2010-06-29: Bloody Gatherings



Guest Starring


Date: June 29, 2010


Roberto and Syd meet again… uh…

"Bloody Gatherings"


Shortly after Sydney's chat with her colleagues, she'd been led by several of Roberto's thugs to a completely empty room in the warehouse. No shelves. No chairs. No chaise. Nothing to suggest that she's here to dispense therapy; and nothing to suggest things are negative either. Her nose wrinkling, she walks to the back of the room and defiantly faces the wall. She doesn't know why she's here; just that she is. Once the thugs disappear, leaving her alone in the fluorescent lit room, she reaches at the waist of her skirt and pulls out the knife, holding it carefully in the palm of her hand, hidden from the world, but contained within her grasp should she need it. For the first time ever, she doesn't know anyone's intentions towards her. And here? She's not taking any chances.

There are loud crashes and there are screams and grunts from Roberto's people as he slams into the room. Looking crazed, suit all bloody and ripped and eye swollen. His hair is wild as he screams as he enters the room.

"YOU BITCH, YOU SHUT ME OFF. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!" He screams and shakes his head as he eyes Sydney. A loud knock comes and Roberto screams for them to open it. When they do, a henchman pokes his head in. "Boss, they've been contained again, they were sedated like you suggested." The blonde mobster looks at the henchman for a few seconds and his body shakes before he stops concentrating on whatever it was he was trying to do and he waves his hands. "Off you go, get me some skittles and make sure Allegra stays down, she's the strongest of them all."

"Did you.." he starts to say as the man shuts the door. "Turn my ability off? How'd you do it? Can you teach me how?" he leans in towards Sydney.

Sydney pales at the yelling, but she doesn't turn around. Not yet. Something isn't adding up. Her ability shut off. Roberto's ability shut off. Is it entirely possible everyone's abilities shut off? That would be amazing. Her eyes narrow some as she clutches the knife in her grasp. It's time to be witty, not to be timid. Not to beg for mercy. No, now is the time to be clever.

Turning to face him, Sydney forces a lopsided smile, mischievous in it's own right like the cat that ate the canary.

Her lips twitch into a toothy kind of grin. "Of course I turned it off. You wanted my help. I'm helping." Nothing like bluffing and thinking on her feet. Without her ability to guide her, she's going in blind here.

Roberto looks at Sydney with a blank stare before he strides forward and swings his hand back. Ready to lay Sydney out on the ground with a slap. "You.. genius little cunt bag. NON-SKITTLE EATING WHORE." He says with a roar. He's not happy at all. "You're suppose to help me boost my ability, not take it away! Give it back now!"

His face contorting to a very scary looking mask of hatred. "I want it make! It's mine! It's mine damnit!"

And Roberto succeeds in laying his therapist on the ground, but not before she weilds her knife into the side of his arm, cutting at the skin all down his arm, shocking even Sydney as she's pasted onto the pavement. With a groan she sits up, just a little, and brandishes her weapon. No, it doesn't do much good, but she knifed him. The wound itself is far from fatal (she probably couldn't do that if she wanted to), but it seems the therapist has claws.

With an arch of her eyebrow she yells back, "That's how it works! Don't you know?! I AM helping the way you want me to, just it takes time… sometimes years…" Or never. At least Syd can live (but how long?!) knowing Roberto is ability-less. One less controller in the world is a good thing, right?

"Ow!" he yells and he grabs his arm before sliding down the closed door, facing Sydney, he looks at her. "You just stood up to me." He says blankly and then he's grinning softly. "Only he use to do that. Bo that is." He says with a lazy smile as he begins to daydream. "Libby too, but I never tried to hurt Libby. She's my sister you know that? Me.. Libby and Bo.. happy family." He cackles as he stares down at his arm and then looks over at Sydney. "I miss Libby Sydney.. I really do."

His knees are drawn up to his chest and he looks as if he is going to cry soon. "She loves me."

How did that not get her killed? Sydney can't help but wonder why she didn't try that earlier, and instead nods a little. "I'm sure she does," and there it is. Confidence. She is a good therapist like Amy said, ability or not. Even though she just knifed her patient. Sitting on the floor next to him and still brandishing her knife she draws her knees to her chest. "Tell me about Libby… what is she like?"

"How did you guys lose touch and have you ever considered reconnecting with her? Maybe she'd be open to that reconnection…?"

"She's innocent.. she's strong. She is so strong, she only wants the best for all of us and she likes to take care of Bo and I. Mom and dad died. So Libby took care of us.. she's the best." Roberto has a look of pure happiness, he likes talking about Libby. "She left us, she said we're too childish and people would get hurt in your war Ro. I've told you for years! Take your meds! Your meds are what's keeping you sane." He begins to mimic his sister. "But.."

"I'm gonna find her and bring her too me! She has to come back, I need her! She has to see what I can do.. she has to see.. that I.. I'm bringing the family together. Kitty will be here.. Lark.. Harley.. even though I want to kill him. Lyndon.. Liviana.. Fox.. all of them."

"And if Bo acts right.. I'll bring him along too. Before I shoot him in the head." He smiles fondly.

Kitty. She knows a Kitty. Sydney's eyes narrow into slits. "Well, hopefully… hopefully it happens soon for you then. So you can see her again…" Or something. Absently, the therapist holds her cheek where she'd been smacked only minutes earlier. Turning the knife over in her hand she's almost positive she won't be allowed to keep it after knifing her captor but stranger things have happened; after all, Roberto is obsessed with tasting the rainbow.

"And what about Bo? Why… why do you want to shoot him?" The war. Between Bo and Roberto? "And what of the others? Why are you collecting them, Roberto? Sentimental reasons or… something else?" She purses her lips together as she rubs her cheek again.

"Yeah.. hopefully it does." He says and he looks sleepy, though he's just thinking about his sister. His eyes widen as he stares across at the wall in front of them. "Bo has it all, he gets it all. They are all his kids. Kitty and the rest. They don't even know it though. He.. he wanted to have them all. He's crazy." This is coming from Roberto.

"We're family, we need to together. We need to be together. Together.. we're unbeatable. Na-Na.. nobody will be able to stop us." He says with clear certainty. Roberto sighs and looks over to Sydney. "I've been working on the Gathering for years now. First with Allegra.. then Luis.. then the twins Robbie and Simon." He says with a brief smile.

"So… you're collecting your family. So you're unstoppable." Sydney processes aloud as she considers what this means for her and her fellow captives. "Who would try to stop you? And what are they stopping you of? Like what are you planning to do, exactly?" She raises both of her eyebrows as she turns the knife over in her palm again.

"And they're all Bo's children? Never had any of your own? Not everyone does…" Therapist mode is easier to get into than she thought which is awesome. She forces a weak smile.

"No time.. Bo got all the damn ladies. I was too crazy he said." Roberto says with a soft sigh and then he slams his palm near Sydney's head and he uses his other hand to grab her hand with the knife. "You think.. I'll just tell you my plans?! So you can tell Bo everything huh.. HUH?!"

He let's go of the blonde taking the knife with him and throwing it in the corner. "You want to kill me. That's okay.." he says as he stands and then he's opening the door, preparing to leave. "I want to kill everyone." He says with a blank expression on his face before the door shuts behind him. Leaving Sydney with the knowledge that Roberto.. has much bigger plans than anyone could have thought.

The hand slammed against her head this time draws blood from her nose and makes the blonde therapist see spots. Involuntary tears well in her eyes as she doubles in pain again. She hits the cement with a great amount of force (a little less than that time) and as the knife is pried from her hand, it manages to slice her palm on the way, illiciting a yelp of pain from her lips.

Bloodied and bruised, Sydney remains in the room as it's sole occupant.

Weeping in silence among the walls.

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