Brayden Calvert
Portrayed By Adrian Pasdar
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown: Celebrates on June 1
Age 40's?
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases Nathan and Logan
Place of Birth Found in Ireland
Current Location Traveling to NYC
Occupation Various: Smuggler/Criminal, Buddhist Monk, Drifter, Lovable Layabout
Known Relatives None
Significant Other Caitlin, Tiffany … others….
Known Abilities Flight
First Appearance Nathans in the Mist

A traveler, drifter, smuggler, and former-monk Brayden likes to experience all life has to offer. Every experience seems like he's doing it for the first time….


A man woke up in Cork, Ireland outside the Wandering Rocks pub. He couldn’t remember his name or who he was. A woman named Caitlin found him, lying on the ground, bleeding, and brought him into the pub to clean him up. Some thugs came into collect money, and Nathan even played hero, thereby gaining Caitlin’s trust.

Through Caitlin, Nathan met Ricky, Tuko, and Will. After gaining the men’s trust (through helping save Caitlin a couple other times), Nathan joined them in several smuggling projects, and he began a relationship with Caitlin. He assumed the name Brayden (Gaelic for Brave) Calvert and lived a fairly normal, albeit underground life enjoying Europe. With his natural leadership ability, Brayden organized the group very differently than before.

They were able to complete much bigger projects including several heists and large smuggling jobs. Until one day (a few months after he’d been living in Cork) he got backed into a corner by some underground seedy-types. In this time of stress, he took off… in the air. Realizing he had to pursue his real identity, Brayden took off. He flew (not in a plane) to Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and eventually the United States: sunny California.

Certain that there had to be a way to recover his memory, Brayden became a monk in a Buddhist temple in Red Valley California to transcend his current reality and remember the past. But Brayden Calvert was no saint. His naturally competitive nature and ambition made him a terrible monk, and his mission to remember seemed fruitless. He was helpful to the monastery in increasing efficiency (which really defeats the point of many monastic tasks) and had a natural leadership ability, but to no avail. After being asked to leave the monastery, Brayden went to Texas and felt a strangely familiar sensation. Like he’d been there before. While trekking through Texas he felt a strange sensation leading him to New York, particularly after the Senator of New York popped on the television screen begging for some children to be returned. And so he’s heading to New York to pursue himself.


April 2010




  • Was kicked out of a Buddhist monastery because of his competitive nature and Tiffany, "She had legs that just wouldn't stop…" to Nathan in Nathans in the Mist
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