2007-11-03: Breathe, Kid


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Summary: Cam, in a panic over what he just did in Snitch, comes to Lachlan for advice.

Date It Happened: November 3rd, 2007

Breathe, Kid

Lachlan's Apartment

It's early afternoon. School let out for Cam early today, (which has led to his problem in the first place, coincidentally), by the time he reaches Lachlan's apartment his fear has nearly built to a panic, and he bangs urgently on the man's door.

It's been a few days since Lachlan got stitches, and he's still recovering. Thus he's taken to going into work a little later (being self-employed has such wonderful benefits). He's home when Cam comes pounding on the door, if not a little groggy and disheveled. He has the decency to be dressed, too, when he answers the knock, a little sleepily surprised to see the boy. "Cam? Wha's wrong?" Bonnie lays on the couch, watching the door curiously.

If Cam's fear wasn't obvious just by looking at him, the fist-shaped ice on the door gives it away. He says, as soon as Lachlan opens the door, "I did… something really stupid. I dunno what to do."

Lachlan blinks at the new odd door decoration as he motions Cam inside. "Christ. A'righ', tha's fine. We'll werk on it. But first, ye need ta calm down b'fore ye turn the place inta a bloody freezer. Breathe, kid." The Scot himself takes in an exaggerated large breath to demonstrate.

Cam steps in as Lachlan motions him in. He's a bit winded because of running and the fear, but he soon takes a few deep breaths as Lachlan says, and slowly starts to calm down. The fact that he feels safe here probably helps, and he steps to pet Bonnie finally when he says, "I snitched on a gang."

Now that his stuff isn't in danger of flash-freezing, Lachlan's a little more at ease. Which vanishes immediately when Cam makes that statement. Granted, he doesn't explode into a fit of terror, but he does pause and his eyes do widen just a bit. He scratches at his stubbled jaw, which opens and works silently for a few moments. "A'righ'. D'ye know which one? An' who'd ye snitch ta?"

Cam shrugs a little, "I dunno if it's got a name. They run drugs at my school. They paid me to do deliveries and be a lookout sometimes. It was fun, mostly. But… but today, I was a lookout and instead of making a deal, they started beating up Jakey. With a baseball bat! I.. I told Mr. Jones."

Oh good God, it's like looking in a mirror of the past. Only this one's got morals, because Lachlan sure as hell was never a snitch, even in the face of violence. The hand at his jaw scratches more. It helps with thinking. Honestly, it does. He continues to remain silent for a short while. "D'they know ye've snitched? S'Jakey still alive?"

Cam shakes his head a bit, "Not yet, but they will. Jakey's in the hospital. Mr. Jones said he'd hold back my name, but if he did they'll think Jakey's the one that did. He's so hurt, if they go after him again they'll kill him!"

Messy. "Where'd this happen?" Lachlan's no longer so ponderous in his answers. It helps that his mind is working better now, more awake and alert.

Indeed Messy. And Cam's just too soft-hearted to have let Jakey take the blame. "In the handball court. Nobody ever goes in there, usually, so they do a lot of meetings and stuff there." The boy keeps petting the dog, taking comfort from that.

"S'there anywhere 'round the handball court tha' someone'd be able ta see wha's goin' on without bein' seen? 'Partment buildin' 'r somethin' o' the like?" Maybe that's the wrong question. Cam might not know. "Where's the handball court at? Wha' school's this?" Lachlan might have a plan. Not very cunning, mind.

Cam shakes his head, "It's indoor. Only way in's the door I was standing watch at. Um.. it's at Brubaker Secondary." He considers, and then says, "Coulda seen them all going in from somewhere else, maybe, but I dunno."

That gets a nod from Lachlan as he compiles this information. Bonnie wags her tail lazily at all the attention, but she's more or less subdued. "D'ye know wha' hospital Jakey's stayin' at?"

Cam bites his lip and shakes his head a little, "Mr. Jones didn't say. Maybe Sinai? It's pretty close. But dunno. Kory'd be able to find out, she works for Mr. Jones' sister."

Oh it's that Mister Jones. Something clicks in Lachlan's head. Well, then, maybe this won't be too messy. Maybe. "A'righ', here's wha' we're gonna do: we're gonna let 'em think tha' Jakey snitched, but we're gonna make sure they know tha' if they touch 'im again, they'll wind up dead. An' yer gonna get outta tha' business. Wha' were they beatin' 'im up over?"

Cam blinks a bit at that and then nods a little, "Ok. Um… what if they already know it's me? And how'll we convince them they'll die if they hurt Jakey again? They're *big*! Not as big as you, but there's a bunch of 'em."

"Well I'm no' gonna be doin' it alone," Lachlan snorts. "'Ve got friends an' connections. They'll no' wanna mess with Jakey 'r ye after I'm done. 'F they a'ready know yer the one tha' snitched, we'll just make sure they're too scared ta touch ye. An' tha' means givin' ye help, but yer gonna have ta figure how ta take care o' yerself, too." Which, while it's not explicitly stated, means getting his powers in shape.

Cam takes a deep breath, and nods a little. "Ok." He then asks, knowing quite well what Lachlan meant, "Where can..um.. I practice? 'Cause, I don't wanna freeze up your apartment. Or Niki's house."

Goooood question. Lachlan rubs the short hairs on the back of his head, squinting in thought at the wall. "Well, Cass' got a clinic place where she does tha' sort o' thing, but s'no' safe righ' now b'cause o' … other things." Hrm. He bites his lip. "So, uh … guess we could use m'warehouse. But ye've gotta promise no' ta tell anyone where it is, no' even Cass 'r Kory." Because he keeps illegal things in it, and he'd rather not have the law cracking down on him, thx.

Cam blinks, but then nods quickly to that and says, "Ok, yeah, I promise. Won't tell nobody where it is." He keeps petting the dog still, and says, "Thanks." Then, he hesitates, and says, "Um… can ya tell me where it is? I better get going soon, Niki'll be expectin' me back. Don't want her to know there's anything wrong, she might freak."

"Nah, but I'll take ye there t'morrow 'r somethin', after school. 'Ve gotta make some calls." Lots and lots of calls. Lachlan nods and jerks his head toward the door. "Yeah, ye'd better get goin' b'fore she goes out lookin' fer ye. Take care o' yerself, though."

Cam nods quickly with a bit of a smile, more confident now but still a little scared. "Ok, thanks." He hops to his feet and says, "Glad Kory brought me to see ya. Wouldn't've known who else to talk to."

Lachlan reaches out to ruffle Cam's head good-naturedly, smirking. "Yeah, well, dunna worry 'bout it. Just try ta keep yerself outta trouble, a'righ'?"

Cam smiles more, and nods quickly, "I'll do my best! Bye," he adds. He pauses to give Bonnie one last pet as well, before turning back and heading to the door with a wave.

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