2007-04-22: Breakfast And Shoes


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Elle pays Jane a visit with breakfast and shoes in hand.

Date It Happened: April 22nd, 2007

Breakfast And Shoes

Jane's Apartment in the High Rise Building, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

There's a knocking at the door, bright and early. It's a little before nine in the morning, and Jane appears to have another morning visitor.

Less than half a minue after the knock, footsteps can be heard approaching the door. Sounds come next of locks being disengaged, and it's pulled open. The woman on the other side, clad in a pair of dark two inch heels, charcoal gray woman's business suit with skirt and white blouse is working to pin her hair up with one hand. Simple silver studs are in both ears. "Good morning, Elle," Jane greets. "Come in." Standing aside, she clears the way for her to do so.

Elle is standing in the doorway. There's a large bag in her left hand and a smaller one in her right. She blinks as she sees Jane…well, looking lawyerly. She takes a small step towards the inside. "Is everything all right?"

"Quite," Jane answers with a spreading grin. "Yesterday was a good day, I went to the studio and signed some contracts for myself and a few other musicians I play with, and another for myself to do occasional session work there. I've got a few details to tend later today, so the suit comes out." She waits until her guest is all the way in to close the door. "Surprised?" The blinking expression seems to give her some variety of amusement.

Elle nods. "I…hadn't seen you dress like that before. It looks strange on you." Not that the suit looks strange. Just -on Jane-. Elle lifts both hands. "I brought breakfast." she lifts the right hand. "And presents." she lifts the left.

"Oooh. Great on both counts. Thanks!" Curiosity builds, wondering what's in the bags, and Jane closes the door before heading toward the kitchen. "Coffee's in the pot. You've got an impeccable sense of timing." Eyes glance down, looking herself over, and a laugh follows. "It feels a bit strange. It'll only be on as long as needed, rest assured."

Elle moves over. She hands the present bag to Jane, and sets the breakfast bag down on the table, coming up with two styrofoam carry-out containers. "I went on a date last night." she offers. It might not seem noteworthy, but hey, it's Elle's second-ever date! And believe it or not, Jane constitutes her second-best friend at the moment.

A quiet smile lights her face at the mention of a date as Jane opens a cabinet over her head and reaches for two coffee mugs. She retrieves and sets them on the counter to briefly rub her arms like they might be sore, then takes the vessels in one hand and the pot in the other, bringing all to the table with her. "How was the date?" She enters full girlfriend-sharing mode, ready to hear the details and oooh over them. Two cups are poured, Elle's first, and when the pot is replaced she brings over the cream and sugar along with two spoons.

Elle smiles. "It was interesting. We went to an arcade. I played video games for the first time. And had pictures taken in a photo booth. And played skeeball." All these things that most people did as kids.

Her eyes take on a wistful expression as Jane listens to the story, her smile soft and genuine. "That's a lot of fun." She's happy for Elle to experience this, and makes no comment about the timing of it, agewise. She adds cream and sugar to her cup and stirs it in with the spoon, musing "It's been a while since I had a date. I've been a bit… busy. But I'm starting to notice men here and there again." A playful smile settles into place, as she chases away thoughts of that guy who seemed interested but stopped calling after a week or two.

Elle makes herself her coffee, and she nods. "Anyway…I'm sorry about the other day. I shouldn't have done that to you. I just…" she sighs. "Sorry." she finishes up awkwardly.

"Don't be, Elle," Jane replies with a tired chuckle, one hand absently rubbing her upper chest with the memory. "I let it happen just as much as you, after all. Should've known that would happen when you said to find my pulse. I get caught up in experimenting sometimes, and didn't think it through." She pauses, and adds quietly "It's progress, still. You could've left me there, dead at twenty-four, and you didn't. Thank you."

Elle nods. "I wouldn't kill you." she says. And then she looks surprised at herself for saying that. "I actually wouldn't." she says again, this time looking surprised.

Touched, the brunette seems at a loss for words. It's a surreal conversation, talking with someone who killed her, and hearing Elle wouldn't want to leave her dead. Jane lifts her coffee cup, searching for the right words to answer that with, to convey her feelings. "I'm extremely glad to hear that, Elle." A move is made to toast, with the mug, as she offers "To both of us being and staying alive."

Elle smiles. "To being alive." she lifts her coffee cup in toast. "I feel…I don't know. There's so many new things that I'm doing. But I'm glad for Peter. And I'm glad for my friends. You -are- my friend, right?"

"I am, Elle," Jane replies honestly." After the toast she takes a long sip from her cup, and sets it down. Fingers rub her arms a bit, as if they're sore for some reason, before she eyes the styrofoam containers of food. "Discovering things is a lot of fun, and scary too. It's the contrasts that make things worthwhile, really."

Elle smiles. "Open things!" she suggests, nodding to breakfast and presents. She's all but bouncing in the seat.

And so Jane does. Fingers go for the gifts first, bringing them toward her and opening the container. Her eyes watch to see what's revealed through this action, curiosity written upon her features.

The boxes contain shoes. Stylish, expensive heels, of the kind that Elle tends to wear. "I didn't know your sizes, so I got them in a few different sizes." Hence the numerous boxes.

"Ooooh." The eyes light up, and she lifts the shoes one pair at a time, studying them with enjoyment. "These are great, Elle!" One by one she checks the sizes and holds them by her feet, until she finds the pair that works. Whatever size they are is shared aloud, it's the most likely shoe size for a woman of five feet and eight inches height. "Thank you so very much! I've got more than a few dresses which these match perfectly." Little black dresses and the like.

Elle smiles. "Good! I bought some for my other friend too, so I figured I should bring some for you too." Friend, singular. Yeah.

She's on her feet and moving, coming across to give Elle a hug without warning, Jane perhaps not having thought this would alarm her and be dangerous, it's a spontaneous gesture of gratitude. Meanwhile, she's mentally plotting to reciprocate somehow. What would Elle enjoy? Probably anything. Much of the world is being discovered, after all.

Elle doesn't seem to worry about being touched. When you can effortlessly kill someone who touches you, it removes a lot of the worry. She hugs Jane back, just BEAMING. Elle thrives on affection like plants do on sunlight.

It lasts for some seconds, before she pulls back, and a grin settles into place. "Do you like music, Elle?" Jane asks, curiously. Fingers reach for the containers of food, and she looks over the contents briefly as she begins to eat. Her mind perhaps has images of Elle learning to play guitar and being onstage, becoming known for her incredible visual effects, the way she can make sparks dance along the strings as she plays, and passing it off with some plausible scientific explanation, while privately knowing it's no tech wizardry.

The blonde shrugs. "I really haven't listened to a lot. I mean, the radio here and there, but it was never something they had playing much at the Company." she explains.

"Ah." Jane's grin spreads, and she rises from the table. "Allow me to give you an introduction, Elle." She walks out of the kitchen and toward the main room, there to place some discs in the player and put it on shuffle, then start the device. Moments later the apartment fills with sound, loud enough to hear and enjoy without overpowering and preventing conversation. First up: Beatles. Paperback Writer. It's maybe ten seconds in when she retakes her seat and lifts the coffee cup.

The blonde listens, and looks a little surprised. She has heard a little music, at least. "This sounds old." she points out, before she takes another sip of her coffee. "So what are you doing today? I mean, the details."

"It is," Jane answers. "From the sixties. To me, and a lot of other people, it's timeless. They shook up the music industry. After them, what they did became a kind of formula. Look at nearly any band around. There'll be a guitarist, a drummer, a bass guitarist, and a rhythm guitarist or keyboard player. Most write their own songs, and in some cases have more than one principal singer." From there she moves on to answer the question. "Just initialing off on some corrections and small things about ownership of things I write. Making sure the rights to my work are mine, rather than being sold to the studio." Her cup is lifted and set down again, as she rubs her arms once more. A wince follows, she remarks "I'm a little sore today."

Elle frowns. That's the second time this morning that Jane's been rubbing her arms. The blonde looks over, but with the suit on, can't see anything. "Why? What happened?"

"Oh," Jane answers, "I was helping to pull people out of the water at Battery Park yesterday. Went there to play guitar and relax, but there was this freak gust of wind out of nowhere. It blew a boy right into the water, and a few people went in after him. Not all of them on purpose. So I strung guitar straps together, added a camera strap, and got people to help me pull them out. It took a bit of time, but we got them all out."

Elle smiles. "Out being a hero." she says. "That sounds…well, honestly, it sounds boring." She gives a bit of a smirk. "But then, my scale is somewhat skewed off the norm.

She laughs. "It wasn't boring, but thankfully I had help. If it was just me trying, things would've been even more exciting when I got pulled in too. I'm not so strong." Thus the rubbing of arms from soreness. Doing something she's not accustomed to physically. "It was just… weird. Nice warm day, no clouds, and suddenly people are off the pier." Another drink of coffee is taken, and she goes for a bite of the food.

Elle nods. "Probably someone with anomalistic abilties." she offers. "Hopefully no one too dangerous." She opens her own breakfast, and starts.

Hearing that, Jane considers for a moment and thinks of the people she saw there, but none of them seem to her the cause of it. "Hopefully not." It's soon shaken off in favor of food before her. Fooooood. She eats. And drinks coffee between bites. "This is great, Elle. I'll have to remember the place you got it from."

Elle smiles again. She seems to brighten when compliments are paid. "What time is your appointment to be all dressed up at?" She looks to Jane curiously.

"One o' clock," Jane answers. And the food continues to do what food does. Be eaten, and enjoyed. "Got something in mind, Elle?"

The blonde shakes her head. "Oh, no. Not especially. I just need to stop by my other friend too." A smile. "And I don't want to interrupt you on a busy morning. So I figure I'll finish food and then maybe visit later this afternoon. If you're going to be in."

"I'll be back by then, I'm sure, Elle," Jane replies. "If I'm not, you've got my number, ring up and I'll tell you where I am. Maybe around four in the afternoon?" she asks.

Elle smiles. "That sounds awesome. Good luck on your negotiations. If you don't have any luck, let me know, and I'll fry the people who are being a pain."

Laughing, Jane opts to treat that as a joke, although she knows it isn't. "Thanks, Elle." And there's clear confidence. "I've got skill on my side, it tends to reduce the need for luck." As she goes silent and continues eating, close to finishing the food, her mind is once again working out possiblt gifts, and arriving at one. Something the blonde can be exposed to in a wider range than she's likely to have ever been and get much enjoyment from.

Elle smiles. "All right…" She stands, having finished breakfast. "I'll see you later this afternoon then. Thank you for the coffee."

"See you, Elle," Jane replies, standing as well to walk to the door and let the electric blonde out. "Thanks again for breakfast and the rocking shoes."

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