2007-05-18: Blonde, Law, Bunny Suit


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Summary: Peter shows up to see Elle and finds she needs healing. Then her roommate shows up and coaxes them into watching Legally Blonde. There's a whole conversation about a Bunny Suit and whether Peter would like it or not.

Date It Happened: May 18, 2007

Blonde, Law, Bunny Suit

Elle and Jane's Apartment

Calling his girlfriend even if just to go 'Hey, how're you?' every day a couple of times has become a habit. But today… girlfriend didn't answer her phone. Peter left a single voice mail, but she'll see at least four other missed calls when she remembers to turn her phone back on. Once evening rolls around, though, he hails a cab and makes his way over to Greenwich Village where he knocks on the door. Maybe she'll be home. Either way, he's worried.

Elle is currently inside. In fact, specifically, she's currently inside nursing wounds. She's in shorts and sports bra, and there's one ice pack on her knee, and the other on her ribs. "Shit." is her eloquent comment when there's a knock at the door. She does NOT want to get up if she doesn't need to. So it's followed with a much louder "Who is it??"

"Peter?" the young man at the door calls out almost immediately, frowning a bit at the tone of her voice, and perhaps the fact that she's asking instead of looking through the peep hole. "I've been calling you most the day and you haven't answered." But at least he knows she can speak…

Elle groans. For Peter, she'll actually get up and go get it. Her ice packs are laid aside, and she limps over towards the door, heavily favoring her right leg over her injured left leg. She gets there and opens it, before stepping back. There's a nasty bruise on her ribcage, and a -really- nasty bruise on her (rather swollen) knee.

Almost immediately there's a blink and Peter steps fully inside and closes and locks the door behind him. "What happened— no, you can tell me later. Let's get you off your feet." Then he can attempt to do what— well— has failed a few times before. But maybe he won't fail her now. He moves to the side that's injured, to support her weight there quite a bit and make the trip back to her seat easier on her.

Elle will lean on Peter once he offers his help. There are good things to having boyfriends. On top of the sex. Se gets back to the seat and sits back down, picking back up her ice packs. "Workman's comp." she explains sarcastically.

There's a small sigh, as Peter kneels down in front of her instead of sitting beside her, his hands going to the obviously bruised leg, but touching a little blow the bruise on her knee. "Why didn't you call me? I would have been here as soon as possible…"

Elle smiles. "Because…" she says. "I was working, and you don't approve of my job. I didn't want to put you into an awkward place, Pete." She winces a little at the touch, expecting it to hurt, but he goes lower than the bruise, thankfully.

"You still could have called me afterwards," Peter says, feeling a little frustrated when the ability failed to work the first time. But that doesn't mean he'd stop trying, not by a long shot. "Even if I don't approve of what you do— I'd rather you not be hurt. Just because we've been apart the last few days…"

Elle's knee makes a popping sound as it gets itself back into place, and she gasps once, more from surprise than pain. The bruising fades quickly, leaving her leg unharmed. "I figured you might still be dealing with the situation with Nathan and Heidi."

Settling back onto his feet, Peter lets his hands slide up over the newly healed knee in a rather fond way, before he nods, "No— it's theirs to settle from this point on. Heidi doesn't really want to be found, and Nathan— They'll work it out or they won't. I can't force them to." Still, he looks over her, trying to find injuries that are visible. "You're not hurt anywhere else, are you?"

"Well, you'll just have to be careful about those, then— avoid sleeping on it," Peter says, reaching over and lightly touching the bruised skin of her ribs. He's knelt in front of her in the living area, with her seated on the couch, in little more than shorts and a sports bra.

Elle also has a nasty purpley bruise on the left ribs (where someone decided to kick her). "It'll be okay. It's just a bruise. I'm not made out of china, Peter." A smile is extended his way.

"I'm our boyfriend and a nurse— it's my job to worry about your health," Peter says, reaching up to brush hair out of her face before he grabs one of the icepacks, makes sure it's properly wrapped to avoid potential frostbite, and places it over her ribs.

There's a sound from the entrance, of the familiar sort. The door is being opened by a key and someone is stepping through it. Jane's voice comes a few seconds later as she closes the door behind her. She's singing. "If he hears, he'll knock all day… I'll be trapped, and here I'll have to stay. Who can it be now? Who can it beeeeee now?" And as she enters the main room she catches sight of Elle in her bra on the couch with Pete, and doesn't spot the bruising. "Whoa! Wow, I'll just…" She quickly turns to go down the hall and leave them privacy, chuckling a bit inside. After all, she'd been on the couch with Jaden when she headed for that level.

It's a SPORTS BRA. The kind people wear when working out, not when they're trying to sex it up for their boyfriends. She looks over to Jane. "Hey…" she smiles to her roommate. "It's okay, Peter's just patching me up. Mostly." Elle has a penchant for getting hurt sometimes, it seems.

At this point, Peter shifts a bit so it's not QUITE as compromising, but continues holding ice pack in place. "Evening, Jane," he says towards the woman. "Yeah— I don't need to get a job as a nurse right now, I still got someone to take care of at least once a week." He's half teasing… only not.

She stops when they speak to her, this serving to dispel her first conclusion, and turns back. A longer look is taken, and Jane now spots better what type of bra it is, then the icepack and bruising it covers. Her eyes widen a bit and she winces. "Ow," she observes. Rough day at the office." Crossing the room she moves to set down her pack and guitar case.
Elle nods. "Yeah, something like that. The client thought I would look better with his foot in my ribcage." she says, dryly as she considers the musician. She looks back to Peter. "Hey, I like having my own personal nurse on call."

"In order for that to work, you need to actually call me," Peter says, though he's partially smiling at this point. Glancing towards the musician he inclines his head. "So how have things been with you, Jane? I missed you the last time I showed up." It'd been four in the morning and she'd just been heading for bed.

"Oh," she replies with a slow grin. Jane remembers him being at the door that night, and recalls what she'd been up to before coming home. It's perhaps why she first thought to give them couch privacy. "Not bad, Pete, not bad at all. You?" Her eyes travel to the blonde, and a nod is given. "Great thing you've got such a great medical plan."

Elle looks from one and the other. "Peter beats Blue Cross and Blue Shield any day. And sorry…when you're trying to avoid being thrown off a roof, it helps to NOT have your phone ringing at inopportune moments. Or buzzing. Just comes with the territory." She looks to Jane, interested as well. "Haven't seen you in days."

"I meant calling me after, Elle," Peter says, giving her a look, that's turning more worried by the moment. "Someone was trying throw you off a /roof/?" There's definitely a desire to ask to go with her next time in the sound of his voice, before he looks towards Jane, expecting some kind of explaination to where she's been…

"I've just been really busy," Jane replies as she sees attention focused on her, and shifts topics. She hadn't so much wanted to ask how Elle got hurt, it being probably Company business, but that bit about roofs and throwing off… concern sets in. And curiosity. "Ohmygod. I'm glad you're okay, Elle." No time is spent thinking about what that might mean for the person who tried to throw her. That can't be at all pleasant.

Elle nods. "I'm fine, guys." she says, trying to reassure the both. "This is what I do for a living. It occasionally means I get banged up. Like today. It just comes with the territory." She seems to automatically dismiss any injury to herself as inconsequential.

"Whoever did this to you still out there?" Peter has to ask, removing the ice pack a few moments to let her skin cool, avoiding potential worries of frostbite as he nods towards Jane. "Sounds like we're all pretty busy these days." With personal problems and world-ending problems alike.

The Fender Strat is pulled out of the case and put on its stand, then the case is laid next to the wall and closed with her mini-amp and single copy of Black Canary inside. There's no comment about whoever did it in response to Pete's question, but Jane is listening just the same. Eyes take a moment to examine her greatest apparent occupational hazard: the calluses at the ends of her fingers.

The blonde looks from Pete to Jane, and she nods. "They're still out there." She's not saying -everything-, and those her know her well (like, oh, her boyfriend and her roommate) can probably tell that while she isn't necessarily lying, there isn't full disclosure there.

Well, that answers two concerns, at least. Peter settles back to watch her quietly for a moment, and then says, "Next time call me when it's over, okay? It was my overly worried nature that made me come over here and check on you when you didn't answer your phone all day…" But he could have waited a few more hours, in which she'd have been in pain.

Classified info. Jane gets that much and lets it go, crossing the room toward the set and eying the collection of dvds she keeps. One of them is taken out and held as she asks "You two maybe in the mood for Legally Blonde?"

Elle can't help it, she laughs. "Sure. I can shut my brain off for a while." she offers. "Since I'm the only blonde in the room."

A laugh escapes when Pete chooses that moment to wander down the hall and enter their bathroom. "It's…" Jane stops, shaking her head and chuckling. "You'll just have to see it. Wanna wait for him to get back, or start now?" And a pause comes. "You did tell him what happens if he leaves the seat up, right?"

Elle apparently didn't think about it. Never really lived with a boy before. Well, not that she REMEMBERS. "No…what happens?" The Company has segregated bathrooms, thanks.
"We'd just have to… educate him," Jane replies in a joking manner. What that means she doesn't say, perhaps one of those left to the imagination things. Her fingers open the dvd case and press the button to slide out the tray and insert the disc, then turn on the set and take up the remote.

Elle smiles a bit. "So how -have- you been? I haven't so much as heard a peep out of you lately." she says. "Not since the other night, when you came in after, you know."

"I'm all good," Jane replies with a quiet grin. "Playing music, exploring the city, and spent a little time back in New Haven. Some of my classmates wanted to touch base for our first anniversary of graduating law school, and a few of the people I knew in my undergrad days were around too."

Elle smiles. "Partying, in other words. That's a good thing. Things going well with you and Jared?" Relationships are much on her mind.

That one draws out a good natured laugh. "Yeah," Jane replies in a slow voice. "I'm getting along really well with the man from the Subway sandwich ads." She settles onto a reclining chair and leans back. I'll never have to worry about making sandwiches ever again."

There's the sound of flushing and water running, before Peter steps out wringing his hands. "Was that something about a movie?" He'd caught the question, though he's not sure he has seen it. Might as well give it a try, right? "…Man from the Subway ads?" Huh?

Elle looks over, confused. OKAY, SO SHE DIDN'T REMEMBER HIS NAME RIGHT. It's not like she met him long, after all. She looks back to Peter. "Jane's boyfriend." she says, further muddying the issue.

"Jaden Cain," Jane answers with a chuckle. Her fingers tap the play button and shortly Reese Witherspoon is onscreen as the movie starts. "This is hilarious." She expects it'll be a hit with the roommate, it having been before, but Pete she isn't sure about. Might be too girly for him.

Even if it's too girly, Peter settles in to look at the screen… that's a lot of pink. "Jaden Cain, huh," he says, repeating the name as if he's heard it. "Haven't met him, but he's involved in a big company, I hear."

Elle thinks about it. "Evolution Software." She comes up with the name. "I vaguely remember seeing it on the title of a report at some point." She cuddles up next to Pete.

"That's him," Jane replies to Pete's statement, just before glancing at Elle. "There was a report about his company?" That's a surprise. Meanwhile, she's drawn back into contemplating her conundrum. How to warn Pete without giving Jaden's ability away, and realizing it's like she and Elena agreed. This one she has to tell him about without the subject's consent. The consequences of them meeting with him unprepared…

Could lead to two Peters, and no one's quite ready for that unawares… But anyway— he luckily is not reading any minds tonight as he puts an arm around Elle and marvels in the pink that is Legally Blonde. What— "Yeah, I think that was the name," he says, giving a small nod. And it's the correct answer. "Congratulations, Jane. Maybe the four of us can double date sometime. I haven't been on one in a while, but I know Elle never has."

Elle smiles a bit. "Anything that involves date in general is good. So what has everyone been up to? You two have both been scarce." She looks to Peter too. Surely drunken siblings don't eat up -all- that time.

It occurs to her as the movie plays out how she might address this, especially given the comment about double dating. Jane can't exactly refuse, that'd be bad form and by itself give something away, potentially. But… the younger Petrelli is a telepath. Maybe just thinking it will do the trick. And she's definitely thinking it. 'Pete, if you hear this, you should prepare yourself to meet Jaden. He… multiplies himself at will.' "That could be fun, I'll ask him."

"Spent most the last two days sleeping," Peter admits sheepishly. "Kinda— overtaxed myself. And…" He's about to say more when he abruptly looks at Jane. There's no chance at all she'll miss the widening of his eyes before he quickly looks back to the TV. Wow.

Elle doesn't catch the telepathic notice, of course. Her powers are more immediately nasty. She does look concerned at Peter's comment about overtaxing himself. Which leads her to remember, and comment "Oh, I'm still trying to find any of that information."

Her eyes catch that reaction, and a mental note is made of it. Meeting him one on one first is a really good idea.' Then Jane returns attention to the movie as Reese portrays the Harvard law student, also named Elle, with a brief glance to Elle both at her mention of information and to see how she's enjoying it.

There's some vague amusement at the character's name, but Peter's currently dwelling on this whole idea. What does she mean by duplicate exactly… That's definitely not a power he has. She might catch a small nod, a hint of agreement. He should meet him first, before he wraps his arm around Elle and proceeds to watch the chick flick. Definitely not his thing, but it's better than some of the ones he's sat through. "It's okay if it takes time, don't worry about it." He's not expecting a miracle, especially since… "Rather you come out empty handed than get hurt, okay?"

Elle nods. "All right. Still, I'm looking. See if I can't find anything." She looks back at the screen amused. "So the secret to college is to prance around in bikinis and bunny costumes."

"Not really," Jane answers. She seems about to explain the film, but holds back to not spoil it. "I think you'll like where this is all heading." Cryptic, yes. But she remembers it going over well before and lets the enjoyment re-occur, hopefully, without saying she's watched it with her before. That'd be a downer of down proportions.

"That's not the college I remember," Peter admits with a hint of a smile— though it's possible he failed to attempt much in the way of parties. Hey, doesn't that defendant look a lot like Niki/Jessica? Younger maybe, but… Same mouth. "You going to offer to wear a bunny suit, though?" Hey, just asking, since the topic is on the table.

The blonde looks over, and looks to Peter. "That depends…" she says, a little playfully. "Are guys -really- that focused on our boobs?" Be glad the little blonde isn't a telepath too, or people'd be getting electrofried right and left.

Her hand raises to cover her mouth and hide the snickering as Jane listens to this exchange while keeping her eyes onscreen, it appearing they were led to a potential source of movie reenactment like what she did with Jaden. Onscreen at that moment Elle is at the water fountain with the poolboy who'll soon be called to testify he was getting busy with the Niki/Jessica lookalike.

"Really depends on the guy," Peter admits with a shrug. "And some guys like different types, too. But… nothing wrong with admiring a woman's breasts. You admire me when I'm not wearing a shirt," he teases, leaning over to kiss her temple as he does, before he turns his eye back towards the water fountain, when she realizes the pool boy definitely is not sleeping with "Niki" because he's definitely part of the rainbow parade.

Elle grins a little back at Peter. "Yes, yes I do." she runs her nails down his shirt. "BUT that's different. I'm not sneaking peeks under your t-shirt, or anything."

She's not involving herself in this conversation, no, Jane just watches Reese play her role and laughs periodically at the onscreen dialogue. She knows very well that of which they speak. She's aware it isn't always just money college student guys are thinking about when she pays them to carry things for her on occasion. And she definitely knows the occasional annoyance of trying to hold a conversation with someone who can't look higher than chest level. Her features settle into something of a knowing smile.

"If my t-shirt was thin enough you probably would," Peter says, glancing over at her and then down towards the sports bra. It doesn't show off her breasts, but— he's definitely aware of them. His own shirt is of a thicker fabric, and he wears and undershirt, which functions to keep much from showing through as is. "But I don't only look at breasts, if that's what you're worried about. Sure some guys do— but not me."

Elle coughs. Okay, guilty as charged. She likes Peter-oogling. So sue her. "I'm mostly just giving you a hard time. I'm allowed to do that. Besides…" An amused look. "I'm pretty sure that's not one of the better features on my list." Elle's fairly petite in that region. She looks to Jane. "You're being awful quiet."

"Movie," she replies with a grin, turning toward the blonde off the screen for a moment, just as the poolboy is on the stand being cross-examined. The Luke Wilson portrayed lead defense attorney calmly asks his questions and gets to the main one. "And what's your boyfriend's name?" "Chuck." Pool boy then backpedals, and some guy in the back of the courtroom shouts. "You bitch!"

Peter has to laugh softly, before he leans over and kisses his girlfriend a little more openly than before. "I think they're fine, for the record." If she were any bigger there, she'd honestly look fake. With that, he turns his attention to the movie. Might as well suffer through the rest of this chick flick.

Elle laughs a little. "Well, at least all Elle's like shoes." That's something she has in common with the title character: Plenty of Prada. She watches, and looks over her shoulder to Peter at one point. "Would you really want to see me in a bunny suit?"

She's not going to comment on this, at all. Jane wore the Josie outfit for Jaden, and she did the Lana impersonation right down to asking if he likes trains, and beyond. Her amusement at what they're talking about is masked by the onscreen comedy as Elle Woods proceeds to nail the murder victim's daughter in a lie about perms and showers, exposing her as the killer and vindicating that Nikica lookalike.

Shoes. That's filed away in his memory, especially since she has a birthday coming up soon. Not that he hadn't already guessed that from the sheer number she owned when moving around with him. Peter shakes his head. "No, not really." And those are his last words on it. Dress up might be fun and games, but it's definitely not something he'd make her do unless she wants to. Even if she still owes him a Slave Leia costume one day.

Elle looks at him, perhaps almost a little disappoined. She's still working on figuring out his likes and dislikes. She turns her attention back to the movie, watching it up through its finale. Elle grins a bit. "It's a good movie. And the main character definitely has the right name. But I think I'd have to take out at least half my brain to be there."

"Reese plays her roles well, and she's good for comedy," Jane opines with a spreading grin. "I like the underdog story. No one takes her seriously, and she makes them all eat it by pulling law school off, rising to the challenge." Jane stands to remove the disc from its tray and put it back in the box on the shelf. While doing so, she's picturing Elle in a bunny suit for Pete. Even though he claimed not to want it. He's not Jaden, the sort to actively lobby for it, after all.

Of course, since he was just joking, he's not aware she might have been taking it that serious. Peter nods at their own accessment of the film, agreeing at least somewhat. "I went to law school for a year, but I could see how she made it through." She had drive, determination, and just enough support that mattered. "Glad she stopped doing all that for a guy, though."

Elle laughs. "Oh, my god. I'm surrounded by lawyers. Someone just shoot me now. It'll be less painful." A grin. "Or do I have to worry about you two sucking my blood?"

Laughter. "One of the lawyer jokes I've heard asks the difference between a lawyer and a prostitute. The prostitute stops screwing when her client dies." Jane casts a glance back at Pete. "Don't blame you for getting out. The doctorate is useful, but I shudder to think about a boring life trapped in offices and courtrooms. Or endless research as a brand new grunt lawyer at some big firm." Her eyes turn toward the instruments and she smiles. Yes, they bring a much less boring life. Among… other things.

"Didn't want to become my father," Peter admits after a shrug, some hint of difficulties with that subject in his voice. "Just wish it wouldn't have taken me five years to finally drop out and go for a career I actually wanted to be in."

Elle smiles just a little. "And people think I have a bad job." It's meant to be light. A little joke. "You guys are both lucky. You both went out, decided what you wanted to do, and did it."

"My father," Jane muses, "likes cigars, old books by Russian authors, Chuck Berry, good steaks, summers at Cape Cod, and could sell you insurance policy to guard against your next breath having oxygen in it." She retakes her seat. "I can deal with him better than Mother. Being the society wife is all she knows. In her day, women still couldn't get into the Ivy League schools. Wanting to see me married off to some aspiring politician or executive, that's as natural as breathing. It's what she was taught was expected of her. But… I'm still their daughter. Parts of that will always be in me, the wanting to see them happy with me. Proud of me."

"I think everyone can choose what they want to do, to an extent," Peter says, though he's pointedly avoiding looking directly at Elle as he says this, and also seems to be flinching a little. Maybe this is a conversation they had before? Or it could just be her distinct lack of choices… "Think the important thing is to make the choice and find a way to do it. And I'm not actually working as a nurse right now, unfortunately. All those years of school and I'm back in retail." It's said almost ironically. He glances at his watch and sighs. "I guess I should let you ladies get to sleep."

The blonde looks back at Peter. "Not everyone." she says. "Besides, I'm sure you could get a job as a nurse if you wanted to." She stops half-laying on him then, sitting up, and looking to him. "Sorry I didn't answer the phone."

"Life is filled with compromises," Jane states. "Much as I didn't want their lives, I've still benefited from them. Made it through law school, secured the trust fund, and because of that I never had to do the whole starving artist thing. I made decent money playing street guitarist, and it covered the rent for this place, but that and food too?" She laughs a 'yeah, that'd happen' sort of laugh. "Night, Pete."

"To an extent. Just have to figure out what your extent is, still," Peter points out, noting that he gave some sign of condition there. But… how much can they argue about that? Not too much. But he has to believe she has some choice in some things. "Keep putting ice on that for about twenty minutes at a time, but no longer. It should clear up in a few days… and it's okay." If there's one thing he likes, it's leaning over to kiss her before he leaves, which he definitely does. "Don't get yourself thrown off any buildings without calling me first to catch you." With that, he'll head towards the door to leave, closing it firm behind him before he goes.

Elle kisses back when he leans over her. "I promise, Superman." A little smirk, but she goes up on tiptoe, before walking him to the door. She turns to look at Jane, looking rather dreamy and moonstruck for the moment. Not that she'd ever admit it.

A quiet grin greets her when Elle looks back, a knowing sort of expression. She's been there a few times, felt that. Most recently at about four a. m. on a certain morning. Rising again, she enters the kitchen and opens a bottle, pulling out a glass to fill it. Red this time. Bordeaux.

Elle walks back in, and looks quite pleased. "He's really sweet." she says, looking to her roommate. "There were lots of guys at the Company over the years. Peter's really the first one I've felt this way about. This strong, anyway."

Coming out of the kitchen with glass in hand, Jane smiles softly. "I've been with three or four over my twenty-four years. Sixteen was so long ago, but still I sometimes feel like that again, dealing with being drawn to a new guy. Not certain what to say, afraid of looking stupid, pondering when or if to take the leap of trust. I haven't behaved with any of them like I have recently."

The blonde looks back to Jane. "Yeah. Something like that. I mean…I feel so awkward even -asking-. I probably knew this stuff before." A little bit frustrated. "What he likes and all."

"It's not always easy," Jane replies quietly. She sips from her glass and turns back into the kitchen, getting a second and filling it to offer Elle. "Some things he might not even tell you directly, you kinda have to watch for the signals and take your chances based on what you see, or think you see. Like… the bunny outfit idea."

Elle nods. "I thought about that. But he said he wouldn't like it." Her tone makes it a little more obvious, she was totally prepared to do that.

"Oh, I think he would," Jane replies with a quiet grin as she offers the second glass. "He said he wouldn't because he's who he is. He wouldn't want to seem like he was asking for it, or for you to feel pushed into doing that, so he says no. But… you tell me, what did you sense when the idea was first mentioned?"

Elle looks uncertain. "Well, I thought he'd like it. But he seemed to shoot it down pretty hard." Pause. "Of course, I don't even know where you -get- a costume like that."

"Maybe he thought you were considering the idea because you thought he'd like it, and not that you might also be feeling a bit adventurous, playful." Her head tilts to one side for a moment as she thinks. "That it might be just you wanting to be who he wants you to be, rather than something spontaneous." Jane pauses, taking the time to think, before asking "Did I tell you what I did, that night I came in so late? Or… early."

Elle shakes her head. "Nothing specific." she admits. "Just…kinda what had gone on." That there was sex. She looks back to Jane. "Well, it's hard to be spontaneous when you don't wanna step on a time bomb."

"Oh. Well, I'll show you." With that, Jane's headed into the main room and getting out a copy of a certain movie. It goes into the player and she starts it, fast forwarding until she reaches the part where Joel is alone in the house and his antics performed to the music of Bob Seger. "It wasn't something we so much discussed, you know? He mentioned Risky Business once in a joking way, and I dismissed the idea, saying I'm neither blonde nor Rebecca DeMornay."

Elle nods, confused. She doesn't exactly look like she quite Gets It yet. She frowns. "And so…"

"But then, weeks later, there I was in his house, dressed like this…" Jane gestures at Joel onscreen in white shirt and underwear, "… with a bikini under it, watching this movie, after having shot the idea down." Another sip of her wine is taken as she quickly skips chapters to reach a spot much nearer the end. Onscreen, when the movie is resumed, the party at his house is over. Joel and Lana are alone, she asks if he likes trains, then there's the sequence set to a famous Phil Collins tune. "Except we didn't go get on a train."

Elle laughs a little. "Somehow, from what I've heard of Jaden, I kind of doubt he's overly reserved about telling you what he wants." The blond seems amused, looking back to Jane. "I'm sure he enjoyed it."

"He's not." She laughs. Then her eyes go distant with remembering it. "I totally went with it. When it got to that point in the movie I sat up, took off the shirt and asked him in that kinda breathy Lana voice if he liked trains, and his eyes asked me if I really wanted to go forward, I put his hands on my bikini string and…" Details end there. "It was something I knew he'd enjoy, and so totally unexpected. Pete might say he's not interested in the bunny suit, because he doesn't want you to feel obligated to do it, but that doesn't mean he thinks it isn't hot."

Elle laughs a little. "Well, yeah. But now he's already said no!" She looks unhappy. "So now I have to get some other idea."

A grin settles, as Jane replies "It doesn't have to be sexual, if you're wanting to make a gesture. It's all in paying attention, hearing what he says, watching what he does. Part of the value is in it being unexpected."
Elle laughs. "The sexual part is the part I'm usually good at. The teasing, I mean. I used to tease most of the guys that went through the Company."

She flashes a quiet smile and sips from her glass a bit. "Just be yourself with him in that regard. If you're the playful sort, go for it. Just… things like the Risky Business bit need to also be rare. It wouldn't be good if he came to expect things like that all the time."

Elle laughs a little. "I dunno. With Pete it's more about the sweet moments. I -know- I can do the sex kitten bit. But there haven't been very many people I open up to."

She nods quietly, with the smile widening. "It did have its sweet moment, Elle," Jane remarks. "Right when I asked him if he liked trains, and his eyes asked me if I was sure. It didn't need to be spoken, just like I replied by putting his hands on my string." Her eyes close, the memory's brought out some of that giddy expression she wore that night on her return home.

Elle smiles. "We have different frames of reference there." Her statement is a little amused, a little wistful. "But I'm glad things are going well with him."

"Yeah," Jane answers softly. "They're different guys, and we're different women. Things never work exactly the same. Sometimes I think it'd be nice if they were like something out of cookie cutters. But that'd get boring, too much sameness."

Elle laughs. "I dunno. A diet of my favorite food, I could live on that."

Grinning, Jane finishes the contents of her wine glass and begins to head for her room. Sleep is starting to call for her. "Night, Elle," she offers.

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