. Something MUST have happened.

Kit sighs as she hears the lecture is canceled. "Maybe he will come back someday?" Kitty /really/ wanted to talk to him. "And I don't think I got your name the last time we met" she smiles at Monica and then pulls her feet into her chair and sits up right. "Well this is a downer" she blinks and looks around at the group. She smiles at Mikhail, "Poor guy, he is wiped"

Monica returns Ian's look with an easy smile of her own, before looking to Elena. "Do they make an announcement? I mean, should we wait?" She seems uncertain as to how it works, mainly because she is. Mikhail going QWERTY faced makes her blink before she looks back at Kitty. "Huh? Oh, it's you." She looks mildly discomfited. Is that girl stalking her? Still, politeness dictates a response. "I'm Monica." she offers.

"No idea… I think he got a good enough audience, suppose it was last minute emergency or something like that," Gene presumes, not really knowing or caring to know why things are working out. He glances over toward Mikhail as he does his thing. Gene says nothing on it though he does arch a brow. While Monica advances, Gene stays back, more than willing to be on the outskirts of things for the time being.

Ideally, Mikhail should have been just as upset and disappointed that Mohinder's lecture canceled like that, wasting his precious time to sit in on it instead of working on other important classwork. Or sleep.

In reality, he doesn't even know why he's here in the first place. He remembers other professors talking about it, and seeing ads and announcements all over the school and via internet, but…well. It's nice to know that he has friends and acquaintances here. He can still sleep too.


Ian purses his lips, glances around at the others, and then shrugs. "Honestly, I've got nowhere better to be," he admits, with no particular sign of shame, and slouches right back down in his seat. He scratches at his scalp, and stretches. "So I don't know about you all, but I'll wait and see if he actually shows."

"He drank tea out of it! Therefor it was a teacup!" Eric argues right back towards her before he nods. "Yes though, it was an awesome movie." He agrees with a nod. He nods slightly though as he starts to frown. "Your right…its rather odd," He says with a shake of his head. "…I mean the hall is empty but…well maybe he'll still come. I wouldn't think he ever got a huge audience with this subject…maybe he's just running a bit late."

He reaches out and pats Elena's shoulder. "Come on, its not canceled yet!" He calls cheerfully before he glances around again. Always keeping a chin up when things like this happened. "Besides, with all of us here I'm sure we can find something to keep us entertained if he is just running late."

Stalker?!?! "Nice to meet ya, Kitty is the name" she smiles and then turns back to Ian, "What do you have planned since this thing here is canceled? I hope it isn't though" she raises an eyebrow curiously and smiles up at Elena, "Your friend, needs a nice long sleep in his bed" her eyes scan the room and she sighs inwardly, maybe Dr. Suresh will have another lecture one day? She can only hope. "What do you have in mind Eric?"

Monica gives Kitty an easy smile, but turns her attention to the others. She would have asked what Ian had in mind, but it's been done for her. "What do you do if someone doesn't show for a class?" she asks reflexively. "Play charades?" She's kidding of course. Everyone knows that if the prof isn't there in ten minutes, you leave! It's TRUE!

"It's still a bummer. And I'm a giant nerd, so….hence why I'm here." Elena grins at Ian as Eric pats her shoulder. "I just dragged Miki here because we were gonna go grab Korean barbecue." She glances over at Eric and Gene, and she sighs. "Oh well….yeah I'm going to go wait too. Maybe it's just traffic or something." She absently rubs the back of her neck, and glowers at Eric. "Can. Can." Stubborn Elena is Stubborn. When Monica gives up her name, she smiles and gives her a wave. "Elena," she says. "This is Eric, Miki, Gene, and Ian. That's Kitty." See? She remembers. "And yeah, he does. I'll put some food in him though, it'll wake him up."

And then, there is a loud cry of outrage. It reverberates around campus because it's not just one person yelling. It's a lot of people yelling. It might be a good idea to stay indoors. But no explosions. They had enough of that last year. But there are a few words that are audible…

"Oh it is SO ON!"

Elena blinks, glancing at the rest of them. Without saying anything she jumps off her desk, and makes a move towards one of the windows of the lecture hall. Grabbing a chair, she stands up on it, and clambers up on the sill so she could look at the outside. "…what the crap?"

"What the-?" Ian wonders, pulling himself up and out of his seat in one smooth motion….and then also heading for one of the windows. Well, curiosity is always the lure, right? He comes up right by Elena, and murmurs something to her.
Ian whispers: So, any other X-factors here today that you know of?

While everyone else is pretty much hanging out in the lecture hall, Mikhail still stays dormant for the time being.

That is, until the yelling started.

He sits up with a start, forgetting where he's seated. "Huzwhat?! I'm awake!" It takes him a while to recollect his surroundings, also curious as to why things suddenly went from zero to WHOA. "H-hey, what..what am I missing," he says to no one in particular, stumbling out of his chair and going around the others to also see what's going on. "Oof. 'Scuse, sorry."

Kitty tilts her head and follows suit, she blinks as she looks outside, "Huh-what?" her mouth drops open and she shakes her head. What did she see? "That's." Kitty's hair falls into her face and she blows it away. STUPID HAIR! Leave me! She looks back at the others and motions for them to come over.

Gene folds his arms as he quietly listens for the time being. Merely nodding as his name is mentioned, the young inventor is silent. His eyes scan the area. He notices the cries of people elsewhere, but doesn't really show much interest. After all, everyone else is checking it out.

Monica of course, is an utter lemming about this. She also heads to one of the windows, standing on a chair to peer outside. "Sounds like either football players or a student protest. Funny how they sound the same."

"Teacup. Teacup!" Stubborn Eric is /also/ Stubborn. When the pair lock horns its going to take the movie watching to actually fix this. He Smirks towards her before he grins up towards Monica the newcomer. "Come on in," He says before he just blinks at the sudden yelling. "What the hell…" He calls as he leaps up and moves to the window behind Elena. He'll look over her head.


A glance back at Miki. "That was better than coffee, come on over…I have no idea whats happening!" He calls to the rest of the room before going back to peeeeeeering out the window.

"You'd think so, yeah?" Elena tells Monica with a grin. To Ian's whisper, she whispers back, and then she makes room for Miki and Eric and Kitty as they, too, crowd the window to take a gander of what's going on outside…

It was no protest. Nor was it a football game. There's a large crowd gathering outside around the flag pole in the middle of the quad that bore NYU's colors. Strung up the top looks like….the school's beloved Bobcat costume, which the mascot wears every time there's a Division II match going on. Only it's barely recognizeable. The miscreants that had kidnapped it and later strung it high up for everyone to see seems to have went through the trouble of stuffing it, and then dressing it up terribly as one of the most hated names in any sci-fi franchise everywhere…. Jar Jar Binks.

A crude banner bearing white and blue colors, in contrast to NYU's violet and white.


Elena gapes. "……………..dude. I think we just got Bink'd."

Eric just stares. "…this….this…can't be tolerated…"

Window! Right. That works out way better. The art student whirls around to stagger after Eric, trying to keep his eyes open. He reaches to grab at the window sill, pushing the main part a little more upward so that he can sit on the ledge.

…Wait, what floor is this again?

Keeping one arm on the inside of the glass, Mikhail leans forward, squinting at the banner for a good long minute. "…Man, they have poor taste," he scrutinizes, taking too much of the details in from the main message.

Monica sort of cocks her head to the side, angling it almost unnaturally. "Now that just don't look right." she announces. Sometimes the obvious just needs to be stated.

"Hell, something must be done" she looks at her phone as it starts to vibrate. "God, why does my mom keep calling? I do not want to talk about working at her company" she frowns and then goes to pick up her bag. "Sorry guys, I gotta book it" Kitty gives everyone a warm smile and heads out. "See yall around!"

"…no, no that just not right," Eric says as he just stares at the terrible things they did to the Bobcat. "…I…can't believe they did that! HOW COULD THEY! How could anyone be sick enough to turn anyone into…THAT!" He points at the Jar Jar clone. "We have been BINKS'D!" Pause. "The prank war started early this year…" Pause. "…right. Now. How are /we/ going to get /them/ back?!" He growls out as he leans against the window ledge. A pause as he hooks his thumb then towards Mikhail. "…and you call /me/ a Tredstone Ninja. I wouldn't be caught dead doing that."

"Columbia," Elena growls. "Looks like Prank Wars is happening again this year. They drew first blood this time. Last year, Phi Gamma Epsilon did a naked wave in one of their home soccer games so we got them first. Now there they are, starting early." She looks over at Eric and blinks. "…isn't your frat in charge of that this year? Sign me up into the Geek Squad, yeah? I vote we totally take their mascot and shave it down like a poodle."

"Well, that's just an offense against God and man, now isn't it?" Ian says, dryly, once the initial shock has worn off. "I gotta give him props for creativity," he adds, conceding the point.

"What're y'all gonna do?" Monica leans away from the window, staring at the collection of students. This is so out of her league, but on some level, she's bizarrely excited about this. She might be able to partake in inter-scholastic hijinks!

Mikhail is now staring silently at the display, mulling it over through serious eyes. Thanks to the plotting and griping of the others, he's much more awake now than he was earlier.

The Russian Ninja's blue gray gaze switches back to those presently next to him at the window, a small smirk appearing shortly after that. "Well, revenge is usually sweet, isn't it? You have plenty of time to make it great," he says, not hiding the sudden spark of interest. "Just…" He leans back out the window, hollering at the top of his lungs. "GUYS! Take it down and clean it up! It's already infecting us with its grotesqueness!"

Later on, Gene will look back and find it funny. That he was in a bad place and was unable to truly enjoy the moment. Hopefully, it will be while he's alive and well, just looking back as life leaves him through one of the many ways he could die in this dangerous time. Right now, he only has one word to say on it as a small frown paints his features:


Looking back toward those gathered with a somewhat sullen face, the young man glances toward the rest of the crew. They seem so energized by the idea of pranks wars. It's enough to bring a ghost of a smile to the geek's face. "Well, if Doctor isn't coming today, then I might as well head back to my apartment." Apartment, Gene has one? Apparently. "Take it easy." With that, the young inventor places his hands in his pockets and just makes his way out toward the parking lot.

"Oh we don't know yet, but we'll certainly think of something. This totally can't stand, they dissed our mascot on our turf," Elena says, though she grins at Monica at the excited look on her face. If she was new, the new girl's alright. Then again she might not be, NYU is pretty big for a private university. "We'll totally let you know though. For serious. I mean, you go here, yeah? What's your major?" She has to ask, of course. She's always up for meeting new people.

When Gene begs his leave, a small frown tugs on her mouth. "Oh…um. Okay. We'll see you later, Gene. I'll visit you this week," she tells him. Because she always does. But she's not going to keep him from going to where he needs to go. She does watch him as he leaves though, a concerned look in her features. And once he leaves, she sighs just a little bit. But hey. He smiled! Just a bit.

"What are we going to do?" Eric says with a growl. "I'll tell you what…I'm gonna go get a bunch of heavy pipe hittin moth—" He trails off a moment. "…no. I don't think thats going to be satifiying enough…" He says before he blinks towards Elena. A sloooow smile spreads across his face. "Oh I think we have the same ideas…yes…we are going to steal their mascot…and shave him like a poodle. With ribbons. And perfume." Pause. "…now…anyone know how to put a lion to sleep?"

A glance around though before he looks towards Gene. He gives him a smile then, an honest warm one. "See you later Gene, we'll do something later this week alright?"

"Clearly, we're going to have to get Mifune on -someone's- ass," Ian says, staunchly, flicking a look at Monica. "Reciprocal mascot theft does sound good to me," he adds, musingly.

Monica pauses, her expression growing momentarily stumped. "Oh, I ah." she looks a bit embarrassed. "I don't. I've been checking out the campus, but it's kinda like window shopping." A bit embarrassed becomes faintly mortified. "I work." she explains lowly.

Mikhail leans back in, glancing between Eric, Elena, Ian, and Monica before going back over to Gene. His mouth twists into a slight pout, waving at the guy as he makes his leave. "See you later, Genie," the artist says, watching him go before turning back toward the others. He nods, stroking his chin observantly. Of course, he breaks out of that when Eric mentions putting a lion to sleep. "Ooh."

She knows how to put a lion to sleep. Elena eyeshifts a little bit to the side. Eric knows this, but hopefully he won't say anything out loud. "We'll have to figure out a way. And Ian's right. We're going to have to get Mifuwhatsit on someone's ass." Whatever a Mifune was, but it sounded badass so she's sticking to it. When Monica says what she does shyly, she gives her a small smile. "Well…it's a really good school. One of the best," she tells her. "Have you tried applying for scholarships and stuff?" She can empathize, that was the only reason why she was even able to afford coming in to NYU back when the Gomezes were barely scraping to get by. Not like money was an issue now, not since Ramon's promotion…. "Where do you work? Though….if I'm being too nosy, just say so, yeah? I don't really mean to, it's just that you seem really cool."

Ian turns away from the abomination beyond the window, shaking his head ruefully. And then Elena's talking to Monica, so he turns his attention that way - listening, rather than offering commentary, at the moment. He seems almost subdued, for him.

Thanks to Mikhail yelling at people to take the abomination down, a few basketball players fresh from practice at the Coles Center is taking down the beloved and abused Bobcat. Poor Bobcat.

"Naw, it's alright." Yeah, Southerners are big sharers, you know? Monica gestures vaguely as she talks, "I came because my Nana, she thought it would be best for me to get out of New Orleans. I'm making enough money for my apartment and to send back to her and my little brother. I'd love to go back to school; I had to drop out after the hurricane. I'm an assistant manager at the Madison Avenue Bistro, ever been?"

"Poor poor Bobcat," Eric murmurs softly. He smirks towards Elena then. He /knows/ she has a way. This is going to be fun. However his gaze is shifted towards Monica, while answering Elena with a slight smile on his face. " Its a samuari thing…the Mifune thing is," He replies with a nod towards her. Then the smile is turned on Monica and he waits for the answer. A raised eyebrow then before grins towards her once more. "…restaurant eh? No I don't think I actually /have/ been." He hrmms a moment as if in thought. "…well scholarships and stuff would help you…like Elena said."

Checking on the bobcat, Mikhail just nods, rubbing his throat. That's better, he wants to shout, but can't. It still hurts even if he yelled moments earlier. "…" Besides just being quiet while plans are being laid out, he also does so out of respect for Monica's current situation. Her mentioning of food is making him hungry, though. This leads to another thought, Mikhail wondering if he skipped dinner again last night. He stares upward at nothing, eyes becoming vacant.

Oh…Katrina. "….damn, I'm sorry…" Elena says softly. Who hasn't heard of it? It's been all over the news. She's happy to hear her family seems to have survived it and didn't drown like some people did though. She had the accent, but she hadn't been able to place where in the South she could've been from. "And no, I haven't." She grins. "Always seemed too fancy for me, you know? I remember passing it a few times though. There were days I wish I could afford to eat there. Not like it's so bad now, but back then Papa couldn't really afford places like that to treat his family." Now though. She can't help it. She digs around for her wallet and pulls it out, sorting through something until she gets a card. "Listen, if you're serious….I work for Evosoft's PR department. My boss recently just set up this foundation specifically to help young people afford education." The Jaden Cain Foundation was a fledgling organization, but that's what its mission is. "If you want, I can see about giving you some paperwork to look over, if you want to give it a shot."

When Eric mentions Mifune is a samurai thing, Elena looks at Eric, and then at Ian, and then at Eric. "Jesus. I shoulda introduced the two of you sooner," she says with a grin. "Two of you speak the same language."

Ian grins at Eric. "Yeah," To Elena, he explains, "Mifune was like…the most famous Japanese actor ever. He mostly worked with a director named Kurosawa, and a lot of what they did was samurai movies. I'm a big fan

"Jaden Cain? I see him on tv all the time!" Monica accepts the card with a visibly grateful air. She looks over at Ian. "My cousin reads comics." she offers, trying to gain some cred. "He's really into 9th Wonders."

"…yeah, Jaden does love his TV time," Eric says with a laugh and a slight shake of his head. The way he says the name is with a long long familiar tone of voice. "Ah well…I can't help but like him…" He says with a smirk. "…and yeah…you should have introduced us…stop hiding all the cool people!" He laughs before he nods. "…and Kurosawa….ah, I do love his stuff…"

"Yeah," Elena says with a grin. "A little bouncy, a little eccentric, but he's awesome when it comes to sharing the wealth. S'why he put together the foundation. But yeah, give me a call sometime, my hours are there, and I'll see what I can do to send you some stuff. Might be a great time to try and get in too since the Foundation's new, it's still getting the grants in and not a lot of applicants yet. You could get a really good shot by virtue of being one of the first." When Eric accuses her of hiding the cool people, she sticks her tongue out at him. "Well now you two know each other and….can…banter about things even I don't know about." She looks at Monica. "9th Wonders? My little brother reads that too. He's a big comic book fan like these guys. Miki….well. Dunno about him but I think he'd rather draw the comics than read them." She winks at the bishie's direction.

And Mikhail is totally not there anymore. His thoughts start to get hazy on him, drifting between a state of awakeness and dream stuff. Sitting on the window ledge is also not a smart thing to do when one is like this. The body sways, back and forth slowly. Nah, he's good.

…Okay, maybe not.

He almost falls out, arms reaching out to keep from doing so. "…I'm fine, cool, yeah," Miki breathes, grinning out of surprise. He looks at Elena, clueless with the winking. "Uh…yeah," he agrees, uncertain.

Ian immediately latches on to Monica. "Oh, yeah? I love that one. Hiro is all kinds of round cheeked adorable. I don't know how the writer manages to make him not obnoxious, but he's just charming, instead," He unthinkingly puts out a hand to stop Mikhail falling.

"Miki? That's kinda neat. My cousin is Micah. He's nine, and he's brilliant. Boy can do crazy things with computers." She then looks back to Ian noting, or more like confessing, "My favorite's St. Joan." She then blinks as Mikhail starts to sway more than a Baptist choir in church on a Sunday. To Elena as she watches bemusedly, "I will definitely call. You got any suggestions or advice for the application process?"

She thinks, chewing on her bottom lip. "Be honest," Elena advises with a smile. "There's an essay portion at the end too. I think maybe you can detail your experiences coming to New York as a Katrina survivor, and write about how you work to support yourself and your family in New Orleans…just. You know. Something a little personal that'll make you unique and stand out from the rest. I'm sure there'll be interviews and stuff too, but you'll know you have a shot definitely if they call you and ask you when you can meet." Micah. She's heard that name before somewhere….but where? There has to be a lot of Micahs around though. "St. Joan? As in, Joan of Arc?" She's Catholic - and the woman happens to be her favorite Saint. "Miki's an artist. But I've never seen his stuff." She nudges the bishie when Ian prevents him from falling. "Hey, when are the student exhibits, by the way? And when are you showing?"

He gives Ian a silent 'thank you' for the extra support, sliding down from his perch so that he won't go injuring himself. And then he's nudged again. Is he just nudge-able? Mikhail erks, nodding his head. "Uh….I need to check with the profs," he replies with a shrug. "Sometimes they say things late."

Ian whistles. "Man. You survived Katrina. I can't imagine what that must've been like," he says, easily.

"…and if she helps us with the return prank I think she'll be a shoe in," Eric murmurs towards Elena as he watches Monica a moment. Then a blink towards Mikhail. "…I think you need to at least sit down man…" He adds with a laugh. "Before you /fall/ down, and I don't think any of us want that."

Monica looks askance at Ian. "Hard." she says simply, but doesn't elaborate, for the moment. She's open, but she doesn't want to spill her woes in entire. Burdening people unasked just seems wrong. She smiles politely at Mikhail, saying, "Nice to meet you." And then she answers Elena, her smile restoring. "She's a character in the comic. She's kind of a vigilante, and she does this thing where she can copy what she sees other people do." Obviously Monica hasn't gotten the clue about her own abilities yet. That CPR thing? Just luck, really. Eric contributes and Monica perks. "Actually, it sounds kind of cool. As much of a college experience as anything else, and doesn't cost tuition." she grins.

He'll gladly take that advice, Eric. "Nice to meet you too, Moni," Miki grins, still feeling exhausted. And now he's going to sit over here at an empty desk. There. Safe and now on idle mode.

"…really? That sounds awesome," Elena says with a laugh. "So essentially she can…I don't know. Sit in front of a Pussycat Dolls music video and learn the choreography just by looking at it? Man. I wish I did that." She nudges Miki. "Would be easier to learn Dance Corps moves that way." But everyone in the room seems to like comics one way or the other. She's in her right group of people - she's mostly a music and movies and books gal, but she can appreciate pop culture like the rest of them. At the prank wars thing, she grins. "Hey no one in the rules said that we can't get any outside help. But if you really want to help us crazy kids out, we'll sneak you in one of the meetings. I just need to get your digits."

Ian inclines his head to Monica in something like respect, and doesn't release the flood of questions he's interested in having answered. In fact, he's rather subdued for his usual boisterous self.

Monica blinks at Elena a moment, like the girl just gave her a complete 'ohmigod!' moment and then smiles. "Yeah, I guess she could." NO WAY. NO WAY! "I got a cell." she says, reaching into her pocket. "We can trade numbers." Ian's curiosity seems to be sensed, she gives him a faintly apologetic smile before returning her gaze to those remaining in general. "And y'all should come to the Bistro while I'm working my shift. I'm sure I can arrange a poor starving student discount." Her smile widens. "They got great steaks."

Food? FOOD? Elena perks up, and nudges Miki, who had been craving meat of some sort since he got there in the lecture hall. "Sounds like a deal," she says with a grin. "Mine's 283-9721. I'm sure we'll hit you up on that, though not too much if it comes out of your paycheck. Or hell we'll invade you regardless and drag you to Prank Wars meetings so you can see how insane we can get on a couple of liters of Mountain Dew and a mission," she jokes. Seeing how Miki's almost falling asleep though… "Anyways, I should get some food in him. He said he was working on an art piece late and I don't even know if he even ate today….looks like Dr. Suresh isn't showing up."

"Man, that boy does need some cocaine," Ian says, casting a wry glance at Mikhail. At least he doesn't go over and boot him awake.

Monica exchanges numbers with Elena, and then laughs. "I wouldn't mind some dinner myself, but I wouldn't want to impose." The prospect of friends - who aren't a nine year old boy, or a neurotic skinny white woman on anti-psychotics (Monica loves Niki, but REALLY.) just completely brightens her day.

"Hell if we're all starving we should just all go together. I was going to introduce Miki to this korean barbecue place I know in East Village," Elena says. "You're both welcome to come with. I know Eric'll come since…well. He tries to out-eat me but he never could." She grins at the taller college junior with a grin. She nudges Miki. "Miki. Wake up. Or I'll draw on you. And you've seen my drawings. You don't want anything I doodle on you." She looks over at Ian. "You wanna come with us? We can all dork out over movies again. We can totally be geeks over rice bowls and chopsticks."

Ian makes an elaborate little bow by way of reply. "I would be delighted. I love Korean food," he says, grinning like a fox who's just been offered the key to the henhouse.

Monica doesn't know how to use chopsticks. But she's inclined to learn, and hey, maybe she can just use a fork! "That'd be great. I ain't - I haven't been to one before, what's it like?" With that, she'll fall in step.

"…what? Huh? Of course I'll come!" Eric blinks himself out of his own thoughts. He seems mildly distracted to be honest. His mind homes in on the conversation though and he smirks slightly. "…and no one can out eat you Elena. Your a damn black hole when it comes to that." He laughs before he glances around the place. "…I guess…well I guess that we won't be listening to a doctor today…at the very least though we can get some Korean BBQ." Pause. "…you'll remember not to snatch the food off the grill this time won't you Elena?"

What's it like? Elena stares at Monica, and then she grins. "Oh don't worry. We'll educate you on that. Ian can start us off because he apparently loves Korean food. But it's great. They season their food with a lot of spices, but they're not all too spicy. And there's rice, the condiments…I'll show you when we get there, but it's fun. We can cook our own food if we want." And then she laughs when Eric calls her out on her eating habits. "Shhh! Don't scare the children, Eric." She looks at Ian and Monica sheepishly. "I'm not that bad. Really. Seriously." YES SHE IS. DON'T BELIEVE HER.

Ian nods. "If you like Southern Barbeque, you'll be all over this stuff. It's great," he says, with real enthusiasm.

"It sounds a lot like Cajun or Creole food." says Monica. "I'm used to spices. We used hot sauce a lot in our house." She sighs wistfully. "I miss my Nana's crawfish ettoufe."

"She is that bad," Eric says cheerfully. Trust. Him. She is. "…and of course we'll cook our own food. Thats half the fun." He replies as he ushers them all out of the door.

"Come on, Miki, let's go," Elena says, taking Mikhail's sleepy arm and dragging him out the door, trusting that everyone else will follow. After a subway and bus ride later, they end up in their destination.

Do Hwa Korean Restaurant, East Village, New York

Do Hwa in the East Village is usually packed this time over the weekend, but since it's the weekday night, most of the salary men have gone, leaving the college kids to rule the Village like they do during the first few weeks of the new semester. Everyone's catching up with one another, and the atmosphere inside the restaurant is energetic. The tables are fitted with their own grills, and customers have a choice as to what meats to order so they can cook their own food and season them the way they want. There's a little demonstration bar in the middle of the restaurant, where an expert chef is chopping, carving, and hacking things in strange and entertaining ways.

The party of four gets seated at the corner table, giving them a good view of the rest of the room. Elena takes a seat, and passes out menus for everyone. "I'm so excited," she tells them with a grin. "I'm starving." Okay. Eric might be right. Maybe she IS that bad. "Don't be shy, guys. Dinner's on Eric." She GRINS at him. Like the brat she is. "…I'm kidding it's just that he has this really bad habit of stealing the check when he thinks people aren't looking."

Ian's eyes are huge. This isn't the first of these he's been to. But he's starving, and this is literally a feast. HE gives Eric an amused, sidelong look. "Oh, no. Don't you throw me in that briar patch," he says, blithely.

"…hey! Its not my fault I have money and like to spend it on friends," Eric says with a laugh. "And I seem to remember you stealing the check more than once." He adds with an elbow to Elena's ribs. A gentle enough one. "…and your always starving!" He adds with a soft laugh. "I don't know where you put it all!" He adds with a shake of his head. "Go on…" He says with a smirk towards Ian. "Get a table oh great and powerful jedi."

Monica fully plans to steal her own check - or ask for hers to be separated. She'll just do it when her new friends aren't looking. "So we pick our meat and our sauce and go watch the chef cook it?" she hazards. "That sounds like fun!" Perusing the menu, she asides to Elena, "Y'all can't possibly put away more than my little brother. He's like a human landfill. Or possibly there's a black hole in his stomach."

Ian gets a table the normal human way. By patiently requesting one. Even though he's relatively oddly dressed, compared to the others. But not by much. "More than me. I eat like a bird," he says, putting on a mock pious face.

"Eric's….loaded." He's not really hiding it anymore. His face has been plastered near or next to Jaden's all over Wall Street for the past few months. She can't help but smile at the taller frat-boy-but-not-really though, and she convenes with the rest. "I totally think we should just get the family sized assorted meat platter and just go to down with it. It comes with everything. And we can split the check five ways." Or just one way if Eric ninjas the check again. Where's the waiter? "We can cook it ourselves, though the chef comes over to show us how. I've actually never used this kind before." She pokes at the grill in the middle of the table. "I think they redid the set-up." She passes around the chopsticks. "What. You can't eat like a bird, you don't look it," she tells Ian with a laugh. "I have two younger brothers. They're big eaters too," she confesses to Monica.

Looking slightly sheepish the young man shrugs. "Comes with the last name, and alot of work on top of it," Eric replies with a laugh. Being one of the youngest multimillionaires in New York takes more than being a trust fund kid. "…you've never used this…wow. I'm stunned. Five ways and assorted meat sounds good to me. Get the strip steak though…thats some of the best stuff that is." He adds with a grin. "…and I'm the youngest in the family. So I suppose I /am/ the younger brother."

"So you know." Monica says to Elena, nodding in shared understanding. Taking the chopsticks, she looks at them, and then looks embarrassed. "How do you, uh?" she claps them together with both hands like they're drumsticks.

It's okay. Ian understands the ways of Trustfarians, even though he is not himself one. His family's only moderately wealthy, by the rather inflated standards prevalent in that part of LA. He reaches for a pair of chopsticks, and demonstrates the basic stance. "Soon you'll be pulling flies out of the air with these," he assures her.

Zombie Miki rises out of his state of deadness, now fixated on the restaurant and its ambiance.

And the meat.

He probably hasn't paid attention to anything else happening between point A and B, but hey - now there's food. Also, he's on his third soda, eyes boggling and head swimming, thinking MEATmeatmeatmeatMEATMEATMEAT.

She's still a little out of place with this suddenly wealthy thing. But when Ian demonstrates the chopsticks for her, Elena nods, and demonstrates it the way Ian does. "Just brace one stick at your thumb, and the top stick, you hold sort of like a pencil." She click-clicks her chopsticks together. "Like this." When Zombie Miki rises from his slumber, she beams. "He's awake!"

Monica stares at Ian and Elena, picks up her chopsticks, and within seconds, she's click-click-clicking them together just the way the other two are. She must be a quick study! "I think I got it." she says, pleased.

Monica's reward is a blinding grin from Ian. "Atta girl. See. Not hard. You're doing better than I did, the first time I picked those up," he explains.

So what were they all doing? Oh. Chopstick time. He makes a weird face at Elena, nose scrunching as he takes his own pair up like an expert. Yeah, half-Japanese - he PWNS you all. "Of course I live," Miki says nonchalantly, smirking in amusement at the practice. "Now, where's the meat? You guys ordered, right? Right?" He needs to make sure that they didn't eat it all while he was out. And the soda is starting to take effect.

Eric laughs and reaches over to direct Miki towards the nearest booth. "Yes, it lives…IT LIVES!" He says with a laugh and a shake of his head before he slides into a seat himself. A glance between Monica and Ian and he just laughs and nods. "You have it already," The young man says with a grin towards her. He reaches for his own chopsticks before picking them up and spinning them in his fingers. He isn't an expert, but he is good with it.

Monica grins across at Eric, and a moment later, she spins hers, too. "It reminds me of flag corps in high school." she remarks absently. "Only the poles are much much smaller." Girl must have really quick fingers!

Ian is only barely competent by comparison, and lays his gently down. "Nice to see you back out of that coma, hoss. I was ready to take you off life support, but they wouldn't let me."

Okay, so three sodas on the way over probably got him this way. RECTIFYING THAT. But…it also makes one wonder how that's possible…

Being directed and seated helps him muchly since he's still sort of light-headed. "Ahah," Mikhail laughs, "good thing they did that, because I'd maul you if you ate my share of meat." There's just no end to the meat thing, is there?

No. No there isn't because steak is good. "He would have too I bet Ian," Eric replies with a laugh towards the little group. He seems to have relaxed a little bit, it was a bit of an effort on his part but he eventually managed it. "…and that would have ruined all our dinners…which would be a shame. Elena would have sad-faced. You don't want to see that." A glance then towards Monica and he blinks. "…fast fingers you have!" He adds towards her with a returned grin.

Monica ceases playing with the chopsticks, looking a bit sheepish. "Thanks." She sits back, bemused at everyone's banter. "I feel like I'm sitting at a table full of carnivorous dinosaurs." There's a pause. "But with bigger brains. And uh. Arms that can actually do things." She lifts her own arms, hinging them in at the elbow, waggling her hands in an imitation of t-rex useless tiny arms.

"Well, we are carnivorous dinosaurs. Have you been to the museums around here yet by the way?" Elena asks Monica, since she seems so used to the city, and she's doing her best to make the new girl (even if she doesn't go to NYU…yet) feel welcome. But when she does her T-Rex impersonation, she stares. And bursts out laughing. And then? She takes a picture with her jPhone, grinning at Monica impishly. "That was the best shot ever," she laughs, showing Monica the digital photograph of her doing a T-Rex impersonation. She also turns the phone to Miki, because whenever she does, he ALWAYS poses for the camera.

Ian says, easily, "I am so not making the horrible velociraptor noise from Jurassic Park. Because I totally can, but then everyone in here would think I was having a seizure. And a place with open flames and sharp knives is so not the place to bring your developmentally disabled sibling, right?"

"Rar," Mikhail responds at Monica's comment through bared teeth, grinning as he set his chin on the table's surface. Yay for dinosaurs! The girl's arm-waggling causes him to snort, chuckling away as his mind fogs up again. His stupor is returning, doh! "Eriii, I need more soda," he whines softly, tilting his beanie capped head at the business major, following up with a set order without skipping a beat. "Coke, Pepsi, Cherry Coke or Pepsi please." Seeing Elena with the phone, he tilts his head upward and opens his mouth wide, looking like someone severed it and placed it on the table. In fact, he'll make the noise for Ian, too. Dolphin squeal with lion roar and dog ruff!

"Faster, Faster, must go faster," Eric quotes Jurassic Park with a laugh as he watches Monica do the little arms thing. "That was amazing," He says with a grin and a laugh that bubbles forth before he just blinks at Miki's order. He pauses before he points one finger at him, and fixes the waiter with a mild glare. "…you better bring a pitcher. For him. Just put a straw in it and he'll be good for at least ten or so minutes." He says before he just blinks at Miki. "…what the hell did we bring a whole zoo?!" He laughs before he pauses after the dolphin noise. "…and you start quoting from the interrogation scene in Hudson Hawk and I'm going to loose my mind laughing."


"Oh. My. God. You are all such a bunch of freaks," Ian says, genially. "Glad to know that NYU makes a diversity exemption for the criminally insane. That's awesome."

Monica lets out a laugh when Elena takes the picture and stares at Mik. "Daaaaayum." she drawls. "You must have kidneys the size of Brooklyn." she says in something akin to admiration. She then mock-sniffs at Ian. "I'm currently an independent freak operation, thanks." And then finally to Elena again, "I haven't had a chance to see anything. I've been to Central Park, and I've seen the Statue of Liberty. From a distance. Oh! And I walked past the UN Building once."

"Oh my god if you do that here, I do NOT know you," Elena says to Ian with a laugh, and she takes a picture of faux-decapitated Miki. She can't help but laugh. The antics. They are getting more severe at the moment. But when Eric quotes Jurassic Park, that's when she loses it, leaning her head back and just laughing. And when Eric brings up the interrogation scene from Hudson Hawk, she grins at him. "Which part, where Bunny gets Bruce Willis's ball-balls, or when Andie McDowell was having her dolphin moment on the chair?" When Ian calls them freaks and criminally insane, she laughs. "God Ian, this is nothing. You haven't met my boss. Jaden's a walking pop culture encyclopedia. I swear he did this twenty minute rant once about missing out on…something I don't remember, but he managed to stick movie titles in his ENTIRE rant. All of it. I'm not even kidding." When Monica says she hasn't, she grins. "Well once we figure out your Bistro schedule we could all get together and just romp around New York. Kick off this new semester right."

"Please, please do. I wanna do all the tacky tourist crap," Ian enthuses. "No sleep 'til Brooklyn, right?"

"Oh that won't last Monica," Eric says lightly towards the young woman. "We will co-opt your freak-ness to add to our collective," He says with a wink towards her before he turns the smile on Ian. "…and we aren't insane we happen to be /eccentric/," He says before he just laughs and shakes his head. A moment, leaning back against the seat and smiling. Ah now this felt good. This felt right. This was something he had been missing out on. "…when Andie McDowell was having the dolphin moment," Eric clarifies. Then a bout of laughter again and he grins widely towards Ian. "Oh I can show you /all/ the good tacky tourist crap…" Then a wicked grin. "…as long as we hit Columbia back at least sometime in that romp." Yes. The semester is indeed starting out just right.

"I am awesome like that," Miki preens at his tablemates, brightening when Eric gets him a WHOLE PITCHER. It's like his eyes are glowing at it, waiting for it to suddenly disappear if he even tries to touch it. Now he just has to straighten up from his current position…

He can't help but snicker at the insanity rising past its normal levels. Never has he felt so…open. And insane.

Oh, he doesn't want to let these guys go away now. They're on his friendslist forever.

"Y'all keep it up and I'll do a When Harry Met Sally." Monica murmurs. Truth be told, she wouldn't, she's too shy for that. Not that she's terribly shy, but that would take more chutzpah then she has for public displays. She's craning her neck to see if the chef is going to come over to do the knife-y thing. It'll be exciting during this week's phone call with Nana to tell her that she's finally made some friends. And the back of her brain is already composing her essay…maybe college won't be a pipe dream after all.

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