2007-02-17: Bloody English Justice


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Summary: Xander visits the NYPD, to meet the lead detective on the 'Squaring the Circle' Case.

Date It Happened: February 17th, 2007

Bloody English Justice

New York Police Department

The New York Police Department. NYPD. New York's Finest. And arguably the most consumers of donuts in the any one place in the United States. It was sometimes necessary for an attorney from the DA's office to head down there to work on the cases. Xander was most definitely investigating this whole thing, and if he's right, Homicide might have a serial on his hands. At the moment, though, he was walking through the homicide division of the department, searching for one Kaydence Lee Damaris, who was supposedly the lead detective in the 'Squaring the Circle' case, as he liked to call it.

The squad room set aside for homicide is understandably hectic. Fortunately, a big name plate clearly identifies Detective Damaris' desk. Sitting there is a woman with dark brown hair in chocolate and vanilla colours. She's trying to write notes in an open case file in front of her and scarf down an early lunch at the same time. Eventually, the two tasks collide and the woman ends up trying to take a bite out of her pencil. "Bugger," she mutters quite audibly, tossing away the gnawed pencil and spitting a bit of eraser into the rubbish bin.

Xander eventually saunters his way towards Detective Damaris' desk, in time to see her chewing up her pencil, and allows himself a smirk as he hears her swearing, and shakes his head a little, before stepping up to the desk and speaks up, his crisp accent clearly that of a London Native. "I see that hunger gets the best of the most dedicated of detectives in the police department." He shakes his head and extends his hand to the woman, as he introduces himself, "Alexander Weston Marx. I do believe you're the lead detective of a possible serial that I submitted to the department."

Detective Damaris looks understandably sheepish for a moment as she stands up and takes the lawyer's hand to shake. "Mara Damaris," she introduces herself with an accent that's definitely got some northern Brit to it, but heavily peppered with a Cajun spice as she drawls, "A pleasure." The handshake is firm, but brief. She crumples up an empty hamburger wrapper and drops it on top of the discarded pencil in the trash. "I've been looking over the files…" As she trails off, she gestures to an empty chair across from where she was just seated.

Xander shakes the detective's hand, and takes stab at finishing her train of thought while he seats himself, "And you think that I must be joking to think that this case is even remotely a serial. I assure you, detective, that I'm rather serious about this, and that I fully intend to put prove it in court. All I need is for New York's finest to take me seriously on this one."

The detective chuckles almost airily, shaking her head. "That wasn't what I was getting at, at all, Mister Marx." She moves the file she was looking at to the appropriate slot in a well organized drawer and instantly procures the 'Squaring the Circle' case. "I would like to be completely honest with you, if I may."

"Of course. An honest opinion just means we don't have to beat around the bush with things that need talking about." Xander smiles and gestures to Mara, as he finishes, "Please, have at." Not much more to do now than to just wait for the detective's opinion on the matter.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other." The woman folds her hands over the file on her desk. "I wish I could say you and I were paired together due to commonalities," she purposely thickens her British accent to ensure he catches her meaning, "but the fact of the matter is that the department is not taking your case very seriously. That's why I'm your lead. I've been off active duty for some time now, due to medical issues. I'm telling you this, because you'd hear about it eventually anyway." She smiles faintly, it would seem her situation doesn't bother her. "That all being said, while this department doesn't take your theory very seriously, I can assure you that /I/ do. And despite my recent issues, I can and will do my job." Mara's smile broadens, "Sound agreeable to you?"

Xander just allows himself a bit of a grin as he replies, "If I could agree with you more, I think it would call for a submission to the Guinness Book of Records. I had actually anticipated the department would have tried to make my job more difficult on principal." He then leans closer to the desk, and tells the detective, "Now, onto I imagine it might have been a concept difficult to swallow, but the fact of the matter is that I believe we're dealing with a someone who's capable of commanding their victims to kill themselves, over the phones, despite all signs pointing to the receiver of the calls telling them to bugger off."

Mara holds Xander's gaze for a moment before flipping though the file in front of her briefly. "A few months ago, I might have said you were full of shit and tell you to stop wasting my time. But… I've done a little research. It could have been some sort of… hypnosis? Though everything that I've read suggests that the subject can't be convinced to cause themselves physical harm. Though I believe it's possible to trick them into it." She flips through a set of crime scene photos and lays out a photograph of the necklace found with each victim. "This part really has me troubled…" Though she doesn't elaborate on this just yet. "Please, could you share your thoughts on this symbol?"

Xander simply replies with, "Then I must be lucky this isn't a few months ago." Before getting onto the topic at hand again, "Hypnosis, brain washing, some manner of mind control or voodoo, I don't know what it is, but I don't think there's any religious person in the world, in their right mind, that can convinced to take a ticket straight to hell via suicide." He then glances at the photographs of the symbol, and nods, "Ah, that. I've taken the liberty of providing some material on that symbol from a book called 'Squaring the Circle'." Mara would note that there are photocopied pages from said book. "The symbol goes by the same name. Apparently used in alchemy to create the 'Philosopher's Stone'. Quidditch references aside, it's the stone is supposedly used to create gold, or to make one immortal. All that is interesting enough, but what I don't understand is how a series of murders play into the creation of it. Whatever the case, I'm hoping the partial prints found on the necklaces on each victim would lead us to whoever planted them."

"Great. Alchemical symbols and murder via telephone. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me." Mara frowns down at the file for a moment, gears visibly working. "The families didn't recognize the necklaces as having been on the victims before they were found, correct?"

Xander nods and replies, "The families have all repeatedly stated that the victims would never have purchased any such thing. The third victim, Catalina Gomez, was vouched by her husband and daughter as being a devout Catholic. The other victims were the same. Mariam Al-Hamad a religious woman of Islamic faith, and Constance Dupree, Eastern Orthodox Christian. Pagan symbols such as this would never have been found near them."

Mara nods thoughtfully. "There's no chance that any of these women saw these trinkets in a shop and merely decided they were something pretty, then." She takes in a deep breath and exhales slowly. "I think I'd like to see one of these necklaces for myself," she remarks idly. "Outside of the interests of justice, Mister Marx, what has you so wrapped up in this case?"

Xander arches an eyebrow when asked that, before smiling a bit, and replying, "Well, truth be told, I looked into this as a favor for Ramon Gomez, the husband of the third victim. Initially I just did it so he would get off my back, but as luck would have it, the Gomez case was intriguing enough to look into further."

"It is that, isn't it?" Mara rakes her fingers through her hair and plucks a business card out of a holder at the edge of her desk. She flips over the card and jots down a phone number in violet ink. "Here. This is my cell. If you need to get a hold of me for any reason and I'm not at my desk, I want you to call me."

Xander nods and reaches into his jacket pocket to pluck his own business card out, and hands it over to Mara, telling her, "Likewise. I want to hear from you the second we have a suspect to go with the prints. Whoever this bastard is, I going to take him down."

"Got it." The detective tucks the card into a pocket in her vest. "I'll see if I can call in a favour or two to put a rush on it." The phone on Mara's desk rings and the woman sighs softly. "I'd better take this. I'll give you a call the second I hear something." She offers a smile and then picks up the phone. "Damaris."

Xander takes the card which Mara offers him, and tucks it into his own pocket, and replies, "Good to hear. I'll call if I have anything else for you. A pleasure, Detective." With that, he stands and turns to head out, confident that he'll get this sucker.

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