2007-05-02: Broadway Ticket To Ride


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Setting up to play a little in the theatre district, Jane comes across someone she saw that day at the Battery Park pier. Conversation, music, singing, and a deal follow.

Date It Happened: May 2nd, 2007

Broadway Ticket To Ride

Seventh and Broadway, near the Majestic Theatre, Manhattan, NYC

Early afternoon, here in New York City, about an hour before the earliest opening theatre will have its matinee showing on its venerable stage. A twenty-something brunette strides along Broadway, emerging from Times Square, headed toward the intersection of Seventh Avenue where the famous theatre district begins. She's carrying a guitar case slung over one shoulder and a backpack over the other. Her clothing: a black cotton skirt which stops about three inches above her knees, a tank top with the band Heart's emblem across it, and two inch heeled brown boots which rise just past her ankles. Jane looks around slowly, just taking in the surroundings, a wide smile showing, and stops near the entrance to a subway station. It's here she sets down her gear, pulls a collapsible chair from the pack, and sits to open the guitar case.

Ther'es an outrushing of people from a theater and as they stroll down the sidewalks, Karoliina wanders out from the Majestic, fixing her dark green bandanna in her hair as she skirts up Seventh Avenue, holding her dark green skirt and white shirt down so they don't blow up from the wind of passing cars. She continues walking though, but Jane interests her for a moment. "Where do I know her from…" She murmurs quietly.

Once the case is open, she pulls the instrument out and slips the strap over her neck. It's a Fender Strat with some age to it, but still in excellent shape; the owner prizes and cares for it very well. Jane next extracts a portable amp and plugs in, setting volume to mid-range. Next action is getting a music stand from her pack and setting it up, then a bit of sheet music to rest on it, and with that done she quietly begins to check her tuning. It's her, the woman who was playing Hendrix's version of Star Spangled Banner near the ferry landing just before people went into the drink.

Karoliina blinks. It /is/ Jane. She steps through the crowd to stop where she's at right at Jane's chair, and she gazes at the other soprano. "I do know you! You were there the day that poor little kid got blown into the water at Battery Park! Performing, there…"

Her fingers, busily engaged in tuning, stop. One hand is on the strings, the other tightening a knob to correct sound, and she smiles slightly. "That's me, miss," Jane confirms. "Short performance, sadly. My guitar and case straps got used for an unusual purpose that day." Her eyes watch the other woman's face, as she asks "Did you enjoy the brief part of Hendrix's anthem I got in, before the madness?" There's an edge to her, a quiet confidence in her musical art, when she speaks of it.

Karoliina gives an easy grin. "I did. I'm so immersed in Broadway and musicals half the time I don't get a chance to enjoy and listen to other performances like that." Then she chuckles. "It's Karoliina Hanson, miss, or Liina for short, or some form thereof.

Her head tilts a bit, as she listens, and Jane's eyes widen a bit. They, it seems, fell partly on a marquee not so far distant, one which holds the large image of the woman she's speaking with. A moment is taken to study it, then Karoliina, the image, and finally back to her. "So I see," she observes. "You captured the female lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber's work. I'm Doctor M. Jane Forrest, Yale Law '06. Jane will do nicely, no need of formality." Her quiet confidence hasn't diminished, but there is an air of awe and professional respect.

Karoliina winces a bit as her gaze follows Janes to the marquee, and she sighs. "YEs, that's me." She says wryly, gazing at Jane again. "A pleasure Jane, and I try not to get a big head. I mean, the stuff you do is much more fun." She admits. Her tone is one of amusement, cheer for Jane, and total I-don't-like-to-bragness.
The lawyer/guitarist, or guitarist/lawyer depending on viewpoint, laughs heartily. "Law isn't fun at all, trust me," Jane states. "I'd much rather play guitar, and so I do that. No practicing law, not so much anyway. I got a band together, we recently latched on with a studio and each have steady session work now, but I still like to play on the street. It's the purest form of professional music."

Karoliina rolls her eyes. "Lawyering, what's that?" Karoliina asks with a grin on her face. "It is, indeed, but for me, it's harder, cause I'm used to going like operatic musicals and it's hard singing on your own. THat, and I can't play an instrument to save my life.

Her head nods toward the pack, as Jane invites "Reach in there, pull out some sheet music, and we can have a little fun, maybe. I'm pretty much a rocker chick in my influences, though I do know a few show tunes. In fact, one of my favorite albums could easily have been the music to a play." She grins a bit more broadly. "You've heard of Meat Loaf?" Among the sheet music and lyrics is what she described, mostly rock. Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Who, Stones, Heart, Pat Benatar, Aimee Mann, Pretenders… ZZ Top, AC/DC, Van Halen, Metallica, STP… A wide range of time from 60's to modern, and of course Meat Loaf. Pieces from Bat Out Of Hell.

Karoliina grins. "Meatloaf? Oh yes, oh yes." She says, peeking through the pieces of sheet mustic almost amusedly before she pulls out some sheets or thereof of his work. "I pick the artiste', you pick the song?"

"That'll work," the guitarist replies with a quiet grin. "I especially thought Paradise By The Dashboard Light was funny." Jane relaxes for the moment as the other performer hunts up a tune among the sheet music. Her fingers run lightly over strings and frets, a brief riff.

Karoliina chuckles. "I don't think I've heard that." Liina admits wryly, eyes falling down the sheet music, and moving to stand by Jane, humming the first few lines to herself, matching what she's playing.

The riff was brief, something she did to keep her fingers moving while the stage actress looked through sheet music. When Liina stands by her, she looks up seeming a bit confused. "You chose an artist?" It occurs to her then it might well be Meatloaf, as she glances at her hands and whatever sheet might be held there.

Karoliina looks down at Jane, confused as well. "Huh? I guess I didn't, didn't I." She purses her lips. "Whoops?" She says tenatively, one eyebrow raising. "I'm used to do ing it by artist rather than by song, cause of the different versions of songs, so..

She nods her understanding. "Got it. Who are you interested in, among those in the stack of sheets?" Jane muses for some moments, her features taking on a distant expression and a slow smile spreading as she pictures herself on a stage. Not a Broadway stage such as Liina is accustomed to, but a concert hall, stadium, or outdoor pavilion stage with cheering crowds of people with her band emblem on them. A scorching tune is being played, and the crowd sings along with her lyrics so well she can stop and let them carry it for a line or three.

Karoliina looks back into the sheets, still humming to herself. "Hmmm. Pat Benatar, Led Zepplin, Meatloaf of course, ahhh… Beatles, just cause I can…" She's a bit of a rocker, and she continues humming. Liina can't see herself anywhere but on stage.

The voice draws her out of the daydream just in time to hear the word Beatles spoken, and her eyes light up. "They're trensetters, fairly timeless. Modern rock still follows their basic formula. Lead guitar, rhythm guitar or keyboards, drums, bass guitar. Interchangeable singers, writing and recording mostly their own stuff. That's your pick?" Jane's mind is in gear, thinking over which Lennon/McCartney piece to play. "Ticket To Ride, I think. Make it sort of ours, substitute he for she and boy for girl in the lyrics." Her fingers take position on the instrument, ready to begin.

Karoliina grins. "I know! That's why I love them. I always look to them for inspiration when we've got new Broadway pieces to look too. I keep saying, /go simple!/" She chuckles. "Hmm… Ticket To Ride, let's do it." She says, nodding at the other woman, eyeing the sheet music.

Her foot taps and her head nods a few times, looking at the Broadway performer. There's a bit of lead-in with guitar before lyrics start, so the chords commence without a count-in. Jane plays it straight, the licks delivered in as close to the original style as she can muster. She's fairly well on her game today with the instrument, showing the years of study and practice along with talent in her sound.

Karoliina may have not really heard of the song, but as she and Jane get into it, her voice goes louder and brighter, adding a bit of style into it where her eyes notice the notes. She gives Jane silent applaud as it goes.

The words play through her mind as the vocalist sings them while Jane plays. I think I'm gonna be sad, I think it's today, yeah. The guy that's driving me mad is going away. Her own voice joins in for the chorus parts, the sound of it clear and carrying, but not overshadowing Liina's. Hitting high notes, however, is no problem in the least. She's having fun, performing the tune, just making music with someone already in the big time and not engaging in any type of competition with it. "He's got a ticket to ride, he's got a ticket to ride, he's got a ticket to ride, but he don't care."

Karoliina gets into the song, humming the wmelody to herself when/if she can, and at other points, she just starts boogieing around, dancing to the song itself. "He's got a ticket to ride, he's got a ticket to ride, he's got a ticket to ride, but he don't care."

It's a span of a few minutes, the song being played. Jane clearly enjoys herself throughout, and is unmistakably impressed with the woman's vocal ability. After it concludes, she speaks quietly, a sort of hushed reverence to the voice. "To be in the moment, on a stage, or on a street and perform, it's like the whole world just vanishes. It all seems to flow out of me." Her eyes close. "Madison Square Garden, someday soon, I'm going to play there."

Karoliina lets out a quiet chuckle as she moves back to Jane, closing her eyes as she listens to the woman. "On a stage, singing, performing what you know best… it's like it's just you and the universe." Then her own eyes open. "Madison Square Garden, eh?"

"Prime territory for a rocker to play," Jane answers with a wide grin. "It's all part of the dream." She lapses into silence for a moment, studying the soprano near her, and thinks. Maybe she's calling up a bit of song lyric from memory. Moments later she opens her mouth to sing a few bars from another Andrew Lloyd Webber work. Jesus Christ, Superstar, the snippet being a piece I Don't Know How To Love Him.

"Don't you think it's rather funny, I should be in this position. I'm the one who's always been so calm, so cool, no lover's fool, running every show." Karoliina joins in with Jane through the song, tapping the beat out on a wall.

Outdone vocally again, the guitarist seems perhaps a bit surprised, and chalks it up to Liina's stage experience. It's not so much a competition, but she does pride herself on being the Ultimate Soprano and being less than stellar gives her a touch of mental disquiet. She comforts herself while singing with the knowledge she can do so many things with her voice that no one else can, and a smile of quiet confidence emerges.

Karoliina purses her lips, because she's drawing stares from everyone glancing at the marquee then back at her. She edges back towards Jane. She may outdo Jane as far as the Ultimate Soprano goes, but it's doesn't make her comfrtable as she draws back, letting her voice die down. "Mmmm."

Meanwhile, the pair have also drawn cash proceeds from their performance on the street. People passing by have been dropping coins and bills into the open case, there's perhaps 100 dollars in there by now, given the combined skill of this pair. Jane also goes silent, her guitar fingers still, and she starts to collect the haul. "Thanks! That was… exhilarating, to sing with a successful bigtime performer!" Once she has the money together, she counts it and offers half to the Broadwayite.

Karoliina considers the money, then shakes her head. "You've been doing it longer than I have. It's all you." She says jokingly, leaning back against a nearby wall, shaking her head. "We should do this more often. Perhaps at the theater, eh?"

"That would be beyond excellent," Jane replies. She tucks the unaccepted money away. "When would be a good time? I'll attend one of the shows in the near future, shell out for the best seats I can get." And she's thinking again, of the acoustics, how her voice would sound from the stage there. It causes a dreamy expression to settle in.

Karoliina looks at Jane's dreamy expression, and Karoliina lets out a loud cough. "Hmmmm. How about you come perform for the cast, Jane?" She suggusts, eyes twinkling. "You perform for us, we get you front row tickets to a show. The second one is good, cause by then we're settled into our rolls.

Drawn back to reality by the cough, she blushes a bit. "I can do that. Maybe I'll bring my band too, give the full effect instead of the lead guitar and voice only. Front row seats, second performance." A pad and pen are pulled from her pack, she writes on it. Jane Forrest, apartment 108, Greenwich Village High Rise apartment building. Cell: 283-2260. Once written, the info is offered.

Karoliina wrinkles her nose playfully. "Aha! See, that's good, and we'll deal with that. I get tickets if I want to use them, so, you know, I'll get you what you need." Lii moves to write down her own details. Karoliina Hanson, apartment 106, Random Apartment Building. Phone: 283-7457.

She starts to pack up her gear, putting things back into the case designed to hold them, and takes the contact info when it's offered. "Thank you so very much," Jane offers. "We'll be in touch soon."

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