2009-09-22: Bloody Ebola



Date: September 22, 2009


Erin thinks she can create the Ebolavirus now and tells Taine about it. Plus there's Afterlife spoilers! OH NO.

"Bloody Ebola"

Erin's Apartment

Some things change a lot in a year, while other things remain static. Oddly, both things can be said for Erin, whose bristly temper hasn't changed too much, while her understanding of her ability has. She still considers herself a freak, but she's no longer scared of herself. She has it under control, unless something really drastic happens. That doesn't mean she likes her power, but that's a different story entirely.

With Afterlife still going strong, there's little time for Erin to study, but she does. And her home often has books here and there, placed inconspicuously enough so that only people in the know will understand why she's suddenly so interested in disease.

Heading into the kitchen, she drops her sunglasses and another book on the table - Emerging Viruses. The sunglasses are something she always has now. Even though she has the power under control, every once in awhile, she sees that shimmer in her eyes, and wonders if that'll get worse over time. She hopes not. Heading to the refrigerator, she pulls out a can of coke, sits at the table, and flips the book open.

"This spray isn't working," a voice suddenly calls out from the back rooms of the apartment. Taine steps out, holding his shirt in one hand, and a pre-wash stain remover spray in the other. The make up department got some of the green lizard monster paint on one of his favorite shirts. The one that happens to read: Trust Me, I'm A Doctor.

That's the reason he followed his co-star home, because she promised she had a spray solution that worked on it. He also happens to be standing there with only a white undershirt and pants on, because the t-shirt was supposed to go over it. If he hadn't noticed after they'd already left the studio, he could have handed it off to the make up department and made them fix it.

"Doing some studying?" he asks, as he notices the book.

She is still soundly uncharmed by Taine Whitaker. The public wonders how she does it. Her co-stars wonder how she does it! Because, hey, he's hot. Still, she does like him. Personal attachments are hard to publically display for her, though. Despite all her bravado, Erin's a pretty private person.

"Doing it wrong," she says in a sing-song voice, without even looking back. Flipping the book open to the chapter that interests her most, she makes sure it's not going to snap shut on her as soon as she lets go of it, stands, and grabs the shirt. Opening it up, she looks at the green on it.

"Yeah, a little," she replies, regarding the studying. Setting the shirt out on the table, she takes the spray and thoroughly soaks the previously-mentioned stain until it's saturated. "Now, you let it sit." That said, Erin sits back down, as well. "You know, I should probably tell you something."

"I have to let it sit? Bloody hell. It just vanishes on those commercials," Taine complains, even as he sets the shirt down on the counter, and uses the spray bottle to keep it from falling so he can turn to face her, leaning against the counter. Sometimes he wonders why she can keep resisting him. It isn't as if they've never kissed. Then again, kissing in front of a camera is about the least sexy thing that can be done with a woman. Even hot and heavy making out.

There's just something very different about doing it while someone yells 'No no, stop trying to grab at her shirt, you do that later!' and other such things. It's like Catholic school.

"What do you need to tell me? You didn't give me herpes again, did you?" Cause sometimes those symptoms take a while to show up. And who ever heard of getting herpes without physical contact?

She resists because it's fun. And she's also very amused at the fact that, despite everything, he's still showing interest so long after they met. It's sweet, and he's winning her over in ways that probably only he would be able to pick up on. Like that slight smile she offers him now, instead of rolling her eyes at his impatience. "Watch closely next time. You'll see there little time-lapse disclaimer at the bottom of the screen."

But all joking aside… "I know you think what I can do is… pretty weird." So she doesn't talk about it too much. It's just something that is known between them. "But I wanted to see what else I could do with it. You know, beyond curing everything. Taine, I literally could give you herpes now." Ew. "Like, I know what the virus looks like. I know it's structure. I could make it. Easily. And not just, you know, jokingly calling the colds that people get from being around her 'herpes.'

"I'm also getting close to being able to make this." Pushing the book toward him, she points to the image. Ebolavirus.

Stupid time lapse. Taine doesn't say that outloud, but he does tense up a bit as she says that he could really get herpes from her. And not as if it would be that difficult, either. She acts like it could be easy. There's something very much wrong with that in his eyes. At least he avoids putting a hand down to protect his vulnerable bits, cause that's what would be the most vulnerable. "I'd highly prefer if you didn't test it out on me," he says.

About herpes. But when he steps away from the counter and gets closer, so he can look down at the book, his skin pales. "Uh— I don't want that either. Blood hell, Erin. Are you serious? You could— that could cause that whole Outbreak movie, without the awesome 'the world is saved by finding the bloody monkey' scene."

At least she has the decency to appear suitably uncomfortable after talking about herpes, and the giving of it to co-stars. Let that conversation never leave this room. Ever. And please. Even if Taine had thought to … protect himself … All Erin would need to do was look at him.

Don't Piss Her Off.

"I don't… have to test anything. I mean, I wouldn't want to." Speaking of 'vulnerable,' Erin sort of is at the moment. She's worried. She knows all this stuff now, and she has to tell someone about it. Fidgeting a little in her chair, she says, "I started figuring all this stuff out, and I just… I'd rather know how this stuff works instead of guessing, you know?"

Vulnerable moment over. She glares at Taine, her moods as mercurial as ever. "Yeah, sure. I'd really do that. Have we met? I'm Erin, by the way. I don't think I know you."

"Sure you do," Taine says, turning around and picking up his shirt. Now mostly stain free. He holds it up.

Trust Me. I'm a Doctor.

"I know you wouldn't do it on purpose, Erin. Of course you wouldn't, but that doesn't mean you won't do it by accident." There's been a lot of times that she's done things by accident. The maples. The outbreak of Swine Flu at the Afterlife studio, and— okay, well. "You fixed most of what you did, though, and I'm sure if you gave people Ebola you'd fix that too before it spread." If she did it accidentally.

Hopefully nothing will ever happen to her to make her do it on purpose. "It makes since that you'd want to figure it out, though. I'm just glad all I ever got was amazing hair." That will always be his super power.

Now she does roll her eyes. The maples weren't an accident, either, it just got farther than she intended it to, and she really didn't make too much of an effort to intervene. It was her mark on the world, something so much deeper than having her face appear daily on TV. No one will ever know, except her and the people she's chosen to tell, and yet it's so profound that no one can miss the sweeping consequences of it.

"I hate you sometimes." she shuts the book with a snap, resting her elbows on the table and her face in her hands. "D'you know how good I've gotten with this?" The question is asks as one hand trails against the cover of the book, flips it open, and then starts paging though. Erin's not really reading it, it's just something to keep her occupied. "Heh. Maybe I could be a superhero. Save the world from bad guys by giving them a virus that makes 'em bleed out of their eyes."

Amazing hair. Amazing hair? Incredulously, she turns around and looks at him. "You're also a Werewolf-Vampire-Dinosaur."

"I know, you've gotten a lot better at it. And if someone did infect the world with an unstoppable mutant virus, you're the first person I'd call. Crikey, I'm surprised they haven't unleashed a mutant virus on Afterlife yet." Taine would probably get to act having it, cause the writers seem to hate Pryce. He seems to catch everything. Case in point.

"We don't know he's a dinosaur yet. He could be a lizard creature or some kind. At least he's not a swamp monster. I don't know if I could handle being wet in a rubber suit for hours." That's probably what it would mean, and the make up is bad enough. It's still ON parts of him. It stains HIM as well as his shirt.

"But hey, you fixed my shirt." Cause the stain is gone.

"I'm sure they will," Erin says. With her luck, that would be the first thing she'd end up catching. Having avoided becoming a werewolf (For the time) and a vampire (for the time) and a lizardperson (for the time) it would be fitting for her to contract a virus and nearly die from it on TV. It will happen.

She can't help laughing, though. "God, they put you through everything." And, unsaid, but she thinks he deserves it for running away when she first found out about this thing. No, she hasn't forgiven him for it. And even when she does, she'll still make sure he remembers doing it. The chip on her shoulder could crush an elephant.

Looking at the shirt again, she shrugs. "I do what I can."

There's a pause. "So, I see you've got a Special Fan. There's like a million letters from one person for you."

And to think, he GAVE her a stuffed elephant to try to apologize. Pulling the shirt on over his under shirt, Taine doesn't even bother to wait for it to dry off all the way. It's still damp, but the stain is gone! So her cures obviously work. As he moves closer, he nods in agreement. They DO put him through everything. "You get to kiss my reptile lips next week, though, so you'll get a taste of how awful it is for me." For a change!

Of course according to the script the kiss will be to administer the antidote, which will cure him of his lizardness. At least temporarily. He doesn't count on it being the full cure, cause they made a note to not get rid of the make up. He's going to change back. He's sure of it.

"Yeah, they're kind of creepy too, but that's the problem with having great hair. You seem to be the only one immune." He says that with a smile. Even if part of him might still be 'WHY IS SHE IMMUNE'.

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