2011-02-13: Breaking At The Cracks



Date: February 13, 2012


Kitty isn't the only thing beginning to crack…

"Breaking at the Cracks"

Hanner Manor

The sound of scribbling can be heard coming from the room of Kitty Hanner, scribbling, scratching and then a brief yawn before a thud echoes through the halls of Hanner Manor. Arnie, the butler of the place had run out for a quick bit to buy some groceries, making Kitty promise to stay in the house and not do anything too crazy while he was gone.

There are no sounds throughout the whole house, Robin apparently out and doing something. Only a quiet wind ruffles things outside in the garden in the back and front drive. The early morning sun peeking over buildings in the distance and shining onto to the manor, filling the room that the mistress of the Manor is currently.

A couple of birds flew by the window, singing their song of good morning while for some like Kitty.. it might not be such a good morning afterall.

The woman in question sits in the middle of her big bed, legs folded underneath her and tears rolling down her face. Her brown hair is in a tangled mess, framing her face as she stares across the bed at the mirror. Her reflection hazy and murky thanks to the tears collecting in her doe brown eyes.

“Not now..” she whines softly to herself and rubs at her temples, shaking her head fiercely. The young woman begins to sob.

With a look of complete and utter terror, Kitty slides from the bed onto the floor next to a notepad that was apparently thrown across the room in frustration or fear. Her long blue cotton skirt spreads out around her as she sinks to her knees and reluctantly reaches a shaky hand out to touch the notepad.

A pencil can be seen, having rolled all the way to the door.

The cats Tiger and Lulu peer down from the bed at their mistress and tilt their heads, much the same as Kitty does. Regarding the notepad, hand hovering over it. Her breath catches as she lays a gentle hand on the back of the notepad and turns it over.

A shudder goes through the woman as she peers down at what she drew.

The world cracked.. split in two. Fire and destruction raining all over. Though her art skills aren’t something to be praised for, there is a certain amount of detail and precision in this sketch of Kitty’s.

Her bottom lip quivers as she stomps her barefoot on the floor and throws it across the room again, it hitting the wall and falling towards the pencil at the door.

Reduced to uncontrollable sobs, Kitty curls into a ball on the floor at the foot of the bed. Sunlight creeping into the room and creating shadows that bounce around the walls.

“Why now..”

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