2008-07-25: Brief Repast


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Summary: Quinn, Ashley, and Joule chat briefly at The Diner of Destiny Lucky Joe's Diner

Date It Happened: July 25, 2008

Brief Repast

Lucky Joe's Diner

It is late, but not terribly late. It is after the show, and Quinn needs a place beside her club to unwind, and get a bite to eat. So, the diner is it. Something as different from where she performs as possible where, the opposite of Cheers, nobody knows her name, at least not yet.

Joule is a late night girl, and she and Lee are always seeking out a bite to eat after going to see one of his peculiar little obscure strange-yet-awesome bands. Plus, the food here's cheaper than Imago's. So it is here she takes Ashley for afterawards. "You have to try the waffles, luv. They're like …made with helium and crack or summat!"

For her part, Ashley looks more amused than anything at that. "I don't think either helium or crack would taste particularly good, do you?" She moves in with Joule. "One's poisonous and the other makes your voice all squeaky."

Quinn finds a likely booth. She takes a seat, with a sigh and leans back, relaxing for now. She hears a familiar voice, and a hand raises, waving languidly to Joule. She grins, "I think addictive and raises your spirits is what she has in mind."

Joule gives Ashley a sidelong look. "Light. Fluffy. Addictive. Properties of those two things. I was being what's the word — histrionic? No. Parabolic? Wait, wait, don'tellme — hyperbaric…bloody hell…" she trails off muttering, until Quinn speaks up. "She got it!"

Ashley nods. "Oh, I know. But I have to give her a hard time every now in again. And I'm pretty sure hyperbole is the word you're looking for, Joule." A wry grin.

Quinn grins a bit, "Well, only a little. The waffles here /are/ outstanding." she drawls. "And I'm starving." she raises a hand, to get the attention of someone from the wait staff.

"The boyfriend would've never let me live it down, Ash, thanks," Joule says, with a grimace. "Quinn, babe, the performance, by the way, was brill." This is not different than what Joule says to her every time. But Quinn's got a really wide repetoire — she hasn't seen the same show two nights in a row, even.

Ashley smiles. "I'm a little bit of a food snob. I DO really like to find something honestly good, though." A smile. "And Joule's right…that was really good tonight. Wish I had half that takent."

Quinn goes with the bashful 'aw shucks' look. "Well, I just hope the audience was entertained. I can't imagine doing the same shtick every single night."

"We still have to build that webpage," Joule reminds Quinn, inviting herself and Ashley to have a seat at the entertainer's booth. "But hey, your thing makes it so people keep coming back, which I'm sure the club just loves." She smirks at Ashley. "You? A food snob? No. Say it ain't so." She winks. "I know, just like doctors are their own worst patients, right?"

Ashley laughs. "Guilty as charged." She looks to Joule. "Want to share an order? That's a lot of sugar this late."

Quinn looks over the selection, "You're not kidding. I'm probably going for the protein, myself. Takes a lot out of me."

"Speak for yourself. I need the sugar!" She makes a show of clutching at her hair in a faux-show of cope failure. "Even on vicodin, the man does everything a mile a minute!" She shakes her head. "He's going to drive me to an early grave! If he doesn't try to top his last two stunts and put himself there, first." There's a shadow in her eyes that indicates the cope fail isn't entirely faked.

Quinn nods, and peers a litlte. You can't do what she does and not be extra observant. "Yeah, guys can be like that."

Ashley begins to protest…or perhaps tease Joule about her sugar intake, but she gets a call. Apologetically, she takes it, and a few moments later, after a hurried explanation of a chef coming down sick for a wedding, she rushes off with promises to hang out again soon.

"You have no idea," Joule tells Quinn. "I keep thinking he has a death wish. He's ruined two jackets. I'm afraid one day the jacket is all I'm gonna get back."

Quinn ahhs, "One of those thrillseeker types?" wryly. "Is he one of those bad boys?" Yeah, she's probably got it SO wrong.

"Oh, he's a bad boy," Joule says, with a wistful little sigh. "But he seems to get in more trouble than he knows what to do with, and then blows it off. I don't think it's so much thrillseeking as it is he just has an uncanny bloody knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Quinn laughs, "That is probably worse. I mean, if its not deliberate." she shakes her head, "Not so much fun for you, I'm guessing."

"I am going to make him dodge dishes the minute the stitches are out," she says straight faced. "The better to keep his silly arse alive when this happens again." A bit of resignation, there. "But, hey, at least he's still with me so I can toss dishes at him."

Quinn nods, "That was.." she smiles wryly. 'What the hell am I saying? I just had something like that, and I got into trouble just by walking into a building..'

"Oh really?" Joule asks, glad to have something interesting to take her mind off Lee's convalescence. "Do tell."

Quinn shrugs. "Turns out the FBI was looking for a fugitive or something in there. They put it on total lockdown. Luckily, well, I guess I didn't look like anywhere in particular."

"Oh, that — I saw t'on the news. Completely bughouse, that looked," she shakes her head. "Lee says he was visiting his mild mannered comic book buddy and some daft bastard threw him out a window. Odd day. Was the moon full or what?"

Quinn nods and she sighs, "Yeah, I would agree with that. It was pretty crazy stuff, and they didn't even get their man."

"Are you serious?" Joule nearly sweeps her water glass off the table with an alarmed gesture. "Do we know his name? What he looks like?" She has some personal issues with escaped criminals.

Quinn shakes her head, "Nope, I never got to see him. That was the nutcase, I'm guessing, that your boyfriend said went through the window?"

"Dunno. Didn't ask him. I was too busy being a hysterical big girl's blouse over him at the time," Joule admits with an embarrassed expression.

Quinn hmms, 'Hey, that's perfectly understandble. I mean, I'd be the same way if my guy got tossed out a window."

Joule gives a wry smile. "Okay, yeah, I s'pose. I don't usually do the emotional thing. Haven't since I lost m'dad. And now, here I am, finding myself all soppy and attached. Again. Scary. How d'you keep 'em all at arms length? You must have legion of fans?"

Quinn hmms, "I don't have much problem with that. I think, because I'm so many people, and they rarely see /me/ on stage… they really don't recognize me." not that many see /her/ offstage, for that matter.

"Heh. Yeah, and being the one hit wonder pair of legs a few months back doesn't hurt in my case." Joule grins. Lee's ego is well fed by all the people trying to talk him into introducing them to his hot girlfriend so they can try to steal her. "Ah, well. Keeps life interesting, I suppose."

Quinn nods and laughs, 'That's true. I am finding that my life is rarely boring anymore."

"D'you miss it?" Joule asks, one brow quirked. "I'm not sure I'd mind if things slowed down just a teeny bit."

Quinn hmms. "I guess I'm used to it. I've been performing since I.. since I can't remember." she chuckles, "So, I don't know what normal is."

"Oh, really? since you were a wee tiny child, is it?" Joule seems impressed. "I misspent my youth being a prat. I've grown up some since. Just some."

Quinn says, "Well, we were a showbiz family. Dad still is. He's a stage magician." she does a wave with her hand, and a second, and a quarter appears between two of the fingers. A third wave, and another. She tosses them in the air, catching them, and chuckles, "Mom /used/ to be a showgirl, but there's kind of a time limit on that one."

"So that's where you got the showmanship," Joule jokes. "Explains much, that does."

Quinn says, "I tried to learn from the best. I mean, got to give the public what they came for, what they paid for."

Joule grins, and gets up, asking for a tin carryout. "That you do, girl. That you do. Me, I better split, and see how the boy's doing. You know how they are when they don't feel well. Big babies."

Quinn nods, "Well, keep him out of trouble." she grins.

Joule's already whistling for a taxi with the door half open, but she grins over one shoulder at Quinn. "Hah. That'll be the day. Usually he keeps me out of trouble."

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