2010-01-23: FB: Brainz Over Brawn



Date Set: January 23, 2009


Cass visits Niki and family and Micah comes home from school black and blue…

One Year Ago…

"BRAINZ Over Brawn"

Sander-Hawkins' Residence — NYC

A white mug that features a waterfall, rainbow, and the words NIAGARA FALLS, warmed by tea, is exchanged from one hand to the other: from Niki to Cass. "Sorry about the tourist mug. They were giving them out at work," she former says as she steps back and sinks into an armchair. It's bright and airy in the living room of the house Niki's family has been living in since the fall, and though its not the absolute tidiest, it's spacious, much roomier than Monica's house back in Queens; it's already homey, decorated with many a smiling photograph.

Also smiling is Niki herself, who wraps her hands around her own drink with a clink of her wedding ring against the mug's #1 Mom logo and crosses jean-clad legs. She has a fitted (but cozy) dark blue hoodie on over a white shirt and her blonde hair has been pulled back into a ponytail without much thought — it's a little messy. Now that they're settled… "How've you been?" A pointed question, warm eyes starting to fill with concern.

Wrapping her hands around the mug, the tourist vista of Niagara Falls disappears. The brunette sits perched on her chair as if she just can't get comfortable. Eyes are focused on the steaming liquid as she rests it gingerly on her knee. Cass looks tired, that much is obvious. There are dark circles under her eyes and her normally bright clothing has even been tempered down. A pair of jeans and borrowed shirt from Lachlan with the logo of some Scottish band she doesn't know isn't her normal attire. But it's comfortable, which is really what the bookstore owner cares about.

What's a little more worrying is beyond the tired and beyond the strange attire, she looks a little haunted. Something that Cass never was before. She'd seen bad things, been a part of bad things, but she was always optimistic, always sure that everything would work out in the end. Now she just looks lost. But, she's here visiting. The change of scenery is supposed to do her good. So, she grins and bears it. Tearing her eyes off the mug, she gives Niki a weak smile. "If I said good, you'd know I was lying." With a shrug and a roll of her shoulders, her hands shakes just slightly. "It's getting better. Not every day, but some days." It's hard to just look at Niki, so she just turns her face toward the window. "It's nice here."

The door creaks open very slowly as one Micah Sanders attempts to sneak into the house. Dressed in blue jeans, a warm coat, and a red sweater underneath with his backpack slung over a single shoulder, he steps lightly to avoid any unnecessary attention before slinking off towards the kitchen (of course, the noise of the door itself would generally draw attention, particularly when paired with the eerie silence that follows). Purposely his gaze remains on the ground in front of him rather than searching for either of his parents — his head of thick curly hair his only identifier.

"We like it." Niki's focus is less on how nice it is here and more on Cass. Her friend's appearance… her voice, even her posture, are signs she recognizes. Familiar ones. The concern in her gaze only increases, becoming more understanding, even if Cass can't see it. "If there's anything else I can do…" She's being doing what she can, but it's something of a drive between their respective homes. Niki's armchair — oversized and featuring an easily ignorable grey pattern — is close to Cass, arm's length, and for a second, as one hand falls away from with the warmth of her cup, it looks like she might reach out to the other woman. Instead, she leans on the arm of the chair, closer. "I've been there, I know… how every day can be a struggle. But— some good days're better than no good days." She sits up a little to look over her shoulder toward the kitchen, glancing back at Cass— she's not hearing things, right? She tests out her theory with a questioning call. "…Micah…?"

"You've already done so much, Niki." Cass knows that Niki's concerned about her. And it means a lot to her that she's fine with Cass staying at her home. There are still vestiges and small outbursts of her synthetic ability along with night terrors. They're much less frequent, but the last thing she wants to do is expose Micah to that. It's one thing to be crazy and going through withdrawal in the privacy of her own home with Lachlan. It's quite another to make someone else see it. "I know. I'll get through it." Her words are a little hollow, though, as if she's not quite sure she believes it herself. The sound in the other room goes unnoticed by Cass until Niki calls Micah's name. Her head swivels from looking out the window back toward Niki and then the kitchen.

Having managed to enter the kitchen relatively undetected, Micah secretly celebrates in his head with a near-silent sigh of relief. Mission accomplished. He nearly-silently opens the freezer before he hears his name. Oh no. Mom is home and aware of his entrance. Now what? "…Yeah…?" He carefully takes out a large bag of peas which he promptly puts over the right side of his face, including his eye, lip, and nose. He winces as he does so. There's a moment before he says anything else to his mom, trying to figure out a reason why he would be in the kitchen. Of course, if he manages to allay any concerns now he'll be able to talk about it more casually at supper. So he doesn't exactly lie as he reaches for an apple in the fridge, "…just getting a snack…"

It's Niki's Mom Sense that picked up on the boy's shuffling around in the kitchen, quiet as it was, and it's that same sense that makes her hesitate and listen carefully to his tone of voice. As she twists to catch a glimpse of him, she can't quite see what he's doing, however. "Okay," she calls back. "Guess who's here - Cass! Come say hi when you're done." With that, she flops back against the chair's cushion and picks up where she left off with Cass. Gently imploring brows lift up. "Stay the weekend?" Even with the risks.

It's a mother son moment that Cass feels strange just sitting there for. She feels like she's intruding. It's not a moment out of the ordinary, but it's because it's so ordinary that the brunette feels like she must look away. She decides upon looking into her tea again. Finally, Niki makes herself a normal life away from the city and Cass intrudes upon it with all her broken baggage and drug rehab. The last thing she wants to do is manipulate Niki or Micah somehow, or worse wake up screaming in the middle of the night and terrifying Micah (not to mention Niki and D.L.). For a moment, the feeling of loss and isolation drifts it's way across the room, possibly weaseling it's way into Niki's and Micah's own emotions.

It's not for very long before Cass realizes what she's doing because the pain of the drug that she no longer takes makes itself known. The ability she had is not truly hers and whenever emotions such like those leak out of her, the drug attempts to take hold, to pull her back in, make her take more. It's crippling and intense, but like a mini-storm is gone - along with the emotional fog - after a minute. In her pain, the bookstore owner's mug falls to the floor, spilling her full mug of tea everywhere. It takes her a moment to even realize what's happening, a hand is pressed against her forehead as if to keep everything in place. "I— I'm sorry. Wh— where do you keep your paper towels…I'll clean that up."

"Oh… uh. Okay," he calls back almost crestfallen. So much for bringing up the subject gently at dinner. With a sigh he turns to the sitting room and hesitates a moment. Maybe they won't notice if he acts like it's normal? Taking a deep breath, he forces a smile which automatically hurts his bloodied (and bruising lip) and walks in with the bag of peas still held over his eye and half of his nose. "Hi Cass." If the bag of frozen peas on his face weren't an indicator that something is wrong, the dried blood on his chin certainly is.

And then turning to his mom he says carefully, "I… I think…it looks worse than it is…" he shakes slightly as the words are uttered. Not really from fear, but from the memory of recent events past, "… and… you… you should see the other guy…" The joke fails as Micah's smile fades into a frown, particularly as Cass's feeling creep up on the thirteen year old. He contemplates an apology as he feels alone in his quest to be a hero, but pushing the feeling aside, he shakes his head (but fails to notice that the rest of his body is now shaking), "Y-y-you're a guest… I… I can get paper towel…" Of course, it would be a reprieve from any questions his mom might have.

The second that Niki catches sight of Micah, her alarm and worry is vividly evident. However, as transient as the feeling Cass projects is, it can't drift by ignored. Niki finds herself staring at Micah with a torn expression on her face, and even as it passes and the tea crashes to the floor, there's a notable delay before she comes to her own senses. The feeling lingers uncomfortably, now the result of memory instead of Cass's emotional ability detox.

"…Micah…" Niki manages after a few moments. Conflicted between the pair of them, the blonde leans ahead to plant her cup on the glass surface of the coffee table and gets to her feet. She clears her head as best she can; okay, she can take care of both of them. Stepping around the spreading puddle of tea, Niki leans down eye-level with Cass and plants a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about it," she smiles gently. "I'll get you some more tea." Which means that Niki's hand, as she stands, is transferred to Micah's shoulder and she walks behind him, making him lead the way to the kitchen. No such luck with the reprieve, kiddo. "Micah." Her voice is worried as much as it is prying. Tell the truth or else! "God— your face. Tell me what happened. Did a kid at school do this?"

This is why Cass wants to be clear of all this, to be in control of herself and her emotions. To not cause other people to question themselves whenever they're around her. Or for her to have to question how everyone feels while she's around them. The appearance of Micah's bloodied face is enough to make her pause. "What happened?" She's a little slower than Niki and Micah, so everyone is already in action by the time she asks. She doesn't really expect an answer. As much as they can say she's a guest and doesn't have to help, that doesn't make it so. However, Cass realizes that she shouldn't follow Niki into the kitchen. That's mom and son talk happening there. So, she does her best, reaching for Kleenexes while she waits for the towels. It's something, right?

The hand on his shoulder his met with a wince of sorts. Everything hurts. He leads the way into the kitchen rather silently, still holding the bag of peas (that he dare not move lest he worry his mother more) to his face. "Mom. I'm okay." The words are somewhat forced. He doesn't want to talk about it, but his mom isn't about to let it go. With a frown he picks up the roll of paper towel from the stand on the counter. "And… it wasn't one kid… I'm not so little anymore…" He sighs as he realizes how unreassuring he's being. "I'm okay. Really. It's just bruised. Nothing permanent. And. I'm not… I… I kind of started it. Kind of." Not really.

"I'm sorry, you what?" Niki lets go but follows close behind, standing extra close as her gaze worries over Micah's face. Her alarm levels off (as far as her voice goes, anyway), but despite the turn to a softer tone, there's an underlying hint of authority. "Lemme see your face." She glances back over her shoulder into the living room with a frown. Niki doesn't want to leave Cass alone too long, even if — or because — the other woman thinks she should be away from people, but she has to deal with this. Micah getting into a fight— that's crisis material for this mom.

"I… they were picking on a smaller kid… I… couldn't let them…" And got pummelled in the process. Micah kind of started it. He looks at his mom hoping for some kind of understand. "Cam was off to hockey already." And that's precisely why he faced them alone. "Mom, I don't think you actually want to see it until…" Until he's cleaned up. He swallows as he slowly lowers the bag of peas from his face. His eye is swollen shut and is a dark purple hue. His lip is busted several times over and is slightly blue-coloured while his nose is also bruised and bloody. "It's… not as bad as it looks…" not that he's looked.

Niki winces at the sight of the young teenager's face. She might understand his reasoning, but it's hard for her to see Micah hurt in any way — and right now, that trumps all. Sighing, she touches the unhurt side of Micah's face gently, fretfully. "We're not done with this," she warns quietly before taking the roll of paper towels from him. "I'll help Cass, you go upstairs. I'll be up in a minute." After a light touch to his shoulder, she reaches past him to fetch a mug out of the cupboard, nearly identical to the one Cass dropped, and fills it with tea from the stove.

She moves out of the kitchen, a reluctance to her steps, looking back nearly the whole time until she returns to her guest. "Sorry about that…" Niki crouches, setting the fresh tea on the coffee table and tearing paper towels. "Micah got into a fight at school. They grow up so fast," she tries to laugh about it but it doesn't quite work. Her next words, though, are paired with a little smile. "I bet you'n Lachlan'll find out the hard way some day."

By the time that Niki's returned to the living room, Cass has sort of just made more of a mess. Kleenex is not really a good way to clean up full mugs of tea on the floor. It just dissolves. Normally, Cass would know that, but her headache which started as splitting and is now just subsiding into bearable. When the paper towels make an entrance along with the fresh tea mug, the bookstore owner looks up and gives the blonde a sort of helpless look. "I, uh, I think I made it worse." It's a bit of an understatement.

"Is he okay? Other than the injuries, I guess." It's too bad that none of them have healing as an ability, it would certainly come in handy. As for her and Lachlan finding out about school fights and kids growing up so fast, she just laughs. "Yeah, right. Can you imagine Lachlan as a father? He'd try to feed the kid whiskey in a bottle thinking it's good for it." For a moment, Cass' old humor is back, mostly because after spilling an entire mug of tea on the floor and then making it into goop with Kleenex, what else can she do?

"I'm fine," Micah reiterates as he puts the bag of frozen peas on his face again with a frown. "Honest Mom." He shakes his head as she walks out of the kitchen and takes a bite of the apple he's been carting around since his first trip to the kitchen. With a heavy sigh, he turns and trudges up the stairs to the bathroom where he lowers the bag of peas and stares at his reflection in the mirror, "Ugh." He fills the sink with water which he splashes over his face to remove any excess dried blood. With a sigh he glances up at his reflection again before shaking his head, no video chat with Molly for awhile, there's no reason to worry more people unnecessarily. Finally, he replaces the bag, holding it up to his face before he trudges back to his room and takes off his coat, choosing to boot up his laptop while lying in bed (so he doesn't have to hold the peas to his face). "I hate that school," he murmurs quietly.

Niki can't help but laugh — and smile up at Cass just a bit when a hint of the woman's old humour returns. "People change when they have kids," she says, her smile turning a little wry, but warming fondly in two seconds flat. With the help of many a paper towel, the accident is soon whisked away as it never happened, and Niki takes the sopping wet evidence into the kitchen. Moments later, she's back and wiping her hands on her pants. By then, all the concern for Micah has made a reappearance. While she didn't answer Cass's question before — whether or not Micah was okay — she does now. "Micah looks pretty beat up," she says, trying to suppress a cringe with little success. "He'll be okay… I just… I have to sort it out." A distracted shake of her head comes and goes, a glance aside for a moment. "But— hey, how're you feeling? Maybe … it might feel good to use your Almost Doctor skills." It's something normal. "Don't tell anyone but I'm lucky if I manage to put a band-aid on straight."

"I know they do." But, still, the idea of Lachlan and Cass as parents is pretty laughable. Even if in one of the futures Peter talked about the two of them had a kid. Then, of course, she exploded in a planted bomb, leaving her child motherless and Lachlan a widower. Yeah, that's exactly the kind of life she wants for a kid. "But, I think I've seen that future and it didn't really end well."

As for Micah, Cass hesitates for a moment. It's been awhile since she's been able to help anyone other than herself medically. She's not at her best. But, this is her friend's son they're talking about and she's their guest. And she did just pour tea all over their floor. It's the least she can do. Even if her bedside manner isn't going to be up to par. "I'll be fine," she waves off the concern for now. "I just get—-spells, sometimes." Poor Lachlan has to deal with it at night when she wakes up in a terror and he's gripped by some strange emotion that isn't his and he's not awake enough to fight it back. "Sure. I can't promise much other than cleaning and bandaging, though." Even if that's all that Micah may need right now.

"I know." An understanding smile is sent Cass's way. The tiredness around the edges seem to make it real, not just plain sympathy. She really does understand. Back to the topic of her son… "I think that's all he needs." Pause. "I hope that's all he needs. That 'n' a good talking to." With a tip of head toward the stairs — a nod that ways her ponytail — she starts to head in that direction. "There's a first aid it in the bathroom cupboard… and some aspirin." For Cass, Niki implies with a look over her shoulder.

Upstairs, Niki raps just once on Micah's door before slipping in. "Hey," she says quietly. "Cass is gonna take a look at you. She was almost a doctor once." Niki, for her part, sits on the edge of the best beside him. "…We are gonna talk about this, Micah."

Of all people, Cass knows that Niki understands what she's going through. So, she doesn't take it as merely empty sympathy. Gathering herself and her mug of tea, she stands and follows her friend through the house in order to see to her son. "I'll see what I can do." For how serious Cass sounds about this, it's like Micah was hit by a car and Cass is the only one around to save him. It's not just Micah getting into a fight with some punks at school. However, when Niki diverts to Micah's room, Cass heads into the bathroom to get the first aid kit, as well as aspirin for herself. Taking three with a swig of hot tea, the bookstore owner goes rummaging about in the cabinets until she finds what she's looking for.

It takes her a few more moments to collect herself and to try and keep her hands from shaking again with repressed emotion. Cass wants to seem confident and confiding when she helps Micah out. If she seems nervous, it'll ruin the whole thing. With first aid kit in tow, she raps gently on Micah's door before stepping inside. "Hey Micah," she says. "Mind if I take a look at you?"

Before Micah can invite her, Niki is already inside his room. He frowns slightly as he snaps the laptop shut, "Hi." With a sigh he pseudo-shrugs as much as he can in his laying-down position. "Mom, there isn't really that much to say," he murmurs quietly. He already knows what she thinks. "I'd apologize, but it'd be a lie. I'm not sorry for what I did. Helping people who need it is what makes us human and not animals who give up the weaker members of the pack." He swallows and then sighs, "I don't know what else there is to say." He shrugs again, still frowning.

And then Cass reenters the room. "Yeah… you can look." He winces slightly as he removes the not-as-cold bag of peas from his face. "See.. it's not that bad…" Of course, Micah's no doctor and has no training. How would he know?

Niki has more to say to Micah, but with a frown, she holds it back because Cass is coming to the rescue. She gets up only to move to the end of the bed instead to make room, hauling a knee up onto the mattress. She tries to lend a lighter air to the room by saying in a somewhat joking tone, "What's the verdict, doctor? Is he going to live?"

With a slow smile, Cass moves to sit on the bed near Micah, so she can get a better look. Her touch is gently when she puts a hand under his chin to tilt his face one way and then the other, examining him. Then, she pushes open the lid to the first aid kit and pulls out what she'll need - a gentle wound cleaner and band-aids. "I think you'll be just fine," she tells Micah as she dabs some of the cleaner onto a paper towel and dabs it softly over the wounds. "But you'll have to stay out of fights for, maybe, forever." Cass still isn't a fan of violence. "Doctor's orders."

Micah lets Cass do her thing, gently directing his face one way then the other. He offers her a weak smile at her comment and just shrugs again. "When you fight for justice, the fight is always the right thing to do. Even if you lose teeth in the process." After he says this though he faces his mom and shakes his head. No, Micah didn't lose any teeth. "Besides I bet Cam deals with the same stuff on the ice rink…" Hockey's not exactly the least violent sport in the world.

Niki trusts Cass, she asked her to help, but she also knows what she's going through. It's because of this knowledge that she finds herself watching the woman's hands closely. The reassuring smile she gives the Almost Doctor is tinged with a bit of guilt for all her watchfulness. "Hockey— is different," she pipes up. An argument, just… not… a very good one. She moves on quickly before this is pointed out by her own unendingly smart son. "Cam had trouble at Brubaker…" Not so different than what happened to Micah. …Little different. "We took care of it."

Cass puts down the paper and peels off a big band-aid. Closing one eye, she positions it to cover the scraped off skin of Micah's cheek before putting it on. "Fighting isn't always just, Micah." While she's paying attention to her friend's son's wounds, her voice takes on a bit of a far away tone. "Even if it is a just cause. There's standing up for what's right and then there's hurting other people. There's a difference." Rummaging about in the first aid kit again, she finds one of those small cold packs that cools down when broken. She twists it a couple of times and moves to take the bag of peas from Micah and replace them with something a little more professional. "And hockey has rules about their fighting, along with referees."

"How is hockey different?" Micah quips with an edge of sarcasm in his voice. "Mom…" He sighs. It's futile to talk about these things. Until Cass starts lecturing him on fighting. "But — it wasn't like that! They were pushing this little kid around. There were three of them and one of him! And, as always, there were no teachers around. He would've been pulverized if I hadn't done anything!!" And now the defensiveness, and consequently the whole story, emerges. "It was better than doing nothing!" And then he turns back to his mom, "A-and I can handle myself, mom. If Cam would've been there, things would've been different, we're really capable mom. I mean we even…" He stops midsentence and almost divulged a brotherly secret. Clamping his mouth shut he takes to silence.

"Even what, Micah? Cass is right." Niki pulls her feet up onto the bed and crawls to sit beside Micah, knees pulled up. She sighs and takes a second to consider in light of the whole story, looking away as she does. "…but between us…" A quick glance is directed at Cass before settling purposefully on her bruised son. "…they deserved it." Maybe not the best parenting advice ever to exist, but how many times has Niki done the same thing as Micah in similar situations? The difference, though, is that she's grown up and happens to have super strength. "If Cam had been there… Micah, you know you can't let anyone else find out about what you guys can do. Cam learned that lesson at Brubaker, but he had Mr. Jones and that … so-called guidance counselor looking out for him there. Here… you just have me 'n' your dad. What's done is done. Did you tell a teacher what happened?"

"I'm not saying you shouldn't have intervened. I'm saying there's other ways to help people than fighting." Cass sympathizes with the young boy. He wants to help, he wants to do well to help others, but she still thinks that getting into fights isn't the best way to go about that. She gives Niki a bit of a look at the 'deserved it' line, easily telling her without words that she's really not helping. Of course, this is her kid and if that's what she wants to tell him, then that's the way it will be. "There's being brave, and there's being smart. You don't always have to punch someone in order to help someone weaker than yourself. I'm not saying you shouldn't intervene. I'm just saying that fighting isn't always the answer."

"Nothing. Nothing important," Micah murmurs in normal teenaged fashion as he glances towards his closet of tricks and treats, but it's a fleeting glance. Although his frown curves into a small smile at his mom's words. He knows what's right, even if it has negative consequences. "No one knows what we can do; I didn't use it. Cam and I never use our abilities anymore. Ever. For the rest of our lives." Alright, so that was an oversell. "And no, I didn't tell a teacher. I think telling would only get me into more trouble." At this he frowns and gives both women a fleeting shrug. "I could think of what else to do at the time," he says to Cass. "Like if I went in and found a teacher… then what? They'd just do it again when the teacher isn't looking. Bullies need to learn that people won't put up with them. I won't put up with them."

Cass is more articulate than Niki is, as it turns out, which is fine by her — the more advice Micah gets, the better. If it's good advice. Coming from Cass, it is, even if Niki's gaze is solid when she earns the look. Sighing again, she settles back against the headboard of the boy's bed. "… I know. Sometimes it sucks." She's been down the road of the kids getting into various predicaments before; tattlers are always an issue, and so are school staff who can't do anything useful. "There's always … something that can be done, okay?" She'll make sure of it. "Just. Just be careful, Micah." She carefully wraps an arm around him and plants a solid but ginger kiss above the ice pack on his face. "Does it hurt anywhere else?"

Cass puts her hands back into her lap as they start to shake a little again. It's not from nervousness or attempting to be a doctor, it's from all the excitement of the day. "Then you quietly wait until they're gone and you change their grades in the computer so they get detention. A lot." And so ends Cass' tenure as the good cop to Niki's bad cop. It was a good run while she had it. Just because the woman is normally quite easy going doesn't mean she doesn't break the rules sometimes. Especially for good causes. She starts to pack away all the supplies that she took out to help Micah and closes the lid to the first aid kit. Doctoring done for now, it would seem.

"Dad would've approved," Micah mutters quietly, convinced that DL would've had him beat the kids to a pulp. Regardless, he smiles at the kiss planted on his forehead. "I really am okay. My shoulders hurt a little, my stomach a little… but nothing is as bad as my face." At least he's honest about that. But his lips curl into a broader grin at Cass's latest words. "That is brilliant! I bet I could do that. School security isn't very good. I managed to hack into the Company server…" he stops before he covers his tracks "… long time ago. Very long time ago. Haven't tried since. We're normal now. We don't do stuff like that anymore. Ever. Except C3PO. I'm going to build him next year…"

D.L. probably would approve. Niki gives Micah a look. "And I'll talk to your dad when he gets home." And while there's something immoral about the solution Cass suggests, she doesn't say so. She might've even suggested it herself eventually if all else fails, despite her many attempts to keep Micah from using his ability to cheat … life. She eyes him for a moment after he happens to run his mouth, but breaks into a smile. "Right." She leans gently into him for a moment. "I'm glad you're okay." She swings her legs around off the opposite side of the bed. "Thanks, Doctor Cass." She smiles at Micah, a thoughtful, slightly tense smile. "We'll be downstairs."

"You're quite welcome." Cass grins and picks up the first aid kit. "Now, don't shower with that on and if it starts to hurt again, let me know." She'll change the bandages and everything. As for the Company servers, she just raises her eyebrow very steadily. Then, she stands and tells him with a wry smile. "I'll pretend like I didn't hear that." Of course, she was the one that just suggested the boy hack into the school servers in order to teach other kid a lesson. "Now, remember, Micah. All power comes with responsibility to use it correctly." She learned that phrase from Gene. She'd be amused to learn that he learned it from Spiderman.

"Yeah. I'm glad too," Micah beams as he opens his laptop again. And then as an aside before his mom and Cass leave the room. "And thanks for fixing me up Cass. It feels better now." At least a bit. And it feels better not having to worry about what his mom will think; she already knows. "Yeah. I try to be responsible. But that's why we need to use powers for good." They have them for a reason. At least, Micah believes that. As the pair walk out of the room, he calls after them, "You know, I could really use those Kung Fu lessons… especially if something like this happens again in the future." He pauses as he calls towards the door, "Just… something to think about is all!"

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