2007-04-05: Birthday Shopping


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Summary: Peter asks Drake to meet him for help on deciding on a birthday present for his niece. Then they discuss Sylar and the boy's ability and decide to practice later.

Date It Happened: April 5th, 2007

Birthday Shopping

Times Square

Under the neon screens and signs, off at a specific placement between two stores, Peter stands and waits. He'd told Drake where to meet him, and that's exactly where he's standing, hands in his pockets, glancing around from time to time. Yellow taxis scoot by in mass quantities, and people cross the streets in large numbers on their way to stores. It's after class hours, and that only means the number of teenagers and children being paraded around has increased. He glances down towards his clock, to check the time. It hasn't been too long since he settled in.

Having missed the bus, Drake had to haul it another four blocks until he could find the next stop, thanking both luck, and a bit of time twisting on his part to gain some ground. If it wasn't for that red light, he may have missed it again. Once the city sweeper pulls up against the rest stop, he hops out with a tired look on his face. Dark rings circle beneath his eyes, and his hair looks a bit windblown. He even still has his school backpack, thrown over one shoulder. "Hey Peter!" He calls out once he spies the absorber in the crowd, throwing a hand up to try and catch his attention.

There might well be half a dozen Peters on a busy street like this, but somehow the right one catches his name and glances over. A smile forms, and he steps away from his safe positioning between two stores to get closer to the young man in the throng of people. Once he's close enough, he inclines his head, "Hey, Drake. Hope you don't mind getting called out here. Didn't really know anyone else I could call on for this, and I'm running out of time." What he's talking about isn't help in relation to the boy's ability, if he ever knows what it is. He actually doesn't. "Today's Claire's birthday, and I really have no idea what to get her." That makes him a bad uncle, doesn't it?

"It's her birthday?" Drake asks, blinking his eyes for a moment, before giving his forehead a slap. "Oh, man. I haven't had the chance to catch her on the phone the past two days or so. I figured she'd subtly remind me. I've been so … busy." He wheezes out as he offers up a loopy smile. "I went shopping for her the other day, and I was picking up some Indie records for her. Hoping she doesn't have a lot of 'em already, and I picked up some what I call, garage sale shirts. You know, shirts with the old school slogans on them." He says with a grin. "Hey, how you doing anyways?"

"I was planning to sneak by her house tonight and take her out somewhere, even if we have to go invisible," Peter explains, running a hand over his hair. He'd figure that would be safe enough, right? "I've been… distracted. Running around the city looking for any sign of … /him/. And checking in on people I know he's after." He'd warned his niece he'd been keeping an eye on her hotel, would her home be any different? "But… Indie rock bands, huh? See, that's the problem. I have no idea what she's even interested in. Didn't know I had a niece until November of last year, and even then I only spent a few days with her. I'm not sure what she likes. Was hoping you could help me, a little."

Drake chuckles a bit for a moment, though his expression dulls slightly at the mention of 'him.' "Yeah.. um.. it's… something I need to talk to her about." He says, wetting his lips. "I was gonna suggest that maybe she and I kinda.. don't see each other until.. whatever happens, happens. That way he can't try to use me as a bargaining chip. I don't want to put her in a position where she would have to make a choice, and we'd both end up screwed anyways, you know what I mean? I guess if I was a nut job, I'd go after the boyfriend also if I was trying to to out a target." He is obviously being serious about this as he glances upwards to Peter, biting on his bottom lip a bit.

There's a frown that crosses the older man's face and Peter can't help but shake his head. "While I won't put using someone she cares about past him… that doesn't mean you should break things off. You're not only her boyfriend, Drake; you're also her friend. She needs you." Reaching out, his hand drops onto the boy's shoulder, right next to the strap of his backpack, "Trust me, I understand wanting to protect someone you care about— Even if it means leaving them. But— I doubt she'd want to have one of the few things she's found here in New York get taken away by the man who's already tried to kill her once. She's lost enough in the last few months, don't you think?"

"I don't really know, Pete. We don't talk about that stuff, much. We try to stay as normal as possible I guess, but.. since that day when he called her phone. It really threw me upside down, and it's gave me a chance to look at the bigger picture. I'm not you. I don't have a pocketful of surprises I can pull out one after the other and combat him with if he decided to go to war, and I was the only one standing between him, and her. I mean look.." He pauses. "I have a few belts in Tae Kwon Do, and I've been.. I go out at night and I take out drug dealers, and gang bangers, and store robbers, you know? That's easy. I stop time long enough to give 'em a good knock out kick to the nuts or something, and I call the cops afterwards to clean up. But what am I gonna do against someone that can cut my head off with a thought? I'd have to get one hell of a dice roll in life to save her, you know what I mean?" He says, his voice strained. "She needs to be protected by you or … Hiro. I don't know. I'm not saying I want to break up with her, just saying.. maybe we shouldn't be seen together, out in the public, or… maybe just wait it out. I.." He swallows, fidgeting a bit. ".. I'm really.. um.. I think I'm.. fffffaaaaalling for her.. and.. I'm scared, man."

"If you can stop time… I'd say you have a pocket of surprises enough. Especially if you're any good at it," Peter says, shaking his head. "I might have a lot of abilities, but I don't know how to use more than a handful of them. There's only… three I'd even rely on. I still look like an idiot trying to fly every so often…" Not to burst the hero worshiping bubble, but… it's true. Keeping his hand on the boy's back, he begins to guide the teenager out of the way of anyone walking in the street, and towards a nearby store. If they're going to shop, they can talk on the way there. Even if their conversation might make some people glance over and give a 'huh?' before they might assume it's a couple kids talking about a table top game. Helps that he mentioned dice rolling. "I think you'd do a better job protecting her than you give yourself credit for."

"I really don't know. Elena bit my head off the other day when she found out I was Omega." Drake says with a soft laugh, giving his head a shake. "I made the papers it seems. The police are looking for me, they either wanna thank me, or toss me in the looney bin. Kinda why I went with the whole secret identity thing. To be honest, I only did it so I could get better at my powers. By the way.. um…" He trails off. "Did you.. leech mine by chance? Cuz' if you did, I gotta give you some tips, or else you may end up throwing up everytime you slip into No Time. Also, I've learned I can.. um… do other things that may cause harm to not only you, but others if you aren't careful." He says, guided, walking along with him.

"It's funny… one of the conversations I'd had with Claire before… the bomb… involved her saying she'd like to run around and fight crime. Jump in front of bullets, pull people out of burning buildings. Things like that." Peter can't help but find this humorous, though she may have given up that particular idea by now. "The Company might have changed that, though. You don't run around in tights and a cape I hope…" He asks, having not really heard a description of Omega Man, so he doesn't really know. Another thing he doesn't really know… "I'm not sure. Maybe. Know I got Elena's. Might have gotten yours, but… I'd have to try it out, I guess…" How did this boy make him feel when they first met? He starts to think back on this, as they walk. "What tips you got? I don't want to hurt anyone."

"I don't wear a cape or spandex. I think it may be a bit embarrassing at my age to do so." Drake says with a wry grin on his face. "She never told me that." He admits, in regard to her wanting to help others. "She always seems so laid back, you know? She never really wants to talk about it. I kind of don't bother to ask, because she kinda.. gets irritated quick, especially when it comes to talk about the family situation." He says with a furrow of his brows. "You got Elena's? Awesome. She has a cool trick. Well, anyways, I found out that I can reverse the timeline of objects that I touch, or, fast forward it. So, I started decaying wood by accident. Rotted the door out from the frame when I was leaning against it. So, imagine if you used it on a person by accident, you know? It's definitely different and I haven't fine tuned it, at all."

Oh good, no cape or spandex. "Yeah, I couldn't imagine running around in tights even at my age," Peter admits, though the smile on his face shows how amused he happens to be at the idea of someone actually /doing/ that. "She's been through a lot the last year… give her some time and she might start fighting crime right along side you," he adds, continuing to keep a hand on the boy's shoulder, as he listens to advice on the ability that he has. "So… if you spilled coffee on your homework, you could turn back the time of the homework to before the coffee got spilled on it? Could see how the aging would be a problem, but the other way could be really useful… Maybe you can help me out with that. What about tips on how to avoid throwing up?"

"I don't know, maybe I'd end up turning the coffee into beans or something. I don't think I turn back, or move forward time itself, just the timeline of that object. I can't.. I dunno, stop the bus from being late or anything." Drake says with an amused chuckle as he shrugs his shoulders upwards, not seeming to mind the fact that Pete got his hand on it. He's like a big brother, really. "As far as throwing up, when you use the power, the world at least for me goes real gray, and it starts to waver and shimmer. There's a tug in the pit of my stomach, as if I was being yanked forward. I've learned to take a deep breath and keep my eyes focused, straight ahead until I gather my equilibrium. It's like having a massive rush of car sickness punching you in the gut. From there, it's easy. It's just weird, seeing everyone frozen still, moving as if they were robots, tick tock, tick tock, you know?"

And the Petrelli's are a touchy family. Older brothers always have a hand on the younger brother's shoulder… and vice versa at times. Peter's led them all the way to the front of a store, from the look of things a sporting style store. In a way, it's his fallback plan. Releasing the shoulder so he can step forward and open the door, he nods, "Makes sense. Something similar to that happened when Hiro stopped time. It… was on a subway. Everyone stopped except me— and him of course. Didn't feel like I would throw up, but… it was disorienting." Especially with the inertia he'd had from moving in the subway, and then suddenly moving again when it dropped. It'd be very odd. "Things didn't shimmer— or change colors, though. So, once I figure out how, I'll remember the deep breath and focusing straight ahead. Maybe you could walk me through it sometime. Found I learn better with someone showing me how they do it."

"Sure, I'd love to. I've been dying to work on my powers with someone, and cut loose for a change, you know?" Drake says as he steps into the store, looking around. "She told me she doesn't do the cheerleading thing anymore." He admits, grinning. "Not sure if she'd like a new pair of pom poms, though…" He trails off, spying some of the more shapley work out suits. ".. I wouldn't mind… um.. getting her something like that." Snug tight work out gear? Awesome. "What did you have in mind?" He asks.

"I've only really trained with one person so far," Peter admits, glancing towards the boy, before he starts moving in the direction of /winter/ sports. Still cold outside though it may be, winter sports are coming to a close, though that means they're at a discount. "If she's planning to stay here— I'd promised to teach her how to iceskate. The skating in Central Park is over now, but there's a bunch of indoor ones that are open year round. Didn't really want to get her anything specific here, today. Don't know her shoe size, and I could get them custom made. But least I could do is get a gift card, bring her back here and shop for it together. Maybe tonight if they're not closed."

Drake chuckles. "I don't know how to ice skate either, I just roller blade. You'd think living in New York my entire life I could at least do that." He says as he glances around the winter gear. "She's a size six, for a shoe." He says. "Snuck a peek at one of them once. Was gonna get her some cleats so I can teach her soccer. I'm hoping to break her of that football addiction she was brainwashed into from living in Texas." He says with a laugh. "Though a gift card probably would be the best idea. I mean, I have a good chance of at least not having my gift thrown in the trash. She'd feel guilty doing that to her boyfriend, so I can get her almost anything."

"Yeah… I'm just family she didn't know she had six months ago," Peter admits with a hint of a smile, before he glances over the sixes for ice skates. They don't have blades attached yet, but that at least gives him an idea. "Always was a hockey fan, myself. Never was a fan of football," he says, before he gets an idea of average price, from the signs. Adding a little extra for additional things she might want, he starts towards the front desk to purchase the gift card, before turning back towards her boyfriend, "Anything else you know she likes? Cute girl things, and the like. I got my girlfriend a unicorn locket, cause I found out on accident that she used to like unicorns. Was kind of a gamble."

"I'm soccer, all the way. Not sure if I told you yet." Drake says with a grin. "I play varsity at my high school. I had to practically beg a date out of Claire because she was lowering her standards in dating someone who didn't throw a football." He says in a joking manner. "Um.. what else does she like.. Small dogs?" He says with a grin. "You ever seen that pooch she has? Mr. Muggles? Wow." He is completely amused. "I could never have a dog that tiny. I'd want a Golden or a Husky, or something with a bit of meat on the bone you know?" With a tilt of his chin, he says, "So.. you and Elle, huh? She tell you that she zapped me and stuck something in my neck last year?" He says with a chuckle. "Water under the bridge of course. She helped me out a big deal a few months ago, so it made up for it."

"Didn't play any sports in school, just recreational," Peter says with a hint of a smile, passing over /cash/ in rather large amounts to pay for the gift card. Then again, he's a Petrelli. He just hasn't figured out his current credit status just yet, so he's been paying in cash for just about everything. More difficult for the Company to track that way too, right? "She has a dog named Mr. Muggles?" he repeats, almost laughing at the name. As the gift card is handed over, worth quite a chunk of change, he puts it away and absently shifts. "Yeah— Elle. She… she's an interesting girl. I heard she helped you out, from Elena. And… she's the main reason I got out of that facility the night you tried to… make it so I could leave." Which to him had been important. "You know… I have seventeen years worth of birthdays to make up for, and the only other idea I have… is to ask Heidi— that's Nathan's wife— if I can baby sit the boys tonight and introduce her to her half brothers. You said she doesn't really like to talk about the family situation, so I'm not sure she'd appreciate that…"

"Yeah, she.. really doesn't like talking 'bout her family situation. I mean.. I found out Nathan was her dad, and we really don't.. go there.." Drake says with a furrow of his brows. "She talks about her mom and that's really it. Far as I know her dad is this monster who will shoot me on sight if we meet, and um… you're awesome. That's all I pretty much know I guess. My mom wants to meet her though." He says with a hint of a smile. "I don't have a dad cuz' he died before I was born. Mom said he was a cop."

"Both her dads are okay, really. Mr. Bennet just wants to protect her, and Nathan… Well, let's just say New York wouldn't be the same without him," Peter says, absently his coat as if to touch something inside a pocket, before he starts to move towards the door. "Hiro likes to tell it as if the two of us saved the world… and we did our part, of course, but… it was Nathan who stopped the disaster." He's been trying to say so for some time, and there's really no stopping him when he tries to heap most of it on his brother. "Sorry about your dad," he adds, touching the boy's shoulder again, before he pauses at the door. "Guess I could let you go home. Unless you think you'd like to practice now."

"Yeah, we can practice now if you want. I'd love to. I think I left my spandex on the bus though." Drake says teasingly as he glances to the door, then starts off towards it. If his bubble is popped due to Peter's attempt at letting him down, he doesn't lead on to it. He just seems to be more than happy to have a guy to hang out with, someone who seems to understand, and 'get it', whatever it may be. "Where to? I tend to practice on rooftops. High….roof tops."

Glancing down at his watch, Peter nods, "We should have enough time." There's even a hint of humor in the way he says that, before he leads the way towards the street, looking for a cab that's waiting for passengers. "I know a building we could use. Used to work up there before all this started, and I trained up there too. Heard of the Deveaux Building? Hiro might have taken you up there." Doesn't take too long in this town to wave down a taxi and get one to pull over. "Just do me a favor and don't fall off, okay?"

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