2007-08-16: DF: Blade Runner


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Summary: Cass is rescued, and there is a pursuit.

Dark Future Date: August 16th, 2009

Log Title Blade Runner

Undisclosed Government Location

It's evening, not that the 'guests' of the President are aware of the time of day.. not on the basement levels at any rate. Into the hallways, Benjamin walks with a purposeful stride. He doesn't bother to duck his head, or try to hide his face from security cameras. There's no point. Also, no need to draw attention to himself. The guards that are down on the corridor think nothing of the nighttime visit. People are coming and going down here at all hours when necessary. He stops at a door in particular.. on the other side is Cass Aldric. Sliding his security badge on the strip, he unlocks the door and lets himself in. He keeps his expression blank, putting on his detached Agent exterior.

For a brief period of time, Cass was able to tell the time of day. Of course, that was also when she was told she should somehow help human beings experiment on each other in order to fulfill some grand evil scheme. Unable to sleep - for reasons having nothing to do with Benjamin and his abilities - Cass is awake. Sitting on the bed, with her back leaning against the wall, she allows her head to shift slightly to see who it is entering. Angry red marks and broken blood vessels cross one side of her face, as if she was hit brutally hard. Her throat is bruised and red in a thick line. She's been roughed up since Benji saw her last. "What do you want." Her voice is raspy and there's the unmistakable tinge of defiance there for some reason.

Benjamin tries hard to mask his shock at Cass's appearance, and fails. He stands there quietly a few moments before regaining his composure. He crosses the room. "You're coming with me. Someone wants a word with you." All of this, for the guard's benefits out in the hallway. Keep up the act until the last minute. Ben reaches down to try and haul Cass up, gently, when he should be a little rough. "Miss Aldric.. hands behind your back."

When Benjamin approaches her, Cass' eyes narrow. Unaware of any plan, any rescue, any hope of escaping any more, the last thing she wants is to have a word with whoever it is Benjamin is about to take her to. She has more than a few ideas of who that is and she's not going to go willingly. "Get away from me." Quickly, she kicks out at Benjamin to keep him out of grasp and scrabbles to keep her distance. "Go to hell and keep your hands off of me."

Benjamin's expression darkens. He doesn't have /time/ for this. He takes the kick however, grimacing and rubbing at his side. "Miss Aldric.. you don't want to fight me on this." He could just put her to sleep.. if it gets to that point.. Jaw tensing, he lowers his voice, advancing on her again. "There isn't time for this." As for Hell, he's already there. "Don't make me subdue you." The guards outside make no move to come in and assist, aware of the man's capabilities.

"I'm sure," Cass sneers at him. He's Homeland, or Company, or whatever he is, he's dangerous and the enemy and she's not about to listen to him or make this easy. "That's what everyone here says." Being stubborn, having morals, god-forbid. She knows what his ability is and knows that he could put her to sleep and just take her wherever he is ordered to. But, if he does, she's going to make sure she hurts him before it happens. "Why don't you just go ahead and try." Every time he advances, the lab head moves to keep away from him, kicking or shoving when she feels the need.

"Goddammit, I don't have time for this," Benjamin snaps before striding forward. In the process, he works on trying to make the woman drowsy enough to take the fight out of her. He might need her awake in a bit.. but carrying her out might be more convincing to those watching. "I tried to be reasonable about this, Miss Aldric. You made it harder for yourself."

It's actually not that hard to make Cass drowsy. She hasn't really slept, her body is still sore and beaten and is just waiting for an excuse to try and shut down. The push she's attempting turns into more of a tumble as she falls forward, suddenly too sleepy to stand on her own two feet. She's not really unconscious or totally asleep. Still able to hear, she weakly attempts to shove Benjamin away again before going all but limp.

Benjamin is a big guy, so the weak shove does nothing. He unceremoniously hefts Cass over his shoulder. She might be able to hear him whisper, "I'm sorry." Then again, it could be a trick of the state she's in. With the woman held securely over his shoulder, he strides from the room. The guards in the hall aren't given another glance. Of course.. it won't take much for them to doublecheck to make sure Cass has been summoned.. not that Ben gives them a chance. From Cass's vantage point, she just might see the guards start to slump over and hitting the ground. Mentally, he's trying to keep track of the time he has before security notices and can get down there. His pace quickens the best he can. There are a few more people he has to let out.

Maybe Cass hears or maybe she doesn't, either way she doesn't respond. She has no reason to know that this isn't a normal detainment, or that she's not being taken to any of the places she doesn't want to go. Sounds drift through to her almost in a dream-like fashion. It's impossible to tell if she'll remember any of this when she's awake.

Benjamin has to let off of his ability with Cass as his focus is directed on guards. Three doors are opened.. three more people are joining the man. Unlike Cass, the fight is out of these respected doctors. No sound or sign of an alarm. Yet. As he overextends his ability by determination and focus, a trickle of blood seeps from his nose. He's hoping that none of the other rescuees turn on him. At least, not until they are out of here. "Quickly. Move. Stay behind me." Bewildered, confused, and afraid, there's compliance.. for now.

Those other doctors may have been there longer or perhaps were already not as morally adamant as Cass. Whatever the case, maybe Cass wouldn't be able to blame them for jumping on whatever chance they have and trusting someone to get them out. As far as the former bookstore owner is concerned, Benjamin simply cannot be trusted and this is probably just something to get them all killed. There's been enough charades that she wouldn't put it past this government. As soon as the woman slowly starts to come out of her stupor, she jerks and tries to figure out what is going on.

"Stay still Miss Aldric," Benjamin says, phrasing it as best he can as a request. Behind the five people.. guards are passed out on the floor. When it looks like things just might be going smoothly, the reach the door at the end of the hall when the alarm sounds. "Took them longer than I expected." He takes a chance in putting Cass on her feet, "Snap out of it. I need to focus on incoming guards, but I also need you four to stay with me if you want out of here." The alarms, the asleep guards.. Surely that's enough detail to convince the group that he's helping them.

Sleeping guards, other doctors she doesn't know but saw while being taken to and from her own cell, Cass isn't sure what she's found herself in. "Stop saying that." Once she's on her feet, she quickly swoops down at the sleeping guards to try and grab one of their weapons. She's not going to be able to use rifles, but she can find hand gun on them. She's not even sure if she's going to use it on Benji or not. Maybe this is to help get out. "Arm yourselves," she tells the other doctors. Because even not knowing them, she's used to taking charge.

"Point and shoot at any guards I can't take out." Benjamin gives the doctors and Cass a brief look as he raises a hand to wipe at the blood seeping from his nose. "Follow me, now. Before this place goes into lockdown." As he charges for the doors, he holds them open, urging everyone after him. "And Miss Aldric.. if you want to shoot me.. save it for later. I promise I won't resist. Now move it!" The blood flow increases as he stretches himself thin. Just a few people within his line of sight is usually what he does.. but now? He's pushing his limits to try and keep his word to Elena and Ramon.

Taking a couple of rounds and the shotgun from a guard in a coma, Cass quickly checks to make sure it's loaded and flicks the safety off. "If you lead us anywhere I don't like, I will gladly shoot you, Benjamin." It's not even a threat, it's a deadpanned comment. He's the one who brought her to this horrible place under orders and she will hold him partially responsible for what happened to her here. Just because there's blood coming out of his nose doesn't mean that she's going to believe he's totally on their side. As soon as she sees a guard who doesn't slump into a unconsciousness, she takes aim and fires.

"Fair enough, and I'll deserve whatever you throw my way." Enough chitchat for now. Benjamin leads the group up the stairs, taking a back way out. At least in the stairwell, there's the better chance of cover.. of hearing approaching boots. And the getaway vehicle is specifically parked on the other side. "We have to move faster.. before my security is deactivated." Which hopefully.. they are slow in doing. "Come on Dr. Walsh, no time to slow down!" That said to a female doctor about his own age who looks overwhelmed by what's taking place around her. Gently, yet firmly, Ben slows down to try and urge the woman along. "Not much longer," he encourages.

"You do and more," Cass says quietly. It hurts to talk, which is probably why she hasn't been doing much of it up until now. However, there are other people that are around now and she needs to make sure they're taken to safety first before doing anything to the only person who seems to be helping them out. There's an eye out to make sure that he's not going to turn on them, but she's also trying to make sure that everyone's backs are covered.

Benjamin leads the way up the stairs and finally.. the exit is approached. He's never been so happy to see a door in his life. Waiting for everyone to catch up and wait behind him.. he stares hard at the door, as if trying to see through to the other side. If anyone's there.. he wants them out for the count. Even if that means other guards in the building are no longer kept asleep. He blinks hard, trying to maintain focus and coherency.

Keeping the other, more sheep-like doctors in front of her, Cass keeps an eye on the guards that have passed out or been shot. The woman keeps pushing and herding. "Come on, stop gawking and keep moving." Whatever Benjamin is doing, it seems like it's working so far. Following up behind, she pauses and looks over her shoulder at her former friend. She had no idea that he could use his power like this. Even if she was the one who helped train him in years previous.

With his hands on the door, Benjamin thinks he's got everyone that might be on the other side of that door. All the same, he's braced for support as he's taxing himself, "Be ready to shoot in case I missed anyone." Just not him. He's the only one who knows where they are going. "Be ready to run. I parked a rented Nissan Armada in the lot. Head straight for it."

With their backs covered - or soon to be covered by the door - Cass swings around. If anything is going to happen, if Benjamin is going to double cross them, this is most likely the place where it will happen. "You can still rent Nissan's?" Who knew the city could still function on such a basic level. Maybe she should have known better. Reloading her gun, she eyes Benjamin. He may be the only who knows where they're going, but that doesn't mean she's going to trust where he's taking them. As soon as they're out, anything can happen.

Which is why Benjamin will be more than happy to let Cass keep the gun, as well as the other doctors with them. He'll be in no shape to knock anyone else out for awhile anyway. The basic levels in which society can still function goes ignored. Surprisingly, there isn't anyone firing on them from the outside, and the guards that are there are sound asleep. "Grab their guns too," he instructs, leading the way out. "We may need to shoot anyone they send to follow us." And the high powered guns these guards have? They'll need the range.

Range, Nissans, whatever. Pointing the other doctors to gather up weapons and whatever they can find that does damage, Cass instead follows closely behind Benjamin. Right now, he's the one that she needs to watch closely. Not only because he's pushing himself to the max of his power, but because he's a wild card. Hurriedly, the team make for the car and pile in. "You just focus on not passing out while driving." Since he's the one that knows where they're going, he can be in charge of that. No need to be screaming directions while guards try to chase them.

The car is unlocked remotely and with good timing too. A squeal, make that multiple squeals, of tires are heard in the distance. "Shit," is all Benjamin can say. The swearing is another sign of how much he's changed. Not waiting for everyone to buckle up, the car's ignition is cranked and with a peeling of rubber, the Armada is floored and they're off. "Aim for the tires of anyone chasing us. Don't waste bullets on shooting the occupants. Take out the cars. There's no way to avoid their call for backup, but we can get ahead of them." Get enough distance to make it to the rendezvous point. Hopefully there'll be backup there. Speaking of which.. now he can safely relay information. "We're meeting with a group from the Saints, who will take you to safety."

Being a head of a lab and a lead in the resistance should have prepared Cass for high risk car chases. However, that is not the case. Benjamin has a couple of non-combatant doctors in the car with him who probably aren't the best of shots while standing still. Put them in a bouncing car and tell them to aim for the wheels? It's going to take awhile to do anything. And awhile before anyone actually manages to shoot any tires. The mention of the Saints bring about a large lump in her throat. "Where?" That's all she can manage to ask at the moment.

"Highway 495, just before Riverhead. I'm not sure exactly who is meeting us. I worked with the Gomez's to set this up." All through code and messages too. Blinking hard, Benjamin raises his arm to wipe his sleeve against his nose. He ignores the bloodstain left behind in favor of gripping the wheel tightly. Leaving the shooting to those in the car, he focuses on driving.

All too soon, the owners of those squealing tires are heard. A trio of unmarked, yet trademarked black government SUV's. In hot pursuit, the SUV's fan out in a triangle pattern as they work on catching up to the Armada's headstart.

Cass knows exactly where that is. And despite the fact that there are three SUVs following behind them at breakneck speed, it /isn't/ them that she points her gun at. It's Benjamin. Really, she should just shoot him and take over driving, but she needs more information. She needs to know who's the leak. "Okay we're done now. We're not going to Riverhead, you can take us to Long Island Sound and then you can walk home." Anywhere that's far away from the Saints and the Alliance. "You /really/ can't think I'm this stupid."

Benjamin only pays enough attention to the cars behind him to know if he needs to floor it further, or perform some evasive maneuvers. When Cass points the gun on him, he isn't surprised. "We're going to Riverhead. That's the agreed upon meeting place. Now, can some of you work on shooting at the bastards chasing us?" Because.. as if on cue. THEY start shooting at the Armada. "NOW would be good. Before they follow us to Riverhead." His voice is terse, strained, decisive and resolute. No agreeable Benji here folks. He's gone, probably for good.

"No. We're not." Cass is quite firm on that. The doctors in the back seat stare wide eyed at Cass and Benjamin, unsure of what is going on in this car. "Well, stop staring at us, take out those cars!" Her eyes don't leave the agent…former agent…whatever he is, but it's pretty clear she's talking to those doctors. Even after the snap, it takes a little while before they start to follow the orders. "This is too good to be true, meaning that it's not. Seriously, you people blew the timing of this something horrible. You should have waited a couple of weeks. Let me stew and maybe forget that I've got some tag in my shoulder. You've got a tag, too, don't you? It'll make it easier for them to pick you up, I guess."

The doctors.. thankfully.. have the sense to know which end of the gun to point. It's like a wild turkey shoot with people who really shouldn't be touching guns.. But it's better than nothing. The wild spray of bullets do well to actually hit the SUV's, when luck is on their side of course. It's enough at least to help rather than hinder.

"Yes. We are. We made arrangements in messages. It'll take more time than we have to get another message through to them." Benjamin takes his eyes off the road and mirrors to briefly frown at Cass, then his attention's back on the driving. "Yes. I have a tag, and last I checked on your files, you don't have one. The tagging procedures are as outdated as the Company. Petrelli has other methods." He has the wheel, so shotgun can shut her cakehole. Even if she has the gun. "Would you shoot the assholes behind us? You're a better shot.. no offense Dr. Walsh, but you're out of practice." The woman throws Benjamin a look that essentially tells him to rot in Hell. "Miss Aldric. I know you don't trust me right now and I don't blame you.. but Elena and Ramon never would have let me walk away if they didn't believe that I would deliver you to them."

Just Benjamin's word isn't good enough to Cass at the moment. There's no one she's about to trust coming from the government at this moment. "They've got it covered for now. Don't you Dr. Walsh?" While she may have been bossy starting out the gate, at least she's nt insulting. "How would you know? Donovan had his orders and I was /there/ when he tagged me." She's got the marks on her shoulder, still, to prove it. "And you're damn right I don't trust you. I get tagged and within days you /mysteriously/ change sides and take me and a couple other doctors out of holding? /How convenient/. I trust Elena and Ramon, but they'd take a chance to rescue me and /of course/ you'd be /happy/ to just deliver a nice little homing device right into the heart of the Saints."

Benjamin's jaw sets and his eyes darken. It's tempting to try knocking Cass out for the rest of the journey, but that's not really good option right now. It could make things worse, and he could pass out. ".. Miss Aldric.. I don't think you were tagged. Again, that method is outdated. I don't want to argue with you.. I just wanted to get you, and the doctors out of there and to safety. I.." He trails off, just as defeat slips into his tone. He's tired in so many ways. "I can't do this anymore. I can't live with myself."

The passenger side mirror shatters in an explosion of glass as a bullet gets too close. Bullets pierce the bumper, dangerously close to taking out a tire. The doctors do their best in shooting, Dr. Walsh's aim improving, as evidence by the lead SUV having a tire blown out, causing it to roll over. The secondary SUV was following too close and veers off the road and into the shoulder as it tries to avoid a collision. That leaves just the one.

Perhaps her determination should have kicked in after the SUVs were taken care of, however it didn't. There's no time like the present to start to making bad decisions. The broken Benjamin, his sorry tone, maybe before it could have woken some form of sympathy for him. But, he made his bed and he will certainly sleep in it. But, first, they have to get out alive. There's no chance Cass wants to let her child to grow up motherless because of some former accountant playing double agent. There's a glare. "I wouldn't live with myself either." The passenger side mirror elicits an instinctive duck and swerve before she realizes that it's going to be easier to shoot him when they're not being chased. Rolling down the window, she takes aim and starts shooting at that last remaining SUV. She's not a good shot, nothing like the Saints, but she /is/ better than the other doctors.

Benjamin says nothing in return to Cass. What else is there? I'm sorry? Like that's going to make up for anything. He hasn't even thought farther ahead than dropping the rescuees off with the Saints. Taking Ramon's offer to get him to Mexico.. he doesn't feel worthy of it. Maybe it'd be better if Cass or the Saints shoot him after the delivery is made. If he knew of what Cass has been through, hell, he'd turn a gun on himself.

The combined efforts of the four doctors pay off. The remaining SUV takes a hit to the grill, the body, and the windshield. There's no telling what exactly is hit in the vehicle, but whatever it was.. the vehicle swerves sharply, rolls over and there's an explosion. The SUV that ran off the road makes no attempt to pursue, possibly it sustained damage that prevents it from doing so.

The moment that the other car is down, Cass wastes no time. "You can drop the other doctors with the Saints, but you'll understand when I say I don't just take your word about that whole tagging thing." The gun is swung back to Benjamin. It helps. It makes her think that she could be in something of control. She's sleepy, she's in pain and she's not in a good mood. Not to mention that she doesn't trust Benjamin or what he says. He's a double agent. And she's not going to kill him or let anyone else kill him. If he really feels this badly about what he does, well, she hopes he lives a very long life with that guilt. That'll be the best payback she could ask for. "Your people have already shown just how low you are willing to go to try and break me and my friends. I will not be anywhere near a part of this. You'll drive until we're far away from here and then you'll let me out."

"Keep pointing the gun at me if it makes you feel better.. but I am taking you to the pickup point. What you guys do to me there, that's up to you." Benjamin's hard gaze stays on the road and making sure no one else is following them. He's trying to keep from feeling the need to knock Cass out.. since he's not sure he can pull off just one person so soon after pushing his limits. "I don't care if you don't believe me when I say this.. but I'm sorry Cass.. " The Miss Aldric is dropped .. for now. "I'm sorry to each of you back there. I can't make up for what I've done, but I can help each of you get to safety." His gaze darts briefly towards Cass, his blue eyes piercing, "So.. with all due respect, and I do mean with all due respect.. Shut the Hell up, and let me rescue you."

"No." This may be a heartfelt apology, a man's attempt at redemption, but that doesn't mean Cass has to accept it. "You just put out most of those guards, there's no way you can put me to sleep right now." Of course, she doesn't know that for sure, but she does know that every power has it's limit. The fact that Benjamin's nose is bleeding definitely leads her to that opinion. "Don't you /dare/ tell me you're sorry." That last statement is hissed quite adamantly. "You will /never/ know just how sorry you should be. And if you think pulling out four doctors out of that place is going to make it any better, you're wrong. You can help those others, but you sure as hell aren't going to be rescuing me." She's not going let him have that satisfaction.

"You're right. I'll never know how sorry I should be," is a simple response to a complicated situation. Benjamin checks the faces behind him in the rearview mirror, detached, emotionless. He's just making sure he's not about to have a revolt against him. Maybe he should have had a backup plan with tranquilizing the doctors. (Especially for Cass.) "Don't test me right now. I'll try putting you to sleep if I have to, you're going to the Saints and that's that." He's still not sure what and who will be meeting them.. but he's pretty sure they'll be prepared for what may come their way.

Dammit. Why did she let Benjamin drive? Cass should have taken the wheel and then she wouldn't have to argue as to where they're going, she'd be in charge. Then again, she wouldn't trust Benjamin to not just shoot them if he were given the chance if they went somewhere he didn't want them to go. Nothing he's about to say will convince her to trust him ever again. Shooting him in the head would really be the bad option even if it's starting to look good right now. She doubts she can take control of the vehicle in enough time to keep them from crashing and killing themselves. And jumping out of a moving car going down the highway is not conducive to survival, either. "Doctors, I'm tired and cranky and sore. I'm going to /attempt/ to shoot out the window in order to make our chauffeur let me out. But, I may miss and shoot him right in the head. Which is likely to kill us all. You've all seen how hard it is to be accurate in a moving vehicle. If you want a greater chance to make it through to see your rescuers, I'd help convince Mr. Winters to let me out."

Frowning deeply, Benjamin's gaze flickers towards Cass. "We're going upwards of 80 miles per hour. You'll break your freaking neck if you jump from the c… shit." The expletive is uttered as a fast approaching vehicle appears behind them. Black, unmarked, it's obviously another government car. "Miss Aldric. You have a choice, help shoot at the goons following us, jump out, or I try and put you out for an unscheduled nap. Those are your choices. Pick one." There's a pause before he adds, "And if you choose jumping, I'm going for option C."

The doctors in the back don't like any of the options. They obviously don't like their situation, and are at a loss as to what to do.

"I'm not about to jump out of the car," Cass rolls her eyes. She's not stupid and she's not suicidal. "So, really, you're only giving me two options." Because two of what she picks ends up with unconsciousness. There's a quick sideways glance so that she can look out the rear window to make sure that Benjamin isn't bluffing. Maybe jumping is the better idea. She can't exactly blame those poor doctors for not liking their situation, but she's not about to let that change her mind. "Look, make a turn, slow down without stopping and I'm going to jump out. That's it. Stop trying to pretend like you're some goddamn martyr or some anti-hero. Let me out of the car." Even with a government car coming at them. She can hide and hopefully they'll go after the bigger fish - the car.

No. Benjamin is not bluffing. Not in this situation. It's too serious, and all of their necks are on the line.. and he has his word to keep. What little that means these days. "Fine. You aren't going to shoot at them, but I sure as hell am not going to let you out." The nosebleed from earlier has stopped and he looks as if someone punched him in the face.. sans swelling. The car shows no signs of slowing down, in fact the Armada goes even faster. Thankfully, he came into this with a full tank of gas. He doesn't continue the arguing, or voicing further threats. The trickle of blood resumes, and is an indication of what he's trying to do.

Neither is Cass. She's fully prepared to shoot Benjamin somewhere non-vital to make him stop and to just let her /get out of the car/. This is just as much of a kidnapping as her kidnapping was. And both were done with the help of Benjamin. Coincidence? Cass thinks not. The moment that the trickle of blood starts to flow down Benjamin's face again, the lab head /knows/ what the man is trying. And that's not what she wants at all. Thinking fast, already starting to fall asleep, she squeezes the trigger, not aiming at Benjamin, but trying to scare him enough to distract him. The driver side window explodes when the bullet passes through it, but Benjamin gets what he wants. Right after that, she slumps into unconsciousness again.

Hearing the cocking of the gun, knowing it's still pointed at him, Benjamin flattens himself against his seat. Mentally thanking some of the brutal training from the Company, the bullet grazes his seatbelt before the window shatters. That's gonna leave a burn on his chest, not to mention the glass shrapnel on his left side. If any of the other passengers look at Ben's reflection in the rearview mirror, his expression reads, 'You're next'. He focuses on evasive maneuvers while telling the passengers to pick up arms and fire on the pursuing vehicle. Hopefully they can fend themselves off until they reach the pick up point.

… To be continued …

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