2007-06-10: Boobs Of Justice


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Summary: It's confession time at Stately Cain Manor.

Date It Happened: June 10th, 2007

Boobs Of Justice

Stately Cain Manor, Hyde Park, Manhattan, NYC

It's not long past sunset on what had been a trying evening for the guitarist who occasionally does legal work. But, then, sunset comes late on days like this tenth one in the month of June. 8:26 pm, to be exact, and it's now nine. A woman is arriving at Cain Manor. She doesn't come in through the bathroom window, although some may claim in life she's been protected by a silver spoon. No, she comes in through the front door with a key. Booted feet tread lightly as she closes the door behind her and begins to explore the interior in search of one Jaden Cain. Above those feet are dark jeans and a grey T-shirt marked with the Yale emblem. Oh, and she's carrying both a guitar and a backpack. Like that would ever be a surprise. The expression to Jane's face is somber, she has Things On Her Mind.

Where In The Manor Is… Jaden Cain?

He's actually coming down from upstairs in a fairly normal way. For once. Maybe he's tired. Maybe he's high. Maybe he's just in preparation to turn Older tomorrow. Whatever the case may be, Jaden Cain has decided that he's going to be walking in his house this evening. He spots the significant other type without fail and offers a goofy smile (as always) as he speeds up his steps to get down and closer to the hottie he somehow managed to woo with his comedically cartoonish antics. "Heeelllllooooooooo Nurse!" He has not noticed Somberdom.

"Hey," she answers softly. She stops as he approaches, showing a slight smile, and just nearly looks up at his face, before lowering his eyes. "It's been a bit of a rough day, Jaden," Jane states, "and I need to share some things with you. Tell you some things." Her feet resume movement, to carry her up the stairs toward the bedroom he uses. "Come with me?"

"Okay. Hold on." Jaden closes his eyes and pretends like he's concentrating, which causes a couple of other Jadens to pop up around him. He's preparing for something. "I'll come with you. Jaden'll go get the guns. And Other Jaden will go be somewhere -really- public so I have an alibi while Jaden With The Guns is hunting the Wascally Wabbit that hurt my girl." It's weird and amusing, because the Jadens all seem to be in agreement with this plan. The two Dittos even start to head off in opposite directions.

"The hurting is over," Jane replies, her lips curving into a smile as the two copies go into action. "I sort of won." It's priceless, really, and starts to work at easing her mood. But within seconds of it, her somberness is back and she's once again climbing those stairs. "I have a story to tell you, of the evening I just had, and some things leading up to it over the last few days. If I were to give it a title it'd be Pizzas, Lessons, and Commands."

"Awwwwww…" "Maaaaaaan!" The Dittos stop and fade out of existence, as Jaden stumbles for a second on his way to the stairs. "I always miss anything good." Frowning, he does get into the whole following Jane upstairs thing, since she's hot and in need of serious JLC. He's going to have to figure out the best way to cheer her up, before he starts having sympathy depressed issues.

"So a few days ago," she begins, on reaching the top of those stairs, "I met a young woman, she was gothy, in the East Village. Didn't think anything of it, Lyndsay didn't look like trouble. But she is. We started talking, I bought her a pizza at a place nearby, and agreed to give her guitar lessons." Her feet keep moving toward the bedroom, her eyes remain on the floor. "And when she came to be taught, that's when the trouble began."

"So you decided to open a Ronald McDonald's House for random people on the street. Got it." Jaden follows closely to the bedroom, since that's probably the safest place to really talk in this madhouse that's supposed to be a mansion. "Except, that, y'know… people in New York are OUT OF THEIR MINDS, so there's no way I woulda' been like: Hey! Come on down for guitar lessons, even though you're a scary goth chick!" And the trying to make light of the situation continues.

"She wasn't scary. And she has the ability to get her way just by speaking. An ability like my ultrasonic voice, or the many yous. Or Elena's biochemistry." The voice is quiet, it's clear the whole thing shames her, but perhaps not yet why. Jane deposits her guitar case and pack on the floor as she speaks, then slides the shirt over her head, dropping it. "While I was giving the lesson a friend stopped by, to see my roommate, she's his girlfriend. Pete Petrelli. Lyndsay told me to stop being so modest. Next thing I knew, I was going wild on my guitar, playing rapid fire scales, thirty-secondth notes." She mimes the speed of her fingers, how that looks. "Then she leaves. And he leaves. And I stop being modest. Suddenly I'm walking around the apartment in just panties and going off the rails. I wrote a new US constitution and UN charter, had plans to actually submit them, along with turning both into rock operas."

"I see nothing wrong with what happened. Especially the panties part. Do you still have her number?" Jaden's kidding, though he's pretty sure Jane's not going to see that. So he plasters on a giant smile to make it even more clear, just in case. His attention goes to the door as he shoves it closed and leans back against it. "Wait wait… Elena's what?" He makes a note to himself to talk to Elena about this craziness… as soon as he looks up Biochemistry. "So. The girl's crazy and can tell people what to do. Literally. She's gone and unless you're going to give her another guitar lesson… I don't see the problem?"

Her eyes go wide. Oh, crap. "Wait. I… I thought you knew about Elena's ability, Jaden." Jane's shaking her head now, and lowering it. One more thing added to what's eating at her. She's hoping, praying, she didn't just give up a confidence there. "Did you?"

"What? Oh yeah! 'Course! I just don't call it what you smart people call it!" Jaden waves this topic of discussion off, because there are more important things at stake here. Like this Lyndsay person. "So. Lyndsay, huh? Clearly, the solution to this would be to pull an Agent Smith and make her mouth disappear. But since I can only multiply like Smith, I don't think we can do that. So. I say we totally invest in some bondage gear, catch her while she's sleeping… then bam!"

Looking a bit relieved, Jane nods once, and resumes her story while standing there in bra and jeans. "She had me acting crazy. No self-consciousness about being unclothed, no trouble indulging in any legal or musical idea that came to mind. I've been in more guitar duels than I can count, proclaiming myself the most awesome guitarist ever, better than Clapton, Page, and Hendrix rolled into one. Might've alienated the band. I certainly weirded out Elle and Elena, walking around the apartment topless. They could tell I wasn't being me." A deep breath is taken.

When she releases it, the story goes on. "So this evening I decided to go to MSG and challenge whoever's playing there to a musical duel, but I never got there. Ran into Lyndsay again on the street, she told me we should go to my place, and we did. Inside, she gets it out of me what'd been going on, tells me to hate wearing clothes, and so I get naked. It was like she got hold of a toy and decided to keep pushing it. That's when I managed to resist, and the battle started."

"Okay, because I'm your boyfriend and I'm obligated to be supportive, I'm not going to say that I'm not opposed to this whole you not wearing clothes thing. Nor am I going to say that the idea holds some merit and that I agree with Lyndsay's approach to such matters." Beaming smile of Jadenosity. "I will, however, say that this girl needs to be stopped. If she can just walk around and tell people what to do, she could literally become the most powerful person in the city. Tomorrow, the world." He pauses for a silent, oh screw it, "DUN DUN DUN!" Yes, he had to say it. "We need somebody that can resist this -all- the time. Someone that can get past her words to take her down."

"I wish that was me, Jaden," she replies, the shame on her face. Jane's voice is a bit less quiet for the next segment of her tale, a hint of a smile showing at his reaction. "When I resisted, and was able to act, the first thing I did was hit the tv remote and jack the sound up to full volume, hoping I wouldn't be able to hear her. Then I grabbed a guitar and pointed at the door, telling her to leave. She didn't. Tried to quiet the place by going for the tv cord instead, so I hit her with the guitar. Knocked her out. Then I stuffed socks into her mouth, duct taped them in place. Taped her wrists and ankles too, called for help. I called Pete Petrelli."

"… oh." Jaden blinks a little bit and almost falls back against the door. Petrelli. That damn name again. Every where he goes, he hears that name. "Did he um… do the hero thing?" Jaden continues with the looking ever so interested in this story, rather than the envious jealousy that's burning up inside of him at this moment. Somebody just got put on the To Hunt List.

"No. The work was already done, really, by me capturing her. Pete is…" And here's the part which has her shamed so badly, approaching. "He's like us, but different. His thing is being able to absorb, copy, what others do. It happens just by coming into contact with them. I knew, hoped, he would already have her ability by having met her before, or would pick it up by being near her again. I knew I couldn't trust her to speak, getting her to fix what was done might not have been possible, do you see, Jaden? I had to hope he, by developing that ability, would be able to undo what she did." And she takes another deep breath.

"We explained to Lyndsay why what she does is dangerous, that it could get her on the radar of the Company I told you about, or Sylar. The power stealing serial killer. And the next people to catch her aren't likely to be as reasonable as us. She agreed to undo what she did, her mouth was freed, she kept the agreement, and we let her go. She looked scared, called us certifiable and bolted. I don't think she's very used to getting taken down."

"Oh." That's all Jaden has to say about Peter. Who sounds way more cool than he'll ever be. His chances at keeping Jane just totally went down the drain. Why have Multiple Man when she can have Multiple Powers Man? Just great. Jaden keeps his smiling face on this whole time, though, as to not elude to the fact that he's about to end up in emoville himself. "So you guys did the whole Rehab thing and everything's cool, now?"

"Not everything is cool, Jaden," Jane answers, with a dangerous edge coming to her voice. One he might not have heard before. "If she messes around with me or anyone I know again, I'm going to strangle her." She isn't at all joking, and her hands are starting to shake a bit. "I feel violated by this. It's the same as having memories taken, really. Someone got into my head, several times, and I only shut her out once. I', ashamed, so ashamed. I feel dirty. It was so complete, the things she put in my head, that I didn't even think about clothing when I called for help. I was under the influence of being told to hate clothes and naked from that." As she speaks, sharing this most difficult part, she sheds her bra, then the jeans and panties to stand as naked before him as she did then. No hiding, no secrets. "I was watching to make sure she didn't get free before I had backup, and putting anything on didn't occur to me when I answered the door. He didn't look at me. Just turned around and gave me his coat before he'd even come in. And I…"

She sinks into a sitting position, resting her head in her hands, unable to even look at him now, the sense of shame and self-chastisement is so great. "All I can do is beg you to forgive me."

"So, wait. You're sayin' that Peter Parker saw your rack?" Jaden shrugs and just shakes his head "No biggie." He pushes off the door and slides himself across the room to get closer to Jane. Apparently, she's having some sort of mental breakdown about all this and it's not really a big thing. "My Mom used to be the biggest B-Movie actress this world has ever had the displeasure of watching on cable." Shrugging, he just drops down to sit next to her, reaching out to place an arm around her. "When your entire high school career consists of every dude in your school seeing your Mom naked on a weekly basis… you kinda' get used to this kinda' thing."

She leans into him, replying softly "She did that of her own free will, right?" This, to Jane, seems the key element. "It was from choices she made. Not something forced on her, that she wasn't strong enough to resist. I wasn't strong enough to fight that off. One resistance, so many I couldn't shrug off. And I'm not like that. I'm in a relationship with you. I don't mess with other guys. Don't show myself to other guys, and yet, I did. You may be cool with what happened, but I'm not. But I also couldn't keep it secret from you. I… all I can say is I'm naked with you now by choice. Something no other man gets."

Crap. Jaden's going to have to get serious. This is so not happening. He can't do this serious stuff. "Sweetheart, listen… you were mindzapped by Screwy Squirrel! It's not the same as just, y'know, not being in control. It's like… it's like watching a really, really bad sitcom. And not being able to turn the channel because the batteries in the remote are dead. You have the power, but you just can't do it. And that's okay! You don't have to be Black Canary, because you're the Scream Queen of New York. I just want you to be Jane Soon To Be Cain, play music and keep me out of legal trouble when I do something stupid." He shrugs a little bit. "Regardless of who's fault it is. Or who's stronger. Any of that crap. We're gonna' be together for a million evers. It's gonna' take a lot more than the Boobs of Justice being seen by Spidey to get me away from you."

"Thank you," she replies softly, a hint of smile showing as she continues to lean against him. "Fidelity is important to me. Free will is important to me. Both were intruded upon in this. I've been here before, after the last time memories were taken. Not trusting myself. Feeling dirty, shamed. It'll stay with me, part of it will always be around. But I'm stronger than I ever thought possible. I'll rise above. Never once backed away from a challenge." Jane glances down at her bare chest, then up to his face, a quiet laugh escaping. "Boobs of Justice. That's unique."

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