2010-07-07: Bonding



Date: July 7, 2010


A James Bond marathon is the plan that doesn't quite come together.


Wheeler's Apartment


This is something Wheeler's Apartment hasn't been in… months? Maybe even a year? But through some weird twist of cheerleading fate, Wheeler's apartment has been cleaned up and is perfectly organized, spotless and still manages to seem like home to the big geek. How long it stays that way is dependent on a few different factors.

Claire Bennet is one of them.

There are keys that jingle as Wheeler unlocks the door and steps back, allowing the deliciously blonde cutie to enter into his apartment first. Though, he does use a long arm to snake it inside and flick on the light, so that she may marvel at the greatness that is his Clean Apartment.

"I'm tellin' you, you're gonna' love it. Everybody loves James Bond!"

"Hmm. I guess I'll trust you. I don't know why I never saw any before. They just never interested me, but I'm going in with an open mind and I'm slightly biased because you like them, after all," Claire says with a grin as she steps into the apartment, glancing about curiously. Not having a lot of friends her age here in New York City, apartments that belong to boys she's dating and not to family members are something she hasn't seen a lot of.

She moves cautiously inside, green eyes darting here and there, trying to gather clues about who this man is when he's not in a Food Court uniform. She's dressed for the heat in short denim shorts, a tank top and flip flops, her free hand on the hot-pink cast that is itching like crazy. Her stitches are out and it doesn't look the small cut that remains above her eye will scar — something she hasn't had to worry about in a long, long time.

"Wanna give me the tour?" she asks, turning to grin up at the tall apartment dweller.

Wheeler slides in behind Claire, immediately pushing the door closed with his foot and locking it quickly, before taking his keys and hanging them from the Spider-Man key holder that's webbed to the wall, next to the door. He's such a damn dork.

"As you wish, m'lady." Wheeler bows in an overdramatic style, before extending his arm for Claire to wrap around, as he leads her off in the general direction of the kitchen. "Our first stop will be the Kitchen. A place of wonderment and excitement and many a TV Dinner. It is here that I, Your Highness, will be preparing the multitude of snacks that we will be consuming during the elongated viewing process that we will be initiating tonight."

Wheeler waves his hand dramatically at the fridge and microwave and the tall stacks of chips and pastries that someone of a Gamer background would always have on hand.

She wraps her good arm around his an allows herself to be led, giggling a little at the melodramatic display of chivalry. "Well, I am impressed. You actually know how to use the microwave? You have my brother beat in that regard, at least. He just eats lunchables when he's on some raid or quest or heist or whatever you call them in your little gamer boy world. That or a healthy dinner of Slim Jims and Cheez Wiz. Please don't feed me Cheez Wiz," Claire says with a grin, hand sliding down his arm to curl her fingers through his. "I do like chocolate milk, though." Things to remember for the future! "Do you ever have Cap'n Crunch with chocolate milk? It's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for breakfast, oh-my-god."

Wheeler actually blinks for a second, tilting his head at the mention of breakfast. He doesn't say anything, but he does smile a little bit. He's thinking she means something that she may or may not mean. But whatever. He steps into the kitchen, leading her on to the fridge. "Ugh. Cheez Whiz is horrible. When I do nachos, I do nachos." Opening the fridge reveals actual cheese and, holy crap, a gallon of chocolate milk. Coincidence!

"If you want, I could run out while you're sleeping and grab some Cap'n. Just in case." Wink.

The fact he got the chocolate milk obviously just for her has her grinning from ear to ear. The mention of sleeping makes her blush, on the other hand. "You betting I fall asleep from boredom during the movie or something?" she counters. "I thought I was just going to looove it." Maybe she's playing hard to get. Maybe she's just that innocent. Hard to tell. Especially in the short shorts, right?

"All right. So this is the kitchen. Show me the throne room — how many consoles do you have?" Claire asks, reaching up to scratch that itchy cut on the corner of her right eye… that is… no longer there. Her fingertips touch smooth skin, realizing she must have healed — the dull ache in her arm is still there, however… if her power's coming back, it's not quite capable of healing a broken bone, apparently. Hopefully he won't notice, if her theory is right.

Wheeler is incapable of noticing anything above the waist, at the moment, because of those short shorts. Its not his fault. He's a male. It just happens that way. "Huh? Oh. Right." Hopefully, she didn't notice him gawking like a little pervert or something.

"What console don't I have, is the question, Claire." Wheeler is leading her out of the kitchen and off in the direction of the main living area where every video game system imaginable is located. There are multiple televisions, where different systems are hooked up to each of them, in multiples. It's like he's a Gamer God or something. "I'd go into Dorky Details about how they're hooked up and the Sections and all, but the only one that truly matters is the Nintendo Section." He makes a wave of his hand towards the middle section, which has the biggest flat screen and the most amount of games and systems and stuff.

Looking at the televisions and the various platforms, Claire slowly nods, looking duly impressed. "My brother would worship at your altar, I am sure. We only have, like, two televisions, and only one of them he's allowed to use for games, so he has to swap out his Playstation and Wii and the GameCube all the time. Then of course the computer games and his DS. I don't even know. The only thing I'm any good at is the Wii, really. It must be a boy thing."

She runs a hand through her hair, to make her bangs fluff to the side more and hopefully cover the eye. "So… movies. Are we watching them in chronological order or alphabetical or according to the ever-popular Archibald Wheeler Scale of Awesomeness?"

Wheeler is incapable of smiling at this point. He can't believe that she plays Wii. Which is always a good sign. "You Wii? Nice. There's this new Strip Poker Wii game that just came out. We'll have to try that one out." Wheeler makes it a point to say that with a smile, before he peels his arm from hers and heads off towards the big screen in the middle and flips everything on, including DVD players. "Well, we could go by my scale of awesome, but I think we should at least start with Dr. No. I would be kicked out of the Bond Fan Club if I started with anything else. And I can't have that happen. They're giving out Decoder Rings next month!"

"Decoder rings. Be sure to drink your Ovaltine?" she quips, moving to the sofa as he flips on the television and the DVD players, kick off her flip flops and curling right in the middle so that no matter what he has to sit next to her. The healing of her cut is on her mind — part of why she threw herself at Wheeler was because she was normal for a week; part of her worries that she shouldn't pursue any kind of relationship if she's going to go back to being abnormal. But the rest of her is not ready to give him up.

She likes him. A lot.

Sitting on the couch, she brings her feet up and wraps her arms around her legs, planting her chin on top of her knees to study him as he readies the DVD for watching. "Is this one with Sean Connery?" she asks. "Is there a Doctor Yes?"

"Epic Fail! But I refuse to take points off because you're too damn cute." Wheeler quips back, in the midst of loading in the DVD and grabbing the necessary remote control. There's so many! It's amazing that he manages to pick the right one!

Within moments, he has managed to get himself back over to the sofa, which he flops down upon and gives the remote control a spin. "Sean Connery is correct, though. Also known as The Greatest James Bond of All Frickin' Time." He flashes a grin. "Emphasis on Frickin'."

"Because he's Sean Frickin' Connery, of course," Claire teases. Only then she notices her knees, scratched and cut from the glass on the pavement last week, are also no longer scratched and cut but smooth. At least that's less noticeable — she doubts he noticed the small cuts earlier, since she's so much shorter than him. Her knees are way below his sight line. Once he sits, she straightens her legs over his lap, clearly as much here for the cuddling as the movie. Or perhaps more. "You're not going to quiz me, after, are you?" she asks, turning to look at him, tilting her head as she studies his face. "I'm easily distracted."

"That depends on what exactly is causing your distraction." Wheeler manages to blurt out before he even realizes what he's saying. His hand is focused on starting the film, while his eyes are already looking over at Claire. He's much too interested in her to be worried about the film. Not to mention, well, he's got the film memorized. "A quiz might be a good idea. I'm sure we could always find some way to make it interesting…"

"Candy!" she says with a playful bounce as if candy is really on either of their minds, but she grins, a little wickedly, before turning to watch the beginning of the movie. "You'll have to reward me if I get the questions right. Or maybe I'll have to forfeit something if I get the question wrong…" she suggests. If it's clothing, she can't be wearing that many pieces — tank top, shorts, and the scant number items that go beneath those. Interesting, indeed.

Wheeler is paying too close attention to Claire to actually even know that the film is starting. "Don't worry. I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement." is all Wheeler has to say, clearly not even beginning to think about anything else but the possibility of Claire Forfeiting… something.

With a soft giggle, Claire leans up, tugs Wheeler down, and with a kiss, the movie is forgotten completely. Apparently she's forfeiting the game before it begins, Wheeler the victor by default. There will be a post-victory-celebratory breakfast of Cap'N Crunch and chocolate milk in the near future.

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