2007-03-08: Blackouts


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Claudine runs into Ianto again after her abduction and convinces him to go seek help with the Company and Dr. Mohinder Suresh.


Starbucks, New York City

It's Saturday afternoon, and the Starbucks bustles a bit with people who get to have the weekends off, perhaps out shopping, visiting friends and family, whatever. So, it's no surprise that this place isn't exactly quiet.
That does't, however, stop a rather tired Ianto from dropping off over his chai latte. He sits on one of the couches on his own, latte on the table, arms crossed, slouched back, and looking ever so drowsey. He keeps nodding off. Oy…

Well isnt that interesting. She's an agent now..or something like that. It's so James Bond-ish, except she doesnt do anything dangerous. She just helps people. Yes, that's what she's telling herself, and so to celebrate, Claudine has dropped by the Starbucks on her way home.

She looks around to see if there's anyone she recognizes before ordering herself a mocha frappucino and just waits by the counter, still looking around..

Zzzz. Zzzz. Gasp! Ianto wakes from another short cat nap in a startle! Quickly, he looks all over the room! Yep! Good. Still at the Starbucks. The chai latte's still there. He begins to look a little releived as he picks his cup up and has a sip. When he sets it down, he becomes distracted again by his nerves. His face expresses of something weighing on his mind.

He hasn't noticed Claudine. He hasn't noticed anyone in particular, actually. Everyone else in the shop seems to just blur together to him now, hardly paying anyone any mind presently.

Her brows raise a bit as she spies Ianto. He's definitely familiar and so after she pays for her drink, she heads on over and peers curiously towards him. "Hey..um..mind if I join you?" she asks with a warm smile on her features. She's not sure if he'd recognize her, but she surely recognizes him.

Ianto glances up at the familiar voice. "Oh, Claudine! Yeah, sure, have a seat," he replies with a small grin, motioning to any of the available seats aross from him or on the couch. "How are you? Have you been well?"

"I've been all right.." Claudine says with a warm smile as she eases on down in the chair across from him. "What about you?" she asks with a bit of concern. "You look..awful.." pouting a little at that.

"Right…" the Welshman fades, looking a touch nervous again. "I haven't been able to sleep." He shakes his head a little and adds with a small hnt of paranoia in his voice. "I might wind up in Central Park again!"

"You might what now?" Claudine asks with another bit of concern as she lowers her voice and takes his hand, giving him a reassuring squeeze. "Did..did you black out too and cant remember some things?" she asks in hushed whispers.

Ianto's eyes widen as his hand is taken. "Exactly!" he says aloud, before hushing. "I remember being on the way here, then it's like a spot of nothing, and a awoke in some bushes in Central Park! And it wasn't as if I had been drinking or anything." His free hand he puts over his eyes as he closes them tightly, then he inhales a slow breath whilst rubbing his hand to the side and down his face. He lets his eyes open wide for a second before blinking, perhaps trying to keep awake. "So, I haven't slept. I don't know what happened, but I don't want it to happen again!" He finally looks to Claudine and asks her, "What happened to you?"

"Maybe you lost control over your powers and that's why you dont remember what happened?" Claudine offers, as she's just going by the explanation that those in the Company gave her. She then takes a deep breath and hushes, making sure no one around can hear. "I..I blacked out as well, but I found myself in a hospital. There's people..who want to help people like us. They helped me gain some control over my powers.."

Ianto just shrugs. "I don't know. I don't remember running at all that day, though," he mutters. His eyebrow does quirk when Claudine mentions people seeking to help the evolved several. "Wait… do you mean to tell me that someone out there could actually understand my abilities? And can help with them?" He begins to look a little skeptical. "Is that really true?"

"They..they helped me. I dont cause earthquakes anymore when I'm scared or stressed, and I found out I can do so much more.." Claudine says, rather excited about that, as she made tremendous progress in the past week. "That's where I've been..and if you want, I can bring you to them so they can help you too. They told me that..that we lose control of our powers..we sort of go into shock, and that's why we might black out and not remember things.." Yes, she's such a good unwitting Company agent, this one is.

Ianto gives Claudine a studying look, eventually taking a drink of his chai again. "I've never blacked out like that before. It's never been an issue." He shakes his head in disbeleif. "It's just so… strange."
Right after that, he looks to Claudine again and asks in curiosity, "Who exactly helped you?"

"It's a company, and they want to take care of people like us. They helped me control my powers and they gave me everything I wanted in the meantime. Books, DVDs, video games..they made sure I was comfortable.." Claudine says matter of factly, as the good things that happened, she remembers with crystal clear clarity. "I..I can introduce you to them if you want."

At this point, Ianto just sits back in thought. Certainly sounds like a good opportunity, but it seems almost too good to be true. He has been wondering about why he can do what he can and how it's possible. Perhaps it's worth looking into to get some questions answered.

So, after a moment, he leans forward again and nods. "Alright, I'm willing to meet with a counsler there. I have to be honest, though, this sounds too good to be true. But, I have questions I need answered." Then, he clasps his hands together, buffs out a sharp exhale, and asks, "What's next?"

Claudine shuffles through her purse to find a few loose sheets of paper. "Look, I have to go to Kansas for something, but I'llbe back on Sunday." She writes down her address and her cellphone, "Here's where I live in John Jay dorms on Columbia campus..meet me there Sunday morning and I can introduce you to people afterwards." and then her tone becomes a bit more serious.

"There are people out there who arent exactly the best. Everyone has agendas, and yes, it may seem too good to be true, but given the alternatives that I've already found..this might just be your best hope to get answers from.." she says matter of factly.

Nodding, Ianto takes the information and looks it over, then places it in his jacket pocket. "Right," he says. "Thank you. Maybe I won't be so baffled about all this anymore." He begins to smile a little before a yawn fights its way for an escape. A big yawn, at that. He shakes his head after it, then drinks a bit more of his chai latte. "When are you leaving for Kansas?"

"Later tonight.." Claudine says with a warm smile, but then she remembers something and continues speaking in hushed tones. "There's a man..if you're really impatient. His name is Mohinder Suresh..he's the son of the guy who wrote 'Activating Evolution'. He can help you out as well…tell him I sent you.." smiling warmly in the end while patting his hand gently.

"Mohinder Suresh," Ianto says lightly as he looks up for a second, committing it to memory. "Right. Where would I find him? The sooner I can speak to him, the better!" He's still speaking in a hushed tone, but he seems to sound more and more enthused about the idea. Finally! Some answers! Maybe.

"He has a lab in Brooklyn..I dont have the exact address on me at the moment, but I can get it to you once I go home.." Claudine says with a warm smile, as she has his card afterall, along with the special cellphone with all the Company contacts. "But they're nice people..I'm sure they can answer your questions..they helped me a lot afterall.."

Anxious, Ianto nods again, looking to Claudine. "Okay, then! Maybe he will see us tomorrow. What do you think? Do you think he might be willing to see us then?" He takes his chai and takes a good swig out of it now, nearly fnishing it! Good thing it had cooled down.

"He's sort of busy, but I'll give him a call. Hopefully he'll be available…" Claudine says with a bright smile, definitely trusting Ianto with Mohinder over the others in the Company. "He's really good at what he does, and he sincerely cares about everyone who goes to him for help.."

Ianto finally begins to smile now. Really, actually smile. It's as if he feels he's on the brink of a light at the end of the tunnel! "Claudine, thank you!" He stands up from the couch, picks up his cup, and says, "Excuse me, if you would? I have to get some sleep now. I'm going to pass out at any moment!" That said with a small laugh.

"Of course, of course, I gotta go and finish packing so I can catch my flight.." Claudine says with a bright smile, starting to head out as well. "See you on Sunday, Ianto.." and with that she's off.

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