2007-12-23: Blintzes, Books and Banter


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Summary: Last minute shopping, discussion about presents, superheroes, Judaism, and a sweet exchange of gifts between Cam and Kory. A thankfully grinchless holiday in the Lair.

Date It Happened: December 23, 2007

Blintzes, Books and Banter

The Secret Lair

Tonight, on request from a couple of the regular kids, Kory is celebrating Hanukkah. The menorah is being held up by the Kitty Pryde display in the front window. And tonight there is sparkling white grape juice and apple and blueberry blintzes from a nice Jewish bakery uptown.

The Kim Possible episode wherein we find out Ron Stoppable is Jewish is playing. There are four small boys playing dreidel for gelt in the back.

Portia isn't Jewish. Just Southern. Still, Portia's a little bored and still looking for the perfect Christmas presents for her friends. Well, or so she claims. Mostly she just likes looking for herself, but the 'perfect Christmas present' excuse always goes over well. Moving inside, guitar strapped on her back, as it seems she never really goes anywhere without it, the girl moves for the treats. She's not going to pass up sparkling juice or delicious pastries.

Kory doesn't immediately look up. Tonight she's wearing a simple blue and silver anime-looking jacket in honor of Hanukkah. And she's got her nose in a book. Tito's the cheerful greeting this time. "Hey, Hola, Porsche," he calls, subtly and innocently getting her name's pronunciation more like a car than a name.

Portia slightly smirks at the pronounciation. Most people get it wrong on the first try. "More like the Shakespeare character, not the car." She states, sipping from her cup of sparkling grape juice. "How are things today?" She offers glancing around a little.

"Whoops, sorry." Tito looks sheepish. "Quieting down," he confirms. "Which is expected. People are at the point of either already being home with their families or hitting the malls for something OMG last minute." Though he does cast a worried glance at Kory. "Beginning to wonder if she's in shock. She hasn't said a word most of the night."
You paged Peter with '2 days before Christmas, and Kory is nose-deep in The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers.'

"I guess that's true. Shopping can get crazy about now." Portia glances over at Kory, stage-whispering conspiratorily. "Shock from what? Not having very many customers?"

Bekah steps in still in at least scrub bottoms under her coat. She glances around quickly as if looking for someone. Or maybe making sure a certain someone isn't there harrassing people about the wonders of comic books. Whatever the case, she loosens up a bit after her glance around turning her eyes to the holiday decorations.

"Pretty much, yeah," Tito confirms. "This is the quietest the store's been since Thanksgiving. That plus hiring KeLyssa has really given her a chance to catch her breath. I don't think she's used to it yet."

Portia looks up as Bekah enters, but she isn't particularly familiar with the woman, so she continues her conversation with Tito. "Aw.. that's kind of sad. Do you think there's something we can do to cheer her up?"

Cam comes wandering in the door, carrying a wrapped package. His winter clothes show enough traces of snow to show he probably stopped in the park to play on his way here.

"I'm not depressed," Kory says, without looking up from her book — The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. "I'm just reading. Enjoying there's a bit of downtime, y'know?" She reaches unnerringly for her cup of juice. She has a sip, and sets it down. "I can be quiet without anything being horribly wrong, really. But thanks for the concern." She sounds amused, really.

Bekah looks over to the book Kory is reading and raises her eyebrows. "I'm not sure anyone could read that book and be counted as fine." She states looking around before she adds. "Do you have any shirts or anything like that in kid sizes? Something good for a Kindergartner in love with superheroes?" Yes, it's the 23rd. Yes, Bekah is still doing Christmas shopping.

"Well.. are you sure you aren't depressed?" Portia peers at the title of the book Kory's reading. "That.. looks like a depressing book." She shifts her guitar, glancing up as another figure enters. She grins, however, seeing that it's Cam. "Hey!" She offers cheerfully.

Cam smiles, waving to Portia, "Hi! How's your holidays goin'?" He steps further inside, taking off his coat after a couple steps. Then, holding his coat he walks over to Kory, though he hesitates a moment.

"Consider it a type of balance," Kory says, smiling unconvincingly in response to Bekah's accusation. She sets the book down, though, after a short pause to mark her place. On hearing Cam's voice, Kory smiles and finds him with her gaze. "Hey there, tiger. How's it going?"

Portia glances between Bekah and Kory, chuckling a little at the response. It's a weird one. She instead moves to browse the comics, though she can't help bug giggle at the idea of Cam being called 'tiger'. Cute pet names? They are kind of funny.

Bekah doesn't really know Portia or Cam, or Kory very well, so her attention moves off to spotting a rack of smaller size shirts, flipping through them, and pulling out a couple of little ones to decide between.

Cam blushes just a little at Portia's giggle, but he does smile back up to Kory again. "Dunno if I'll be by again 'fore Christmas, so… Merry Christmas." He hands Kory the package.

"Ooh." Portia looks up as Cam brings a present over for Kory. She glances over, not wanting to interrupt, but clearly wanting to see what was gifted. She does glance back over at Bekah and her shopping. "Who're you shopping for?" She offers cheerfully.

Bekah looks over to Portia with a smile. "My nephew. He's in Kindergarten this year up in Boston. He loves anything with superheroes." The holiday spirit must have infected Bekah, because this is downright nice for her. "Spiderman might be a winner." She says looking at tiny shirt that looks like the webcrawler's costume.
Kory gives a delighted little squeak. "You got me something?! That's so awesome!" She comes around front of the counter to hug him. "And I got you something too, so don't move while I go get it." She excuses herself and disappears momentarily into the back room, emerging with a blue and white wrapped package. Hanukkah colors, yeah, but only by coincidence. Now she's ready to open Cam's gift.

"There's a Christmas Spidey one at the end in kid's size," Tito offers. "Spidey's wearing a Santa Hat." This to Bekah, naturally.

A brief wave of outdoor noise finds its way into the shop as Randall steps inside, arriving just before Kory comes back out of the back. Looking around, he spots Portia first and waves to her. "I see you're keeping a busy schedule too, huh?" he calls out, after glancing back to help ease the door shut again.

Kory sets the box down. She was carrying it up high due to the longboxes. Was that a familiar voice? It was. "Hi, Rand," she calls to him, before presenting Cam with the box. It's about the size of a box you might get a Care Bear in. But too heavy for one. "Be right with you…hon." She grins down at Cam. "Do I have to wait to Christmas, or can I open it now?" She reaches for the little package with exaggerated wriggly fingers.

Portia glances over at the shirts, offering a bit of a grin. "I bet he'd like an action figure, too. If I was a Kindergarten-aged boy, I'd probably think an action figure was the coolest thing in the world." She peers over towards Kory and Cam again, before her attention snaps to Randall as he heads in. "Oh, yeah. Christmas is a very busy season."

Cam hugs Kory back, saying, "'Course I did." Her next words get a grin, "You did?" He waits while she goes to get his gift, and says, "Thanks." He then grins and says, "You can open it now… can I?" He grins too. Then, should Kory open the present, he says, nervously, "Hope ya like it. Never bought presents myself before, my mom used to always pick what to give people."

Bekah looks at the Santa spidey shirt and then shakes her head. "I'm going to be honest with myself and say there's no way this is getting to Boston before Christmas. An action figure though, that's a good thought. Matching a shirt to an action figure would make a good present." At least she hopes so.

"Hi, Kor," the new arrival calls back, giving the one-syllable pattern a tryout. "Guess I need to pick up some things myself— I always end up putting it off till the 24th, makes for some interesting choices." Which, if his expression is any indication, makes for a mixed bag of quality.

"You'll be the best aunt in the world for a kindergartener," Tito assures Bekah. "Guarantee he'll wear the present for at least a week after he gets it, if he's that much into superheroes. Especially since Spidey's supposed to get a new cartoon in March."

Kor. That's so cute. Kory blushes faintly, and opens Cam's box. "Ah!" she squeaks, delighted, and pulls out a black T-shirt. She reads it, laughs, and then turns it around so everyone can see. There's a green dollar sign. Over it is white lettering which reads 'My Reality Check Bounced.' She ruffles Cam's hair rather than kissing him. "Thank you. I love it! And yes. You can open yours, too."

Portia glances back to Bekah. "Yeah, I think it would work. I kinda gave up on shopping myself. My brother always wants things that are too expensive, and I never quite know what to get for my mom.. and I don't really know if I'm /supposed/ to get a gift for my mom's fiancee or my future step-siblings or weird things like that… so I just sort of gave up." She frowns. "I'm.. not so sure I'll know what Christmas will be like this year." She does glance back to Kory and Cam's present exchange, smiling a little at the shirt. It's a cute idea.

Bekah gives Tito a smile. "If he's anything like my brothers were as kids, he'll probably try to sneak wearing under his uniform to school." Bekah states. Kory's shirt gets a smirk and a laugh as she moves off to check out action figures.

Cam glances up to Randall as he greets Kory, but then is looking back and smiles brightly at the woman's reaction to the present. "Welcome." Then he gets about opening his. He pauses, though, on hearing Portia's words. "You probably should. I got presents for my whole foster family… well, gonna." He looks up to Kory and says, "Niki didn't get that comic, so I'm gonna buy it for Micah." He gets back to opening his present, eyes widening as he pulls out a statue of Iceman making a snowman, with a little custom Cam figure helping. "Wow…"

"Wow.. that /is/ a cool present." Portia murmurs, half to herself. She does frown at the idea of shopping for all of the Gomez children, mostly because she doesn't know them well enough to know what to buy them. Then there's the fact that Ramon still scares her, just a little.

Randall leans over to get a look at Cam's gift, grinning. "Nice one. I saw a companion piece to that once— satellite picture of Earth with the caption 'Wish you were here'." Portia's out-loud internal debate catches his attention next: "Is your mom getting them something? Probably safe for you to do whatever she's doing."

Cam gets another brief hug. "I'm so glad you like it." The late nights with toothpicks, X-Acto knives and Sculpey have paid off in the look on his face. Now, though, she glides over to greet Randall with a significantly longer hug once his conversation with Portia has hit an appropriate gap into which she might insinuate herself.

Cam nods emphatically to Kory's words, and smiles, "It's amazing!" He returns Kory's quick hug, carefully holding the statue, "Thanks!" Then she's going to greet Randall, so he hangs back, looking over the statue again.

Portia glances to Randall, giving a bit of a nod. "I imagine she would get them something.. so I guess that works. Maybe I'll just see if I can find my brother and my mom something, then." She looks back towards Cam and his statue.

Randall looks momentarily confused - that wasn't how he meant the suggestion - but hey, he doesn't know Portia's family (more accurately, he doesn't realize that he does), so he lets her work it out from there. Instead, he turns and hugs Kory back. "So— Hannukah. Many of the customers into that, or is it more for completeness?"

Kory's hug is a teeeny bit more snuggly than usual for being at work. Not so anyone who isn't explicitly watching would know. "Couple of the guys said I was all 'Christmas, Christmas, Christmas,' and 'What about Hanukkah', so I did a little research, and did a little celebration. Kitty and her menorah will be up for the rest of the festival. I should've by rights done it the other night at sundown, but I think I at least got an E for effort." She looks a little sheepish.

Portia glances back over to Kory and Randall, but doesn't particularly want to interrupt so she begins flipping through comics, looking to see if there's something that her brother might like.

Bekah gives Kory a grin. "Very multicultural." She states. This obviously a shining holiday mood. Or maybe she just took all her snarkiness out on a patient at work. Or maybe she's just excited Lee isn't here. Who knows? Bekah squats down to look through a row of Spiderman action figures and toys.

Cam packs up his statue again, so it doesn't get broken on the way home probably, and then, since Kory's busy, wanders over by Portia. He points to one of the comics Portia flips past, "That's a good one."

Randall shrugs, eyeing the menorah on display. "Close enough, I guess. Is Kitty--? I don't know much about her. I knew about Erik." Lots of people do; it was in the movie. "My family doesn't practice or anything— except for this one cousin, so that was always a little awkward."

Tito rolls his eyes in a knowing gesture with Cam, and goes behind the counter. "Which comic was it that we were holding for Micah?" he asks.

"Well, you know, we have a few regulars, and if a little extra effort makes them happy, it doesn't bother me. Nima would've done it too," Kory tells Bekah with a shrug. "I called her to confirm it, even." Kory would, of course, share in Bekah's sentiment about how festive the place is without Lee grinching it all up. "Yep. Kitty's Jewish. There are a few. Sabra, too, but I don't know enough to make a proper list." She raises a brow. Randall's Jewish? She doesn't look consternated by this knowledge; more like she chides herself for not having figured it out herself, given certain resemblances.

Bekah gives Kory a smile and picks up an action figure and a web shooter toy to add to the shirt before she moves to check out the food for the taking. "And it gives us all the opportunity to eat blintzes."

"Yeah? I can't think of what to get my brother, so I was figuring that maybe I could find a comic that…" She trails off for a moment. "A comic that he likes. I'm not sure what to get him."

Dani opens the door to the shop and steps inside, rubbing his arms to warm up against the cold. He glances around for a moment and sees Kory, offering her a nod in greeting.

Cam looks up to Tito and grins, "The original X-Men, volume fifteen." He looks back to Portia and says, "That'd be cool. Do ya know which ones he likes and stuff?"

Randall shakes his head. "I don't know Sabra at all— sounds like Sabretooth, but I assume that's not it." He arches a brow at Cam as he rattles off the true fan's equivalent of chapter and verse.

Portia laughs. "I have no idea. Parker's hard to shop for. Though I'm pretty sure you'd know what to pick out. I mean.. what kind of stuff do you like? I figure if I can find something someone else likes that might be kinda popular, maybe I'll get lucky and he might like it too.. if not.. well, that's what gift recipts are for.."

Someone in the back yells "BLINTZES!" in agreement with Bekah. There's a small pile on a paper plate at the table where the boys are playing some game involving the dreidel and Beyblades.

Tito, who has been watching Bekah's purchases grins. "Ooh, the webshooters are on clearance, and the amount you've bought is gonna qualify you for the ten percent discount."

"Hey, Dani," Kory greets Dani as he passes her. "Tito? grab the DVD in the white sleeve for me?"

"You got it, Kory," Tito calls. It's a moment or two before he's found the comic Cam wants for Micah, in its protective mylar sleeve and backboard. Tito bends again, then rises again with the requested DVD.

"No, Sabra is an Israeli word. For some kind of prickly pear, if I remember right," Kory tells Randall, chuckling. It is an honest mistake, but it makes her laugh just the same.

Dani smiles as he stops to look to Kory. "Hey, Kory, do you know when KeLyssa's next day off is?" He asks her as he unzips his jacket now that he's warmed up.

Bekah gives Tito a smile. "Good. One nice thing about having one nephew and one niece, the ability to be able to spend a bit more one them." Because Bekah's not the kind of doctor who makes the big bucks. Selecting a blintz, she takes the presents up to the register to pay.

Cam grins to Portia and says, "X-Men, any of them, there's a whole bunch of X-Men titles… Spider-man, and Ninth Wonders I like the best. But if he likes Ninth Wonders, he might've read them all already, 'cause they stopped making them a while ago."

"X-Men sounds good. I think he might like that.. though I wouldn't know which one to get him started on, really." Portia frowns a little, then looks back to Cam. "Really, I think he'd like pretty anything in the X-Men.."

"Nope, but give me a second." Kory steps back toward the counter, giving Randall's fingers a quick squeeze first. She reaches under the counter and pops back up with a white binder. She pops it open, flips through a few pages before finding the one she wants. Her finger traces its way down the page before she nods and folds it closed once more. "Oh. Yeah. Here it is, Dani. KeLyssa's off day after Christmas. It's a slow day; people almost never return T-shirts, games, DVDs or comics."

Tito, meanwhile, steps up to the register to ring Bekah up. "Yeah, a lot of people get stressed out this time of year, trying not to go totally flat busted making their littles happy. That's one of the reasons this place does so well. Nima doesn't amp the prices up just for profit." And obviously, Kory follows Nima's example.

"There's a couple issues left, I think," Kory tells Cam. "The last ones Isaac Mendez drew, I'm told. I'd have to check Diamond Distributors to be sure."

Dani nods and smirks. "Alright. Thanks Kory." He says before he takes out his phone and dials a number for a moment. He starts to wander the store, speaking into the phone, hanging up a short time later.

Bekah gives Tito a smile. "Well, I appreciate it. Doesn't suprise me at all. Nima's good like that." That's not even a sarcastic statement. She pulls a wallet from the pocket of her coat to pay with a debit card. "Hopefully I can get this by sleigh to Boston before the new year."

"It's a bandwagon thing," Randall offers, looking over toward Portia again. "X-Men's built up a critical mass of fans, so a lot of people hear about them, and some of them end up being the next wave of fans…" He's distracted by something he spots behind the counter, leaning over as if to pick it up— but no, he merely furrows his brow and leaves it where it is. "By /sleigh/?" he adds, squinting at Bekah. "I've heard of the postal service running some interesting holiday gimmicks, but…"

Portia gives a nod over to Randall. "I guess that makes sense. I just need to figure out where to start him out at. I figure he probably knows enough about them not to have to start at the beginning.."

"Yeah, Nima rocks." Tito obligingly informs Bekah of the post office in this part of town that's open on Christmas eve. "Not sure what the postal rates are for priority mail, but it's gonna be cheaper than what FedEx wants from you, for sure," he informs her, giving her the receipt.

Kory tucks away the shift roster, and catches sight of Randall frowning in her direction. She gives him a puzzled look, but as usual, his quicksilver social skills already have his attention on something else.

Cam looks up to Kory and blinks, "Really? Awesome! Let me know if they come, please? Well, Micah'll probably get them anyway, I guess." He looks back to Portia, thinking about it, and says, "Ultimate X-Men's pretty good. The other ones have lotsa stuff to catch up on, and I think it's cooler anyway. First Class is kinda fun too."

Dani smiles to Kory as he heads back towards the front of the store. "Thanks again, Kory. I gotta head out. I'll be back by tomorrow for the movie. Later." He says to her before looking to Randall. "Later bud." He says, offering a wave.

Portia gives a nod, selecting a copy of Ultimate X-Men before moving towards the counter to check out. "I guess I better get shopping.."

Kory blinks at Dani, but slides the DVD case back into one of the cubbyholes behind her. "Okay. See you then."

"Hey, if you come up with any more ideas," Tito offers to Portia, "Call ahead, and we'll have it ready for you if you can't figure out what all you want tonight."

Bekah takes her bag and grins. "Postal Service, Sleigh. Same difference." She jokes before gives Tito a smile. "Well, I will says Nima is my favorite Jones twin." She notes, not really waiting for a reply before she's heading out the door.

Cam nods quickly to Portia and smiles. He waits until she's paid and then says, "See you at school, I guess." He goes up then to pay for the comic he's buying Micah as well.

Kory waves after Bekah, smiling knowingly. Given her druthers, she prefers Nima too. Most of the time. The boys playing in the back get up to go, and give Kory puppy dog eyes until she nods. They grab up handfuls of blintzes which go into their pockets before they take off as well.

Tito rings up the comic for Cam, and bags it carefully so it won't get damaged if the weather changes. He thoughtfully also adds a shopping bag large enough that Cam's statue will fit in it. "Plus," he says conspiratorily, "It'll disguise what you bought. Nobody'll ever think you got a comic in a bag this big."

Kory returns behind the counter to pick up her book now that it's settled down, preparing to close up. The mess can wait until morning.

Randall nods to Bekah as she clears up the confusion, and waves to Dani. "Take care, man." They'll no doubt be seeing more of one another, especially once he catches on that Dani and KeLyssa are becoming more than just casual acquaintances.

Cam grins to Tito and says, "Thanks! Great idea." He puts both comic and statue carefully into the bag, and then looks up to Kory, saying, "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Cam," Kory beams, waving after him. "Get home safe, and don't forget to text me when you get there."

The phone rings and Kory answers it. "Christmas, well, that's just swell, how the bell are you?" The expression on her face indicates it's her brother. And she heads back into the office to have whatever discussion needs having.

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