2007-09-18: Breakfast For Two


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Summary: There's cute moments, conversations and then breakfast for two. It takes two to do a lot of things, like tango, be in a relationship…

Date It Happened: September 18th, 2007

Breakfast for Two

Peter's Apartment

A lazy, if moderately chilly morning. The fact that Peter's yet to turn on the heat in his apartment might have to do with the warm bundle in his bed more than budgeting purposes. It's not even cold enough to really need it, yet, though it'd be more comfortable with some kind of climate control. Not freezing by any definition of the word, it's September, not winter yet, but definitely chilled in comparison to the summer months. The moisture in the air also doesn't help.

His dog doesn't mind at all, though. She's laid out on the loveseat in the front room, chewing on a toy while her owner lays on his side, watching the young woman sleeping in his bed quietly. The colder the morning, the longer it takes her to wake— it's something he's noticed in just the last few weeks since they started to do this. In reverse, the colder the morning, the easier it is for him to wake up.

Shifting away, he reaches for his watch, just to make sure that he has something to keep an eye on so she doesn't sleep too late that she'd have to miss breakfast before classes, but this motion rocks the bed a bit, forces him to move away more from her, creating a light draft under the covers. They've got time, though— he woke up fairly early, as he often tries to. If only just to watch her sleep for a while.


The colder it is, the deeper she slept. Gone were the days where she would wake up instantly when the sun broke out over the horizon. It was warm where she was, and Elena didn't want to get up. She was laying on her chest, her arms tucked under the pillows. Her breathing is deep, and even. It didn't help that she wore only a long shirt and underwear under the covers. Dark hair is tangled over the pillow case, and half on her face. She seems rather unaware that he watches her when she sleeps, considering how deeply she was doing it, but if she ever found out, she'd probably think it's adorable.

When he shifts to check his watch, she stirs, a muffled sound pressed against the pillow. She seems mistaken to think someone's trying to wake her, because there's a hazy, petulant, "…mrgghh….five more minutes…" coming from her, turning over one one side and going back to sleep.

Or maybe not.

Her eyes drift slowly open, the world shifting very gradually to focus. The draft doesn't help, so while Peter eyes his watch, she shuffles closer to hug onto him like a pillow, so she could sleep more. Don't wanna get up.


At first, when the sleepy young woman beside him speaks, Peter's flinching a little. Mostly because he assumes he's woken her, and that she might end up disallowing him any further 'watching' rights for the morning— could be more guilt for waking her at all, though, which is more likely. He's not surpried that she would just turn over and go back to sleep— not after the last few mornings where he's practically had to drag her out of bed to make sure that she eats before classes.

The sudden attack of cuddling him like a pillow might be new, though, because he makes a surprised sound, still holding onto his watch, and then… settles down and drapes his arm around her as well. As he's sleeping without a shirt, this means there's a bit of skin to skin contact. The watch is held onto— because he's not about to let her miss classes, but he's certainly content to act as a warm pillow for her.

Just means now he ends up playing with her hair a little, and he can't watch her quite as easy at this angle— but tactile beats visual in many ways. He's not going to make her move at all, not for a while yet.


She lays there for a while. It was warm there, and she was breathing easily. But it doesn't last too long, because Elena has to shift. Her eyes flutter open slowly when he starts playing with her hair, though she remains where she is considering it felt good. Finally, she turns her head to blindly kiss his shoulder, and bury her face somewhere there.

"…morning…" she says sleepily. But she doesn't move. Getting her out of bed in this state was bordering on impossible. But there is light in the end of the tunnel. "…what…time is it…?" She sounds a little groggy still.

She does make an effort to get up. Judging by how she is shifting around the covers. But she fails. Instead, she just burrows further onto him. Like a gopher. With a lot of hair.


Much prettier than a gopher, too. Peter smiles faintly when he's kissed on the shoulder, but doesn't stop running his fingers through her hair gently. "Morning, sunshine," he says in a deeper tone, barely a whisper in volume. He's been awake much longer, so it's not sleep that makes him whisper. "You have a bit longer— more than enough time to eat before you hop on Binky and head to class." Which is exactly what he's timing by— how long it will take her to get to her class, how long it takes her to eat— how long it would take to cook something quickly for her. And if she'd rather stay in bed, how long it would take to pick something up and eat right before class instead.

But he'd rather cook for her, if the option is given to him.

Though that might be difficult right now, considering his current situation. He's being physically restrained— with hugs. "Picked up a new ability the other day," he whispers, even if he's not completely sure she can listen right now. He's still toying with her hair. "Might help me learn how to tango a little faster."


It strikes her as endearing as to how considerate he was, considering how carefully he was timing this. The husky whisper makes her smile, Elena snuggling in further against him and under the covers. The fingers stroking through her hair almost lull her back to sleep. "I guess I should get up, huh…? I'm so tempted to sleep class today," she murmurs back, absently nuzzling her nose into his shoulder and closing her eyes again. "Hopefully I get to move my stuff in soon…" said in an absent fashion. "It's…impossible for me to move in cold weather when you're in the same bed with me.

She's a little relieved that he doesn't mind that she stayed over at nights. In fact these days she spent most of them here than in the mansion where most of her portable things were. It helped though that she could always wear one of his shirts - they tended to be a little big on her, and therefore comfy to sleep in.

When he mentions he picked up another ability, her eyes flicker open partway to look at him. "…is it a dangerous one…?" she murmurs.


"You could skip class and sleep, but then you'd probably complain if you missed anything— it might be on the test." Peter knows her better than to assume she's the type who could skip class and not worry about it at all. "You can stay here for a little longer, don't worry," he adds, shifting just enough so that he can kiss the top of her head. Still not getting breakfast cooked, but at least he's definitely paying attention to the time for her. "I'll help with that— but I think Heidi's going to kick me for stealing her housemate even before you moved out… she's back to being outnumbered again."

There's no regret in his tone, though, because he's been very glad to have her, and he'll keep being glad to have her, most likely. He toys with her hair gently, before adding, "I'll help you move— maybe we can spend a night there so I can help you pack." He knows most of her stuff is up at her dad's, but he's willing to endure the wrath of her father to help her pack—

But— abilities. "I don't think so, no… I— met someone who could… copy the movements of others. Like I do with abilities— she does with normal things. She was watching a juggling show and started juggling— and then I joined in. I've never juggled before in my life. Not successfully at least."

"That works for me," Elena says softly, her eyes drifting closed again. "I should cook dinner for them tonight as a thank you…it couldn't have been easy for your brother to put up with me for an entire month or so." Even though Nathan probably enjoyed himself tormenting her just as much as she enjoyed tormenting him. She smiles at the quiet kiss on the top of her head, and lifts her head up a bit so she could look him in the face.

"As for the rest of my stuff I suppose I'm going to need a U-Haul or something…back in Papa's house. I can handle that though….but if you want to help me pack, I'm sure that won't be a problem, you sleeping over." She laughs. "Though I think Papa will ensure you sleep in a guest room."

She shifts a bit, so she's now sitting up on the bed. Which means she pulls away from him slowly, but she remains close - just enough so she could be able to look at his face. "….really? A copycat ability? That's interesting…who was she?" she asks curiously. She didn't know anyone like that.


"Sounds like a good idea— though I wouldn't recommend using it as the time to get revenge on Nathan for his last prank," Peter says, teasing a little, though he has a good idea that she wouldn't do it then anyway. "You probably won't let me help with the cooking, though, will you?" he has to ask, twirling his fingers around in the ends of her hair for a few moments. It's not much of a thank you if he helps, though, so he'll try to be more understanding about it. Even if he likes to help her as much as he can.

A family dinner. It's a rare occassion in his family— always has been. Even with Heidi and the boys present. And one where there's a guest, one he happens to be dating? Even rarer.

"Yeah, a truck rental would be a good idea— it's going to be fun getting your stuff upstairs, too." There is an elevator, luckily— so they won't have to carry it all up to the top floor, but that doesn't mean there won't be some cases where they'll need to use the stairs. Not everything can fit in the elevator— and that's going to be the hardest part. Good thing he has super strength. Or can use his mind. "And I can deal with sleeping in another room for a night…" Though it sounds like he's not so sure. Maybe he can talk to her dad, state his intentions and get allowed to stay in the room with her? …probably not. But he could try.

"Copycat's probably a good word for it. She's… a relative of Niki Sanders. Her cousin by marriage. I met her when I went by her house to try and find Niki." Because he'd been worried he killed her, but the guilt about that is gone now, so it doesn't give away why he had gone to such lengths to try and find her. "Don't think she would've shown me what she could do if I hadn't fallen through a wall in her house by accident."


"Oh I won't. Besides, it's too risky - wouldn't want to risk nailing the wrong person," Elena says with a sigh, resting her head back on him and letting him twirl the ends of her hair on his fingertips. She really, really, really, doesn't want to go to class today. Maybe she was right, Peter was bad for her GPA. "I think I'll make some salad….some roast….a spinach and cheese quiche for you…" It's been a while since she made quiche after all.

When Peter offers to help her move, she laughs. "We'll try not to get into a fight while moving," she quips. Chances are they won't - they might actually have fun knowing how Elena is most of the time when it came to mundane occurrences. "Just…don't Superman anything through the window." Fingertips lift up, tracing absent patterns on the bare skin of his chest, trailing down to the defined ridges of his abdomen.

"…their relatives are…?" Elena says, looking a touch surprised. But she nods. "She sounds like a fun person, if she'd spend time juggling with you. That's a handy ability to have, I think…." She nuzzles in further into his shoulder again. "Do I really have to go to class?" she groans.


"That sounds good," Peter muses softly, not realizing what damage he might be doing to her GPA that she worked so hard for. Then again, he probably does, else he wouldn't turn his watch around one more time to check to see how long they've been in their cuddle. Yes, he's keeping an eye on that— he won't let her skip breakfast or class either. Especially not when her talk of dinner is already making him hungry as well.

"I'm pretty patient with moving," he assures, though that doesn't mean they won't fight. She might not be patient at moving. There's lots of other things that could happen. Moving is a stressful time for people— and someone who manages to survive a moving trip in a new relationship earns pretty big points. Good thing they don't have to travel far, and he can escape to his own apartment during moving if he needs a glass of water. "I don't think I can combine super strength and flight, so we're good." He'll float it up to the window on it's own. Anyone looking in might think it's on ropes they can't see, right? Sounds good to him…

"Niki's husband isn't dead— that's one of the things I learned in the future. I wanted to tell her first— her and his family— but he's the one who can walk through walls." Which is why he fell. He'd kept this piece of info from her— for the sheer fact that the wife deserved to hear it first. One of the few pieces of GOOD news he got in the future. "Turns out when I told her about it she crashed her car— and D.L. saved her. She thought that maybe if I hadn't called, she wouldn't have crashed— and he wouldn't have saved her— and she might not have even found out he was still alive." Isn't that actually nice in some ways? Time travel worked for him on that one, it seems. "And I was hoping it would help me cheat through tango lessons." She's the one who promotes cheating, after all.

But… "Yes. You have to go to class. Come on— go get showered and dressed and I'll start on breakfast."


"Mmmkay, I'll see what I can do to buy some groceries after work," Elena murmurs. Yes, she's still half asleep, it was taking her forever to get up, but she knows she has to. Eventually. Just a little bit longer. He was warm, and he was playing with her hair. It made her sleepy, in a contented way. But chances are, like most days since they started this, he was going to make her drag her ass out of bed - which she needs, really.

"I know, doesn't mean I still like it. I suppose once I move to a new place I won't have to move for a while, though." She stifles a yawn between her fingers. And she'll live across the hall from him. They'll see each other often - at least that was something. She had her doubts as to her ability to maintain a romantic relationship with someone….but it would be easier to see him if they were neighbors.

When he tells her that he had delivered good news, that Niki's husband is still alive, she looks up. "….he was dead?" Elena didn't even know they thought DL was dead. She didn't really know Niki all that well. Once it looks like he's not after all, she smiles. "Good news then. At least there's one thing you managed to bring back home with you that wasn't all doom and gloom." And when he tells her he could cheat with dance lessons through his new ability, she laughs. "That's how we can practice it." She winks. "That way you won't get jealous or anything if someone has to dance more complicated maneuvers with me during performances." She's only teasing of course, she has absolutely no idea Peter's the jealous sort, given he was always so gentle….well. Mostly. Unless he got intense. She got her first taste of that when he came back.

She grumbles a little bit when she's asked to get ready, so she leans up and pecks him lightly on the cheek, then scrambles out of bed, and almost falls off the edge of it. "Okay, okay…" she says a little petulantly, staggering into his bathroom and disappearing there for a moment.


Groceries are sort of required in order to make food, so Peter nods. Poor girl. School, work, then she's going to someone else's house to cook dinner. At least it sounds like they'll be staying the night over there, so she won't have to travel again once everything's settled down for dinner. Even more reason to get her butt out of bed soon, though, unfortunately. So much to do, so little time to do it. "I hope not. I like the idea of having you close." So no need for her to move again!

There's a nod, one piece of good news to return with. "Yeah— it's a different feeling to be able to fell someone that someone they love isn't actually dead…" Than it is telling them that their loved one will die in a terrible future unless they prevent it. It'd be like if he was able to come back and tell her that her mother somehow had been alive in the future. "I guess he was only mostly dead," he says, referencing a movie as she so likes to do.

"Don't they have instruction videos for that sort of thing?" he adds, trying to give alternatives without actually confirming or denying his jealous streaks. They're not exactly something he's proud of. But right now he has nothing to be jealous of at all. She's wearing one of his shirts and rolling tiredly out of his bed towards his bathroom. It's something rather odd, and he actually tilts his head a bit and watches her until she closes the door.

While she gets cleaned up and dressed, he finally gets up out of bed himself, skipping dressing and clean up, to move into the front room and pet his dog, whom gets a small cup full of food dropped into a bowl in the kitchen before he washes his hands and starts to work on breakfast. Still shirtless.


"They do. That'd be interesting actually, see if you can copy the movements as effectively in a different medium as you do live," Elena says, poking her head out of the doorframe and looking at him. She moves out of view again, though he'll see his shirt toss right into the hamper before the door closes fully. The sound of running water can be heard even as he gets up to make breakfast.

The hot water was welcome. It jolts her awake. It's a pretty quick shower, though she doesn't take the time to dry out her hair or style it. She has no one to impress on campus, and her looks give her enough problems as it is. So all she does is pull her wet hair back with a claw-clip and digs out some clothes while he's in the kitchen. She pulls on a pair of jeans, and a deep purple, button-down blouse with capsleeves. She'll pull her coat on to ward off the chill.

She can't help but quirk a smile, remembering the 'mostly dead' reference. She walks out of the bedroom after a dab of lip gloss on her mouth. While he's there cooking, she stuffs the books she needs into her bookbag. "God I feel so bad, I'm not helping the clutter in your apartment at all." Not like he cares - but still. She was still technically a guest at his place.

"You going to work today?" she wonders, moving towards the kitchen with the bag, and sets it on one of the chairs nearby. She'll start getting the plates out - he can do the cooking, but she can help with the other things at least.


There's small hints of hesitation at the tossing of the shirt through the door before it closes fully, and then again when the shower's over. Peter's tempted— but he knows better than to look back, or try to watch her. For one, she might not make it to class if he does, and then he really would be bad for her GPA. And cooking breakfast for her is important to him, so it's something he takes pretty seriously right now. Eggs with generous amounts of cheese, some bacon slices he added to his fridge just for her, and toast. The toast is already ready when she gets out, giving her something to munch down on to start.

"If I were worried about a cluttered apartment, I would've moved earlier. I don't think I know what I'd do if my place didn't have a lot of stuff in it." Only reason he's cleaned up some of the clutter was so his dog didn't swallow anything she shouldn't. And now it's to keep her from chewing on anything she shouldn't, but… she's learning.

"Yeah, I'm going in to work— but I'll try to get done early so I'm not too late to dinner. I'll go ahead and take some things over to Nathan's so I can go straight there. Some things including Snowy. She might want to visit her big bear cousins, after all.


She did take her studies seriously, despite her moaning and groaning about having to get out of bed. But while he bustles around the kitchen cooking, Elena props her chin on the counter with both hands, though she can't help but laugh when she sees him yank the bacon out of the fridge. "I'm so sorry you have to cook meat for me," she tells him. "I've had vegetarian friends before who couldn't stand the smell of bacon." She does look a little guilty about it. But it's food. That never lasts very long when it's placed in front of her.

"Well hopefully you won't have to move anywhere anytime soon, because you have plenty of stuff," she tells him, eyeing the stuff on the walls. Granted she liked him having a busy-looking apartment. It kept things interesting - even the water stain that looks like Abraham Lincoln near where he keeps his coffee stuff.

"Well I can just meet you there, then," she tells him. "At the mansion. We're going to the same place anyway, and I still have a key." Which she'll have to give back to Heidi. "I'm going to miss living with Heidi, though," she says a little wistfully. "I like having a full house. I'm used to it." Her and just Nadia will take a bit of an adjusting to. She's used to noise, people running around all over the place.


"It's fine," Peter says as he slaps down the slices of bacon, though he might have some trouble with it too, he doesn't seem to totally mind it. It's one of the many things that he knew he'd have to deal with living with or dating omnivores. This included his brother. "I still cooked for my brother every so often, so I still had to deal with it." It'd been a personal development, after all, not one he was raised with. It won't last very long, he knows that.

Soon, she'll have a plate laid before her, with cheesy eggs, bacon and toast. A few moments later a jar of jam that he knows she likes is set down nearby as well. There she goes. He learned how she took her eggs in the future, though they've never really discussed that since he got back.

"I hope not— I mean I kinda like it here— been my apartment for quite some time now." But if the tornado happens he knows he'll have to move. One of the many places he stopped by in the future was his apartment building. Didn't make it through the storm very well. Save the apartment, save the world? Could be. He's always been pretty into nostalgia. His apartment takes on a life of it's own.

"I'm sure you could go over and visit if you ever needed to. I doubt Heidi or Nathan would kick you out. And the boys seem to like you too." All of his family likes her— which is a big improvement on his last girlfriend, who he… doesn't think got along well with the adults of his family at all. With that, he returns to the kitchen to finish up his own serving of food, which mostly consists of a generous helping of eggs and toast. It seems he fully intends to turn his into an egg sandwich.


She was partial to strawberry jam, which he sets in front of her. Elena smiles at him, and reaches to pick up a knife so she could spread her toast with it. She looks extremely happy at the present moment, considering this is food, and good food at that. "You're so good to me," she tells him with a grin, and punctuates that with a bite of her toast. Chewing thoughtfully, she leans against the counter. She doesn't look keen on sitting. Now that she's freshly showered, she's very much awake. And then, she starts on her eggs and bacon.

"I'm glad. I just moved across the hall. Truth be told, it's a relief. Not just to get my own place but….considering how busy you are and how busy I am, I wasn't sure if…." She chews on her bottom lip. "If we'd…you know. Have a lot of time to do this." But they managed to see each other regularly. Not every day, but living across the hall from him ensures that at the very least. "I know I have a lot on my plate. I just didn't want to…you know. Give you the impression that I'm being neglectful or anything."

She laughs. "Yeah, I'm glad they do. I don't know why I get along so well with your relatives. They're either much older or much younger than me." …she's done already? Where the heck did the food disappear to? She's polishing off the last of her eggs, and checks her watch. "…ugh. I have to run pretty soon," she mutters.


By the time she starts to discuss her relief, Peter's moving to join her so he can eat his egg and cheese on toast. It's a quick breakfast, one that requires little in the way of silverware, but it's probably pretty tasty. He puts it down halfway through as she gets to the part about being neglectful. There's a hint of a smile in the corner of his mouth. "We both have a lot going on, but Elena— there's two people in a relationship. Even if you might not be able to find the time for me, it's just as much my responsibility to find the time for you— even if it means memorizing your schedule and stopping in between classes to walk with you for ten minutes." Because that is something he would do, most likely— it wouldn't be too difficult to do— and a lot of her classes are in the morning, and he works in the afternoons more than not.

Two to tango, two to be in a relationship. It's up to both of them. If they didn't find the time to spend with each other— well… Then that'd be both of their faults.

"Not saying you shouldn't have moved in across the hall. That was me being selfish. I wanted you close so we could do this more often— even if it's just for thirty minutes in the morning." Or just five minutes, even. But… … her food is already gone? He actually laughs a little. She just inhaled it, didn't she? "I know." He'd timed it, after all. He knows she needs to get going soon, even if part of him wants to affect her GPA and keep her for one class— but no, he leaves his plate to stand up, intending to lead her at least to the door. He's not really dressed to go much further than that.


"Well….I don't know about that," Elena says, a certain look on her face as he says that. "I mean, the last time you saw me during classes…" The comment sounded serious at first, but it's clear by the last line that she had intended to rib him about it. She couldn't help but grin afterwards, so broadly that the dimple shows up in her cheek. She takes the last bite out of her eggs, and downs her orange juice. Reaching over, she picks up her bag and slings it across her shoulders. She knows that Peter was serious about stopping by while she's in class, but hopefully they won't resort to those methods just yet.

"Who knows, it could be fun. Means we'd be practically roommates. Don't have to go too far to come and see you," she tells him simply. But when he moves for the door, she gathers up her plate and moves to the kitchen. The laugh is welcome, and she sticks her tongue out at him. "What? You make a great breakfast!" she protests, but she doesn't have it in her to be huffy.

She takes several steps to the door, and pauses by the doorframe. "But I'll see you tonight at the mansion," she tells him, reaching up to touch his cheek gently. "…do me a favor and try to stay out of trouble, okay?" POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK. And she knows this full well. But she does grin at him after that.


"Between classes— not during. I wouldn't want to be responsible for blowing anything up," Peter says, and it sounds as if he means it, touching her arm lightly after she's got her bag slung over her shoulder again. There's a quiet moment. Practically roommates. Just without actually living in the same place. "But at least then you'd still have your own personal space— you can escape from me if your GPA demands it. If you're going to be a doctor, you have to keep that up." Medical school for doctors is pretty competitive. And he doubts she'd settle for anything less than her best, anyway.

"And I'm glad you liked it," he says about his breakfast, following her to the doorway and reaching out to touch her arm again. It's almost a hugging gesture the way he's doing it, without actually pulling her in for one. If he did, they may have a more difficult time breaking it.

But he does move forward and kiss her after she asks him to stay out of trouble. Short and sweet, because any longer and temptation will appear. "You be careful, too," he says, not quite calling her on her kettle-calling, but expressing his own concerns too. "I'll see you tonight."

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