2007-07-04: Breakfast In Bed


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Summary: Jane brings Jaden breakfast in bed.

Date It Happened: July 4th, 2007

Breakfast In Bed

Cain Manor, Hyde Park, Manhattan, NYC

The key she carries around her neck on that chain is used once again, letting her into the building. The door closes behind her, and she steps forward along the entry hall. Jane's shirt today features Foreigner, red in color. Her shorts are dark, a navy blue shade. Shoes? Athletic. Good for walking. Her steps slow as she adjusts the gear over shoulders a bit before continuing. 10:30 a. m., she wasn't sleeping over last night. And now as she arrives, her jPhone is in use hands-free. Both earpieces are in and she's talking with some estate agent about cheap rental spaces, abandoned buildings in the Bronx. Her expression is pensive, a bit troubled, as if she were wrestling down some internal debate.

And of course, having entered the Manor, she's starting a Jaden Hunt with a bag of those cookies in hand.

Sleep. Sleep is a good thing. Sleep is always a good thing for someone like Jaden Cain, Party Animal.

The entire Manor is pretty quiet, but there's nothing that could really be as misleading as that quietness. Jaden is in his bed, covered up slightly by the sheet and all of that goodness. He looks so cute and peaceful sleeping right there. In the middle of his bed.

Between a set of twin blonde females. Whom, well, are also sleeping ever so soundly.

Yeah. Looks like Jaden did have a party of sorts.

It could take some time to find him, she starts out in the gaming room, and finds him not. Jane remains there for a moment, to think, instead of immediately going on to hunt room by room. It takes only that moment to realize that yes, it's 10:30 in the morning and if he isn't gaming he's probably still asleep. So out of that room she goes, headed toward the kitchen. Her plan is to pull together some form of breakfast and take it up to him.

And the mission begins. Get tray. Check. Get glass, also check. Orange juice. Grab bowl and some form of cereal, fill bowl. Done. Add milk. Then she sets a smaller plate off to the side and puts those favored cookies from the bag on it.

Once the entire thing is assembled, she deserts the kitchen, climbs the stairs, and carefully opens the bedroom door. Her plan is to make a silent entry. And she does. But what she sees freezes her in the doorway, mouth hanging open, and expression stunned. Deeply pained.

Sleeping makes on oblivious to the crazily romanticized antics of the girlfriend. Or, as it would seem, one of the girlfriends. Billionaire Playboy Jaden Cain is completely and utterly not in tune with the world right now, as he's more than kosher with the sleeping between hottie twins he managed to get involved with last night. While he's sporting some cartoony shirt of some fashion, things can be assumed that the Doublemint Twins are more or less… less.

There's no snuggling or anything even remotely caring going on between the three, as they're all blissfully unawares of the bad things that they're doing by being in the bed together. An arm of each twin is draped across the rich kid and he wears a goofy sleepy smirk on his face. Must be a good dream.

So many things go through her head in that moment, ways she could react. She could play it cool and depart without waking him, leaving the man to wonder why she never returned and sent the key by mail. Or she could start screaming and break all the glass in the area. But that would expose her gift to the twins he's decided to partner with. But Jane's angry, and hurt. There's going to be a reaction of a not at all pleasant sort.

Into the room she strides, approaching the bed, with the tray still held. She sets it down on the floor, and proceeds to give the trio breakfast. First comes the cereal, airborne delivery. Then comes the orange juice. The cookies follow, flung as a group when she lifts the plate and sends them their way with a quick snap of her wrist. Each vessel, bowl, glass and plate, are dropped when empty.

Breakfast In Bed.

But not exactly the kind that anyone wants! Jaden's the first to wake up, as he's cereal'd right on the head! Lucky Charms and milk all over him and his Scooby Doo sheets! "What the hell?!" His exclamation is nothing that can really be sent towards anyone, since his eyes are forced to be closed by the milk running down over his face. The orange juice and cookies are sent and compile all over Jaden and the Twins. The latter of which, show their overracting talents by screaming like there's no tomorrow. Of course, this screaming is right in Jaden's ears and that doesn't help him with the figuring out of what's going on!

"Security!" If only he'd remember that he gave them the night off. Oops.

Another female voice is perhaps heard amidst the screaming of twins, if his ears aren't ringing too badly. It's not as loud as the wakened bed partners, but it does carry and have a high pitch. Filled with anger and scorn. "What the hell on this end too! Don't worry, you don't need security, Jaden. I'm leaving!" Fingers go to her neck and scramble with something, Jane pulls the chain with his key off and holds it in her hand for a few seconds, studying it as the tears start to flow, then she sends it back to him short distance air mail before turning to bolt from the room and the manor.

She doesn't intend to let him see her cry.

Jaden blinks as he hears the voice. He can make it out and he's scrambling out of the bed, knocking over naked twins as he tries to get up. Milk is dripping from his face and body and before he can wipe his eyes, the key smacks him in the forehead and he stumbles backwards back onto the bed. This gives Jane the moment she needs to bolt from upstairs and possibly out of the manor.

Sighing as he gets back up, Jaden looks off in the direction of the door and then back at the twins. Both of which are looking at him with super confusion. Quick! Say something funny, Jaden!

"Good help is so hard to find, these days…"

The joke is muttered as he looks down at the key in his hand and then back at the door. Dammit.

In that stretch of time she exits the overcrowded bedroom and makes it to the stairs, beginning her way down them quickly. Jane doesn't look back or hesitate along her path, but it is possible for him to try catching her before she makes the doors and is out of the building. In bolting, her thoughts are rapid and unpleasant. She wants to scream, and scream so badly. The experiments she was planning, the building she'd begun to arrange as a location, they stand a good chance of being accelerated.

Jaden just watches the door for a moment, trying to see what he should do. But Candy's voice rings out in his ears. He's supposed to be like this. He's supposed to be sleeping around. He's rich, he's young and he's…

What Would Bruce Wayne Do? Definitely has to be the new motto. If he's going to get this billionaire playboy thing down pat, he's going to have to deal with the consequences. Gulp.

Sighing, he looks back at the girls and forces on a smile. "So. Anybody else need a shower?" Oh god.

Moments later, there's a telltale and final sound in this relationship. The slamming of front doors.

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