Bob Bishop
Portrayed By Stephen Tobolowsky
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 7, 1959
Age 49
Zodiac Sign Leo
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Head of Operations, Company
Known Relatives Elle Bishop (daughter)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Atomic Transmutation
First Appearance Negotiation

Bob Bishop is the financial backer and now default head of the Company.

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Bob was one of the founding members of The Company. He's been with it for 30 years, and due to his talent is their financial source. At first glance the man is an unassuming addition, hardly worth worrying about in light of some of the stronger, dangerous personalities that were involved in this venture. But the longer one watches him in action the more one has a lot of cause to revise such an assumption. He is now leading the company operations, and doing so with a ruthless hand and a benevolent smile.

Bob did not always begin this way. He began as a quiet, unassuming young man, lost in his books and pursuing a business degree with all of the skills and none of the polish of a businessman. He'd grown up an only child, with a father who was gone most of the time, working, and a mother who suffered with bouts of depression so deep that she was sometimes unable to give him the attention he deserved. There was no abuse, no overt neglect, just a family with deep financial problems and a mother who struggled, daily, with chronic pain and mental illness that at times left her unable to get out of bed, let alone shower her son with maternal care. He made few friends in school and emerged with little knowledge of how to relate to others, and a firm sensation that he would never, ever be poor.

His first job was a joke. He was too unassuming to get very far in his career, and he dead ended in the operations department of a major company, landing a position as a simple clerk. His own student loans and car payments and house payments were about to swallow him, and it was the stress of these things which first produced his ability. He was so terrified at first that when he turned every dish in his house for gold he didn't sell it for fear that someone would think he stole it. For years he kept it a closely guarded secret, until in the late 70s he lost his job and became desperate. Discreet asking around led the now somewhat rounder, more overweight man to a source that wouldn't care where the gold had come from, and he sold it. This brought him to the attention of Daniel Linderman, back fresh from the war, and after a long talk Bob was brought into the founding of the company in 1977. Originally its most unassuming and one of its youngest members, he was content to sit in the background and create money for the group. He'd found friends, acceptance, and a purpose, and all of these things forged in him the loyalty which he now displays so fiercely today. In time, Kaito Nakamura noted his business prowess and his basic lack of backbone, and it was he that built up the man's ruthlessness. He would come to learn his manipulation and how to exercise charisma, even in a body that was not bringing the ladies calling, from Adam Petrelli and Linderman himself. They saw the potential in him, nurtured him, grew him, gave him small projects, that turned into larger projects, and soon his role as financial backer and operations manager for the Company grew into his becoming the equal of all the others, if the quieter one who would ultimately survive.




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