2007-10-04: Boy McWonder Finds A Kitten


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Summary: Aftermath of the dream, Peter goes to look for Kitty at the University Campus and manages to find her. He earns a new nickname and starts to work on information control a little. And passes contact numbers too.

Date It Happened: October 4, 2007

Boy McWonder Finds A Kitten

New York University

The campus can be quiet at times— even full ones like this university. Quiet may not be the proper term, though, but there is considerable less activity than some portions of the week right now. Dressed in a light jacket and dark clothes, Peter glances around with a pair of sunglasses shielding his eyes from the sun. Looking around, he's trying to find one specific person in a campus of thousands— and if it wasn't for a little thing called destiny and coincidence (or both), it would probably be a futile attempt, needle in a haystack— But he'd still search for one of the dreamers that he shared an encounter with.

And if Peter is looking hard enough, he would definitely spot Kitty because she is getting ready to walk directly across from him. Dressed in a pair of black jeans and a blue tank top and fingerless gloves. Kitty also has her ipod music blasting in her ears, her hair in a ponytail. The look on Kitty's face is one of deep thought and she scratches her head as she walks, not even noticing that Peter is near her. She readjusts her messenger bag a few times and looks behind her, seems like the whole dream has freaked Kitty out.

See? Coincidence. The same thing that brought them to the same cafe, brings them together again. Peter hurries in his walk, pushing the sunglasses up so that he's more easily recognizable, and says, "Hey— um— Kitty, right? You were— we met the other day? You know Elena?" He's starting off simple, a worried tone to his voice. Even if the dream bothered him, he doesn't look tired, but he's wanting to confirm she has her memory before he says much more…

At first, Kitty doesn't hear Peter because of the music, but she does notice somebody talking to her and she looks up at Peter. "Oh!" she says and takes the earbuds out of her ears, "Hey, Peter right? Elena's friend or boyfriend?" she smiles softly at the man and nods her head. She hadn't heard what he said before. "Did you come to talk about the 'dream'?" she whispers to him and looks around the area to make sure nobody heard.

"Boyfriend," Peter explains, a hint of a smile before he lets the sunglasses rest on his nose again. "Yeah— that— I honestly just wanted to make sure you… that it actually happened. I'm glad you got out of there all right." It genuinely seems like he's relieved.
"Likewise it was a mess, that was all pretty freaky. I didn't even know that many of us existed. I mean Jane told me but I had no idea. We're everywhere" Kitty looks worried but then her expression softens again, "So you are our very own Boy McWonder huh?" she teases lightly, it's something Kitty does to relieve stress.

"Yeah— it was pretty bad— and what happened afterward didn't help either," Peter says, toying loosely with the sleeve of his jacket, head tilting a bit at the mention of Jane. "That's— right— you know her. Maybe you can be the one to tell her about the dream. I got a lot of stuff to do…" He shakes his head. There's so much he needs to do… "Boy McWonder?" he has to laugh. "Never been called that one before— but yeah, I guess. I— sort of— absorb the abilities of others. Do what they can… do. Every since that dream, I haven't been tired at all— that wasn't you, was it?"

Kitty nods her head, "Of course I can tell her. I've called and left a voicemail she hasn't gotten back to me yet, but I'll track Janie down" Kit looks at Peter and lays a hand on his shoulder, "If you need help, sign me up. You can't do it all alone, no matter how many abilities you have" she smiles softly and pats his shoulder. The young mechanic then shakes her head, "No, that was a friend of mine. I'll let her explain her ability to you. Not wanting to out her and all. I have visions, by the touch of an object and it seems like with more practice without touching an object and just by being in the vicinity of it. I also can see things by touching people, but that's super rare. Past and future, ya know" she shrugs lightly as explains her ability to Peter. "Was that man the one? The one who steals our abilities and kills us?" she cants her head.

"That'd be a great help— Also— let her know that our abilities all went… crazy," Peter adds on, looking down at his hands briefly. No glowy now, but there was glowy then. Lots of glowy. Word ending kind of glowy. "Oh— right. I still need to stop by and see her, too. I'm not sure what all you can help with— honestly I don't know exactly what I'm doing right now, but— easier way to contact you would help." This is when he pulls out his cellphone. Time to get numbers. When she explains what she can do, an eyebrow is raised. "Really? I— I've seen duplicated abilities before but— I already got something pretty close to that." Huh. And he knows that Mara was there— makes him wonder if their abilities helped amplify the dream even more… "Yeah, that was him. I guess Jane mentioned him to you?"

"Will do" she says simply as she withdraws her hand and tucks it in her pocket. She remembers the glowy, she tried to tell him to 'hide' the glowy but sleep took care of that. "That's fine, just anything you can think of that I can do to help. My number is 283-5454." She says as she takes her phone out as well to get Peter's number. And when he mentions he has something close to that, "You know someone like me? They can do what I can do?" her eyes widen and a grin crosses her lips. Her eyes harden when Peter answers her, "I heard of him. I can't remember his name though, maybe Portia or Jane said it. I can't remember" she shakes her head and then looks back to Peter.

"And your name's Kitty? I'm Peter. 283-1407," he responds, making the exchange as he programs in her name and number really quick. He'll write it down somewhere else too. "Peter Petrelli," he follows up, since he didn't give his full name before. "Yeah— sort of. It's a little different, I'm sure, but close." There's a long pause. "He calls himself Sylar, but hopefully he won't be causing any trouble anymore."

"Yep, Kitty is the name, you're related to that politician huh?" she then nods to him as she takes his number down in her phone "Ah ok. Your ability is pretty cool, can you fly?" she grins and she doesn't know /anything/ of Nathan being able to fly but Boy McWonders must be able to fly right? "Yeah I noticed those people taking him away, that was the Company correct?" she raises an eyebrow as she tries to think back to that day. People in suits, guy with glasses giving orders. They looked Men In Black to her.

"Yeah— that's my brother," Peter says though he's not really smiling as he puts his phone away. "Fly— walk through walls— read peoples minds— none of it really great, though." Boy McWonder can definitely fly. But— when she mentions the Company he blinks, rather surprised, then actually seems a little bothered, glancing around once. "You really… shouldn't know about that. And we should talk about it either."

Kitty blinks as Peter lists off his abilities and nods again. "I won't mention them again, unless it's talking to you or someone I know I can trust" she says and looks behind. Way to make her paranoid Peter! Kitty readjusts her messenger bag when she turns back around.

"Sorry," Peter shakes his head, though honestly he's really not. "There's just some things that people are better off not knowing too much about. It's like secret agents." Once the secret's out— they wouldn't be agents anymore, would they? He knows he didn't make her comfortable, but he does glance toward his watch. "I should go. It was nice to meet you in a situation where we weren't sharing a dream and getting into exorbenant amount of danger. Though I'd like to suggest you… be a little more careful with your— weapons."

Kitty looks immediately guilty, "I know, that's never happened to me before" she says and then looks back up to Peter, "It was nice to meet you Boy McWonder, I guess I'll be seeing you around?" she says as she slowly backs up as she talks to him, a smile on her lips. Nothing seems to get Kitty down for long.

"It's possible. I hope everything goes well with Jane," Peter says, giving her a nod and raising his hand a bit before he turns away and starts to leave for the edge of campus. So much more to do…

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