Brianna's quotes are not admissible in court. (aka, I don't have any yet)

Casting: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Date of Birth: ♏ November 7th
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Ability: ???
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song: "She's Actual Size" by They Might Be Giants
Hooks: ✔ Law ✔ Gangs

Brianna Becker is The Big B. The Bitch. The Beast in heels. Her colorful but untarnished reputation in the courtroom is now marred by her possible disbarment for refusing to Register.

Laying The Groundwork

Brianna was born in Los Angeles. She grew up in Los Angeles. She went to school in Los Angeles. She fucking /knows/ Los Angles. This is her place, and you better goddamn believe she’s going to be territorial about it. She went to USC; she’s got Trojan pride out her ass, and she knows The Farm is where all the stupid people are. People have tried to mug her on the street before, and people have tried to get her to have her picture taken before. Both were given the same response. There are no delusions in her head about what this city, and its people are about, and you’d better believe that she loves every single messed up, Hollywood-loving, sunshine-eating, incredible retarded traffic to the ends of the earth moment.

But now the city's law is against her. In a calling tree Brianna isn’t even sure of, work found out that she had an ability. Several campaigns sprung up. She began being heavily pressured to get tested and Registered, something she refused to do on the principle that they had no right telling her. The second was the petition to have her fired. Disbarred. Without the proof she refused to get by getting tested, several people assumed that Brianna’s ability to detect lies could actually mean she was reading and influencing minds. That had no place in the courtroom; she’d clearly been cheating on her cases and that’s how she did so well. If she wasn’t guilty, then why wouldn’t she go get tested to prove it? It’s a cycle she can’t win, and one that seems to be pointing towards an inevitable path.


Fellow lawyers
Law enforcement
Gang activity through her boyfriend, how her ability got around (boyfriend spreading it on the streets), or because of her job


Date Perpetrators Offense Report

Since Bri's been in LA her whole life, I'd love having some preset relationships for her, even just casual or passing. Think about it!



  • Brianna still has hats and other paraphernalia from her alma mater, USC.
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