2009-11-15: Blame the Hoodie



Date: November 16, 2009


Eric and Sydney wake up to… each other? Wasn't that a dream? And a purple hoodie is to blame. Partially.

"Blame the Hoodie"

Eric's Apartment

Brown eyes lazily open as the sun peeks into the bedroom. Drowsily, Sydney shuts them again and rolls over on her side adjusting in the bed. She's not ready to get up yet, fortunately it's the weekend. With a slight smile she turns over in the bed again, resting her cheek against the pillow. But there's something amiss. It smells… different than her laundry detergent. She uses lemon. It doesn't smell lemony. Her eyebrows furrow and her forehead wrinkles, as she opens her eyes slowly. Blinking a few times the room begins to come into focus. Where is she?! And then she turns to her right and… emits a high pitched shriek as she literally falls off the bed.

Relaaaxed. Very relaxed. Its a pleasently exausted feeling that intrudes on Eric Lancaster's sleep fogged mind. A slow streatch of one arm, not quite opening his eyes as of yet. /Something/ is wrong though, something else is intruding into his awareness. A presence in his bed that isn't usually there, not that anyone /usually/ is in his beds. He slowly starts to open one eye to just see /who/ that presence is. He turns slowly to see…arm…feminine…hair…arm…



Then the shriek catches him by suprise as he sits bolt upright in bed.

"What?! Who?! HUH?" Pause. "I….who are…"



"Please… please don't look at me," Sydney sits on the floor, wrapped up in several layers of Eric's sheets. Her own eyes are clamped shut. The high is long over. Slept off. But Sydney remembers everything. What is wrong with her? And what will Ivory think!? She has a terrible sinking feeling in her stomach.

After burying her head in her hands for several moments she looks up to the wall, eyes opened. Is this some kind of bad dream? Finally she tests it, clearing her throat, "Um… Hello? … Are you still there?…"

"…well…it /is/ my apartment," Eric's reply is dry as he slowly looks around the room and wonders just /what/ in the world got into him last night. He doesn't do that sort of thing, he /never/ does that sort of thing. Not a once, not ever. Running his hand through his hair he leans over towards the edge of the bed just a little bit. "Er…are you alright down there? You just fell off the bed."

"Um… I'm fine!" the tone borders on panic. Sydney barely knows Eric. What happened?

To prove her fine-ness, she stands to her feet to face him, swallowing hard as she does so, but she crumples back down to the floor seconds later, apparently she twisted an ankle when she fell. Her face flushes. "I'm okay," she declares again as she places as much weight as she can on the other foot.

And now she's actually facing Eric although she doesn't dare make eye contact. Still all bundled up in his sheets, her gaze scans the room.

"Woah!" Eric replies as he starts to climb out of bed before realising that no he really isn't wearing anything else at the moment and blinks a moment. "…that would be a bad idea." He murmurs as he grabs his comfroter and wraps it around his waist. Right. He should be good for there at least right? "…you arn't okay…" He adds after a moment before he peers over the edge of the bed at her. "Not with that look you just had on your face." He murmurs towards the woman before he shakes his head for a moment.

He glances around though from the place on the bed, at the discarded clothes and the mess that they both made of the bedroom last night. They are all over the place those clothes. Pants. Just out…of reach…

He's trying for them anyway as he leaaaaans slowly out of bed.

"Uh…" Sydney tries to object, but can't as she literally stands on one foot on the other side of the bed. Her entire body is tense. Every muscle showing her complete and total discomfort.

She clamps her eyes shut as Eric begins to lean out of the bed, and turns to face the ground, even though her eyes are shut. "I'm sorry…" the apology is strained but sincere. ALthough it's altogether unclear what exactly she's apologizing for. And then she clarifies, "I swear I never do this…" She continues to avert her eyes.

"…that makes two of us," Eric mutters towards the woman as he NEARLY gets to the pants before he overbalances and tumbles off the bed with a muffled curse and a thump. Then he slowly sits up and peers over the bed towards Sydney. "…I…" Pause. "…no I never do anything like this either. I…don't know what came over me…" A pause. "…I should be the one that is apologising!"

She hears the fall and opens her eyes just to clamp them shut seconds later. "You okay?" Sydney calls safely from the other side of the bed, eyes clamped shut. Her face is bright crimson as she tries to get a handle on her own nerves. "I… no… it was probably my fault… I … I've never…" Other than Ivory. Oh Ivory! Her lips curve down into a frown. "I don't know what happened…" she finally manages to sputter.

"Why would it be your fault, I'm the one that invited you up," Eric replies quickly enough as he nods. "I'm fine, fine." A pause then before he sighs. "…and give me a moment and I'll have some pants on…" Yes, he apparently slept last night in the nude. Next to her. All night. "…I just remember meeting you in the park and after that…" A slight blush. "…I…am not sure what came over me at all…"

"I… uh…" Sydney doesn't really know him, so the next bit is cut off as she wrinkles her nose and tries to remember their first meeting. "…well…" She decides to leave her ability out it. "I'm pretty sure I couldn't take my hands off of you… doesn't keep a person at bay… I swear when I woke up this morning I thought it was all a dream…" She shrugs as her lips twitch into a semi-comforting smile. She's still convinced that this is her fault, after all.

A pause then before he frowns slightly as he looks towards her, then a sigh and a shake of his head. "Well if you are Gene's friend…" He says slowly. "…then you know a few things. I supose I shouldn't ask you just what you can do then right?" A lopsided smile towards her before he shakes his head. "The feeling was mutual…" He says softly as he looks slightly embarassed once again. "…and I thought it might be a dream too." Not that he was complaining at the time really. "Look…I do remember promising breakfast." He says with a sigh. "…and the shower its that way…and let me get you some asprin.."

"It's almost like I watched it happen," Sydney notes to herself more than Eric. Her cheeks flush a bit as her lips curl upwards into a very warm smile. It's nice to not have to say what she's thinking for once. "Yes, showering would be good," she's still flushed, still embarrassed, but at least he seems like a nice enough guy. "Thank you, Eric." She hobbles towards the shower, bending down on a single foot to pick up her clothes. A glance is given to the hoodie, but she decides to get that later. It's not even hers anyways.

"I know exactly what you mean," Eric replies as he starts to slowly stand. Yes he is wearing his pants, rather rumpled but pants at least. "Just a second…" He says as he suddenly turns towards the wall and frowns at it. A dark bloch of shadows appears that he sticks his hand right /into/ that dark circle and feel around a moment. Then out he pulls his arm and its now holding a small bottle of asprin. A few long legged strides takes him towards the woman before he stops arms reach away and holds the bottle out towards her. "Here. I'll get a breakfast working alright and we can try to figure out just what got into--er—I mean what might have happened last night."

Well that explains why Eric and Gene are friends. She blinks a few times as her lips curl into a smile of understanding. She'll tell him. But first she needs to get clean. And wear clothes. She takes the bottle and expresses her thanks before hobbling into the bathroom and closing the door.

The shower is turned on, and Sydney hops in, washing away the night before. She actually sits down in the bottom of the shower. Knees drawn into her chest, her arms wrapped around them. Trying to figure out exactly what happened.

After ten minutes, she re-emerges from the bathroom, dressed in last night's clothes, minus the zip-up hoodie. She offers Eric a weak smile before she admits, "You're right, I have an ability. I might have done this." She lifts a hand to her forehead. "Please don't be mad…" she'd probably cry if he gets mad. "I only just figured it out —" She swallows again, "I… I do something to people's emotions. It's not on purpose, it just happens… I'm really sorry…"

By the time she's back she is greeting by the sounds and smells of bacon and eggs. Well cooked bacon and eggs. Barefoot and shirtless the young man works in the large and modern looking kitchen with easy strokes and movements in his cooking. He just smiles overs his shoulder towards the woman as she comes out of the bedroom. All of it is modern, all the most expensive tech-toys are in that apartment. "Come on and sit then." He says with a shake of his head. "Tea or coffee?" He asks of the woman.

Turning slightly while the food cooks he blinks for a moment at the revelation. He doesn't look mad at all. "…why should I be mad?" He asks after a moment. "I mean you just said it yourself its not on purpose right?"

"…do something to emotions…is /that/ why I suddenly felt so happy when I saw you in the park?"

She hadn't really paid attention to the apartment last night at all. The weak smile gains some strength at Eric's attitude. Carefully Sydney hobbles over to the table and takes a seat. "Coffee. Please." Her smile grows and then her lips straighten thoughtfully, "You know how there's times when it seems like everyone around you feels the way you do? Well for me, that's generally true. Or I feel the way they do… I think it works both ways." And she nods a bit, "Probably why you felt happy. But … I don't know why I felt happy. I haven't felt like that since — " She furrows her eyebrows before admitting, " — high school." Her cheeks redden, "I wasn't exactly on the path of the straight and narrow back then…" She chuckles at her misspent youth. "But… I remember everything. My giddiness. My flirtation," she manages to fix her eyes on him as she lists the first two, but the floor becomes incredibly interesting as she continues, "… kissing in the elevator, getting carried into the apartment." Her cheeks flush further.

"Sit then," Eric replies as he turns to grab a coffee cup and pot from the table before setting the cup infront of her and pouring. "Cream and sugar is on the center of the table." He says as he nods towards the stuff in the center. He stays standing at the moment before he hrmms a moment. "…well…I can see how not having a bit of control over that wouldn't be the best of things." He says slowly before he sighs and nods towards her. "…well…yeah…it didn't feel like you making me /that/ way." He adds with a shake of his head. "Its like someone slipped the both of us a mickey, but we didn't have anything to drink or eat. I mean all I did after I saw you was give you a hug." He shrugs. "And who is in high school." He adds with a twitch of one shoulder. "I've never done that kind of think myself, but my brothers have told me plenty about it." A slight blush then as she…reminises about last night. "…yes, I remember everything too. Elevator. Carring you in." Table. Wall. Floor. "…and can't believe I did that…" Gene is going to /kill/ him. "…and I can't believe we got up before noon." He adds half to himself as he focuses on finishing breakfast.

Sitting in the chair, Sydney sighs and nods. "Yes, I told Gene it's a curse. I really can't be convinced otherwise. Especially as I think back on the rest of my life… and this… seriously… nothing is real." Sigh. She frowns as she raises her coffee to her lips. She cringes at the bitterness of the coffee and reaches for the cream and sugar adding a bit of each to her black coffee. She sips it again, it's good now, causing a smile of satisfaction to spread across her lips. "I'm a little shocked I did that too," Sydney wrinkles her nose. "I've honestly never done that." With the exception of Ivory. "Not even back in high school —"

"Well I thought mine was a curse too," Eric replies with a slight smile. "Just turns out I needed to learn a bit more control. Meditation techniques helped," Eric replies as he adds over his shoulder before he shakes his head. "Oh come on. Of course things are real, Gene /really/ is your friend for one." He adds with a nod towards her before he shakes his head. "Alright…see not your fault. It wasn't you who did that. You wern't acting like yourself, what happened /before/ you started feeling that happy." Then a shake of his head just a slight smile towards her. "And…I'm really shocked. I havn't done anything like that in…well never. Not once." A pause. "Not that I didn't like it or—-" Pause. Cough. "Er…here is breakfast." He adds as the sudden change of subject as he sets down a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs infront of her.

Sydney considers what happened before the joy. "Well, I'd just visited a client in her home." She raises an intrigued eyebrow, "She'd called me with an emergency because she couldn't remember what happened to her. Like she'd binged on something, you know? But she couldn't remember taking anything." Pause. "Sound's familiar doesn't it?" Her cheeks flush at the notion of Eric liking it, "It's okay… I … liked it too… but… I don't… and not… I mean I kind of…" Ivory. Ivory on brain. Liking Eric. Gene hating Ivory. So confused.

She's now beet red from her forehead, to her shirt colour, and presumably under her shirt. She flashes him a smile, as breakfast is placed in front of her, "Thank you." She picks up a single piece of bacon from her plate and bites into it, "Mmmmm." Greasy goodness.

"A client?" A pause. "Who lives here? I'm not really suprised I guess." Eric replies with a shake of his head. Lots of rich and famous and wild live here. "…sounds familiar yes. Thats exactly what the pair of us were like. Like we overdosed on something and neither of us have taken /anything/…" He adds with a shake of his head. "…there has to be something common between us and your client. Well logically there should be." Of course then she starts to stutter like that and he turns his eyes towards her for a moment with a flicker of a smile. "…well I'd hate to think you didn't like it." He murmurs before he coughs once.

"…well I'm not the best of cooks but I'm glad you like it." He says with a nod. "I can't promise five star service but it shoudl be edible."

"No, it's good, Eric. And I'm not picky. Can't say I've had a guy cook for me… ever…" She grins at the food. "I'm sorry, I can't say anything beyond that about my client. I try to keep my client's confidentiality," Sydney wrinkles her nose with a hrmm before finishing off the slice of bacon she's holding. She frowns as she tries to remember more about her day before the park. "I don't know… I didn't do anything at the client's house. And I didn't feel that happy until I got to the park."

Cheeks continue to flush. "I am sorry about it all. Even if it was… good. Or really good." Her plate suddenly becomes the most interesting thing in the room.

"Eh I'm not asking you too," Eric replies with a nod. "I know how important keeping some things secret happens to be." He adds wry a shake of his head and a wry smile. "Though the only other person I know of that lives here and I've met is Hallis. Though I more know /of/ her." He smirks at that for a moment before he slowly thinks a moment. "…well did you take anything at your client's place? Eat or drink anything?" He adds curiously, now its a mystery. Eric /does/ like mysteries every so often at least.

"…and really. You don't have to be sorry…" He looks down for a moment. "…I…well…as long as /you/ arn't mad…" A pause. "…well I'll take that as a compliment." He murmurs softly towards her as he suddenly finds his own food very intresting.

Eric may or may not catch the flicker of recognition in Sydney's eyes at the mention of Hallis, her client, but she says nothing. She shakes her head, "I didn't drink anything. Didn't eat anything. I ingested nothing. I'm sure of this." She bites her bottom lip trying to remember everything that happened. "I went to the apartment, listened to client, looked at a receipt for some items the client remembered purchasing…"

"Well, okay then," she responds to her plate again. "I just wish my brain would stop this…" Smirking to her plate she adds, "When I leave you might not even be remotely attracted to me…" Shrug. "…the bane of my existence…"

Eric is busy dealing with the fact that after a /very/ long dry spell he's taken a woman to bed…even if it wasn't /entirely/ of his own volition. He doesn't mind doing that either, even if it seems to be chemicially assisted. "…this is…odd then…maybe its someone else curse." A pause. "Or gift, depending on how you might think it. Since you didn't take anything while you were there." He continues to think for a moment before he sighs slightly. "Mystery then?"

"Well…" He hrmms a moment. "…I can show you some meditaiton techniques that might help a bit with control if you like." He offers, after all its the least he can do for a friend of Gene's that he just…well…um…spent the night with.

A shake of his head before he mutters into his food. "…and somehow I doubt that I'd find you less attractive once you leave. I don't think you are using that ability right now to be honest."

Sydney raises a forkful of egg to her mouth, only to completely drop it, causing the fork to clatter against the plate, "Wait! I just thought of something… my client, she had this purple hoodie with her that wasn't hers! I… I took it with me." She blinks. "It was cold in the park… so I put it on…" Sydney peers at Eric knowingly as she begins to stand to her feet. "It's in your bedroom. I didn't wear it post-shower because it's not mine." She frowns, "Can a person get high from a hoodie?" Quite the question.

"I'd like that, Eric. The meditation techniques, I mean." She flushes, and then offers a teasing smile, "So… you are attracted to me?"

"…a purple hoodie," Eric pauses for a moment as he turns to looks towards the bedroom for a moment. "I remember that thing…" He says before he looks back towards her. "You had it on when I hugged you…" He pauses a moment as he taps the end of his fork on the table once. "That…might be it. Do you mind terribily if I keep it and get Gene to analyze it?" He asks of the woman before he shugs slightly towards her. "As for getting high from a hoodie…I can walk through shadows. Impossible seems…well…not all that impossible anymore."

"Well then I'd be happy to show you," He adds with a nod towards her. "Anything to help…" At the teasing though he smiles slightly, smirks even. "…would I really have done everything I did last night if I /wasn't/ attracted with you?"

"That's fine. I don't think my client will miss it. It wasn't hers, after all. Just try not to touch it… I mean just in case," Sydney hobbles to the bedroom. She picks up the sheet she'd been wearing earlier and carefully wraps the hoodie in it. She hobbles back into the room. "It's rolled up in the sheet so you can't touch it easily."

"I never know… I mean, I could've made the whole thing up and I wouldn't know. I don't even know what I can and can't do. Just that my emotions tend to match those around me. And I know I'm attracted to you…" blush fills her cheeks as she sits back down and shovels another forkful of egg into her mouth.

"Oh I don't plan on touching that thing again," Eric replies with a shake of his head. "I'll call Gene about it…" A pause. "…and…er…I wan't mention all of…" He waves between the pair of them for just a moment. "…this to him if you don't want me to though…" He murmurs softly towards her with just a slight blush coloring his own features once again.

"No, I don't think you happen to be making this whole thing up either." He says with a slight smirk towards her as he shakes his head. "…and I didn't know what I could do either until I started experimenting with it all." A shake of his head. "I managed to scare my big sister half to death when I was little so I didn't do much of that until recently." Then a blink. "…oh…well…I'm glad you think I'm handsome…"

"Yeah, I'd rather you didn't mention it," Sydney murmurs before shovelling a final forkful of egg into her mouth. "Not that… I mean…" more blushing. She clears her throat before sighing, "I think I need the practice. I don't know what I'm doing. And my thoughts have been… preoccupied." She sighs before adding, "I just don't know what's with me lately. Normally good judgment, but lately… " She cuts herself off and just shakes her head. "…Like Ivory, for example. I really thought — think(?) — well of him, but Gene says otherwise. And Gene wouldn't lie… but Ivory couldn't be doing…" Oh the ramblings of a very confused still enthralled woman come out in odd ways.

"I won't then," Eric replies towards her with a firm nod towards the woman. "Well then we'll try to get some practice in…if you can stand being around me after all of this." He adds as he sighs and runs a hand through his hair once again. "Mmmm…preoccupied with more besides just work you think?" He adds with a raised eyeborw before he blinks for a moment. "Ivory." Pause. "Ivory Wynn? The Senator?" His eyes sharpening for just a moment as he frowns ever so slightly towards her. "…you…met him?" Pause. "And he made a good impression?"

"Thank you, I appreciate it," Sydney offers Eric a warm smile. "And.. I think we've blazed past the awkwardness. Are you sure you want to be around me? I still kind of caused, even if it wasn't on purpose…" Or the hoodie caused it. She glances at the rolled up sheet on the floor, but doesn't talk about it. "Yeah… I met Ivory," yes, she calls him Ivory, not Senator or Wynn. "And I don't know… he's incredible really… like he wants the country to be great. Got the weight of the world on his shoulders though, you know? But I think he's doing his best. I can normally tell when people are lying to me, and I don't think he was or is. But I keep thinking about him. And our chat. And how great he is."

"But then… Gene says he's bad news. And I don't really know. Like it's hard to think of him as bad news when he's so… like he is… Ivory-like." Yup, to Sydney this is worthy of inventing her own word. "But I know Gene wouldn't lie. And with that baby-lady at Starbucks, whatever happened was harrowing, but I don't know if Ivory could really be part of it, could he?"

"Well you are Gene's friend, and you seem like a good person as well…so…I think I can manage it," Eric pauses a moment though before he frowns slightly as she continues. "I've never met the Senator so I don't know much about him. You arn't the first person though thats become suddenly obsessed with him and I stopped believing in odd concidences awhile ago. If you can stay away from him…Gene /might/ be right in this. I mean he /is/ a genius so he usually is." A nod. "He's not lying at all, so don't think that. He doesn't lie to friends." A pause then. "…but right now, we should eat…and then I should shower too…" He glances down at himself. "…and…um…I should get a shrit on too…"

"I'm his therapist," Sydney admits biting her bottom lip before murmuring, "Fine. I'll refer him to someone else or something. Ugh. So many people to avoid now. Blonde body possessor. Senator Ivory Wynn. Green Eyed shooter-man." Sigh. She takes a deep breath and nods, "Sounds like a plan," she smiles as she pops another piece of bacon into her mouth. At least she doesn't have to avoid bacon. Nom. Nom.

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