2007-03-25: Breakthroughs


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Summary: The morning after Opening Night, Elena continues to work with her father on his abilities. Ramon fills Elena in on what she knows about the Alchemist, and worries are compounded when Peter calls and lets Elena know that Molly and Dr. Mohinder Suresh were kidnapped.

Date It Happened: March 25, 2007


The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York City

Breakfast on the weekend, the day after 14G opened. And Ramon has his first hangover since…college. It shows in the way he nurses a cup of coffee and looks around like he believes that old myth about the hair of the dog. There is no hair of the dog to be had in the house, but there is coffee, and he's drinking it as black as the soul as a Columbian cartel leader. He is in jeans and a white undershirt and looks…generally zuggy. He has /forgotten/ that he scheduled a training session with Elena "Reed Richards" Gomez, that she is stalking him and that she is already mad.

The door opens, and his mad-scientist-to-be daughter comes in, with more books from the public library as well as her backpack. She doesn't look too irritated at her father -now-, but she was sure as made as hell a couple of days ago when he tried to -kill someone-. Elena shuts the door, her mood from raging when they got home that night, to just irritated the next day, to mild today. Probably because Randall got punched in the face for pecking her. Her father and Jack would get along extremely well. "Good morning," she greets her father in Spanish, dumping the books on the kitchen counter and the backpack on a chair. "How's your head?" she asks, walking over to plunk at the dinner table. She must have ventured out early today.

"Not as bad as the mouth," Ramon grunts in the same language. "Feels like I licked the back of a sheep. How are you this morning, chiquita?" He's starting to sound back to normal. He's more repentant about Elena and Dezi having to stop him from /killing the wrong man/ than he is about wanting to kill the bastard.

"Tired," Elena says, recalling the disaster right after Ramon left the club with Cass, and she rests a hand on Ramon's head so she could ease her father's pain. He'll need to be a little more clearheaded than this before they work on his abilities again. "Papa we don't have to do this today if you need the day to recover," she says, looking at him. "The last few days haven't been exactly easy on you."

"Well," Ramon says. "I'm fine now." He chuckles, aware of exactly why. And then he sobers. "Speaking of which. Ms. Russo needs a 'character sheet'. She should be working on what she can do." A pause. "She could save a lot of lives that way. If she could focus it somehow especially."

"You think she'll be interested?" Elena wonders, rubbing the back of her head. She didn't really know Ms. Russo that well, but she was so nice. Maybe she could control her power - or maybe not. All the other books, fiction or purported non-fiction, that she read on the subject have suggested that these sorts of things tended just to come, and are uncontrolled. But if she -could- control the power….that would certainly be something indeed. It couldn't hurt to try. She also nods, and opens up her laptop, peering at the notes she made for today. "I thought we could work on concentration today. I was looking over the data from our last session and it looks like…" She pauses. "It looks like your concentration may very well form the basis of your wall, like what you were telling me about blocking out the children if you need something to get done. I honestly think if focus on what needs to get done, the wall might build itself. But you need to work on not getting too distracted by external stimuli."

"Alright. I didn't have much trouble at the club last night but — " He drank a big shot of Jack Daniels as insurance. See. There was more to it than numbing his mind. He pushes aside his coffee, ready to work with his daughter on this. "Eric and I spoke mind to mind while he was in the coma. I didn't get a chance to tell you."

"….so that's what he meant…" Elena says after a pause. She seems to have been able to speak to the young man before his family took him away. She shakes her head, getting into work mode. She can think about Eric, Jack, Randall, Ms. Russo and other things later. Right now she has to focus on her father. "He mentioned you yelled at him - but considering I was there the entire time I didn't hear you yell so it must have been mental." So she's established that not only can her father listen to thoughts, but he can also communicate thoughts to someone - even when they're comatose. So long if the brain is alive, he can do it.

She taps a few keys on her laptop, and looks over at him. "Alright. I guess under these circumstances, my powers might actually be able to help," she says. "Papa….I'm going to make it in such a way that you're going to be sore. Okay? I'll make an arm of yours or something hurt just a little bit, and I want you to focus -past- that pain and concentrate on trying to read my mind. Is that okay?"

"That's fine, chiquita," Ramon rumbles. Hmph. Like he'd say no. His cultural machismo would prevent it. She could say, 'I'm going to cause you the most unimaginable pain and I want you to try to read my thoughts' and he'd have to puff out his chest and say, "I can take it, hit me!!" So a little twinge of the arm? Pfft.

"Okay." Elena glances towards her father's arm, and towards his elbow. She'll concentrate on the funny bone there - and Ramon will start to feel an uncomfortable pins-and-needles sensation climbing up and around his arm, spiderwebbing from that point. It was almost surprising how she took to being able to control her powers that quickly. Then again, she was always a fast learner - coupled by the fact that she's been studying how other people control their powers to figure out 'how' they work as opposed to 'why' they exist. Mentally, she starts out with something simple by simply transmitting to her father what she's doing. ~I'm applying my abilities to your left elbow joint and I'm going to increase the sensation gradually~ she 'tells' her father. ~Let me know if it gets too much, but are you getting this clearly?~

Ramon hisses. His daughter is /dangerous/. He frowns, furrowing his brow, and raising a hand to his head as if he were trying to tap on a headphone earphone. "It sounds like a fly is buzzing around my skull," he grunts. "It sounds like you're muttering your thoughts. I'm aware of them, but it's like the radio's down too low."

Which is surprising, considering her first instinct at the first sign of trouble is to run, and run very fast. Using her abilities was a sort of 'last resort' for her. Elena looks up at Ramon and lets go of her abilities, and types something in her laptop, squinting at her data and removing her cats eye frames to perch it on her nose. She looks over at Ramon and sighs. "I really need a brainwave monitor…" she mutters softly. Taking off her glasses, she looks over at Ramon. "I'll try again, okay? Concentrate, Papa. Try a little harder. It will get easier the more we do this I think. Okay?" She'll focus on that same point in his arm, willing the spread of the sensation gradually, right to the wrist. And then she divides her concentration to think at her father. ~I can talk to Ms. Russo once I get her phone number off your phone, Papa. Besides I'd like to speak with her again, she mentioned something - about why she's in New York. If she can see things before they happen, it might have something to do with all the weirdness that's going on these days. Plus there's something about her I like….she was really nice to me when she took me home.~

This time Ramon concentrates a little harder, paying less attention to what his daughter is doing. "What did she mention?" This time he seems to have heard just fine. He looks her in the eye, absently rubbing the spot on his arm that she's 'attacking'.

She keeps it up, her eyes fixed on Ramon's elbow as she wills for the uncomfortable sensation to keep on going as she responds. ~She thought she sounded crazy,~ Elena remarks. ~When she was telling me about her visions over the phone. She mentioned her visions were the reasons why she was in New York in the first place….but she didn't go into detail about it. Papa…see if you could go deeper and try to pluck out the name of the crazy guy I just met at Cass's bookstore.~

Ramon closes his eyes now, trying to focus. He doesn't answer, if only because trying to go deeper requires much more thought. He shakes his head in frustration, only able to hear whatever surface thoughts race across Elena's mind in that next moment.

~You can do it, Papa~ Elena says as she focuses her control on his arm. She manages to hold it in a gradual level even as Ramon shakes his head a touch. She could see it in her periphery, but her sight is sort of in a tunnel vision right now considering it's a little difficult to focus her will while thinking thoughts at her father. ~Try a little more.~ She's pushing him as gently as she can. Whatever mental block he was having, she has to help him break through it so he can do this effortlessly.

For one moment Ramon thinks he's got it, but then he makes a noise of frustration. "I think I just got a detailed list of what you want to eat for lunch," he grunts. "Or that could be what /I/ want to eat for lunch." Like many men he gets cranky when he starts having trouble doing things.

She lets go finally, easing up on the sensation she was throwing at her father, Elena leaning back and rubbing her eyelids just a bit. She shakes her head a bit at the strain to clear it, but otherwise, she looks fine. She gives her father a bit of an encouraging smile, and ponders a little bit. "Maybe I'm going about this all wrong…" she murmurs, turning to her laptop and types a few things. "I'm asking you to search for information while you dive into my mind. I think it might be better if you concentrate on getting into that -level- of my mind first before you search for the piece of information I want you to find. Does that make sense?"

"It does make sense," Ramon says. He focuses, seeing her mind like a massive computer that he has to give the right commands to. He focuses on diving in. Unlocking passwords and clicking through the right folders till he's in S:/drive. Subconscious. Then he goes looking for this name.

And after those instructions are given, Elena concentrates on trying to distract her father again. ~It could be because I'm asking your brain to do too many things at once while you're just starting to get used to it. If I break down the instructions by -steps- as opposed to making you inputting everything in one massive chunk maybe you'll be able to 'transmit' your power more efficiently.~ Sure enough….as Ramon focuses on diving first, before searching, he'll come up with a name. Jaden Cain, purported to be the youngest CEO to handle the reins of a company as huge as Evolution Software…..a company that often partners up with RTS's parent company, Lancaster Electronics.

"Jaden Cain, purported to be the — " he hisses as Elena's pain effect gets strogner at him "the youngest CEO to handle the reins of a company as huge as Evolution Software, a company that often partners up with Lancaster." Ramon grunts and growls out these words, his massive nose wrinkling as he squeezes his eyes more tightly shut.

"Yes!" Elena lets go of her control, beaming at her father. "You did it, Papa!" she exclaims, excited at the fact that her father was able to succeed, as well as a breakthrough on his powers. She types rapidly at her laptop, putting her glasses back on again as she does so. She's totally in the Nerd Zone now. She loves it when these things happen to her, the euphoria of epiphany almost overwhelming when she types this latest development in her father's file. "Do you want to try again? Or are you getting tired? How's your head, by the way?" she asks, watching him squeeze his eyes shut tightly. If it hurts? They'll have to stop so she could check his vitals. After all the purpose of this is dual-pronged, to help him control his abilities….and also to find out his limits.

"I'm fine. I'm just concentrating." Ramon can't help it. A tiny bit of smile tugs at his lips to see his daughter so enthusiastic. Along with a tiny twinge of pain. Catalina would have enjoyed seeing this. Or maybe not. It might have terrified her. He shakes that off so he can concentrate. "Lets try again." He relaxes his scary scary face.

"Okay….gradually though, not too much. Your blood pressure shot through the roof the last time we tried putting up the wall the first time," Elena says. And so she leans back again and tries to think. She taps her fingers lightly on the table….until she speaks up again. "When I met Jaden," she begins, trying not to smile - because she KNOWS her father is going to eyetwitch whenever she pulls the information out of her head. "He was eating a particular brand of snack. I want you to pull that information out of my head. Okay?" She leans back, and she starts to try and affect her father's whole arm this time - it's a little more invasive, meant to disrupt his concentration by making the pain more noticeable as opposed to it just being pins and needles. ~Green beans. Milk. Eggs. Chorizo. Chicken broth. Scallions. Chili powder. Chicken. Beef….~ She rattles off the grocery list in her head, things they need in the kitchen.

"Nnnnnnngh," Ramon says. In frustration, he shoots back at her, ~shut up about the grocery list!~ without really meaning to. It's just what shoots across his brain without him really thinking about it, the way we often react without /saying/ things. He holds his head, now feeling rather like he's sitting in a crowded room with a pained arm and not enjoying it one bit.

~I can't, it would defeat the purpose!~ Elena transmit back, but she blinks, and tapers off the control. She heard her father inside her head. That hasn't happened before. She types up a few more comments in her file and she looks over at him. Quietly, she wills the pain to go away completely, her expression turning from apologetic, to focused.

When the pain lessens, Ramon gets up. He wants another cup of coffee, not medically sophisticated enough to realize that this is going to affect his heart rate and whatnot. Though he does ask, "Hey, chiquita? Wouldn't it be wise to take all my base stats or whatever before you worry about what they are after we mess around with this stuff?"

"…..have you been reading Luis's roleplaying books?" Elena wonders, and reaches up to gently pluck the coffee cup from her father's hands. "But you're right. No coffee until I check your vitals….and if they're bad, no coffee for the rest of the day. I'll make you some orange juice." Because the young woman insists on fresh squeezed. She wanted to be a chef. She's going to be a doctor, or a scientist at the rate she was going. She will want freshness whenever she can.

"I read them when he first got them," Ramon grunted. "I had to reassure myself they weren't demon summoning manuals. I even went to a game session and sat in. That's how I know all about level 12 orcas." Pause. "I fell asleep about halfway through. They just rolled that weird thing for my…barbarian or whatever it was they plopped in front of me. I came home and decided that God would be too busy laughing at such a group of dweebs to send them to Hell over being dweebs."

She can't help it. Elena stares at her father, and then she bursts out laughing. "Oh Papa," she says with a grin. She ushers him back into his seat, and then she'll check his vitals. She frowns a little bit as she brings out her instruments. She'll check his blood pressure first, because that one was the most worrisome during their first full-fledged training sessions. "Was it easier?" she asks. "When we broke it down like that?" she asks, trying to focus as she looks at the gauge.

His blood pressure is up again, but not as far as before. He may have simply stressed out over it the first time. But she'll notice right away he's hotter to the touch, as if he spiked up a fever. Its pushing his limits that seem to do it, moreso than using his power, because by now he's used his power loads of times without any particular negative effect.

"Okay…" Elena says. "That's good. But your temperature is up. At least now we know when not to push you." Elena says, moving over to the refrigerator and opening the door. She'll grab the fresh squeezed juice she made that early morning for him before she left. Naturally though, he stuck to his coffee. She pours the cold juice in a tall glass, and moves over to give it to her father so he could cool down a bit. "How's your head? It's not hurting in the very least?" she asks.

"A little achy," Ramon admits, as he downs the orange juice. "But I haven't eaten anything yet." He didn't think to tell her that before they started the test. And so now she gets to know. He ambles over to pour himself another glass and downs that as well, as if it is sweet, sweet nectar.

"That might be it…" Elena murmurs softly. "You might function better when all your cylinders are firing. Then again, you were also suffering through a hangover when we started. I tried to take the pain away but I don't know if I gave your mind enough time to recover." She records the possible inferering factors of progress in her session notes, furrowing her brows a little bit. At the same time she was glad there were factors like these present - chances are her father won't be in optimal conditions if he has to use his power right away. Better start with stress tests now so he could get used to it.

Ramon takes an easter egg out of the fridge and peels it for breakfast. He pops it, then sits back down. He looks deep in thought for a long moment and says, "I tried to get the name of that guy who nearly burned down Nima Jones' shop. I didn't manage it. But I wouldn't have had the idea at all if you hadn't thought it up in the first place."

"….me?" Elena says, pouring herself a glass of orange juice and taking a seat in front of her father. She takes a sip of the soothing nectar, and looks at him. "You mean you actually tried your delving trick on him?" she asks. "Did you manage to get anything?" At least it didn't seem to hurt him. And then she pauses…..Desiree had been there, hadn't she? "….does….Ms. Russo….know about you now?" she ventures tentatively, taking another gulp of her orange juice again.

"Yes, and yes. She said she was psychic, I said I was a telepath, and that was the end of that conversation. We didn't have time to bunny dance all around 'well we might be crazy but'," Ramon says, rubbing the back of his neck slowly. "She accepted it, I accepted it, all done. And I didn't get /crap/. But I know something new. The Alchemist, whatever he does when he talks to people…it completely overwrites their thoughts, and puts it on loop till the instruction is completed, like a tape." A thought occurs to him and he stares at Elena for a long time. "You're not a little girl," he mutters, as if convincing himself. "If I had a sample of his voice patterns that I'd accidentally-on-purpose failed to mention, would you want them to study?"

"That's interesting…." Elena murmurs, pursing her lips a little bit. Her eyes drift to the window, and she takes a sip of her orange juice yet again. "And it does? Wh….that almost sounds like a programmer. Then again….this sounds less like persuasion and really more like hypnotism like you said before, Papa. If the thoughts are just focused on a set of instructions. Granted I don't know how it works really….I might have to talk to a psych professor while I'm at school to get a further understanding." At the last, she blinks at him. "Wait…you…actually have a recording of…?" she says, her eyes wide. She almost drops her glass.

Ramon thrusts out his hand to try to catch the glass before it falls. "Yes," he replies grimly. He pauses, then decides to finally give Elena the whole story. "Days ago I went by Cass' store. She has more to talk to me about and I will go by again later today. In any event, she gave me another Squaring the Circle symbol that she had collected off of a man named Lachlan. /He/, in turn had collected it off a woman named Ameera Natar. /Before/ she could carry out the persuader's instructions. Our Alchemist had left the symbol and a knife for her under the dog run on the bridge all wrapped up in Happy Birthday paper. She was on the cell phone. He got arrested — with the knife I might add — but he had remembered that one of the only listings on the phone was JPSousa. I immediately thought of the John Phillip Sousa school and immediately called Xander saying I had more information for him and would he please call me back." A pause. "I got nothing Elena. He never returned my call."

"Come to think of it I haven't heard much from Xander these days either…..he doesn't stop by Starbucks anymore. Not that I've seen anyway." Elena frowns. "You think something came up, or something happened?" She looks up at her father. "Okay….so there was a fire in the school that an intended victim works at." She furrows her brows a little bit. "So is that why you've been gone erratically for the last few weeks? I mean, you're pretty routine, Papa. So when you deviated, I kind of got a little worried. I didn't know you actually found something."

"I went to the school," Ramon confirms. "There was a brother there." He means a Mexican. "Janitor. He'd seen stuff. He'd told the police over and over. Bastards couldn't be bothered. They didn't look for evidence. Evidence that I found. I also went to Reverend Morris'. His wife was the latest victim. The cops hadn't even taken her cell phone out of the car. They hadn't bothered to lift the message." Ramon's face twists. "Something more important has come along, chiquita. There would be news articles if something had happened to Xander. There is nothing. Someone decided it was too difficult to pursue. Too hard. And I'm convinced that the man in the photograph is the one I saw. The photograph at Nima's shop. Convinced enough that I gave her the message in the hopes that it would spur her to at least look at her security tapes." His jaw sets grimly. "I don't agree with what that group, that Company, what it does. But who /does/ do something when someone special gets out of control? Who can? Who is going to catch him, hold him, keep him from killing again? Now do you see why I came to the conclusion that the only thing left is to kill?"

"Killing isn't the answer, Papa," Elena says softly. "It's a Commandment. You can't." She shakes her head a little bit at that and looks at him. "There has to be a better way than that. I—" She pauses, something striking her. She suddenly gets up from the chair, and starts pacing. That nervous habit she inherited from Catalina, her fingers tugging on a lock of hair draped over her shoulder, she starts roaming around the kitchen restlessly. All signs that there was something that struck her. Something close. Something almost there. She looks over at her father. "You said there was a message? Did you listen to it? Did Nima?" she says.

Ramon takes out his phone, dials into the voice mail and passes it over to Elena. "She listened. I think she intends to do something with it as she saved it to her own phone. I was too tired to dig into her head and try to figure out what."

She listens to the message after taking it from her father, Elena putting it in her ear….and growing paler, and paler by the second. Her hand starts shaking. But she keeps at it, taking a breath and shutting out what she feels, in lieu of just listening to the words. After a pause, a long silence, she hands back the phone. She is grim. She looks at her father, her lips set on a line. "Did you see what happened to me?" she says. "Nothing. When I listened to his voice, nothing happened. When you listened to it, nothing happened to you. When Nima listened to it, nothing happened to you." She goes to her laptop and starts typing rapidly, opening a new file while she types up her observations before she loses her train of thought. "You said he kills by voice. So why after hearing all of that, we weren't compelled to do anything? The instructions were there. Distinct. Telling us what to do. So why weren't we affected? WHY just Jancia? There's a trigger in that message, Papa. Like….like….some kind of subliminal bomb. Only obviously it doesn't affect just anyone who listens to the message. -Just- Jancia."

"Well he's not telling Elena what to do. He's not telling Ramon what to do. Or Nima. He's telling /Jancia/ what to do," Ramon says. "I don't have a husband with an office and neither do you. The message is a specific set of instructions to a specific person. To us its just so much verbal sick garbage."

"If that's the case…." Elena pauses. "If it's rooted on the specific person, the -name- of the person….that means…" She pauses, and she looks at her father. "Papa. He might need to be let in," she says. "Some kind of acknowledgement. I mean, think about it. If you walk down the street, and someone yells 'Hey You', you don't think he's calling you. Not right away. So you ignore him. But if the stranger goes 'Hey Ramon', you stop, and you turn to look at the person who just called your name, right?"

"Right," Ramon says slowly. "You know, I'd assumed he'd stolen the personnel file to make sure that he was picking the right victim…but maybe he just didn't know Ameera's name. And then the brainwaves of the person tune in on him. They pay attention. And bam. Trap's sprung. I still want you carrying around those earplugs. I do." He drums his fingers slowly. AND THEN something else hits him. "Fuck." He stands up, knocking the chair over. "He's closer than I thought. He has to be. He knows I call you chiquita."

"…wh…what?" Elena says, her face draining with color. Close? What…how did she MISS that? "You mean you're being watched?" She stares at her father, and then she looks around. She's about to step forward to pull down the drapes. But she doesn't - it might set some alarms off. Oh god. Was this real? One thing to another. "He said he knows, didn't he?" she tells Ramon. "He knows you're onto him."

"He followed Jancia and watched her from the street." Ramon says gravely. "There have been no new killings. He knows I went to the store and knows something there was important enough for me to find that he wanted to burn it down, or he was just trying to kill us. But if he knows…" Ramon stares hard at the blinds. "If he's out there watching…if he can find us…"

PHONE: Your phone begins to ring. The Caller ID says 283-1407.

Given the SUPERB roll, Ramon can pick up surface thoughts of the people below the building, the people across the building. Murmurs and whispers all rolling around him. A little girl below wants ice cream, there's some kind of internal conflict going on in the apartment across the street with a man feeling guilt over cheating with his wife. There's also a couple down the street who both wish they could be somewhere else right now. Even as these thoughts filter in through his mind, Elena blinks when her phone starts to ring.

She pulls out the cherry red phone. Caller ID: Peter was calling.

She answers the phone.

PHONE: You answer your phone, "Hello?"

PHONE: Peter sounds a little winded, in motion, and most importedly, worried, "Elena? This is Peter Petrelli."

PHONE: Elena sounds surprised. "Peter! Are you okay? You sound…." He sounds like he's in a hurry.

Ramon strains. He strains and he strains, until he pops out into a sweat and starts to look really sick. He wasn't kidding about the focus. Elena's alarmed sound over her friend — nice man, Peter — only dimly registers. He is forced, moments later, to let it go. Shut it down. He plops into a chair and puts his head in his hands, gasping, but he doesn't faint, and that, dear friends, is an improvement.

PHONE: Peter continues to be on the move, though at least he's on the ground or he couldn't keep talking, "I don't have much time to explain. Dr. Suresh and Molly Walker were kidnapped from their apartment by Sylar and this girl, who could use fire, probably the one you told me about."

As she waits to hear what's going on, Elena's dark eyes drift to her father, surprised - all of that, doing a mental sweep down the block trying to search for that one particular thought, and he didn't faint. This bolsters her confidence some - maybe all of her efforts -aren't- for naught right now. She walks over to where her father is, and rests a hand on his forehead to try and calm him down and to feel better. But when she hears what Peter says, she freezes.

PHONE: Elena gapes at her phone. "…wh….what?? Molly's missing? But I just saw her two nights ago! I dropped in on Dr. Suresh to try and…." And then she pales considerably. "….Sylar and….Kellie. Kellie is her name, the pyromaniac who took me hostage. The guy in the suit she tried to fry when she was holding me…she called him Daddy. If you're looking for her, maybe he would know. But I don't know his name!"

"Give him Benji's number," Ramon suggests quietly. "He might well know that name."

PHONE: Peter says, "It's okay. But that's just about all I know, except that— Elena— there was this woman at the hospital who predicted Detective Damaris— do you know her?— predicted her death. She's convinced that Sylar's going to kill her. And I know Sylar was after her. I also know he's after my niece. I— I'm on my way to my niece now. I need to get to her. I'm sorry to worry you, I just— I don't know what to do. I'll call you back as soon as I know anything else."

PHONE: Elena pauses in the background, listening to her father. "Wait…woman? What woman?" she says. Predicted her death? That almost sounds like… "And I've never spoken with Detective Damaris personally but Alexander Marx, a prosecutor for the DA, he gave me her number. He said she was in charge of my mother's case. What do you -mean- this woman predicted her death? And Sylar's going to kill her?" She looks a little pale. "Wait…wait, Peter. Here. I might not know the name of the man Kellie tried to kill when he was holding me, but I might know someone who does. Papa suggested it. His name is Benjamin Winters. His number is 283-1227. Tell him Elena or Ramon Gomez gave you his number. He was held in the same facility you were and he wasn't wiped. Ask him if he knows a man with this description." She describes Rainier. "He might know where to find her, or how to track her down if he's her father. Take care of Claire, if there's anything else I can do….please be careful!"

"Is it just me or does this stupid ass company manage to let an awful lot of dangerous psychos onto the street, all in the name of keeping dangerous psychos off the street?" Ramon asks. He has the look of a man who is scrapping a plan.

PHONE: Peter keeps talking, sounding almost as if he's not sure what to do. "Tall woman, older, probably late thirties, taller than me. Strange woman— she read the Monopoly money… Saw a clock, and Mara dead. Told her time was running out." As she gives a number, he almost panics, but luckily it's fairly easy to remember. "283-1227, got it, Winters." He also puts the description to mind. "Thank you, this might be a huge help. She has Hiro and Drake with her too, so I hope she'll be okay. Thank you, Elena."

PHONE: Elena sounds like she's flailing. "What do you MEAN Drake's with her?" Her BFF! She takes a deep breath. "Tell Drake to be careful when you see him will you? And you too, Peter. Watch yourself. I mean it."

PHONE: Peter says, "I'll be careful. I promise."

PHONE: The phone call has been ended by the other person.

She nods absently to her father, Elena pacing around the living room. Finally, she ends the call, and she looks at Ramon. "I think….I think Ms. Russo stopped by the hospital to warn Peter," she tells him. Her hands are shaking. She drops next to her father, taking several deep breaths to keep herself from flipping her shit.

"Warn him of what?" Ramon asks. He hesitates, then puts an arm around his daughter, wanting to comfort her when she's clearly so distraught. "I heard you say something about a death. Whose?"

"Detective Damaris," Elena says, looking at Ramon. "The detective in charge of Mama's case. I remember her name because Xander gave it to me. As well as her phone number." She flips into her cellphone's directory, and shows it to him. Sure enough, Mara's in her phone - but she hasn't called her ever. "Peter said a woman who was tall, and in her thirties who read the monopoly money came to him at the hospital. He said she -looked- at the Monopoly money and saw a clock, and that Detective Damaris is going to get killed by Sylar - the serial killer who takes people's abilities."

Ramon's mouth twists in dislike. As far as he's concerned, Detective Damaris abandoned them too. "Well then this is easy. If people want to find this Sylar guy all they have to do is follow the stupid detective around and not let her see it. Then. Swoop. Pounce." Oooooh is he grumpy.

"Papa," Elena sighs, she glances down at her phone. "The woman who could burn things is with Sylar. Apparently they took Molly and Dr. Suresh." Oh Molly. She was more upset over her than anything. Molly HELPED her find Ramon. And when she risked using her ability she looked so scared begging her not to tell anyone. She exhales. But Peter was on the move. Peter will know what to do. She was worried about him too. She shakes her head a bit and looks at Ramon. Nothing she could do now. She tried to help the best she could. "…what do you want for dinner tonight?" she asks tiredly, making a marked effort to change the subject.

"I'm /serious/," Ramon says. "Your friend can turn /invisible/. Figure out where she is, follow her around, and pounce on both of them and rescue them all. He could bring at least one other person, right? He can hide them." He glowers at his daughter. "I don't like the woman but I don't want her dead, and I surely don't want any little kids dead. Or … well anyone really."

"I know." She smirks faintly. "Believe me, this isn't the first time Peter's gone on to save a bunch of people." Elena watches the phone for a moment, as if she can patch through her thoughts through it and will everyone to be okay. Instead, she slips it in her pocket, and stands up. She kisses the top of her father's head fondly. "You did good today, Papa. I'm proud of you," she tells him sincerely. "I mean did you see what you did there? You….you tried to -look- for him. And you didn't faint."

"You should write it on my character sheet," Ramon says, leaning into his daughter. "Ramon Gomez does not faint when he is too pissed off to do so." Because he was pissed. He /is/ pissed. Shooting at his friend, killing women, burning things down, watching his house…he's pissed.

"…….." Anger. Maybe with the right motivation…. Elena nods. "I'll do that. It's not an invalid observation," she tells him with a hint of a smile. With that, she'll go back to her laptop, while she worries over her phone all the while.

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