2008-02-16: Bored as a Ferret


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Summary: Ben visits Meryl in the Company Hospital. She is Out Of It. Also, she has no hair.

Date It Happened: 16 FEBRUARY 2008

Bored as a Ferret

Company Hospital

Since Meryl was brought into the Company medical facilities the night before, Benjamin hasn't left her room. He has made himself freshen up a little in the adjoining bathroom, but that's been about it. A copy of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone has been procured, possibly from a nurse, and he's reading aloud from it. The book is serving as a great distraction for him, and it strikes him as something imaginative that Meryl might like. Even if she may not be able to hear him. Feeling guilty about this, he can't bring himself to leave the woman alone. This is entirely his fault.


She's been sound asleep for most of the time she's been in the hospital, waking up long enough to look around - notably in a confused haze - before drifting off back to sleep. Meryl can't remember those brief periods of wakefulness, nor can she remember why she's here in the first place. Her whole head is bandaged, hair gone from the surgery that repaired a cracked skull. The wound itself is still open underneath - necessary to accomodate for swelling of the brain post-surgery. It'll take awhile to heal.

There's a grunt as she wakes, blinking, something more cognizant in her eyes as she focuses on the sound of Ben's voice. About the only thing she can surmise is that she's in a hospital room, Ben's here, and she's too damn tired to be angry. And she hurts. And she's kind of scared, because despite concentrating on remembering answers, she can't. "Ben?" she says weakly.


Benjamin shuts up when Meryl wakes up. Marking his place in the book he sets it aside and gets up from his seat. "Yeah Meryl? Do you want me to leave?," he asks softly. Hey, again, his fault this happened, and if she's awake and not wanting him there, he'll comply. Cautiously, he approaches the bed, shoving his hands into his pants pockets. It doesn't take much to add to his expression that he's feeling pretty kicked around and lost. The swollen eye helps.


She starts to shake her head and finds that it's restrained, so she says "No," instead. Her eyes close for a moment, and it almost seems as if she might go back to sleep. "Hold my hand, Ben, I'm scared," she says eventually. If she can rationalise the world around her as a playground half the time, then this is a nightmare. She can't move, she doesn't know why she's here, and perhaps worst of all, she's bored. Okay, that's probably not the worst part, but to her, it may as well be. She's breathing a little faster now, fingers opening and reaching, and asks, "Wha' happened?"


Benjamin looks like he's been kicked, more, at the request, but obliges. He scoots his chair to Meryl's bedside and holds her hand in his. "Just stay still, okay? Try to relax." Settling into the chair, his hand remains locked with Meryl's. He glances away from the woman briefly, eye bloodshot from lack of sleep and the concern he's feeling. "We had a fight, this is all my fault," he admits with all honesty as that's something that's one personality trait that wasn't taken away from him.


Stay still? That's like asking a ferret to pose for a picture. Opening her eyes just long enough to give him an 'Are you SERIOUS?' expression, she complies. It's not easy, though. Fight. They had a fight. She thinks back, but it's all fuzzy. The last thing she actually remembers is walking into her apartment complex on Valentine's Day. She doesn't even remember opening her own apartment door. "We did? Another one?" Voice drowsy, Meryl still manages to stay awake, albeit with her eyes closed. "Why is it… when…" Another long pause. "'m ready to talk…" She trails off, energy pretty much completely exhausted. That would be the point she was trying to make, though.


"Yeah, we had another one, and I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have pushed at you. I should have just let you take your time, or maybe should have just left you alone." Benjamin's hand squeezes Meryl's just a little. "I never wanted to hurt you." He shifts a little in his seat, and brings up his other hand so that both are holding Meryl's. "Why don't you just rest a little? We'll talk when you're feeling better. I'll take care of Basil for you while you're here."


She's forgetting something important. It'll come to her.

"Nah. S'okay," she says, turning her hand in his so that they can thumb-wrestle. He'll probably win, but she'll give him a good fight, for a couple seconds, anyway. She does want to talk to him, though. See about straightening this up before something else happens.

Forgetting something…

"So wad'ja do? Punch me?" She's mostly joking, but damn if she doesn't feel like she's been punched. She's kind of numb, she can't move her head, and the entire fight they supposedly had is just blank space. Like nothing happened, like there's a chunk of her life missing.


Benjamin smiles just a little at the thumbwrestling. It's a sad smile, even as he wrestles a little with Meryl. He's silent for several minutes, even after she asks what he did. "I lost control of my ability. There's no excuse for it. I just got so mad. You weren't talking to me, I fought with Church, and I just.. you hit your head."

Looking up at Meryl, trying to meet her gaze, he sighs a little, noticing how much of her hair is now gone, "I'll buy you as many hats or wigs as you want." It'll do nothing to make up for what he did, but at least the hats and wigs will help if Meryl wants them.


Oh, that's important. Not what she was thinking about, but now that it's on her mind, she does realise that she's got no hair. Oh, man. That kind of sucks. Maybe they just figured it would look too silly to remove just a little patch. Little did the doctors know that Meryl wrote the book on Silly! Well, she'll make this work.

She doesn't really feel angry with Ben. A little sad, maybe. Meryl knows he'll never be the same again, and that kills her a little, because she was trying to help. And maybe this'll make him a better agent - she doesn't know. But at the cost of his life, his memories… Her lower lip sticks out. Wibbles.

"I was just so sad. They— they— " Trailing off again, she blinks. Sighs.

Remembering— Oh.



"I know you were sad, and maybe I deserved it.. Maybe I'm better off with this." This being what the Company did to him. As for Meryl, no. What happened shouldn't have. "I'm surprised they put up with me for as long as they did. Church gave me a good talking to and a beating about it all."

Benjamin's hands remain around hers, and he looks at a loss when that lip starts wibbling. "Call what or who?," he asks, not sure if Meryl even realizes what she's saying.


When she gets out of here, she might just hit him. "You're a boob," she mutters. Her breathing falls into a rhythmic pattern again, for a long time. She might as well be asleep, and, in fact, probably is. With the drugs and the pain, it's no wonder, really.

Even so, perhaps because of the importance of what she has to say - mostly so she can alleviate her own boredom and get out of here before she dies from it - her eyes open again. "Bekah. Call Bekah."


"Yeah, I am." Benjamin will even let Meryl get in a free shot if she still wants to him when she's better. No objections at all. When the woman goes quiet, he doesn't try to disturb her. In fact, he starts to let go of her hand so that he can put his chair back where it was and return to reading aloud. As Meryl asks for Bekah, he nods. "I'll call Bekah for you. I think that's best." And he'll send the doctor more flowers. More? Did she heal him? Did he thank her? That's a little fuzzy. Maybe he'll check his own file later to see if that happened.

Standing from his chair, Ben leans over to give Meryl a kiss on the forehead, taking care with her injury. "Lemme go call her, see when she can come to help you."


After she's said what she needed to say, Meryl closes her eyes again, settling it and allowing sleep to once again overtake her. In all likelihood, she won't remember this conversation later, either. Or if she does, it'll be in bits and pieces, kind of like waking up from a dream. That's okay, though. She can always as Ben what happened later.

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