2009-11-03: Broken Bottles



Isabelle and other Lucy's Girls played by Beatrix

Date: November 3, 2009


"Beatrix" gains some insight into why Jenny is the way she is. It is vastly unpleasant.

"Broken Bottles"

Old Lucy's — Maine

Lights.. Camera.. ACTION!

The lights flip on as the girls of the bar take their stage on top of the bar and they dance and sing along to the tunes of some old rock song. Among them, Isabelle Ashford throws her hair back and screams the lyrics from the top of her lungs, obviously having a good time.

Not all of the women of the bar take to dancing and acting crazy, among them is 'Beatrix', the blonde working on making a few drinks under the watchful gaze of Lisa, who nods her head every now and then to show that she is doing it alright. All in all, the night is successful and money is made.

A few hours later..

The girls are around cleaning various parts of the bar, Isabelle sits on top of the bar and whistles a nice tone as she wipes the surface of the bar down and Beatrix cleans the glasses. "Heard from Lisa, ya really turning into an okay bartender lady. Not all that great though." She winks at her new-found sister and looks over to the rest of the girls who snicker and catcall. "Beatrix, the Cat. Fast as Flash when pouring a beer."

Somewhat uncharacteristically, Jenny is not amongst those snickering or catcalling. Instead, she's very quietly — humbly — cleaning. It's something a few of the girls may have noticed over the last few days. She seems perfectly right and bubbly all night while working where patrons can see, but once the place has closed, it's like she's a whole other person entirely. Of course, only Isabelle knows the reason for that, and Jenny is very grateful for her discretion in the matter.

"Thanks Iza." Beatrix says softly and dips her head to the nickname given. "Thanks guys." She's really been feeling like she's apart of the family ever since she was found by the girls.

Isabelle reaches over to ruffle Jenny's hair and wink down at the woman. "I say we pulled in a nice of cash today, thanks to that great ass shaking and flirty that some of you ladies did. Great job." Iza chuckles as the other women cheer and wave their hands in the air. Izzy grabs a few glasses from under the bar and passes them out around to the ladies, then a bottle of tequila is passed around. "To the Cat, our newest sister. May she forever have a place to stay with us, where she can find compassion.. love.. and awesome fucking times." She ends and knocks her shot back before yelling as she slams it down and then turning to wink at Beatrix.

"You get to clean the glasses though." She sticks her tongue out to which Beatrix teasingly rolls her eyes. "Aye aye, cap'n."

Jenny looks up as the matron ruffles her hair, though she then quickly looks away. She manages to keep her head down as she knocks back her shot of tequila and very nearly doesn't relinquish the bottle to the next girl, but something forces her to pass it along even if she wants another shot. Awesome fucking times. What do they know? They won't be awesome for long, and then where will the compassion and love be. She looks down into her empty shot glass and then drops it on the bar before running away into the back.

"Why, I'll be…" Izzy says as Jenny runs into the back. "Beatrix, dear. Go and see what's wrong with suga over there k?" she says and as she says this.. her eyes are full of worry for the younger woman. Bea nods her head though she is wary of Jenny, ever since their first real encounter. "Gotcha." She says as she makes her way to the back and hears Isabelle delegate someone else to clean the glasses with her help.

"Jenny?" she calls out as she follows after the girl.

Their first real encounter, when Jenny insisted she wasn't in any way even remotely close to what others say she's like. It's not that it was a lie, or anything. She spoke the truth. She very much is not the type of person most people think she is. Only Izzy knows what she's really like, so when she hears Beatrix's voice rather than Isabelle's, it confuses her. Why didn't she come, herself?

"Go away," she calls out, rifling through bottles in the back room. She's trying to keep her hands busy, but should probably try doing so with something other than bottles of alcohol. They practically beckon her to be opened and consumed.

"Are you okay?" Beatrix asks as she ducks in and wipes a few strands of hair out of her face. "I.. noticed.. that you were more quiet." She states softly and she's coming closer to Jenny, reaching out to lay a hand on the woman's shoulder.

"I said go away," Jenny says. Her voice would carry anger with it if she could get the lump out of her throat. The whole world closing in around her as it is, her words come out in a voice that is little more than a frightened child. For a moment, anyway. Something in her eyes changes, and they suddenly blaze. "Go. Away." The words are calm and controlled, yet burning with fury.

"Jenny.. I.. I only want to help?" she tries to say before her hand lays on Jenny and she gasps and her head is thrown back. Eyes fading to that milky white color and she's falling to her knees, though her hand is still holding onto Jenny's shoulder tight. Maybe dragging the woman down with her.

Beatrix's mouth makes the shape of an O.

She certainly wasn't expecting Beatrix to touch her. Had she been, Beatrix never would have gotten close. But then, she has been rather distracted. When contact is made, Beatrix isn't the only one to gasp. Jenny does, too, and it's from the same thing: Shock. Horror. There are certain things hidden from her, buried under the broken glass of her mind, too painful to get at, and Beatrix had to go rifling through the pile. You have to be careful with glass. It's sharp.

"Don't touch me," Jenny hisses, grabbing Beatrix's hand and shoving it off her. Her touch is like the searing of a hot sword, jabbing at even the most miniscule of skin abrasions, old scars, and otherwise damaged tissue. Even bruises. However minor the injury, it is no more. "Don't ever touch me." To punctuate her words, Jenny pulls over a whole box of beer bottles, which crash on the floor, spilling bear and foam all over Beatrix's knees.

Well.. first comes the scream of what she feels from Jenny, the pain from the now non-existent wounds. And then there's the second scream, as her ability grips her in a murderous choke hold of a vision. The seer falls to the ground and twitches, before she scrambles to her feet and looks at Jenny with a wide expression.

The back door flies open and Isabelle walks in. "Jenn- who.. Jenny." Izzy says as she shuts the door before anyone can peek their head in. "Fix it.. now please sweetie." She says through gritted teeth. She helps Beatrix stand straight and the seer looks up to Isabelle. "She's.. she's.."

"Ain't nothin' to fix, lady, it's all her," are the words that come out of Jenny's mouth in a manner completely unJenny-like. "Gotta learn to keep her paws off the merchandise." She sneaks past to the door and looks back. "Be careful with the broken bottles. I'm goin' out for a smoke." There's no one stupid enough to touch her on her way out, her expression and body language screaming most vibrantly: KEEP THE FUCK AWAY.

"She's not well." Izzy says to Beatrix as Jenny walks out. That's a side that even she hadn't seen. "Don't worry, we're all working with her." Isabelle says and then she's helping Beatrix out of the room. "But you remember, to be extra helpful to her. She needs it."

To which, Beatrix only nods and looks over to where Jenny has exited the building. "Jesus."

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