2007-07-16: Blue Plate Specials


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Summary: It's wrong to let a pretty girl eat alone

Date It Happened: July 16th, 2007

Log Title Blue Plate Specials

Downtown, New York City, New York- Lucky Joe's Diner

It is a nice day and Andrea is trying her best to enjoy it while sitting in Lucky Joe's Diner with a cup of tea. She is sitting in a booth not to far from the door. The way she is facing is to the door also. Today, the formal temp agent is wearing a light blue tank top and a pair of tight dark jeans along with some stylish boots. Very nice ones. Her hair is hanging down her shoulders and she is turning the page of a superhero comic. You guessed it, she is reading the Dark Phoenix Saga and is thoroughly enjoying it.

A man dressed in a dark suit walks into the diner, he has obviously just gotten off of work and preparing to assault his arteries with the greasiest thing on the menu. He catches the sight of a young woman reading a comic book and chuckles to himself just before ordering the Blue Plate special without cheese and a root beer. He makes himself comfortable on one of the stools at the counter, while nonchalantly looking back at the lone woman drinking her tea.

The 'lone' woman doesn't notice the man at first and she continues to read her comic. Her finger swirls over her cup of tea and the spoon in the cup is swirling around, by itself.
Nobody would notice unless they were paying /real/ close attention. Andrea finally looks up and notices the cute man looking at her. She immediately winks and nods her head in hello.

Brad nods to the waitress when she brings him his hamburger and onion rings smiles back at the girl. A boyish grin stretches out across his face as he gets up and walks towards her, leaving his food on the counter. "I don't mean to bother you miss, but are you here alone?" he asks, flashing his pearly white teeth at her when he smiles. "That's a good one by the way," he adds, pointing down at the comic.

"I am actually. You are in no way bothering me. Unless you're a crazy killer that loves girls that read comics," she teases and smiles. Andrea looks down to the comic and nods, "Jean Grey is my favorite character in the superhero world," The spoon has stopped twirling in the cup, probably as soon as Brad walked over. "Care to take a seat? I'm waiting on my French toast."

Brad smiles as he returns to the counter to grab his plate and drink and sets them down at the table with the blonde woman, "My name is Brad," he says with a charming smile as he sits down across from her. Brad casually takes off his jacket and hangs it on the back of his chair before rolling up the sleeves on his button-up dress shirt. He lifts the top bun on his hamburger and douses it with mustard before putting it back together, "I always liked Batman, he was just your regular guy trying to make a difference," he says offering the young lady an onion ring just as the cook yells "ORDER UP!!"

"Andrea,” she smiles and thanks the waitress that brings her food to the table. She cuts up the French toast and takes a bite of it. After swallowing, "Mmm, so good. Batman was cool, but nobody could take Jean Grey, especially while she was the Phoenix," she licks her lips and moves her hair to the side, revealing the two scars on her neck from her recent stay with the Company. Of course she has no idea what effect this will have on Brad. She just takes another bite of her food and smiles at him. Boy is he finnne.

Brad takes a bite of his hamburger and chuckles slightly; he would have never thought in a million years that there would be a girl that would actually talk comic books with him. He looks up just as he starts to swallow and sees Andrea's scars, which cause a choking reaction in him. He starts to cough and wheeze while reaching for his drink to help clear out the chunk of meat stuck in his throat, "Oh, yeah, umm, yeah the Phoenix was cool, but to much power corrupts," he manages to say in-between coughing. He puts his hand over his mouth and gags a little more, "*cough* Sorry, must have went down the wrong pipe," which is a better excuse for choking than pointing out the marks. Of course he also knows that his employers like to keep tabs on particularly powerful individuals and they might have issues with his flirting with her. Oh well, if they find out they can always chalk it up to a rookie mistake.

The telekinetic is worried before she smiles as Brad stops the choking. "Yeah, power corrupts. But what would you do if you had a awesome limitless ability like Jean Grey's?" she asks and looks down at her food as she eats some more and then looks back to Brad. She looks down at his hands and sees no ring. Score! Then Andrea looks at him closely again, doesn't look gay. Score again!

Brad shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know, I guess I never really thought about it," he says, "I guess do everything in my power to help others." It sounds corny, but it looks like he is being most sincere about it. His eyes watches Andrea's as they trail down his arm to his hand, which make him smile even wider. He decides that maybe discussing comic books might lead down a road he can't back out of and quickly changes the subject, "So are you from around here?" he asks just before popping a small onion ring in his mouth.

"I spent my early childhood in Quebec and then moved here with my parents," Andrea takes a sip of her tea. "Are you from around here?" she tilts her head and gives Brad the look. The look is when someone wants to say ‘DAMN YOU SEXY!’ but instead, you get a look and that look should say it all. At least Andrea thinks it should say it all. She takes another sip of her tea.

Brad returns the look to Andrea and nods his head while he listens to her, "Sounds like you have had an interesting life,” then adds, “born and rasied.” He takes a drink of his soda and flashes his baby blue eyes at her; they sparkle a little when the light hits them just right. The scars on her neck are still running through his mind and perhaps that is why he is having a hard time flirting with her. He tries to push it to the back of his mind, mostly because she is hot, and asks, "What do you do for fun?" The way he clumsily tries to flirt is bordering on the line of precious, especially when he nonchalantly rubs his foot against hers, while giving her that ‘it wasn't me’ look.

Andrea is all warm inside as Brad returns the look. "Interesting is a very good word for what my life has been so far," Her eyes widen as she feels the foot rub and she grins at Brad giving him the 'I know it was you' look. " I like to read comics, obviously and I like to experience new things. That's why being a temp agent was great for me. I should that I use to be a temp agent though," she sighs but doesn't let anything bad keep her down. "What do you do for fun?"

Brad smiles, "Well my job keeps me pretty busy, but when I'm not working I like to just hang out at home with my fish and I try to hit up the gym at least twice a week. Oh and flirt with pretty girls, but I don't get to do that as often as I would like." He flutters his lashes at Andrea and blushes slightly, then chuckles some to hide the redness in his face. He rubs his foot against hers again, seeing how the last time he didn't get kicked for doing it. "So what kind of temp work did you do?" he asks, keeping the conversation moving along.

"Fish? I see that you do workout," Andrea winks and she returns the foot rub and she blushes. Just a little! Are you calling me a pretty girl, Brad?" she laughs and lays her hand on her his hand and caresses his hands, she is starting to really like this guy only after minutes of conversation. "I was a dog walker, secretary, and a whole host of other things," she smiles sheepishly.

Brad nods as he lets her explore his hands, "Yeah I have a fish and yes I think your pretty," he says as a matter of factly. He tries his best to ignore her tracking marks and continues on and continues on, "So I'm guessing you get bored with your jobs quickly?" His foot moves back over to Andrea's and continues on with rubbing it; a full-fledged game of footsie is going on in this diner. He takes another bite out of his hamburger and swallows before winking at her from across the table, through shameless flirting he gets the impression that he has made a good one on Andrea and says, "Maybe this is presumptuous, but are you seeing anybody?"

Andrea traces her fingers on his hand and tilts her head, "You are very handsome," she replies back and grins, "Yeah, I did get bored with my jobs. Very easily, I need variety," she laughs playfully as she rubs her foot against his more and she drinks some of her tea. What is it about this man that just turns a switch on in her? Brad would be right in assuming that he has made a good impression on her. "I am not seeing anyone. Haven't for a while. I just haven't really had the time. Until recently."

Brad beckons the waitress over to their table, "Go ahead and bring me the checks," he says to her, pulling out a gold card from his wallet. He smiles back at Andrea, "Well that's good to know, I mean it's not good that you are single, but, umm," he says as stumbles for the proper phrase, but luckily the waitress saves him by trading the checks for his credit card. He smiles warmly at Andrea, "I guess what I'm asking is, would you like to get together for dinner some night? You pick and I'll buy," charm just oozes from him as he looks at her, before signing a copy of the receipt. He pulls out one of his business cards that say PrimaTech paper across it along with his work number and jots down his personal cell phone number on the back, "Just give me a call anytime," he says sliding it across the table to Andrea.

Andrea blushes as Brad pays for the food. Aw, ain't that sweet? "I know what you mean," laughing again. She gives him that 'really?' look and smiles warmly back at Brad. She nods her head and winks, "I would love too. And I will be sure to give you a call," she stands and stretches as she grabs her comic, "Thanks for lunch and for being so nice."

Brad continues to smile, "I look forward to it," he says as he grabs up his jacket and slings it over his shoulder, "And thank you for letting me join." He winks at her one more time as he heads out the door.

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