2007-07-24: Blue


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Summary: Mara decides that Molly needs a little more feminine influence in her life. Woe be to her caretakers.

Date It Happened: July 24, 2007


Kirby Plaza - House of M-Cubed

Though Molly has been known to wander the areas of Kirby Plaza (and Hartsdale when she's with Mohinder) sometimes she's restricted to quarters, as the saying goes. Though it's the middle of summer and she technically has no homework, Mohinder has been giving her the equivalent of summer reading and that's what she's been working on in times like these. A normal girl would just collapse on the couch and watch tv all day - Molly curls up on the couch with snoozing Nico and reads a book on beginner's French. "Bonjour, Nico," she says, mangling the accent. "Ca va?"

Somebody else has been confined lately and she really isn't pleased by the situation. Unlike Molly, however, she can still get in her car and just… leave, when the mood takes her. As long as nobody's physically hauling her back into the building anyway. It must be Mara's lucky day, because she's managed the drive back into the City and to Kirby Plaza. She knocks quietly on the door to Molly's home-away-from-home. "It's Detective Damaris," she announces cheerily. Hanging from one arm is a large tote bag and a shopping bag. Both seem to be full.

Being twelve and unable to leave without parental guidance, it's harder for her to sneak out. Plus, were she ever to get behind the wheel of a car most citizens of New York would fear for their lives. If she could even reach the pedals. The knock on the door startles Nico into wakefulness. Unfortunately, he was precariously positioned anyway so when he jumps up to see what the interruption to his daynap he goes tumbling off of the couch and lands in a heap of fur and paws on the floor. Molly, in the meantime, has put her book down and leans over to scoop up the angrily chittering chinchilla. Nico safely swept up into her arms, she quietly pads over to the door and opens it wide enough so that her full body can be seen through the open door. "Hi! I think Mohinder's still in Hartsdale." Almost everyone who comes knocking on the door is looking for him and not his tiny ward.

"I know he is. I just spoke with him a bit ago." Mara smiles brightly to the girl. "That's why I'm here. I thought you might like some," company? No, not the word she wants to use, "time that you, and Nico, don't have to spend alone."

"He gave me the twenty dollars from you." Molly smiles and opens the door a little wider when she realizes that it's /her/ that she's come to see. Time to play hostess! And be the good little girl that Mohinder has been teaching her to be. "Thank you. I was thinking of writing you a thank you note in French, since you were in New Orleans for a little while and they speak a weird kind of French there, but all I can say right now is 'Hello, how are you, thank you, goodbye, and cheese.' So, I guess I could write, 'Bonjour, ca va? Merci, au revoir, frommage.' But…I don't think that's what Mohinder meant when he said I should be nice. Though, I like cheese, so it's really a compliment." Amazing that this little girl said nothing for months. Maybe all the words are just escaping now that she's willing to speak again. "Thanks. I mean, I'm not alone when I've got Nico, but it's nice to have someone who can talk back."

"Well even young ladies and their chinchillas must get bored sometimes, right?" Mara steps inside when Molly invites her. "I brought some things with that I hope will prove entertaining. If anything's too childish for you, please feel free to tell me." She sets her bags down on the floor in front of the couch and then crooks a finger. "Come and see."

The door closes on its own, so no one needs to worry about that. It probably locks automatically, too. Paranoid people and their glass towers (reinforced with steel). "More things?" Molly's ears perk up. She's still a little girl and bribable. She sets Nico onto her shoulder, where he hunkers down and clings on for dear life. It's her version of having a parrot, like the pirates she sees in the movies. Except this parrot purrs. Following behind, she eagerly perches herself on the edge of the couch. All the better to see what's been brought for her. "I haven't even been able to spend the twenty dollars, yet!"

Not too long after the ladies settle in, the door can be heard unlocking, opening and a rush of footsteps.. "Molly? Have you seen my 3 gig flashdrive? I think I left it here and I need it for work today." Not that Mohinder stops to talk, he's going to his room to turn it upside down. There's a guest? He's clueless for the moment.

Mara begins unloading her tote bag. Did she… buy out Cover Girl and Maybelline? That's a lot of makeup. And nail polish. Somebody's feeling especially feminine today. When Mohinder rushes in, she lifts her head, parting her lips to greet him, but quickly realises he hasn't even noticed her. "Let's see how long it takes him, hm?" She brings a finger to her lips, sharing a conspiratorial grin with the girl.

"I don't know if he'll notice," Molly tells Mara softly. Her eyes are already on all the pretty and fun make-up looking things, but she tears her gaze away when the door opens again to admit her guardian. Petting her chinchilla parrot, she just watches Mohinder frantically search the room for whatever it is that he's looking for. "Did you leave it in the computer?" Because when Mohinder's in a rush, sometimes he does forgetful things like that. True to the agreement, she doesn't say or do anything to alert him of Mara's presence.

That flash drive better not be found in the bedding of Nico's cage or similar. It contains valuable information and research on the mutations of the Shanti virus. Oh wait.. there.. no that's not it. Mohinder can be heard rummaging through his bedroom like a madman.. "Did I leave it.. where? Oh.. Thank you Molly, that's exactly where it was!" Sure enough, he went straight to the computer on her suggestion. Drive in hand, he walks out of his room, intending to leave promptly. "I hopefully won't be too late tonight Molly. I thought we could kidnap Matt and go to the movies."

Mara watches Mohinder with raised brows, waiting. Will he notice? Won't he? She exchanges a glance with Molly and smirks, holding back a giggle. Oh, he's funny when he's frazzled.

A small harddrive is of no use to Nico unless he plans on chewing on it where it lays. He'd never take it to his cage. Plus, Molly doesn't allow Nico into Mohinder's room. Who knows what he may get into in there. "You're welcome," she grins at Mohinder when he exits. Has he seriously not even seen Mara sitting right there on the couch with her? Maybe the scientist is becoming blind in one eye. Or he simply denies the existence of women. (Molly's just a little girl, not a woman). "Ooh! A movie? Which one? Is there one you have in mind or is this something that I can pick?"

Mohinder heads for the door then, oh wait. He heads straight for Molly, intending to give the girl a kiss on the forehead but comes to a stop. "Mara. When did you get here?" Surprised much? "Uh, what? Oh! Sure.. yes.. you get to pick the movie." May God have mercy on him and Matt for this. He steps forward to deliver that kiss on Molly's forehead. The girly stuff is eyed with a faint expression of aversion. Don't remind him that Molly is a growing girl and will be a teen ne.. not going there. Not thinking about that.

"Before you," Mara muses with a wide grin. Hah. Got the- The frown drops into something maybe closer to concern. Or pity. No wonder Gray always seems to be able to get the drop on the poor geneticist. "Isn't it a little difficult to kidnap a telepath? I mean, I think he'd know it was coming. And possibly thwart your attempts by turning the tables and kidnapping you first."

Perhaps. However, Molly's choice will probably surprise them. Especially since what she's planning to ask to see is the new Transformer's movie. Everyone's talking about it. "She's been here the whole time, silly." Mohinder certainly /is/ silly. And whether he likes it or not, she's growing up and will soon be a teenager. And going to /high school/. And /kissing boys/. "Even if he kidnaps us or we kidnap him, kidnapping will happen! And then a movie, so it's for a good cause."

"… Quite amusing Mara.. but I meant it as a .. never mind." Mohinder says with a shake of his head and a look of fond amusement. There will be no growing up and kissing of boys for Molly. Never ever. Nope. Denial here. "Think about what movie you want to see, and I will call to tell you when I am on my way home… Mara.. please don't.." He doesn't finish the sentence because he just can't stand to look at the assortment of makeup any longer. "I shall see you two later, I've got to get back to work." With that, he's out the door.

After Mohinder's made his departure, Mara turns her smirk on Molly. "He didn't say what he doesn't want me to do, did he? I think that means you and I have free reign to do just about anything we girls please, don't you?" Yep. That crazy aunt that doesn't visit often enough. Or maybe too often for the boys' tastes. "Go on, then. Pick through and see what you want!"

"Transformers!" Molly calls after Mohinder. Her choice is already made, it seems. At least it's something mindless with explosions. It should be fun, even if Mohinder may think it base. However, he's back out the door for work and that leaves the two girls with a lot of make up between them. "Weeeelllll…" Finally taking pity on the sliding and slipping Nico, she gently picks him up off her shoulder and sets him down on the couch next to them. She /knows/ what Mohinder doesn't want them to do, but…he didn't actually say it. "No, you're right!" Pretty colors win out for now. Digging through all the different plastic covers and covered make up containers, she starts digging out the most colorful and brightest shades she can find. Brighter means better, right? "Can we paint Nico's claws? I think he'd look really cute with bright pink ones. Oh! Maybe pink with sparkles!"

Logic dictates to Mara that painting the poor creature's claws may be mildly toxic once the polish starts chipping and peeling. "I don't think he'd like that very much. But maybe we'll do it to Mohinder while he's sleeping sometime." Yeah, he'd like that even less. "Has Mohinder bought you a nice dress yet?" she queries with a bright smile. "If he hasn't, I'll have to remedy that. Every girl needs to own a nice dress that makes her look like a princess. It's a rule." She leans in and whispers as though it's some big secret, "I don't think Mohinder or Matt know the rules."

Having been raised by two kind of clueless men for the last few months of her formative girly time definitely has started to show. Other girls may be playing with their mother's make up, but Molly's been digging herself into books and science and finding people. There /are/ a few things that they're good about, though. And one of them is getting her a pretty dress. That she's only worn once - for her birthday party. "Oooh, I've got a nice dress. It's got ruffles and lace and stuff. But, it's kinda hard to run around in. And Nico gets caught in the ruffles." A factor that means something to her. There's a mischievous smile on her face at the idea of painting Mohinder's nails, though. Didn't that Max person talk about surprises and keeping people on their toes? That would definitely work here. "Oh, Matt and Mohinder have a lot of rules. Don't put Nico into the beakers, don't pour spaghetti down the drain, say please and thank you, don't wander off alone, don't call the guy in the basement who can set himself on fire the Human Torch because that's rude…"

"We have a guy in the basement that lights up like the Human Torch?" Mara seems surprised by this, but only for a moment. She hasn't met that particular fellow yet. "That's awesome." That seems an appropriate response to level at a twelve-year-old, yes? "Okay, so, I'm going to give you some make-up tips. Rule number one of wearing make-up: Always pick your outfit and get dressed first! This is the first rule because it is the very, very most important."

"I think he only does it when he sneezes, though. Mohinder gave me the disapproving look when I laughed." Molly sounds only a little put out about the fact that she can't laugh at a guy lighting himself on fire when he sneezes. How can anyone /not/ find that funny? "Okay. Well. I have my outfit on for the day." Not that she plans on changing any time soon. Pants, pink t-shirt, general staying in clothes.

"You see, this is the most important, because once you put your make-up on, you don't want to try and pull anything over your head. You might smear it." Mara starts looking over what Molly's picked out and separates it out from the mound of other colours. Then, she gently guides the girl by the shoulders to stand up from the couch and sit in front of her on the floor. "There we are. Now the artist can do her work." She winks and plucks up a compact of blush. Little girls have flawless skin and therefore don't need to bother with foundation. Not like grown women covered in freckles. "An excellent choice of colour if I do say so myself, Miss Walker." The brush is swirled around in the power and then tapped against the side of the compact to deposit the loose particles back inside, rather than on the couch or the carpet.

"Okay." Molly, of course, remembers makeup and things like that from her mother, before everything happened. However, she's never really /done/ anything with it. She's only watched her put it on before dates with her father or when she went out to something out of the house. The girl allows herself to be guided off the couch and onto the floor, sitting up straight so that Mara doesn't have to slouch in order to reach her face. There's a bit of a height difference anyway. "I really like the bright blue stuff. It's /so/ blue." Which is why she picked it. The girl is clueless as to how colors would actually work with her coloring.

If Molly likes the blue, then Molly shall wear the blue. She's a little girl locked in a tower so that she'll be safe from the Bogeyman. She can have blue. The blush is gently and carefully applied to Molly's cheeks and Mara scrutinises her work as she goes, leaning back to inspect before leaning in to add another stroke here or there. "There. Wonderfully blushing," she remarks proudly and then reaches for the eye shadow. "Would you mind if I asked you a few questions about your ability, Molly? I'll answer any questions you may have about what I can do, if you like."

Of course, once Molly /sees/ the result of how blue her eyelids are going to be she may reconsider how much she likes the shade. Then again, this is the excitable Molly Walker. She might think blue is the best shade ever for her eyes and that maybe her cheeks may get jealous of how blue her eyelids are and want some for themselves. It's possible (maybe even likely) that if Mara leaves this make up with Molly, Mohinder is going to come home one day to Molly looking like she belongs as part of the Blue Man Group. Not to mention the fact that she's going to want to practice on live models. Models meaning Mohinder and Matt. Oh, the things they didn't expect when they took her in. She grins when the blush is finished, shaking her head a little to see if it's something she has to worry about falling off. Who knows! "I guess I don't. I mean, did Mohinder say it was okay? He's getting kind of touchy about who knows and what I say and do with it." Maybe she's finally starting to realize how much of a danger what she can do is. "You never told me what you could do."

"Did Mohinder tell you that he and I have been made partners?" Mara asks casually. Of course he didn't. It surely slipped his mind, as all such matters seem to. Especially in the name of protecting Molly. "I trust him with my life, and I hope he trusts me with his." There's a beat of silence. "Close your eyes, dear." Once that's done, Mara's careful to brace two fingers against Molly's face above and below her eye. This isn't to keep her hand steady, but more to alleviate the initial jump that everyone's face does when they've been touched but they didn't see it coming. Then, she starts applying the shadow. "I'm sorry, I thought Mohinder would have told you already. I'm a Psychometer. I can touch an object and see the past, or the future. I have visions."

"He doesn't really talk about his job much." Mohinder is of the opinion that it's not suitable for young girl's ears. Even if she /is/ living in the building and being protected by the Company. "I don't think he likes me to know about it." Because she knows that Mohinder and Matt care about her and don't want anything bad to happen to her. They're trying to give her as normal of a life as they can. Obediently, she closes her eyes and allows Mara to apply the eye shadow, though she does jerk back slightly at the first contact. It's not what she was expecting! "That and he's really into doing the right thing. Talking about what he does and who he helps isn't what he wants to do." When he's with Molly, he just wants to be himself. "Just objects? Not people?"

Mara nods at first and then realises that the girl in front of her doesn't see it, so she hums quietly to prove she understands what she's saying. "Just objects," she confirms. "Usually, I pass out on the floor when I have a vision. But Mohinder's created a medicine that lets me stay awake. He's brainy like that."

"He's really smart." The young girl hopes to be as smart as he is one day. And she'll also help people with their abilities and save their lives like Mohinder can. "I can't imagine fainting every time I touched something." If she fainted every time she tried to find someone, she'd probably only use her power in very extenuating circumstances. If at all.

"It doesn't happen every single time. It's usually only for things that have… exciting memories. I guess the best example I can think of," that isn't morbid and related to violence and death, "is the elephant toy Mohinder gave you when he returned from his lecture back in… February? March? He showed it to me once, and I was able to see when he gave it to you." Mara starts on the other eye now, once she's satisfied with the shades (yes, there is now more than one shade of blue adorning Molly's eyelid) she's applied. "What's your ability like? I mean, can you just… feel it all the time? Or do you really have to concentrate hard?"

The urge to open her eyes is very strong, however, Molly manages to not do so and ruin the makeup that Mara is being so good about applying. Instead, she just smiles a little remembering the day when Mohinder came back from the lecture and gave her the stuffed elephant, Anandi. She still has it sitting on her bed. "That /was/ exciting." Getting an elephant from India? Always good. "No, not really. I mean, I can feel someone if I just think about them, but to find them I really have to think. And it helps to have a map. I can do it without one, but it's harder."

"That's pretty amazing, hon. My job would be so much easier if I could find bad guys just by thinking about them." Mara finishes with the other eye, going considerably more quickly now that she knows the exact blend she likes best. "Okay, open." She leans forward to examine her work and nods approvingly.

"No it wouldn't." Molly blinks her eyes open at Mara, the bright blue of her eyes suddenly matching the bright blue of her eyelids. With all the grown up makeup, she still looks young, despite her very serious expression. It looks a little absurd with such bright colors on her cheeks and eyelids, but she's no longer grinning about Anandi. "Because then you can feel them. And one of them…one of them would always be looking back at you." Not to mention the fact that just by having this power, she's become the target of both serial killers and Company Agents who believe she's too powerful to live.

"I'm sorry," Mara says quietly, brushing a strand of hair back from Molly's face. "I didn't mean to upset you. You're right. There are consequences to everything. I track down bad guys without an ability like yours, and I think I've had a taste of what you're talking about. Sometimes, it's like I can feel them, too." And she knows she's been watched. "Please forgive me. I didn't mean to upset you."

"I'm not upset." Not really the way that Mara thinks she is at least. Molly just has a tendency to be very serious about certain things without knowing that for a child, that can tantamount being upset or angry. "Mohinder just says that it's easy for other people to think what I do is like an on and off switch or that it's easy. That I just turn something on and get what I want and then turn it off." Obviously, it's not. But, it does give her the opportunity to talk about what Mohinder has told her. And to try out her serious face behind makeup.

"Mohinder is very wise," Mara grants. "I know what you mean. I have absolutely no control over my ability. If it decides to trigger, I can't do anything about it. And if I haven't taken my medicine, I'll faint. Sometimes, the visions are too strong for the medicine. It's a work in progress." She frowns faintly and scans the oodles of make-up for a moment before procuring a container of mascara from the pile. "You want some of this?"

"You know, I saw something on TV about goats who faint if you run at them," Molly says thoughtfully. "It's really cute." She's not trying to tell Mara she's a goat. It's just one of those tangents that she veers off into because though her attention span is larger than other children, she's still a kid. Looking at the mascara, she frowns and looks closer at it. "What is it? Is it like finger paint? For your face?" Because it looks all liquidy and black and she's not sure what it could be used for.

"I heard about those, too. When I was a kid, I tried to convince my mum to buy me a goat to keep in our yard." Mara smiles gently. "Here, I'll show you." She unscrews the cap on the tube, pulling out the brush. She opens her eyes wide and then carefully starts to apply the mascara to her top lashes, even without a mirror. The bottom lashes she doesn't attempt without it, though. Once done, she blinks a couple times. "See? What do you think?"

"Mohinder won't even let me have a dog." Hence the chinchilla, who is happily passed out in a ball of fur on the couch. Molly watches Mara apply mascara to herself and blinks. "I guess so," she adds for wanting some. "Eyelash paint." It doesn't look that hard to apply for herself. "It looks nice."

"Thank you." Mara repeats the gentle contact with Molly's face before bringing the brush in. "Eyes open this time. And try not to blink. I promise you I won't poke you in the eye. And if I do? I'll let you poke me right back." Maybe not the best promise to make, but she's confident that Molly won't jerk around or anything. "Do you know Peter Petrelli?" An innocent question. Really.

When anyone tells you /not/ to do something, it automatically makes you want to do it. So, when Mara tells Molly not to blink, that's /all/ the girl wants to do. She tries to keep her eyes open, but the moment the brush starts coming near her face, she jerks back slightly. It's involuntary, but it's also because it's kind of a strange sight. "I know him. He was outside and started glowing after Hiro tried to make the boogeyman go away." Which has earned him the nickname of the Glowing Man for all eternity to Molly.

"That's the guy." Mara waits patiently for Molly's flinching to cease before attempting to apply more mascara. "He can absorb other people's abilities and use them as though he'd always had them," she remarks casually.

Trying to remain still, Molly keeps her eyes open and just attempts to look up and not see the incoming mascara brush. Maybe that will make it easier. "I thought his power was glowing." Because, that's all she's seen him do. Then, she stops for a moment and thinks that over. She met Peter before when she found Nathan for him. Also, she was nearby in Kirby Plaza even before that. "So…he can find people, too, now?" She sounds a little disappointed by the idea.

Mara shakes her head, "He doesn't always absorb abilities. Sometimes it takes him a few tries." One more stroke, and Molly's lashes are done. "Did you pick a lipstick?" She screws the cap back on the mascara tube and leans back on the couch. "Peter would very much like to get together with you to talk about your ability. He'd like to have it." Contrary to the requesting way she's worded things, the tone is more of a warning.

Even if this is Peter's ability - being able to take other people's - it makes Molly a little defensive. What she has is hers! If he has it, how does it make her special? And how will she be able to help everyone? The only thing she really can do is find people when it's needed. "Mmhmmm," she says distractedly and points over to the bright pink lipstick that's with the other separated makeup pieces. "I'm not something to collect," she frowns. Serious again.

"Of course you aren't," Mara echoes Molly's sentiment. She's casual about it as she picks up the lipstick. "Now, part your lips like this." She demonstrates for the girl, waiting until she's mimicked. "That's it. Perfect." She then starts applying the vibrant shade. Good thing she didn't get the all-day wear stuff. "If you don't want him to have your ability, that is entirely your choice, dear. And Peter will understand, too. He's very nice like that." The lipstick is put away and Mara smiles with satisfaction. "Beautiful." She pats the girl's shoulder. "Go look in a mirror."

Parting her lips like Mara shows her, Molly's got it. Sort of. Even if Mara says it's perfect, really it just looks like she's pouting. With her lips open just a bit. She can't talk while lipstick is being applied but once it's all done, she rubs her lips against each other. They feel weird! Kind of slick for some reason. "It's just…it's my ability." It's easier to pout with lips like this. "I like being unique." Just like a snowflake. Then, however, she jumps up and her mood shifts. She has make up on! "I'll be right back!" she says and goes dashing for the bathroom so she can see what she looks like in a big mirror with lots of lights. It's possible to hear her squealing from the living room.

Oh good. That was delight, rather than a shriek of 'omigosh what did I let her do?!' Mara is pleased with her work. Were Molly, say, sixteen or seventeen? She would not be nearly so pleased. But she wouldn't have allowed her to wear those colours, either. "I'm glad you like it," she calls to her. Now, she's starting to bag up the make-up again. Gotta tidy things up some since phase one of Project Feminine Influence is complete.

Yes! Delight! "My eyes are /really blue/. Like, /really/ blue. A word for really blue that I don't know." Oh yes, she's definitely going to be painting a lot more of her face this color when she gets the chance. This is the time when makeup is fun and exploratory rather than a routine in the morning. A good time for a kid. Racing out of the bathroom she makes straight for Nico. "Look, Nico! I want to make your fur the same color as this. You would be a wonderfully blue chinchilla." Spinning the furry thing around, she beams. "Thank you, Detective Damaris!"

Mara just beams with pride. If she ever doubted her maternal instincts, those doubts have been quelled at this point. "Why don't you come on and sit down again and I'll braid your hair?" From the second bag she brought, she procures an array of hair ties in assorted colours and a book of fancy braiding techniques.

Pulling Nico in closer, Molly finally stops spinning. She's a little dizzy now. Side-stepping a little, she finds her balance and then just sits down where she was standing. OKay. Now that she has a solid floor to be with she slides over to Mara for the hair braiding. A full make over! "Oooh. Hairties!" She's likely to tie them all up her arms if left to her own devices.

"Should we use blue to match your pretty eyes?" Mara gently guides Molly back by her shoulders so she can lean over the girl and peer at her upside down. God, she's a mood-lifter. Thank heavens for little girls. "Or maybe pink to match your outfit?"

"Blue!" Molly exclaims definitively. Not just because it matches her eyes, but because blue is a good color. A color she wouldn't mind exclusively wearing. "I'm already wearing enough pink." Seems like, despite her love of some girly things, the young Walker is becoming a little bit of a tomboy.

"Blue it is." Mara wrinkles her nose in amusement at Molly's enthusiasm, righting herself and working on brushing out Molly's hair with a small comb, sectioning it out. "How do you feel about slumber parties, Miss Walker?"

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