2009-11-05: Braving Mt. Elena



Date: November 5th, 2009


The hostage crisis continues…

"Braving Mt. Elena"

A Little Used Warehouse

It was a small place, nice and out of the way. A little used warehouse that was owned by one of the small horde of companies that were directly or indirectly owned by Lancaster Electronics. This one happened to be indirectly owned, and by a very small business so that it was hardly ever in use. Which suited Eric just fine at the moment because it means that no one at all would be around to hear what promises to be some spectacular hysterics. Possibly from two, maybe even three people.

Its in one of the offices that he is right now, leaning against a table as he glares daggers at an old coffee maker that he's been trying to get to work right all day. Caffeine would be nice at the moment as he's been up for awhile trying to do business things, emergency things, and most importantly how to tell Elena that he's now a kidnapper.

…and not die.

Not that she would /really/ kill him, but he might feel bad enough to want to die…

In the other side of the room is the focus of the kidnapping. In a chair and /hopefully/ sleeping. Or else quiet. Yes she's tied up, but he's at least made it somewhat comfortable ties. He had to do that after the first 92473092759384207 times she tried to get away.

…or punch him…

Or bite him…

Or hit him with a chair….

Yes, Eric is lucky for at the moment, Bert's exhausted herself and is quiet. She could be napping. She could also be faking. Or rather… she's 'testing' the bonds. Trying to at any rate. Hey, she's seen this on a few movies and TV Shows, how hard can this be? The testing part is easy, trying to be subtle about it? Not so much.

Gawd, what time is it? She's got to be late for work. What will Ivory think? She's never missed a day and she puts in so much overtime, she'll be missed! A noise of frustration escapes from Bert. Something's got to be loose enough to try and pull free!

"I can see you moving you know," Eric calls casually towards the woman with a shake of his head as he looks down at his cellphone for the sixth time since he started trying to get the coffee working. "Where the heck /are/ they?" He grumbles before dark eyes glance up towards the woman in the chair and he sighs. "…finally awake then?" Pause. "…look. I'm sorry about all this again…" Yes. He's apologising for this. He's not all that great a kidnapper this Lancaster kid is.

"I don't care!" Bert snaps as she continues wriggling. This works great in theory and on the big screen, but in real life? Augh. Unless there are some really really crappily tied knots.. she's not going anywhere. "Oh save your apologies! I'll make sure you wind up behind bars for this! You're keeping me from the Senator! He won't like that you're keeping one of his employees against her will!"

"Yeah well having people after me isn't anything new," Eric replies as he pokes at the coffeepot with one long finger. "Blasted thing. I'm buying a new one as soon as Gene gets back." He says before he stands and turns towards the lady. No, they aren't crappily tied knots. Eric consulted the Junior Woodchucks Handbook don't you know. "Doesn't he have like hundreds of people working for him?" Pause. "…and why should it matter if I'm keeping you from her Senator!"

Bert struggles further against the ropes binding her. Augh, this is gonna chafe and she's going to look like the loser in a vicious game of Indian Burn. "You don't understand! HE NEEDS ME." Woah, talk about stoking the fire o'obsession here! "Yes, he has to have a lot of people working for him, but HE NEEDS ME, and I need him! Only I can do the job he's asked of me!"

"…you're an Analyst. What did he ask you to do? Check through his mail?" Eric asks curiously of the woman as he finally gets the recliant machine working to his satisfaction. "What /is/ it with this guy anyway? You weren't acting like some kind of anime fangirl the last time we met but now…" He shakes his head slightly. "Just why does he need you? Or you need him for that matter?"

The door opens without preamble, Elena striding in, dark eyes searching the interior. "Eric, have you seen Gene? I've been trying to get ahold of him but he's not— "

There is a pause.

Said dark eyes round into dinner plates. The Gomez female's jaw slackens when she catches sight of Bert trussed up like a Christmas hog in one of the chairs inside the room. She whirls around, gaze homing in like laser sights on Eric.

"I could be wrong," she says. To her credit, she's still remarkably calm. "But if I recall correctly, I ADVISED AGAINST KIDNAPPING. WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?! ERIC, WHAT DID YOU AND GENE DO?!"

Mt. Elena has erupted, spewing magma down the countryside, destroying everything in its path to get to the Lancaster scion.

"Ivory and I have a deep and personal relationship based on how amazing he is. You wouldn't understand, and you never could, now untie me!" Bert's struggles renew as she makes that proclamation. When Elena marches in and rounds on Eric, her dark eyes alight in triumph, "NOW You're in trouble! Gene's supposed to be a friend yet and he and Robin here, they kidnapped me last night!"

Uh oh.

Looking up towards the door as he hears the door open and the voice of the figure that stalks in Eric is suddenly turning towards that door and trying to open his mouth to explain.

Too late!

Wincing from the Calm Yelling he's getting Eric musters his courage and meets Mt. Elena headon. "….Gene's hiding from you I bet…" Alright. So not /directly/ headon. "…he was /supposed/ to tell you that we had complications…" Yes Bert. YOU ARE A COMPLICATION. "…we thought about it and this was the best solution at the time!" Pause. "Cap would have done it…AND I AM NOT ROBIN! How many times to we have to go over this!" He turns to glare towards Bert a moment before he attempts some sort of delaying action against Elena.

"We tried to talk to her, but she was going to call some Senator and get Gene tossed back in jail! She won't even listen at all to us! She's /obsessed/ with this guy Elena and its not right!"

She palms her face. "I can't BELIEVE. Gene is a SUPER GENIUS. You're NINJA, and someone yells I'm calling the police and you choose to kidnap someone than just run? What could she have done to the two of you that you guys couldn't prevent?!" Elena plants her hands on her hips. "But nooooooooo, you bring her to one of your SAFEHOUSES which means not only are we stuck with someone we can't leave to her devices for long periods of time, but you gave her an in to yet another one of your real estate assets! She's NSA, you think she can't figure things out about you and Gene while she's here? It's not like you can kill her, you're going to have to let her go eventually! What the hell were the two of you thinking?!"

Angry? Oh yes. Her cheeks are turning a deep rose despite the coppery tinge of her smooth skin.

When Eric tells her that the woman is obsessed with a senator, the brunette dismisses it with a swipe of her fingers in the air, as if she could physically bat his words away. "So she's in love! BIG DEAL. We've all gone through it. We've all been addicted to a person before! That still doesn't change the fact that."

Something was wrong.

Elena pauses, staring at Bert for a long moment. In fact, her rant just strangely cuts off as she stares at the redhead trussed in a chair. Finally…

"…you're right. Something is wrong." She turns away from Eric, striding over to Bert and peering at her after stopping a couple of feet away from her friends' captive. She doesn't approach too closely, she's not that dumb. "Are you taking any kind of medication?" she asks. "Your serotonin levels are through the roof."

"YOU'RE A SIDEKICK! PUT ON YOUR TIGHTS AND DEAL WITH IT," Bert shouts at Eric. It's a bit reminiscent of the 'tracer' argument from 'Chasing Amy'. "YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS OF OUR LOVE. Lay a hand on the Senator and I'll snap your schmekel off like a twig!" And for those of you playing along at home who don't know Yiddish, the context should be enough.

"You're all so screwed once I'm out of here. I wanted to help Gene, but now I've changed my mind.. and you're mashugga! I'm not taking anything, get away from me!" Bert's not on any medication, unless you want to say that she's ill and Ivory's the cure. Mmmm… wait. "Nothing's wrong with me! You want him too, don't you?! Did Tracy put you up to this before she got herself outed and arrested!? SHE DID. THAT BITCH."

"…I /told/ you something was wrong. That's not natural," Eric replies with a shake of his head. "I mean even Peter wasn't ever like /that/…" He says before he crosses his arms over his chest and peers towards Bert before he sighs. "Look, Gene just wants to help out a friend you just said something was wrong. She's not on any prescriptions either." A pause then before one eyebrow just twitches.

"Not. A. Sidekick." He mutters under his breath and would follow that up with something else but…

…Bert goes pschyo.

"…I so rest my case on this on Elena. /That/ is not natural."

"I don't want to know what you'd look like in tights," Elena remarks blandly to Eric when Bert tells him to put on his tights. And when she tells them that she changed her mind about helping Gene, she POINTS at Bert, and angles an accusing glare at Eric. "SEE?! It would've been simpler to just LEAVE HER THERE with nothing to go on instead of cargo-ing her up here! Arrgghhhhhh!" And there it is, a slew of Spanish curses, rolling 'r's and everything.

Finally, she takes a deep breath. "You," she tells Bert. "I don't know what you're babbling about." The last thing she's interested at the moment was men. Let alone a man named after a song or some elephant's byproduct. "But I don't want anybody, and I don't know who this Tracy is." Tracy was a common name, so she doesn't pick up on Tracy Strauss instantly. For all she knows, it could be some other coworker and not the senator's aide. "Now shut up, calm down, and let me fix you."

Her hand comes up, fingers outstretched. And since Bert can't do anything about it, she lightly slaps her palm into the redhead's forehead and uses her control to fix her levels. It was reminiscient of what she used to do with Peter whenever his powers went haywire…except there's no chance of a nuclear explosion.

And then maybe Bert will feel better.


"I should have known you two crazies would come back to bite me on the tuchus. I knew I shouldn't have left you a voice mail, Gomez! Now you've turned it all against me and this is an elaborate plot to take Ivory from me! Wasn't Malden enough for that skank!?" Ooookay. Someone's had a little too much of the sensation that is Ivory Wynn. Makes you wonder how well Bert holds her liqour too. (Not very well, fyi.)

"I don't need you to fix me! Don't touch me! You're one of THEM." Again, her experience with abilities has not been positive. She's running 2 for 0 right now. "Strauss is behind this, I KNOW SHE IS. No wonder she was so calm yesterday!" Calm compared to Bert that is.

When Elena puts a palm to her forehead, Bert starts squirming anew, as if there were a chance of getting away. As balance is starting to restore, it's like her world is coming back into focus. First her gaze goes out of focus then back again, and, "Oi vey.. I think I'm gonna be sick."

"/I/ don't want to know what I would look like in tights!" Eric protests with a shudder before he shakes his head and watches just what Elena might be doing to the woman. "Yeah, apparently her encounters with people like us haven't been all that great." Eric adds as he sees Bert's panic growing. His words are for Elena though. "Apparently someone nearly froze her arm off." He frowns though slightly as he watches carefully for any attempts to get Elena…somehow.

She's NSA. You never know.

"…lady? Bert? You alright?" He asks as he glances towards Elena. "…that fixed her chemical levels you think?" He adds curiously.

"Well, she's fine now… I used to do this for Peter all the time, when he would…" Elena waves a hand to the side. "Nevermind. She should be feeling better, but she's not…" She looks at the unfocused expression worriedly. Glancing at Eric, she turns. "I'll get her some water," she tells him, and with that, she heads off.

Leaving Eric to deal with a possible meltdown.

Bert wasn't lying or exaggerating about being sick. Anyone too close may want to back away and fast, or shove a bucket under her face. Sorry Eric, that's the answer you get for the moment.

Once she's uhm, been ill, her face is clammy and pale for another reason besides having emptied the contents of her stomach. "Oi.. I.." have acted like a crazed sex-monkey and have been involved in a ghastly project that's taken away the rights of innocent people and let that man… "He…"

1 2 3 TEARS.

"Wait what Elena don't leave me here what is she is—-" Then Eric is intrupted from throwing words at the retreating Gomez by the sounds of retching. "…sick…"

Right then.

He turns back towards Bert, waiting until the worst is over before stepping around the mess on the floor and picking up the woman and the chair all and repositioning her away from the nastyness on the floor. For her sake and his. "…so I take it you /aren't/ feeling better…" He adds after a moment before he looks back towards her.

"…oh no…"

There is a lip tremble. Then a quiver.

"…you arn't going to…"

Enter the waterworks.

"…cry. Yes. Yes you are." WHERE THE HECK IS GENE!

He sighs though and steps forwards, crouching down next to the woman. What /can/ he really say so he just tries to give her a hug as she bawls there. "…if you swear you aren't going to try to bite me and anything again then I'll let you out of the chair alright?"

Bert is a sobbing incoherent mess and is not going to be a problem. That is, a physical problem in that she's going to try and attack or get away. In between racking, choking sobs, things can be deciphered like, "I'm a schmendrick," endless apologies and "Oh God," on repeat.

Her head shakes feebly as Eric asks if she's going to bite him. "What have I done.. I.. don't understand how this happened.. I feel like.. like I've been.." She can't even bring herself to say the word 'raped'. Even if that's what it feels like. Sorry Eric, she just starts sobbing brokenly all over again.

"I don't even know what a schmendrick /is/ but you arn't one," Eric replies towards the woman as he pats her easily on the back and starts working on getting her out of the ropes. He's not even sure /what/ happened, but it was something that Elena could turn off. That means it might have been caused either by injection, or by a different power of some kind. He just isn't sure which it is yet.

"Easy, easy…its alright now at least. Its alright…it wasn't your fault."

Even if you /were/ acting like a giant hosebeast.

"It wasn't your fault," He repeats. "Gene will tell you the same thing when he gets here."

Bert doesn't know what caused her to go Psycho Hosebeast, but she knows she's been involved in something bad. She's been used, and oh lord, she's been practically raped. (So yeah, she was willing, but not really.) "Oh.. Gene.. I'm so.. I was going to turn him back in.." Sorry Eric, she's back to incoherently sobbing. "I helped keep him locked up! I was analyzing everything he had on him! All those people.. Oh gaawd.." She's going a bit green and looks like she may be ill again.

"But you aren't now, are you? Aren't going to want him to go back to prison?" Eric asks before she starts going a bit green again. Ack! He reaches behind him and snatches something from the counter. "Here, if you are sick again be sick into this…" And he hands her a coffee cup.


"Er…this!" And he swiftly puts the mug back down and hands her a small trashcan. A clean one.

One hand remains on her back though as he gently rubs and tries to sooth the woman just a little bit. "Easy though. Easy. You weren't yourself when you wanted all that right? Now your back to being yourself…"

"NO! Are you insane?! Gene never stole so much as a candy bar in his life!" That Bert's aware of anyway. She looks like she wants to say more, but grabby hands for the coffee cup and holds it to her mouth. Decidedly green about the gills, she shuts her eyes tightly. More tears leak from the clamped lids and a low moan is heard.

"What the hell is going on," she whimpers. So far, while still green, Bert has yet to have a relapse into the cup.. and the trashcan that's belatedly handed over. "I don't even know what happened to me. I remember everything, I just don't remember why I thought an NSA project was so.." All the horrible things she's done, she sparked a fight with Tracy, and now she's just ashamed of that. She's starting to second guess everything. She swallows and grimaces before weakly saying, "All my life… what a neat thing it would be to have powers.. and now that they're real and people are getting rounded up. I didn't even know until I saw a real life Magneto." Is he there of his own accord? Who else is duped into working on this project?

There is a knocking on the door. "It's me, your neighborhood friendly Geek God." Coming in, Gene walks in with a massive duffle bag. Currently he is wearing his black peacoat and some blue jeans, hints of a army green t-shirt underneath. His bag clanks of metal, and seems rather bulk. Despite the apparent weight, Gene very carefully puts the back down. Only when he does does he see Bert crying and Eric doing his thing. "Um, I take it I missed something in my efforts, um, damn the man. Pardon my cursing, but the rhyme doesn't work if you use dang."

"He might have taken candy from a baby at some point, just to day he did at least…" Eric replies wryly towards Bert as he crouches next to her. "Whatever happened…it couldn't have been conventional brainwashing if you don't remember it and if Elena fixed it that quick." He's thinking outloud as he says it. "The important thing though is it really wasn't your fault. You were being manipulated by…something. I don't know what though." Then a slight smile. "Yeah, all these powers we have do nothing but get us into trouble." He says with a slightly joking in his voice before he looks back towards the door and Gene. Relief colors his features but not his words. "Where have you /been/ dude. Elena fixed whatever was wrong with your friend while you were out."

Trashcan still clutched in her hands, Bert looks up at Gene and just sobs. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" The garbage can is then thrust at Eric before she gets to her feet, a bit shakily too before she rushes towards Gene to try and give him a hug. "It's not so much that I don't remember, because I remember everything that's happened the past year, I just don't know why I was acting worse than some lovesick teenager." You've seen spurned teen girls right? They go a bit off the crazy dive.

It is questionable how much, if at all, Gene has seen teen girls. His teen years were a little on the isolative side of things. However, he does see Bert coming up and giving him a hug. He clearly doesn't expect it, fighting a martial art stance, but he does ease into it over time to give her a hug, holding it as long as she wants. "It's okay, Bert. I forgive you. I know you aren't a bad person, which is why I wanted to save you. Just glad Elena was able to help." He looks toward Eric, thankfully not hearing about the baby candy stuff. It was only ONCE and it was because it was on his Bucket List when he thought he was dying. That's different. "I was trying to buy stuff on the black market." He gives a pouty face. "It's hard to find, so I just went to a junkyard and got some salvagable stuff that I could pay with cash. Stupid frozen assets."

Left holding the bucket for a moment Eric just shakes his head slightly and sets the item down before standing and sliding his hands into his pockets. A smile crosses his face at the proper reunion of a pair of friends before he shrugs. "Eh just make me a list and I'll pick it up for you. They haven't gotten to freezing my assets yet. I'll just go to a bunch of different suppliers so it doesn't look like I'm buying up parts for some doomsday device."

Bert sobs against Gene. She should be fine once the tears are out of her system. "I'm so sorry. I had no idea until recently what exactly was going on. Just after the tra.." Shoot, she probably shouldn't talk about that. "I'll give you guys money. I can't unfreeze your assests without attracting attention. It'll look too dodgy.. but.. if people aren't monitoring too closely I could probably divert some of your funds to a dummy account." Then, as a delayed reaction, she pulls back from Gene and rubs a hand across her eyes, "I don't know how I'm going to go back to work and avoid all of this happening again." Especially when she doesn't know how her brain flipped to the Psycho Hosebeast setting.

"I guess, Eric. Guns is my big thing. I had to build something for a goon with a goatee, but since I made it for him, I can make it for us. Might be good for handling… Whatever we have to handle," Gene states a more mysterious tone than he likely planned. Stepping back as Bert does, he shakes his head. "I don't need money. Captain America only accepted helped when it was needed. By taking you, who knows how much trouble I got you into. While this whole 'turning evil' thing is bad, at least you weren't in prison or something. But from one geek to another, remember the scientific method is our friend. Observe. When you do you have these feelings? There should be certain factors in play. When you feel different, mark them down in a journal. If you are feeling to a point where you were when you did stuff you didn't want to, pull out. Claim you have the swine flu or a death in the family. Hopefully, I'll crack the system soon and figure out the issue myself, but until then, there isn't much else we can do for you other than protect you as best we can."

"Just after the train eh?" Eric says as he finally walks over to the coffeepot again and takes a fresh cup and the pot and pours himself some. "Not surprised really, they seem to have kept this really well hidden." He adds as he adds cream and sugar and stirring viciously as he thinks. "Don't do anything to get yourself in trouble…and…lets see. As for work. Take a sick day off or so, maybe between Elena and Gene and I we can figure out someway to protect you from whatever it was." Then a nod towards Gene. Thats all excellent advice that is. "Guns, and my pocketknife right?"

Bert stares at Gene. "You… built.. a gun for someone?" This is a side she's not familiar with. Just the quiet and awkwardly funny geek, that's what she knows best. She nods to Gene in regards to his instructions. "I don't remember acting .. out .. until after the first time I met Senator Wynn. He offered the job and I remember it just sounded so amazing and he seemed like.. a God among men. How could I refuse? So, I could go back, and write down things in a journal, but will I keep up something like that if I go psycho again?" She shakes her head, red hair bobbing, "I could claim the swine flu and hope no one wants a doctor's note. I could claim mom or bubbe is sick, but I have a feeling that would be watched." Bert winces a bit as the train slipped and Eric picked up on it. "Yeah. I had to dissect the surveillance, find out what went wrong with it." Should she tell them what she knows? Is secrecy best? The less they know the better all around? Her eyes clench shut and she fights the urge to just crumple into a ball and cry some more.

"It was the first time I've done it, but it isn't a killing machine. It fires darts. Only one time have I built something I was ashamed of and could not control… Never again," Gene states with a firm tone in his voice, the last part more to himself than to the woman asking. But he does add a simple "But yes, I will build the knife, Eric. I just need to get to a place that sells the right cabling." Glancing back toward Bert and Eric, he considering something something, the wheels are turning, but for most times of his best genius, it will take time. "Bert, if you aren't comfortable telling us, don't tell us. I mean, if you knew of people with full access to the Alpha Protocol, we could find out the information for ourselves and then some."

There is a smile for Gene and he reaches out and claps him on the shoulder easily. "Just Arnie and R2 now right?" He asks with a smile towards the builder. Then he turns towards the woman and raises an eyebrow before he nods. "We won't force you to say anything Bert. I don't want to put you in any more trouble than we already have really…but…" He frowns slightly. "…well the obsession was /about/ Senator Wynn. Maybe he /does/ have something to do about it all."

Bert shakes her head. "I've just seen Alpha Protocol stamped on a few documents, but I don't know the full details. I think I was deliberately kept in the dark, just to minimize knowledge on the situation. As far as I knew, I was tapped to be heading an NSA project to monitor terrorist activities. I didn't even know about abilities until a few weeks ago when I was on the firing range and this guy walked up and starting showing off, firing ball bearings from his hand." She deliberately doesn't drop a name. "I.. none of this is right. It's like that awful X-men 3 film. Persecution. But what's going on right now? It's not right. So maybe I'd like to file charges against the woman who tried to freeze my arm off, but that's another story." Her cheeks turn dark red behind the pale complexion. Fighting over Ivory with Tracy, it's disgusting. What grown woman does that kind of thing?! And sure the man's good looking, but Bert's just not the sort to get so carried away about a man.

Not wanting to stand anymore, Bert drops to sit on the floor. "None of this makes sense. If super powers were kept so quiet all this time, why suddenly round people up like this? Why ruin lives? I just don't understand." After a few shakes of her head, she looks up miserably at Gene and Eric. What does she do now? Go back to work? Keep up the charade that she knows nothing? "I need to think. Gene, maybe there's a way I can funnel information to you. Maybe I can adapt some of the programs I was working on to fire information on the sly without detection. I.. I just.. I can't go back and pretend nothing is wrong with this.. I.. I think I saw children on the train surveillance. Tracy said there were kids, her nephew, I didn't believe her because I thought she was a threat to me and.." A shudder ripples through her. "I just want to be sick."

"Nephew." There is clear heavy thought as Gene pulls out the memory banks. Sister of Tracy Strauss? Niki Sanders. Son of Niki Sanders? "Micah?" There is a look of horror on his face before he gets a grim look before he clenches his hand tightly, enough that it starts to pale. With a voice barely above a whisper, the mostly emotionless tone of Gene says, "If you could get that information to us, it would be most vauable. Don't put yourself in too much risk though… I don't want anyone else to suffer because of my carelessness."

"Wait…they grabbed Micah?" Eric looks surprised at that before he pauses a moment. "…and he has a aunt…" Pause. "…this will teach me to move to England for a year. I get back and everything bad happens at once." He shakes his head slightly before he looks towards Gene. "Hey now. It wasn't your fault you got nabbed." He adds towards the Genius before glancing back towards Bert with a sigh. "No, its not right, and I'm not even sure just /why/ it happened now of all times. All of a sudden, Gene might know a bit more about that." Out of the country, lack of information sucks.

"I.. how many other people were affected like me on this project? Poor Peter.. what if the same happened to him? He was so lost sounding and wanting his brother. He didn't even know what day it was, poor guy and so sweet too. But I guess after the incident with the train and getting hit with a helicopter.. god that's so bizarre to say aloud." How do you get used to that!? "Then Tracy, I bet she was affected too like me. She was just as crazy as I was, we fought, and that's when she tried to freeze me." Bert wraps her arms around herself and rocks a little. Everytime she thinks of being touched by Ivory.. oh jeez. She looks back up to Gene, "I don't know his name. Tracy said she was trying to stop them from taking two children. I don't even see the rosters of those taken. I've had to break protocols and the law just seeing what I did. My security access is heavily restricted." She's been so uninvolved in this loop of people with abilities. She has no idea how tight knit it is in its pockets, how connected they are. "Gene.. I've been having doubts about this project for a bit now. Now that I know more, how can I just do nothing?" She's never been what you would say a heroic sort. "I… can I brush my teeth with something?" No one likes to walk around with spew breath.

There is a firm glare given to Eric, but there is no anger, just intensity. "It was my fault. I chose to pursue the women. I chose the team. I led the team, Eric. You're a good friend, but if you say it was not my fault, I will punch you. Hard. A good hero doesn't excuse their failures on circumstance, but rather works to improve themselves so it does not happen again."

Moving to Bert, the Geek God rests a hand on her shoulder. "The Company, another organization tried to round up Evolved as well. Perhaps the government is trying to do the same thing. I know that at least one of the people they captured WAS a crazied killer. They are just throwing the baby out with the bath water with this sort of thing. But we can figure out next steps and theorize about this more later. You're tired and could use some rest, you've had a rough day." With that he stands up, moves toward his laptop, and begins typing.

"It has to have something to do with the Senator I bet," Eric says as he sighs. "…try not to get around him too much…I don't want to have to kidnap you again." He says with a flash of a smile towards the NSA operative. "Even if its easy for me." He adds with a shrug of his shoulders. "…and yes. There was /alot/ of bad people on that train, found most of them and left them there where I could." He adds with a nod of his head towards her. "I think Gene is right, they are just rounding up anyone with an ability until they figure out just what to do with them all." Pause. "…wait…Peter? Peter Petrelli…you saw him?" He adds with a suprised look on his face for just a second before again he shakes his head.

"Right…you can tell us about it later. Right now I'll show you where you can freshen up and get some rest if you want. Like Gene said this day hasn't been a great one."

He glances at Gene for a moment though before he sighs. "Granted. You were the team leader. It was your call." He adds in a quiet voice. It wasn't /entirely/ his fault when a team-member makes a poor tatical choice…but…he was the leader.

"Come on then Bert." He adds with a nod as he starts for the door. "Lets leave Batman over there to make with the genius."

Bert smiles weakly at the banter between Eric and Gene. A hand raises to wipe at her eyes as she's patted and helped up. "I feel like such a tool for being used, and for not knowing about any of this. I mean, how can a total nerd NOT KNOW?" She blinks slowly and nods to Eric, "Yeah, Petrelli. I talked with him at length yesterday. Everything made so much sense to me at the time, he's there for his protection. Blah blah.. Uh.. I'll tell you more after I brush my teeth so I don't breathe stinky breath all over you two."

For now, Gene only offers a distant nod to the pair. He is either helping make some nice hacking tools for Bert or getting some phat loot on some MMRPG. It's hard to say which when he is staring at the screen that hard.

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