Bobby Valentine
Portrayed By Bobby Cannavale
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 5, 1971
Age 38
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases BV
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Street Performer/Ex-journalist/Blogger
Known Relatives Anthony Valentino (Father), Stella Valentino (Mother), Michael Valentino (Brother), Becky Valentino (Sister), Susan Valentino (Ex-Wife), Bobby Jr. and Sarah Valentino (Children, Twins)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities N/A
First Appearance Caffeine And Drama

Outwardly, Bobby street performer in the style of the old folk singers of the 60's. Secretly, he's Lighthouse, the author of the inflammatory blog The Hammer And Bell.



Bobby Valentino was your typical Italian American kid, born and raised in Brooklyn. His father was a police officer and his mother was a secretary. He grew up with an older sister and a younger brother. His childhood was rather normal, comparatively speaking. He did well enough in class, though he wasn't top of his class. His father kept at him to stay active and fit, and Bobby grew up with a healthy love of sports. That love grew into a passion as Bobby grew. He'd studied statistics and trivia of all things sports. He was also an avid Yankees fan.

Bobby played in as many sports as he could while in high school. He was a catcher for the baseball team and a tailback for the football team. He wrote a sports column for the school newspaper, sparking his interest in journalism. He wasn't good enough to make pro in sports, so he'd found an avenue to follow that would let him continue to work in something he'd loved. After graduation, he'd been accepted to NYU and went to journalism school. That's where he'd met Susan. The love of his life and the woman he would eventually marry. She was a psychology major and the two hit it off well, despite their differences. Bobby was very outgoing and charismatic while Susan was more quiet and subdued. After graduation, the two had married.

Through Susan, Bobby had learned how to play the guitar, and she'd given him a newfound love for folk music, and a knowledge of the social activism of the 60's and 70's. The pair would play out in Central Park for kicks, at least until the twins were born. Once the twins were in the picture, it was time for Bobby to get serious and get a decent job. He was exstatic when he'd heard that the New York Times wanted to interview him. He went in hoping to get a job as a sports columnist, but instead walked away with a job writing stories on the police files. A job was a job, as far as Bobby was concerned, and he'd hoped that in the future he could transfer. Thankfully, due to his father's contacts in the PD, Bobby was able to write some fairly decent pieces. Then one day he'd started to follow along on the investigation of the murder of a foreigner. A cab driver by the name of Chandra Suresh.

The police were boggled, very little evidence was found. While doing research, he'd realized that Suresh was an expert in genetic research, and was even published. Bobby had found a copy of Suresh's book and read it cover to cover, fascinated. he was so excited to write a story about it, and that's when the threats came in… Minor, but they were threats nonetheless. There seemed to be people in the know who wanted to keep the murder and the story of Suresh's life quiet.Bobby, not to be dissuaded, wanted to add this to his story. When he went to his editor, he was summarily turned down, with a warning to drop the whole thing. Bobby, now incensed at the fact that he was being censored for no good reason, became even more obsessed with the story. He pushed and pushed until the newspaper finally just fired him. Down and out, Susan landed the final blow when she'd divorced the man, and moved, with the twins, to Upstate New York.

Bobby was then contacted by someone, whom he can't even tell if he'd wanted. A source, that explained to him that the subjects in Suresh's book were true, and not just theories. People with extraordinary capabilites existed. he was also warned that the government couldn't be trusted. That there would be a major cover-up if anything were to reveal the existence of these people to the general population. Bobby, continuing in his pursuit to shed light on the truth and to bring his story to the people, started a blog online. He's got a small gathering of readers, and he hopes to increase that daily. It is through the Internet that Bobby hopes he can shed light on the truth without being held back.


November 2009


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  • Holds a RL email address of moc.liamg|17501esuohthgiL#moc.liamg|17501esuohthgiL for any anonymous information from sources.
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