2007-03-19: Brighten Those Dark Ny Nights


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Summary: Orion visits Claudine in the hospital.

Date It Happened: March 19, 2007

Brighten Those Dark NY Nights


Boredom. Utter and complete boredom. Since her thrashing from Max, Claudine is still stuck in bed as well, she did get cut and sliced up all over her body from all the metal shards that was 'thrown' at her. Right now, she's just looking up at the ceiling, unable to sleep as she's mulling a lot of things over, like school, the Company, and all sorts of things. Either way, she feels utterly useless right now..

A knock comes on the door as it creeps slowly toward half-way open. Orion's head pokes in through the half open door and he inquisitively looks around the room.
The familiar voice makes her smile as she knows who it is and she winces a little while trying to sit up. It's hard to do it with all the stitches, and so she just presses the button that raises the bed instead. "Hey, you" Claudine says with a bright smile, definitely wanting to be in a chipper mood for whenever someone visits her.
It's probably a good thing Orion can't read minds. He might laugh at the vague pun involved with 'chipper' given the situation. No purposefully mind you, but as one of those 'Oh hey. Good pun.' kind of things.
Granger smiles as he slips into the room, closing the door behind him. He produces a small bouquet of flowers, already in a vase of water, from behind his back as he moves toward the table. Orion settles the vase down on the table alongside Claudine's bed and warmly smiles.
"How're you doing?"

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red at the flowers and she lets out a happy little giggle. "Much better now that you're here.." Claudine says matter of factly as she looks over at the flowers. "And you really didnt have to ya know.." she adds, while motioning for him to go and take a seat.

The tall man pulls over a chair and settles down beside the bed. He smiles to Claudine and reaches out to gently grasp one of her hands with his own. Orion studies her thoughtfully, not saying much of anything for the moment.

Her cheeks still burn a bright red as she lets her fingers entwine with his and she lets out a soft chuckle. "So how have you been? They keeping you busy?" she asks softly while her brows furrow a little while canting her head to the side.
"What, do I have something on my face?"

"I've been pretty busy… I'm sorry I wasn't around to help you out," he apologetically murmurs.
Orion tilts his head to one side at the next question. He smiles thinly and shakes his head, apparently not thinking she has anything on her face.
"No… No. I was… I was lost in thought for a few moments there. Sorry."

"Penny for your thoughts then?"
A wry grin curls onto her lips as she pats his hand gently while she takes a deep breath. "It was good that you werent there..the guy..he's a regular Magneto. You would've been putty in his hands, so dont go all out trying to get this guy, kay?"

"I was just wondering what possessed this guy to do this."
Orion tilts his head to one side. A small wash of something like horrified recognition crosses Granger's face, but it dies quickly… Which may or may not be a terribly foreshadowing effect. The tall man adjusts his position on the chair and grits his teeth for a few moments before smiling gently.
"What did this guy look like?"

"It was the guy that Agent Woods described.."
With that said, she goes into detail with Max, what she knows he can do, and the fact that he seemed to start gushing blood out of his nose when he tried to smash her with a car. "If it wasnt for that, then I'd probaby be dead.." she says with a frown, shuddering at the thought.
"But..let's talk about happy things, kay?"

"Yeah. Happy."
Orion gently smiles again and nods, squeezing Claudine's hand in his own. The tall man leans in and kisses her fingertips before he looks back up to her face, still smiling. He seems to be trying to come up with something happy to talk about.
"Have you ever been fresh water fishing?"

She grins toothily towards him as her hand is kissed and she chews on her bottom lip a little. She squirms, not really sure how to handle this, but he's just so sweet, it's way too adorable. "Yeah..back when I was younger. There was a stream not too far from the farm and my brothers and I would go on occasion..why, you like doing that?" Claudine asks curiously.

"It's not my favorite thing in the world, but I don't mind the occasional trip to some woodsy, forgotten area. Just me and a friend or two, some fishing, some horsing around. That sort of thing."
Orion smiles warmly to Claudine, eyes studying her face for a few moments before he laughs. It's just a short laugh and he smiles broadly, shaking his head slightly. Granger gently squeezes her hand in his grip again and smiles.
"When you get out of here, you want to go fishing?"

"Add camping to that and I'm totally down.."
Claudine winks and giggles once more as she gives his hand another gentle squeeze. "I could really go for some R&R..away from the city..maybe a woodsy area. The weather's getting better anyway.." And she hrmms for a few moments while pursing her lips. "So..do you want to organize it or should I?"

Granger smiles gently and nods at Claudine's request. He squeezes her hand back and offers a genial smile, obviously trying his best to cheer Claudine up.
"I will see what I can do about arranging some camping time… But it's not particularly in the nature of the Company to provide us time for camping."

"Bah, I'm sure they'll understand.." Claudine says with a dismissive wave on her other hand and she hrmms for a few moments. "And I get to go back home tomorrow! So we should definitely go out and celebrate.." and then she thinks about it for a few moments, before shaking her head.
"Or maybe stay in and celebrate..I'm still all stitched up and all anyway. So..how about I cook you some dinner? Your place?" she asks.

"My place is kind of a hike from the city. It would be a lot like going out and celebrating… Besides, it's a total bachelor sty."
Orion smiles warmly, laughing a little at his description of his place. The tall man squeezes Claudine's hand gently and sighs quietly, "How about I just bring some movies and your favorite kind of take out to your dorm? Or… Where ever you're planning on staying while you recover?"

And have to deal with the roomie? No way! Claudine raises her brows as she giggles impishly and looks towards him, "Well..Erika's usually around and I dont think we'd get much privacy. Besides, I can totally help you clean up your place. I'm sure it could use a feminine touch.." she teases, winking in the end.

"No, no. I won't have you busting your stitches trying to clean my place up."
Orion frowns slightly at the mention of Claudine's roommate. That is such a convenient non-excuse to not use Claudine's dorm room. Granger ponders for a few moments though, considering the risk of having Claudine go back to where 'They' know she lives. Equally troubling, he muses.
"Can't you, I don't know… Put a sock on the door knob to keep her out?"

"If I do that, the more likely she'll come in to try to catch me doing something.."
Claudine laughs heartily at the thought and then she giggles impishly, nodding once more. "Fine, we'll put a sock on the knob and I'll tell Erika to stay at her place. That sound fair?"

Orion smiles and nods, "I think that sounds fair enough. I don't see why she can't hang out with us, but I think it's fair enough." He squeezes Claudine's hand gently again.

…and she just stares at him for a few moments. "You do know how this dating thing works right? Third wheels are never fun to have around.." Claudine says matter of factly before giggling impishly once more. This time, it's her turn to take his hand and kiss it gently. "Either way, you have to be the sweetest bo..erm..guy ever."

"Well I figured we'd just be hanging out, you know?"
Orion looks like he feels he may have lost track of the conversation somewhere along the line. He smiles though and laughs a little, leaning in to kiss Claudine on the forehead.
"I try my best."

"Well, we'd be hanging out, yes, but you know..roommates around is just..awkward.."
It's then that she gets all shiftyeyed before pulling him closer for a gentle kiss on the cheek. "And you know..if I'm too young for you..you really should just tell me.." feeling slightly little sister-ish with all the kisses on the forehead and hands.

"Well… I… Erm."
Well done. Claudine has officially caught Orion off-guard and tongue-tied him to boot. He scratches the back of his head with one hand, clearly trying to come up with some sort of response to that.

And that's when she peers at him curiously once more. Yes, she is amused, but she's learned how to be blunt and rather forthright with her feelings. It's all Ander's fault really. "You okay?" Claudine asks in the end.

Granger makes a vague gesture with his hand. Ordinarily, Orion is pretty blunt as well, but he's still searching for an answer. Finally he seems to alight upon one, still vaguely gesturing with one hand.
"Well I mean. What am I supposed to say to something like that?"

She hrmms for a few moments and takes a deep breath as she crosses her legs a little to get a bit more comfortable. Oooh, this is a toughie.
"Well..be honest. Just tell me how you feel and stuff.."

"I feel like we're still getting to know one another. I like you a lot and I care about you at least as much, but… You know. Dating is about getting know someone and finding out how you both feel about one another."
Orion smiles and gestures vaguely again. He honestly doesn't know what to say aside from explaining things from his point of view.

"Well, dont you think that having my roommate would impede on the whole getting to know each other? She's a big attention whore, and if anything she'll be sitting on your lap.." Claudine says with a soft and amused chuckle, though her cheeks are a bright red at this point. "But..thank you..for being honest.."

Orion laughs and shakes his head, smiling warmly to Claudine.
"In some respects, yeah it would. On the other hand, she can't possibly stay around us all the time."
Granger pauses a moment, inquisitively arching an eyebrow. He looks Claudine in the eyes, wordlessly inquiring if 'Erika' can indeed stay around them all the time. He smiles though, squeezing Claudine's hand with one of his own, leaning forward on his chair just a bit.

"She has a boyfriend, so she's there most of the time. We'll see what I can do about it, kay?"
Claudine giggles impishly as she leans forward as well and waggles her brows playfully. "Besides, she's going to flip when she realizes I'm seeing someone. She's been trying to set me up with some idiots at Pike house.." she grumbles.

"God. Pike's still full of idiots?"
Orion leans his head back and laughs softly, smiling as he briefly reminisces. The tall man lowers his head again and chuckles some more, watching Claudine quietly for a few moments. He notes, perhaps off-handedly, "You have very pretty, very expressive eyes, you know?"

"Ha! Of course they are!" Claudine says as she leans back in her bed when it's her turn to look dumbfounded. That seemed to come out of nowhere, and she blushes hard, looking down at her lap a little. "Um..thank you.." she says softly, not quite sure what else to say.

Orion smiles and nods, leaning back on his chair once Claudine leans back on her bed. He settles in quietly, thoughtfully observing Claudine for the moment.

Her gaze shifts back on him and her brows furrow a little, "What?" she asks with another soft giggle as she gives him that same look. "Must you always be so cool and mysterious?" giggling impishly once more.

Granger shrugs a little bit at Claudine. He offers a perfectly innocent smile and shrugs again, one hand scratching the back of his head.
"I guess so."

"A man of few words even.."
Claudine smiles warmly towards him as she pats his hand gently once more as she gets all comfortable, or at least as close as comfortable as she can be in the hospital bed. "So, tomorrow..movie night. Feel free to get whatever you want..I'm easy to please.." she says with a sage nod before she stretches her arms in the air. "And dont worry about bringing food, I'll make something.."

"We'll see how much kung-fu theatre you can stomach then," Orion playfully replies. He winks to Claudine and nods, smiling a little as he settles on his chair once she pulls her hand free to stretch her arms. "So long as it isn't fondue, I think we'll be fine. I have… Bad luck with fondue."

"Oh? Do explain.."
A soft chuckle escapes her breath while idly running her fingers through her hair before she takes his hand once more to give it a gentle squeeze. "And well..I was thinking more along the lines of steak. You seem like a steak and potatoes guy anyway..at least, that's my impression.."

"I have been known to enjoy a good steak, with some vegetables and potatoes… Although lately I've found I'm more of a sandwich kind of guy."
Orion pauses a moment or two, perhaps attaining a new level of enlightenment. He smiles wryly to himself before snapping out of it. After a moment or two of blinking, he looks to Claudine and tilts his head to one side.
"Where were we?"

"Talking about you coming to my place for dinner and a movie. And it seems kung fu is in order.."
Claudine snickers a little while wrinkling her nose just a little as it's her turn to peer towards him curiously. "But..penny for your thoughts again. You're definitely the kindof guy who doesnt seem to talkalot, so..I want you to talk.." she says teasingly in the end.

"I dunno. It's late. My mind's been wandering through a lot of stuff. There's just an awful lot of stuff to consider and work through lately."
Granger offers a cheerful smile though, shrugging a little bit.
"I've always found it's better to talk when you have something to say than to try to fill up space with your voice. Might just be me, though."

Looking over at the time, Claudine ohs and her cheeks flush with a bit of red from embarassment. She has kept him late, and well, she's also quite the opposite, talking for the sake of talking most of the time. She gives a sheepish smiles.
"Well, I dont mean to keep you up. I should probably be getting some rest as well."

The tall man stands up and smiles. He picks up both of Claudine's hands and gently laces the fingers together before lifting them up to kiss her fingers. That accomplished, he sets her hands down on her belly and Orion warmly smiles to Claudine.
"You rest up and feel better. If we're going to enjoy kung-fu theatre and your spectacular cooking, you're going to need to be well-rested. And don't worry about me. I'll be just fine."
Granger moves up nearer the head of the bed and leans in to gently kiss Claudine on the lips.
"Sleep tight, alright?"

Claudine lets the kiss linger for a few moments before nodding. "You too, and take care.." she says before settling in and letting the bed lean back again so she can fall asleep. And with the kiss, she's definitely sleeping with a smile…

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