2007-10-13: Breathing Room


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Summary: A short epilogue. The morning after Like Air.

Date It Happened: October 13th, 2007

Breathing Room

Sanders/Dawson/Hawkins Residence

It's 5:00 in the morning. Do you know where your Daniel Lawerence is? Well, if anyone really cares or wants to know, he's in the living room. He's snuck into the house in the most silent of manners, thanks to his ability, and has taken up residence on the sofa. He hadn't been having a good day and so the decision to just take the sofa was a personal one that's been given wings. He's asleep, by this time. Not snoring, not blanketed. Just a half sprawled mess of chocolate husbandry. His right hand is hanging off the sofa, a pen on the floor beneath his finger tips. On his chest is a crumpled piece of paper, that has the beginnings of an apology note scrawled hastily across it…

Niki wakes up with a start. Like being hit, or tossed with ice cold water, her whole body tenses, becoming rigid. Her eyes fly open to greet the dim bedroom with its assortment of boxes and sliver of slightly dusty sunlight through the Venetian blinds. When she realizes where she is, and that she's awake - and alone - she drags a hand across her forehead and rolls over underneath the comforter until she can see the time on the clock by the bedside. 5:00. Why she woke up is anyone's guess; let's call it wife's intuition later. Right now, her intuition is not so stellar. The blonde all but drags herself out of bed in her nightwear, a small ash grey tanktop and short pyjama shorts, and out of the room. She's not expecting to see anyone in the living room - and so, she doesn't.

It's not until she's rattling around in the bathroom that Niki, in her drowsy state - she doesn't look like she got enough sleep by a longshot; in fact, she looks pretty terrible, or at least as terrible as she can — notices that there's a shape in the living room that wasn't there last night. Is that…? Abandoning the medicine cabinet, leaving it ajar, she makes her way to D.L., trying to be quiet, tip-toeing until she starts to tug the corner of the note.

Gone. Out of it. Dark as the shadow he probably helps cast in the living room is the D.L. He hasn't really moved since he's fallen asleep, trying to find the right words to explain what he's feeling and all of that goodness. But he hasn't been able to really do just that. In fact, the only thing he's really managed to do on the letter is say he's sorry. And that he's going to be better. Somehow. But that's neither here nor there. He said he would be back in time to see Micah off to school… and he made it. That's the most important thing.

It takes longer than it normally would for Niki to read the few words on the paper. It's dark, she's tired and not in the clearest of mindsets, and let's not even talk about D.L.'s handwriting. As she slowly interprets the note, she sinks onto the edge of the coffee table right across from him. A few moments later, she sets it aside, a flicker of a smile coming and going. She stands, steps closer to the couch — but it's so damn early … someone should get some sleep, if not her. So, Niki, after a brief hunt for the pen on the floor, quietly (as possible) flattens the crumpled paper on the coffee table and bends down to write her own note underneath D.L.'s unfinished attempt.

<3 you always

Poor D.L. is all alone on this sofa. Sure the sleeping is good, but he'd much rather be in his bed. However, he's oblivious to the craziness that is going on at the edge of the coffee table. Though, the movements in the room have jarred him in his sleeping nature and he's managed to toss and turn a bit, scootching up on the sofa a bit and just getting more comfortable. It's a crazy night, morning, whatever it is. But at least he's home.

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