2007-04-18: Bleep Blip


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Victor and Gene rush to "save" Riya from getting hit by nonexistent cars during a downpour, they meet - standing in the middle of the street - and exchange phone numbers! Gasp!

Date It Happened:

April 18th, 2007

Bleeeep Blip Bwoowiiiiii!

Upper West Side

Victor steps into a recessed doorway to open his umbrella - a bright purple one, just for the hell of it - as the late afternoon sky opens up above him - it seemed like half an hour ago, it'd been sunny out.

"I can't believe this," he says, shaking out his umbrella - something is sticking it up, and he's having a bit of trouble. "There better be /dozens/ of flowers next month."

Incredibly dancing down the streets of New York City, hands out to the rain, Riya is boogying her way down the street and towards home, humming an odd little song as the woman does some intricate dance moves in high heels. Not a care in the world, does poor Riya have- not lately, at least.

Making his way through the rain, Gene exits the American Museum of Natural History. "Next time, just don't bring it or I'll have to report you to the boss, okay?" a security guard calls out as he watches the young genius leave.

"I won't, don't worry!" Gene calls back with a hint of frustration in his voice. Turning toward his companion, a small smile displays itself on Gene's face. "Come on, let's get out of the rain. Artoo, hold this uptop."

"Beewoo" comes the reply as the famed Astrodroid has a little clawed appendage appear from a flap in the top in order to hold the umbrella in a simple but tight grip. Gene almost is unable to stand under it the umbrella is so low, but it's nice to have a walking umbrella holder for you, even if a large robot disturbs some security officers.

Moving to the ground of the stairs, Gene pauses as he looks toward Riya as she dances down the street. While it takes a second to get over the initial 'whoa' factor of the woman, he realizes that she's dancing in the middle of the street. That's dangerous! Well, if she is actually in the street he rushes toward her. If not, he walks down the handicapped way down in order to get to the woman, trying to save her from getting run over. Because roadkill is ugly, no matter how cute the person was while they were alive.

Victor finally gets his umbrella out, and ducks back into the rain, which is still coming down in sheets, though without much wind at all, which makes it not as bad as it could be.

Walking down the street towards home again, a newly-purchased game in his small backpack, he realizes that there's a woman dancing in the middle of the street - and, upon further inspection (read: he's slow at recognizing people), he realizes that it's - he struggles for the name. That… woman! Who gave him beer!

Watching both Gene and Victor run towards her, Riya starts laughing and she steps out of the gutter and beckons to them both, her hazel eyes twinkling in amusement.

"Gentlemen…" She drawls, peering at Victor amused-like, "I have had no plans to get ran over at all; I've been in the streets for the past several blocks since I left practice." Her voice is gracious and sweet, but she's not flirting yet as she stands there, getting very, very soaked. "You’re Victor!" She says, motioning to him - "But I didn't get your name, Artoo?"

The young man takes a much calmer walk when he realizes that he isn't needed to be a hero. That's good, considering how well it went the LAST time he tried that. Moving down the ramp, he advances toward Victor and the woman. He's met the first one, still having his card in his wallet. He didn't call, but Gene tends to be a rather reserved person. The woman gets a quirked brow as she mentions his friend, the droid giving a simple "Beewip wiip?" to the woman, looking over toward her with its camera eye lens which focuses a little here and there. "Gene," the young man corrects, figuring the question was to him and not his companion.

Victor holds out his umbrella, at the very least, to kepe her a bit drier than she's been - he figures that being nice is the least he could do, considering the beers that she and her boyfriend - Sean, he thinks - bought him yesterday were crushed when he died.

Not that, uh, he'd mention that. Might seem a bit odd.

Having played SlaveLeia in a Rockette performance before, Riya knows Artoo a bit, even as she smiesl. "A pleasure to meet you Gene!" She says cheerfully, and nods to Vincent. "Thanks, Vincent." She says dryly, stepping some more under the umbrella. "I love the rain." She admits just-as-cheerfully. "I mean, it's just so refreshing… but the amount we've been having is CRAZY."

Gene glances upward before looking down to the woman in making the observation, noting the rain with a sigh. "Well, I haven't been in the city for more than a couple of months, I have no idea if this is normal weather or not," Gene offers as he rubs the back of his head.

R2-D2 merely looks toward Riya and just moves toward her side. "Beeeeeeewwwwwwoooooo." What the heck is it doing? Considering that Gene is just talking and not even paying the robot much attention, it must not be something that he isn't surprised about.

Victor laughs. "I don't mind it - I'm inside more often than not, and I love the rain form the inside. And at least it's warm out." Victor doesn't even notice the robot, or else he probably would have said something.

Peering down at R2-D2, Riya kneels down to talk to it face to face. She's an odd girl there, even as she reaches out to lightly touch it. "I'm sorry." She says, regretfully. "I don't speak Droid, and this isn't normal New York weather at all. Take it from a native."

"Ah, I see," Gene offers as he tries to figure out how best to respond to the talk of rain. While he is unsure if Riya is single or not, he should try and dazzle her with stunning conversation either way. Finally he gets it, a comment that has both wit, style, and a sutble yet graceful compliment to Riya's style. He opens his mouth to comment when suddenly his cell phone gets a 'beep beep beep'. Incoming text message, Gene thinks to himself with a sigh. He opens it up with 'WORK HERE. GET BACK HERE NOW'. The sender? His boss. Crapcrap crap crap craaaaaaaappppp. The project must be running behind again. "Artoo, we need to get going."

R2-D2 gives a few beeps.

"Serious, R2-D2… We need to go now."

The drone gives a few beeps in reply before it moves to be right behind Gene. "I wish I could stay and chat, but my work is really wanting me to get over there as soon as possible."

Victor laughs, then pulls out his own cellphone. "Hey, uh… Gene, if you want to hang out some time, you seem like you're probably a fun nerd to hang around, so… What's your number?"

Riya pouts as R2-D2 rolls away, and as she stands up, Gene's cell phone goes off. Chuckling quietly, Riya waits for him to be done, and when he explains what's wrong, Riya gives Gene that oh-so-charming, half-way flirting, she's dating someone smile, and tops it off with a toss of her hair over her shoulder while she speaks. "In that case, I'll see you around… Gene…" She listens for phone numbers!

Sadly, Gene can't tell the 'I'm dating someone' smile from the 'I want to kill you' smile. Still, he manages to give out a card to each of those gathered. "Give me call when you've got time and want to hang," he offers to both gathered before he books.

Victor takes the card, and prepares to give his number to Gene when he looks up - and Gene's already run off! He shakes his head. "Wow, I guess they /really/ wanted him in. Right now."

Riya shakes her head as Gene books it, and Riya stashes her card away. "Silly." She says almost affectionately. "Victor, I’m afraid I must get home- Sean'll kill me if he knew I was flirting with someone, as it is." She giggles slightly. "Maybe not. I'm not sure.

Victor blinks. Flirting? Was it with him? Oh, shit! Maybe that was why she bought him a drink last time! She thinks he's /cute/!?

All that and more runs through Victor's mind in the amount of time that he needs to mumble something about needing to go as well and start walking away without being impolite, just weird.

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