2007-03-27: Break A Leg!


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Summary: Two musical performers, one established and one much less so, converse.

Date It Happened: March 27, 2007

Break A Leg!

Common Grounds, Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Tabitha is seated down in the lower area of the coffee shop, having claimed a rather plush chair to herself. A copy of the local entertainment paper is in one hand, folded over. In the other hand, a large mug of coffee. Large, over-sized and rather dark sunglasses are pushed up on her head and into her blonde hair, like a headband. One bare leg is crossed demurely over the other, the foot swaying a little with the music playing over the sound system.

Checking the time display on her cell phone, Jane Forrest enters the shop and lets her eyes wander, choosing to pick out a table and set down her gear before getting anything to drink. She's got some flyers in one hand, a guitar case strapped over one shoulder, and a backpack over the other. Her clothing today is dark jeans, dark boots with a two inch heel, and a deep blue T-shirt with a Led Zeppelin logo across the front. Warmer weather, nearly seventy degrees today, has her coat left at home.

Tabitha glances over her paper as she takes a drink from her mug. Blue eyes scan the room. They fall briefly on Jane, her gear, as if assessing. Then they drop back to her paper. The mug is set aside as she opens the paper to the next page and folding it back over. Easier to read that way, when it's not flopping all over the place.

Her own eyes, in turn, settle on the performer as she's being looked over. A slight smile settles onto her features, and she takes a few steps in that direction. "Miss Tempest," Jane begins, "congratulations on opening your new club. It seems quite the success." Her belongings are set down; guitar is rested against the table and the pack goes on a chair, while the stack of flyers are placed on the table.

Before she can get back into reading the reviews, Tabitha's approached. She lowers the paper and looks up at Jane, smiling brightly. "Why thank you. I'm glad that it's gotten such a great reception. This can be a tough town." Her tone seems to be genuine with her response to Jane.

"It is," she answers, "that's why I came here. Seems to be going well so far. Found a regular gig, it pays a few hundred per night, four times per week. I've also been gearing up to go after session work at studios and try to pull a band together." Jane lets out a light chuckle. "It's like the Sinatra tune I adapted to rock better and play as my opener. Make it here, make it anywhere. New York, New York."

"Mmm.. yes.. That is true. It takes tenacity and a lot of talent." Tabitha says, dividing her attention between the paper and Jane. "Good luck with the studios and putting a band together. It's an unfriendly business. People will step over you if you're in their way."

"And a secret weapon helps," she replies simply. Nothing is said to elaborate on that remark, as she glances toward the counter and thinks of something to enjoy here. "Enjoy your day, Miss Tempest." Jane moves on then, taking the partial attention on the paper as a hint her time with the performer is at its end. Confidence is about her as she makes the beverage approach, asking for "Vanilla mocha cappucino, please." The barista nods, she pulls out a debit card to pay, and there the guitarist waits.

"Oh, secret weapons can't hurt," Tabitha says by way of agreement. "A number of people cheat and use whatever means necessary to climb to the top." She gives up on the paper, that nasty man is still writing scathing reviews. That man'll write from beyond the grave! She sets it aside on the table in favor of picking her mug back up.

A few moments pass as her order is being filled, during which Jane realizes her statement was answered, and she maybe hasn't been dismissed. The guitarist turns partway back, eyes settling on the performer again, as she offers "I'll be a few steps ahead of the game, contracts wise, if the time comes and in a position to help others not get cheated too. That's my secret weapon." That, and the thing she won't say, that no soprano alive to her knowledge can hit a note higher than she can.

"Well then, that is a secret weapon. That's where a lot of fresh faces get ruined. Right there at the start with a bad contract with a shifty agent." Tabitha says before taking a demure sip of her coffee.

A grin spreads, as she replies "That was part of the plan I had in mind when my parents insisted I defer music and go through law school. Beyond wanting them to be happy, play the dutiful daughter, I realized I could make it work for me even as a musician." Jane pauses, collecting her mug and starting to head for her table. "So here I am, in New York. I… I don't mean to be a distraction and eat your time, Miss Tempest. Thanks for talking with me."

Tabitha laughs and sets her mug aside then rises from her chair. "Good plan. Me? I never had a backup." She waves her hands dismissively, "Oh pish-posh. It's not a problem. If I didn't want to be bothered, I wouldn't go out in public!" She pulls her sunglasses off, shakes out her hair, then slips the glasses on properly. "Break a leg with your career," she says, wriggling her fingers in a wave before heading for the door.

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