2009-11-23: Broken Eggs and Shattered Minds



Date: November 23, 2009


Hallis is a little discombobulated, poor Eric and George act as her sainted white knights.

"Broken Eggs and Shattered Minds"

Greenwich Village - Hallis' Apartment

A fruitless morning of lounging around and doing nothing led to her prescription lunch… which didn't go over very well. Still, the fact that Mother did come around to take her out and buy some form of groceries (kind of) left Hallis in a little bit of a scramble. Literally. Outside of her door, she is trying to juggle three brown paper grocery bags, her keys, her overly large purse, and keep a conversation at the same time.

"H-Hello?" Pause. "Yes, hello! I need — someone? I don't know, I need a renovation for my apartment." The petite woman is a little bit flustered at having to do the dirty work herself, obviously she needs an assistant. "I don't know, what do I do? Contractor? What's that?"

"You look like you need a few more arms there Hallis," The voice of Eric Lancaster comes from a few steps down the hall where the young multi-millionare is just stepping out of his apartment. He's dressed today in dark denim pants, boots and what looks like a well loved black leather biker jacket that's unzipped at the moment to reveal a dark green shirt with a chibi-Boba Fett on it. Not exactly top fare, but its comfortable for him at least. "…you need a bit of help there?" He asks of the woman as the takes a step forwards.

The young woman, freezes, then screams a little, then drops everything she's carrying aside from the purse whose straps is looped over her arm. "Ohmygod, Eric!" she says as she whirls around, placing a hand to her chest and patting it a few times as though trying to get her heart started again. "You scared the living daylights out of me…" Immediately, she reaches down for the phone and lifts it to her ear, "Hello? Hello are you there?" and with a sigh the conversation on the small device is over. A tentative smile is given to the youngest Lancaster. "Sorry, trying to do too many things at once when I am barely used to doing one thing, you know?" She looks tired, gaunt, frazzled… more than a little on edge.

"Geez Hallis! Calm down it me! Eric! Remember? I said I lived in the same building that you do!" Eric takes a step back from her as his dark eyes widen just slightly towards the young woman and he shakes his head slightly to recover his own wits. "…geeze, yeah just a bit frazzled aren't you?" High strung and wrung out is more like it. "Didn't mean to scare you…here…let me help pick up this stuff…" He adds as he slowly steps forwards, small movements. Not trying to scare her, she might have mace or something that that stuff stings.

Nodding quickly, Hallis bends down to try to help collect the things. "Frazzled, yeah… well things haven't been going so well." she murmurs softly, giving him a rather weak smile. She's definitely a far cry from the carefree socialite he met just a few short weeks ago. A long sigh and then a whimper is given off as she picks up one bag, a bag that just happened to contain some eggs and is now soaked with the gooey innards.

"How have you been?" she looks up as she puts down the bag again, seemingly unwilling to touch more of the sloppy mess without gloves, or some kind of hand protecting thing. "You look good." Her smile warms, even touches her eyes as she looks up at him.

"Oh really?" Eric's question isn't a prying one but its at least one that would give an opening should she want to elaborate on just what hasn't been going all that well for her. There is a smile in return on that before he shakes his head slightly. "You made it into the gossip mags again." He adds with a flash of a smile before he crouches down, his movement calm and controlled as he reaches for the gooey bag with hands covered in black leather gloves. "Here let me get this one, though if you have a trash bag inside you might want to bring it over quick so it doesn't drip. Sorry about the eggs."

"…and thanks, though I supose being a Lancaster means that I always look good." He adds with a smirk. "And I've been busy, what with dad in the hospital and all. Been traveling just a bit trying to make a few arrangements."

Hallis frowns a little as he asks about the trash and seems quite confused. "I- I don't know." she says quietly, "I don't normally do this." With the cell phone dropped safely into the purse, she grabs one of the bags and unlocks the three deadbolts and the door lock, allowing herself and her white knight inside the door. There's the distinct beeping of an alarm system just inside and the woman pauses, thinking for a few seconds before finally punching in a code. The wrong code. A double beep signals her error and she groans and tries again.

It takes three tries.

When they are both finally inside, she closes the door behind them and looks around, sliding the bag she carries onto the floor. "I don't know where I'm going to put any of this," she manages, making her way to the bar. She's obviously talking about the groceries. "Your father's in the hospital? I'm sorry… Which one? I was in Bellevue the other day."

"…do what? Buy groceries?" Eric asks with a flash of a grin as he follows her inside. Then three separate tries with the alarm. Well. Now she really is out of it isn't she. "Hallis, really I know its none of my business but…whats wrong?" He asks as he helps make the dripping mess that are the eggs into the nearest trashcan. Then the young man pauses a moment and looks around…

"…you…don't have a kitchen?" Pause. "Just curious, but why were you buying eggs if you don't have a kitchen…" He asks as he looks back towards the woman with a lopsided smile. "Eh no we have him at a private thing." He adds with a slight smile towards her. "You wouldn't have seen him there…"

"I never buy groceries," Hallis admits fairly easily. Lowering her head to the second question, her eyes darken a little and she squints. "No, I don't have a kitchen. It was never an issue, but now they have me in this group … and they're making me eat." She looks up at Eric, a little bit of a panic stricken expression washing over her face. "Eric, I don't know how to cook, or shop, or do any of this! And Daddy won't give me any money to hire someone!" She looks around her, ducking just enough to grab a glass and pour a little bit of tonic water into it. No alcohol this time. "I don't know what to do… It's all her fault. I was fine until…"


Faster than the speed of dark, she looks up at him again with a smile. "Can I get you something to drink? I have just about anything you could want." Never mind that they're both too young to drink. "You seriously have your own private hospital? Maybe I could get a room there, it's got to be better than where they're going to send me."

"Group? Eat? Money…cook…what?" Eric just blinks for a long moment as he looks in some mild confusion towards the woman. She sounds like his big sister did when his own dad threatened to chop off her supply of money. Its one of the reasons that he made himself do most everything for himself in his life. "Slow down Hallis and try to explain, whose fault? Because of what?"

Then a sudden reversal and again the young man is thrown slightly off balance. "Just soda, diet pepsi if you have it." He adds automatically. "And not really our own private hospital, dad just has his own private room in one of the wings. He donated enough to get it and all."

"It's a long story, you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you." Hallis murmurs gently as she reaches for another glass and the diet coke he requested. Winding her way around the bar again, she unwraps herself from the shawl that she's wearing and tosses it into the big leather chair. Walking back, she grabs both of their glasses and motions to the lounges. "Have a seat." she says in a monotonous tone, picking the cream colored lounge for herself, she sits down on it and leans forward, hunching her shoulders.

"I'm sorry Eric, I'm really trying to do well with this. It's all so new." Taking a deep breath, she begins her story as close to the beginning as possible, without giving him all of the details. "I've been sort of trying this be a good person thing. You know Doctor Falkland, right? Of course you do… you… Let's just say you do." She is kind enough to avoid talking about it at least, just because of the embarrassment caused to her therapist. "She's my therapist, well was, then she fired me. Then she became my therapist again yesterday when the hospital called her."

Considering Eric is privy to more of the story than Hallis really knows, and since he's in the middle of it all, and since he /is/ an Evolved…well he might believe more of the story than Hallis would think. However instead of saying all of that the young man just takes the Diet Pepsi and pops the cap on it before leaning one shoulder against the wall of Hallis' very trendy apartment. "I like long stories, but whatever you think." He says easily enough as he takes a seat in the offered chair.

"Being a good person isn't as easy as it sounds," He adds wryly. "And Sydney? Yeah…yeah I know her. Saw her a few days ago on my way back home." He adds with a slight frown. "She seemed a bit upset." Then a blink. "…wait. She decided you shouldn't see each other anymore, then the hospital decided that she should…"

Now this was information that Hallis wasn't privy to. "The hospital deci…ded?" And her large blue eyes begin to water, her chin begins to quiver, and she looks away quickly. "I thought…" One deep breath. Another cleansing one. "… I thought she came back because she cared." Defeat.

"I went to group therapy today and everything, because she said that I should." One of her hands raises and presses into her curly locks, gripping a little of it. "Why am I even listening to her if she doesn't even want to be my therapist?" She looks toward all the groceries and scowls, "I'm eating and getting fat because she said I should! She's lying to me again?" Looking up at Eric, her eyes practically beg for the truth. "Is that really true? Is she lying to me? Again?"

"No no no!" Eric replies as he notes the look on her face. "That's not what I meant! I didn't even /know/ she decided to be your therapist again! I just thought that the…no I'm sure she came back because she cares. She's a good person!" Way to make a mess of things Eric. Waaaaaaay to go. He sets down the pepsi to reach out and touch Hallis's hand. "Easy Hallis, easy alright? I didn't mean she didn't care /I/ just misunderstood what you said. She /does/ want to be your therapist, she was in tears when I saw her last." A shake of his head. "No, no I'm sure she's not lying to you."

"She did lie to me though, she wouldn't let me see my file without an appointment. She knows the person that raped my mind and stole my memory. She wanted me to apologize to her, to the mind rapist." Hallis lays it all out on the table, looking so distraught that she might break any moment. "Like it's my fault for all of it. I don't even know what I did, Eric."

"I probably sound crazy, don't I?" Comes the slow question after the small bit of hysteria passes. She's taking slow and deep breaths, obviously trying to keep her composure for the relative stranger in her living room. "I sound insane and you're probably getting ready to call the asylum. My life was perfect before all this happened. Really it was. Now I can't even get it together enough to … God I don't even know what I was going to do today except not take a drink. And already I want one."

"Raped your mind and stole your memory?" Eric blinks of a moment before he shakes his head slightly. He looks a bit confused on that before he shakes his head once towards the woman. "…well she is your therapist…" Then a blink and he awkwardly pats her hand. "…I really am sure she does want to help."

"No more crazy than most of the other people I've met. No I'm not going to call an asylum or anything on you, don't worry about it. I thought you were enjoying this whole Congressman thing and being in the papers again…" He shakes his head. "…it likely would be the best thing to do is not drink. Especially with you being already a bit out of sorts. I think you should get some rest…"

"See? You don't believe me." Hallis emits lowly, licking her lips. "And the tabloids are only good when you're doing good. Right now… well." And she laughs a little looking into his eyes. "It would be a lot easier if I could just lose it in a line or something. But I'm trying to be good, because George is good."

Slipping her hand out from between Eric's, Hallis gives him a very thoughtful look. "Hey Eric, did you see the news? With the girl that could turn into water?" There's a spark of hope in her eyes, maybe he had. She hadn't seen the initial broadcast, but it had been exploding all over the internet afterward and she'd caught a clip of it while shopping online with her cell phone.

"Oh I believe you, you don't have a reason to lie to me at all do you?" Eric replies with a shrug of his shoulders towards her before he sits back a moment and smiles. "Well I'm glad you found someone good…" He adds with a smile towards her and a slight nod towards the woman. There is a pause and a slight frown towards her as she speaks of the newscast. "…well yes. I caught that one, it was a bit of an odd thing." He admits towards her.

"You're going to really think I'm crazy. I emailed that address." Hallis says, giving him a little bit of a smile. Whether he thinks she is or not, it's not going to ruin her reputation with him. It's already been damaged enough by the conversation already had. "I heard some things that the government was doing, from a friend of mine. It's not right. So I emailed that address, I don't know what I can do to help them, but…" She shrugs once and lets out a single light laugh. "Maybe it'll help, things can't really get any worse in my head right now, can they?"

"You did?" Eric replies with a slight frown. "You want to…help them?" He pauses once more as he sits back, now looking down at his drink before glancing back up towards the woman. "If there is a Government group around that /are/ doing things then…it could get you in trouble you know." He adds quietly towards the woman before he sighs a moment and shakes his head slightly. "And I guess it can't."

Smiling toward Eric, Hallis just shrugs. "I'm always in trouble anyway Eric. I mean, it's not government trouble or anything. But I've seen things, things that people shouldn't be able to do." She pauses and takes a breath, pursing her lips. "I can't do anything, I'm not special like that girl, or like my friend… but that means I don't have to hide. Right? What can they do to me? Put me on a train and drag me away to a concentration camp?" She smiles a little, kind of like she just made a joke, but the smile doesn't reach her eyes. She's quite serious.

"Well this could be really serious trouble Hallis," Eric says with a wry smile. "Not just tabloid trouble. If its real and they think you happen to be doing anything to help them who knows what might happen." He says honestly towards the woman before he takes a long drink on the soda before he shakes his head. "No offense here Hallis, but you don't look like someone who would want to help with things like that." He says with a kind smile.

"I know it could be serious trouble, Eric. I'm not exactly stupid." Hallis seems a little flustered at Eric's determination to thwart her goals toward better karma. "And what does a person that wants to help look like, Eric? Do I have to have a certain color of hair? Or maybe go to Church or be special? The news thing didn't say you had to look like anything. They said people who wanted to help. I want to help. Don't you?"

"Never thought you were stupid Hallis," Eric replies with a wink towards her. "I just want to make sure you know how dangerous it might just be is all." He murmurs softly towards her before he polishes off his drink and shakes his head slightly. "No, it just takes a will to help is all." A pause. "And of course I want to help…" He replies with a slight smile before he shakes his head towards her and then sighs. "Quite a bit infact."

"I have a will to help." Turning her head away, Hallis gets up from her seat and wanders over to the covered windows and peeks out at the evening sky. The cityscape is just turning to dusk and the lights from various buildings around them are starting to twinkle on. Turning to look over her shoulder, the petite blonde gives him a little smile and shrugs. "Maybe I'll never get an email back. I mean, you know me and you don't think I'm serious enough to help one of my friends. They probably think I'm a joke."

"Then that's all you need," Eric replies with a wry smile. "Though lots of money and martial arts and a few other toys /do/ help in the helping." He adds with a shrug of his shoulders before he stands slowly and sighs once. "Look Hallis, I don't think you are a joke. I think you are serious, you just suprsised me is all. However I do believe that you want to help. Maybe you really will get an email back."

"Maybe… I just hope the people that I'm trying to help are like my friend and not like the mind rapist or the guy that can shoot fire out of his hands. All they do is hurt people. And no one cares enough to stop them." Turning, Hallis folds the curtain back over the window to hide the outside world from her apartment once again. "I didn't tell you that, did I? I met a guy that could shoot fire from his hands. And another one that was so strong… he threw a whole rack of shelves. But I can't remember why… or what happened. Isn't that weird? I just remember them, the people they killed, and trying to call the police."

"…why do you keep calling the one the mind rapist? Because of the memory loss?" A pause then as he hears about the one with the fire and he frowns slightly at that. Level 5 had a pyro that was crazy enough to do that. He must have gotten out of the train. "…no you didn't tell me that, but now you have. Well its not exactly weird to loose a bit of memory in the face of some major trauma like that."

"Because that's what she is. She stole my memories for some reason I don't even know… and I was told that she's going to kill me if she ever sees me again." Letting out a soft laugh, Hallis shrugs and looks down at the floor. "So I've been trying to retrace my steps… because I don't want her to find me. I need to remember what she looks like, so I can avoid, so she won't kill me." Looking up at him, she shrugs and gives him a wry smile. "I think Sydney knows who she is, and she's protecting her. She started to say a name, then she gave some lame excuse about changing the name in her notes to someone she knew a long time ago. That's why she fired me. I don't even know if I can trust her any more. If she's protecting the woman that's going to kill me… well… It…" She looks down at the floor and turns away. "Never mind."

"Hallis," Eric sighs a moment before reaching out again and taking one of her hands, at least if she lets him do it he will. "Look…I think…you might be over-reacting. Do you remember how old this person was? They might have just been…scared. Overreacting to what she saw as a threat and threatening to kill you was just her wanting you to stay away from her. I don't think anyone is going to come after you, at least anyone with though…special…powers."

Looking down at their hands, Hallis looks up at him with a confused frown. "How do you know? There was the man that could make fire with his hands. There was the one that was so strong he snapped Mr. Ling in half like a twig… And she… I don't remember anything about her. You don't know if she's going to kill me or not. Someone that knows her told me that she was going to if she ever saw me again. People with special powers are all over the place. I bet there's millions of them. Sometimes I think that I'm the only person that isn't special." She licks her lips and slowly pulls her hand from his. "I don't even understand why someone would think I'm a threat… because of George? He didn't even know about… those trains… until I told them. He's trying to find out what's going on, to stop them."

"I don't know, just have a feeling…I mean the people with powers…they still just happen to be people. Even if they can do different things, and odd things. They /are/ just people and they get scared just like everyone else. Right?" He adds with a slight smile. "…and well…look if the broadcast is true? These people are going to be jumping at shadows. Your government connection to George might just have been enough to scare them half to death."

"Then what? So whoever knows this woman is protecting her while I suffer with holes in my memory? I don't understand why people are protecting her. It's just like protecting Flint the Fireman, or that Knocks fellow." Hallis furrows her eyebrows a little bit and lowers her head. "You just don't understand. She didn't hurt you at all, just like she didn't hurt Sydney. Or George. So just like Flint and Knocks won't ever get punished for killing those people, she's never going to get punished for raping my head. I don't even care if she's punished… I just want to know that I'm going to be alright, and I want my memory back. It's driving me insane. You have no idea."

Eric frowns for a moment, he never did like to see anyone suffer. Hallis is definitely suffering. "Hallis," He sighs and shakes his head. "I don't know who Flint or Knocks are, but /those/ are the ones that this government group should be after. Most of the people, maybe even the one that messed with your head are just scared half to death by all of this." He adds with a smile that is directed towards the woman. "No she didn't hurt me or Sydney…" A pause. "…well if that purple hoodie was hers then the did /something/ to us." He adds half under his breath before again shaking his head. "You /are/ going to be alright though."

Shaking her head, Hallis looks down at the floor. "You don't know that. I'm not okay right now." Heaving a deep sigh, she crosses the room to the bar and grabs a new glass, the one with the tonic quite forgotten. She seems torn, whether to begin her nightly regime or not. Reaching into the cabinet, she thumbs one of the bottles carefully before pulling it down. "You sure you don't want some?"

"No I really don't…I'm not so sure that's a good idea either, getting a drink like that," Eric replies wryly before he shakes his head. "No, I don't know that. You don't know that I'm wrong either though do you? I could be right now couldn't I?" He asks as he stands up from the chair he was in, leaving the empty can of soda on the table. "You aren't ok right now, but I have a bit of faith that you will be alright."

Hallis nods to Eric while still holding the bottle in her hand. "Yeah, you were going out somewhere weren't you?" She looks over to the man and gives him a half smile and giving him a shrug. "It might not be a good idea, but it doesn't drive me crazy. But apparently it makes me a nicer person, I can forgive her for violating me when I'm drunk." She sets the bottle down and moves toward the door, unlocking it and turning the knob. "Thanks for helping me with these groceries… I still don't know what I'm going to do with them. Maybe… maybe I'll just keep them at George's place. He has a kitchen."

Hallis has really good timing - or really bad timing, depending - because the moment she opens the door is the same one that George happens to pass by her apartment on the way down the hall to his own. "Oh, hey!" he offers. "I'm sorry, I meant to call but—" Then he gets a look over her shoulder at Eric and falls quiet for a moment, waiting for someone to explain. It's an innocent visit, surely?

"I'd say you can store them at my place but you would rather do it at your boyfriends I could understand—- wait he lives in this building as well?" Eric replies as he stands and shakes his head slightly. "…I…didn't know that." He says before she opens the door and blinks for just a moment at the figure at the door. "…Er…sorry I was just leaving I think." Eric replies with a slight smile towards the Congressman and an apologetic shrug towards Hallis. "Don't want to interrupt and all…and you are welcome for the groceries."

The sight of George brightens the sullen young blonde up considerably and she smiles in earnest, pulling the door open wider for him. "George!" She breathes, stepping out of her apartment to join him in the hallway. Turning toward Eric, she extends her hand, motioning between the two of them. "George, this is Eric, Eric this is George. One of the good guys." She says the last bit quite pointedly, as though she knows every bit of it to be the truth. Then she turns to the congressman and laces her fingers between his. "Will you be able to come back to my apartment when you've settled in? I have a lot to talk to you about."

Automatically, George slips one hand into Hallis's, offering Eric a handshake with the other. "Lancaster, right? Good to meet you— I think I've run into your parents once or twice." Given that the other man has already declared his intention to head out, he forgoes the 'stay away from my girl' glare, instead merely nodding to Hallis. "I can just stay now if you like - I'm sure it's something important."

"Nice to meet you Congressman," Eric says politely before he starts for the door. "I'll see you around Hallis." He adds with a shake of his head. "But like I said I don't want to intrude…I just…need to return a shoe to someone." He says with a slightly embarrassed look on his face as he slips out the door and past the couple. "Thanks for the soda though."

A quick twist of the head has Hallis staring after Eric, looking at him in the oddest manner. 'A shoe?' she mouths licking her lips right afterward. "A shoe?" she repeats out loud, shrugging at George and giving him a rather incredulous look. "Who loses one shoe? Maybe that's why he told me to not get drunk tonight, so I don't lose a shoe…" Shaking her head again and letting out a small laugh, she tugs George into her apartment and closes the door after them. "I wanted to tell you something. It's actually very important, if you have the time. I understand if you don't though."

"Cinderella, for one," George murmurs automatically. Is Eric living out a fairy-tale romance? Time will tell. "No, I have time," he continues, "otherwise I wouldn't have come back yet— anyway, what's going on?"

Dropping George's hand, she opts instead to move toward the lounge and sits down. Then she holds her head in her hands as though trying to ward off a headache. "I emailed them… that news broadcast, I saw it on my phone when I was shopping online. They said that it couldn't be traced, so I did it. I emailed them asking if I could help." Slowly, she lifts her head up to look at him, her lips twitching into a tentative 'please-say-it's-alright' smile. "I told them that I'm not special though, so they might think I'm just a joke. But at least I tried."

Now that the initial moment of surprise has passed, George takes some time to look around the apartment. Not that he suspects her or Eric of being up to anything, just out of natural curiosity: what's their friendship turning out to be like?

"I hope they're right," he offers, sitting down next to her. "They're probably getting a lot of emails… how much did you tell them about yourself, besides that?" And how much did you tell them about me? he wonders.

"I didn't say much…" She says in a low tone, swiftly she rises to cross the room and dig her cellphone out of her purse. Then she brings it back, scrolling through the applications until she comes to her email. Opening it, she shows him the one that was sent.

To whom it may concern,

I'm not special like you, but I have a friend who is and know many other people who are. I would like to help stop the trains and other things the government is doing. It's not right to treat people like that. I don't know what I can do except offer money… please let me know.

Hallis Van Cortlandt

"It doesn't say much at all, but.. Oh! I got a reply!" Flipping through the mail again she gasps and smiles to George, "It's from a Rebel, he's going to check with his colleagues. They don't think I'm a joke, George.." The young woman is trembling now, with excitement and she reaches over and hugs the man at her side tightly.

George nods absently, peering over her shoulder to get a look at the screen as she brings up one message and then the other. "Does it say 'he'? There was a girl in the video, but they did say 'us' at the end…" Of necessity, he's practically memorized the details of the video by now.

Shaking her head Hallis gives George a tentative smile, "No, it doesn't say he, I just… since there's nothing saying he or she… I just said he. I mean, it could be a they, but…" Hallis seems to be a little overwhelmed by it all and is glancing toward the bar every few moments, eying the bottle on the counter. "I just… I don't know." Looking down, seeming a little helpless again, Hallis takes a deep breath. "So I went to my first group therapy session today. They seemed nice, but I didn't talk."

With a shrug, George files the email issue away in the back of his mind, focusing on the new topic instead as it's brought up. "I guess they'll have you join in when you're ready, then. Who else was there, is it anything you can tell me about?" An arm is slipped around Hallis, offering silent support.

Giving George a small smile and a shake of her head, Hallis leans into him as the arm is wrapped around her. "I can't really tell you who was there, it's kind of like an alcoholic meeting set up, you know? But they had coffee and donuts, which I thought was kind of funny. Considering everyone there doesn't like to eat… They should have had something a little healthier, like carrots or celery." The cell phone never leaves her hand and to keep herself occupied and a little bit sane, she runs her thumb around the touch pad.

George makes a face. "Yeah, that sounds more like what they'd bring in for a generic therapy session— sounds like they're not thinking it through very well. Have to work up to it by stages, right?" His tone remains hesitant as he speaks; even after the call from the hospital, he still has trouble imagining Hallis as fitting the stereotypical anorexic profile. Blame the rose-colored glasses.

Perhaps it's part of the 'good girl' face that Hallis has whenever George is around, but the slight figure, the gaunt face, the fact that she's tired and sleeping more than she's awake. It all adds up. She looks toward the two paper bags of groceries that her mother helped her pick out today, their usual shopping sojourn marred by the fact they were purchasing food rather than pretty clothing or shoes. "I suppose. Daddy told me I had to get rid of my closet and get a kitchen," she murmurs sullenly. "I don't know what to do, is there someone that puts kitchens into closets?"

"You could probably get someone to remodel it," George replies, after some consideration, "but… again, that's a pretty big jump. Maybe just start with a mini-fridge? Anyone working at a college store should know where to get one of those. Or you're welcome to use the one at my place— I don't do a whole lot with it myself, but it's there." She already has a key for the place, after all.

"Remodel? Do they have agencies for that? Or…" Groaning with frustration, Hallis places a hand to her head and runs her fingers through her hair, pushing it back to her crown. "I feel so stupid and useless, I don't know what to do or how to do it. All I know how to do is shop. The apartment was just how I wanted it before I moved in, Daddy did everything. Now he told me that I had to do it myself… Do you think that maybe I should get an assistant? Or something like that?"

George shakes his head, reaching over and resting a hand against Hallis's cheek. "Hey, no, you're not useless… you know what you're missing, that's the first step. Yeah, an assistant's probably a good idea, I have a bunch of them myself… it'd save you time, plus they could make sure you're not getting ripped off. You know, 'ooh, this is gonna be a biiiig expensive project' when really it shouldn't be." Years of trying to put himself in someone else's mindset has left him with a decent ability to imitate types of voice.

"Although redoing a whole kitchen would be a bit much."

With a small smile, Hallis tilts her head into George's hand and looks up into his eyes. "Tell that to Daddy. He sent a message through mother that it had to be done before Christmas. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of my clothing. I don't think it's all going to fit in that little thing in the bedroom that barely holds my shoes." Her smile widens and she bats her eyelashes at him a few times, "Do you think I could put some of them at your place?" She's teasing, the tone of her voice is evidence of that much. "Maybe Eric will let me use of of his rooms for a closet, he said I could keep my groceries there."

At that, his expression falters a bit. Jealous boyfriend is jealous. "You can rent a self-storage unit pretty cheap, I think. Separate out the things you only wear every once in a while… Why Christmas, though, what's he got planned then?" Or what's he got planned if it doesn't happen, depending on what sort of patriarch he is.

"Self storage?" The concept is foreign to Hallis but she throws her arms around George in thanks for the heavenly idea. "Maybe you should be my assistant! I'd be so lost without you, really." She doesn't pull away to answer his second question, rather she gets a little closer and rests her cheek against his shoulder. "Christmas is just when he said to have it done by. I can only imagine that if I don't have it done I'll be moving to Westchester or back to their penthouse. I would die in Westchester, it's so boring there." And then she looks up at him with a twitch of a smile, "Speaking of Christmas… where are you spending it?"

"Well, I don't want you moving out, I like having you close." Not that George wouldn't go out to see her wherever she was, but their current arrangement is awfully convenient. Christmas, hmm… Almost the last time he had time to plan anything that far ahead was during the early stages of the campaign. Which is coming around again early next year, come to think of it. "I was leaning toward flying home for a few days, but nothing's locked down yet. Why, what do you have in mind?"

With a sideways twist, Hallis lifts her legs up and places them over George's and cuddles close to him. "Well…" she begins, the cajoling has begun. "I started shopping today and I was thinking how it would be nice if you came to the Christmas eve party at Grandmother's. She mentioned at dinner the other day that her butler had read her an article about you. I just thought it might be a nice surprise. Also, Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days… there's usually a party then too. But the one on Christmas eve is always much bigger. Grandmother invites practically everyone she knows, I thought that maybe you could rub an elbow there or whatever you call it." A half shrug is given before she allows a brief smile to cross her lips, "But seeing your family is important, I'm sure I could let you go for a few days."

"I've already got a plane ticket for Thanksgiving." Yes, he does get to take the major holidays off; his staff aren't always so lucky, but at least they get double pay to make up for it. "But yeah, I could make the Christmas party, move Texas back a little and make it for New Year's instead. And…" And now it's time for him to wheedle something in return. His hand rests against her leg, an echo of their first day together. "…and maybe make it two tickets instead of one? We'd have to miss the Times Square drop, but I think it'd be worth it."

Hallis' eyes widen at the invitation, it wasn't something she was expecting. "Really George? You'd want me to go back to Texas with you? To meet your family?" A small gasp of air is taken in and she captures her lower lip between her teeth, trying to contain the growing smile. One of her hands is placed over his and she rubs her thumb over his knuckles gently. "Oh George… do you mean it? Really? I'd love to go."

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