2007-12-13: Brother Meet Sister


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Summary: Cam and Micah show up at the Lair, and Cam gets to introduce his foster brother/best friend to the woman he thinks of like a big sister.

Date It Happened: December 13th, 2007

Brother Meet Sister

Secret Lair

It's late afternoon. And for a change, the Lair is somewhat empty. The neckbeard guy with the unfortunate hygiene and the unrequited crush on Kory is sitting in the back going with careful scrutiny over his Magic cards, pondering which ones he'll sell in order to have money to do Christmas shopping. The unfortunate price of having a comic book habit and no common sense.

Kory is working in the new section, where there are half a dozen longboxes now arranged not by title, not by publisher, but by what power is used by the characters, in alphabetical order. She has a Santa hat on and is singing softly, under her breath. "Christmastime is here. Happiness and cheer. Fun for all, that children call their favourite time of year…" The lonely geek in the back sighs dreamily and can be heard mumbling something along the lines of "…Siren song."

One of the benefits of it being the Christmas season is….buying presents. Then again, unless he's buying presents for himself, what other reason could Micah have for being here. Entering the shop via the front door, he glances around. Seemly, he doesn't have an escort today. Well, at least not of the usual kind he's often seen with. Today, it's just him and Cam. "I wonder what new stuff they've gotten in." Clearly it's been a while since he's been here.

Cam follows Micah in the door, and says, "Dunno. Probably something good, at least. And there's always new comics anyway… well, every week, at least." He looks around once they're inside, and on seeing Kory and smiles and waves quickly.

"Snowflakes in the air, carols everywhere, olden times and ancient rhymes and love and dreams to share…" Kory looks up, hearing voices, and smiles gently. "Cam. And wow. You. You must be the Micah I hear so very much about." She beams a bit more brightly at the two of them. "There's hot chocolate and cookies back in the reading section still, I think." She gestures toward the area. Despite how much geeks like junk food, the holiday offering is still respectful, neat, and mostly full. Gingerbread and egg nog with hot chocolate this time.

Micah glances between Cam and Kory. Almost sounds like that could be a TV show. There's a momentary hint of confusion on his face. Either he's more popular than he knows, or….something else. But it's gone as quickly as it appears. "That's me." he grins, glancing in the direction that is indicated for the goodies. But that's not his primary mission objective. Operational Directive Number One - Secure more comics. "Thanks. Got any new stuff in?"

"Awesome, thanks" Cam says at the mention of hot chocolate and cookies Since Micah's dealing with that important job, Cam goes to get some for both himself and Micah, bringing them back carefully. And a little awkwardly, putting a cookie on the top of each cup as he carries them.

"Yup, on Wednesday," Kory assures Micah. "New stuff has the bright yellow tags on the wall." She gestures to the wall to illustrate her statement. "Looking for anything in particular?" She glances from Micah to Cam, quirking one brow at the latter in a secret question.

"Wow." Micah says, glancing along the walls at all the different comic books tagged in yellow. "Not really." he adds, moving to get a closer look at some of them. "Haven't been in here in a while. Figured I'd check out what all has come out that I can add to my collection."

Cam is pretty oblivious to the secret question… perceptive he might be, but he hasn't had enough experience yet at guessing what people are thinking. As he passes the hot chocolate to Micah he jokes quietly, "Don't worry, it's still hot." Then he looks back up to Kory and says, "Got this month's Ultimate X-Men in yet?"

Kory smiles faintly as Cam assures Micah the cocoa is still warm. "Yeah. There's a copy in the reading box, if you don't want to actually buy one." She pops a holiday CD into the player. Soft Christmas music plays. Ska Christmas music, actually. She wrinkles her nose pensively, though, as Cam didn't pick up on her curious expression.

Micah quirks a glance at mention of Ultimate X-Men. It's a good thing too as he notices Cam passing the cocoa over to him. "Thanks." Taking a light sip, he surveys the wall once more. Doesn't seem to be anything of interest floating around up there. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a slip of paper and peruses it. Anyone glancing would see a list of comic books. "Hmmmm…..what about the original X-Men? Volume 15?"

"Oh, yeah, I think we still have a copy of that. But you might want the reprint. The original's kinda spendy," Kory heads for the long box, though, to find what Micah asked for. "Anything else?"

Cam blinks at Micah's request, "Wow. That's an old one." He looks up to Kory again and then asks, noticing her pensive look at least, "Something wrong?" He sips his own hot chocolate.

"Not entirely sure, Cam," Kory muses. "I met a guy the other night, and he kinda worries me. Which kind of worries me more. For you guys. Last time I saw him…" she trails off, not sure how to describe what she saw Benjamin doing without panicking the boys.

"Yeah, it's one I've been missing from my collection for a while." Micah says at Cam's comment, watching as Kory wanders to find the issue. What he has for spending money is pulled out of his pocket and counted carefully. A small frown forms for a moment. "I think that'll do it for this trip. At least until I get my next allowance." he adds, glancing between Kory and Cam as they talk.

"Well, if it's too expensive for you," Kory suggests, "We have the past 35 years of X-Men on CD, if you just want the stories." She shrugs. "whichever you like, of course. I did see your mom in here a couple times, so you might wanna wait until after Christmas to buy anything."

Cam blinks at that, "She's buying comics for Christmas? Cool." He grins. Then he looks back to Kory and blinks at her comments, and asks, "What guy? Was it the guy from the park? Oh, you weren't at the park…"

Micah blinks at mention of his mom being in the comic book store. Odd. Usually she's only in here with him. Unless. "She was?" he asks, glancing at the issue and his money. It's a tough choice. But common sense that eventually wins out. "Maybe you're right. Can you hold it for me? You know….just in case she didn't get it?" It could be a simple request. Or maybe a clever ploy to find out if she did buy it already.

"She's buying something," Kory tells Cam with a wink. "What, I don't know. I didn't ring her up. But she was in here for you guys, yeah." She nods at Micah's request. "I'd be happy to." She takes the issue and puts a purple post-it on it, then slides it into a rack behind the counter. "Safe and sound until you come back for it." She looks over at Cam. "No, not from the park. A different guy. I ran into him twice, and well, the weirdness factor seems to climb around him if you know what I mean." A bit less subtle. But only a bit. Cam's perceptive and she's speaking directly to him.

Cam blinks, looking to Kory curiously. But he nods quickly and says to Micah, "Good idea." Then back to Kory and asks, "Who is he?" He understands what she means now, at least, though not why she's worried yet.

"You know…" Kory pauses to think about it. She was so busy trying not to panic, some of the details are fuzzy. "His name's Benjamin. Name ring a bell?"

"Hmmmm….." Micah muses, briefly as Kory sets the issue aside for him. "Thanks. If she didn't get it, I'll be here the day after Christmas for it." he adds, taking another sip from the cocoa he was holding. Just as he finishes, his phone rings. And you can tell by the ring tone, the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars, that it's his mom calling. Also the expression on his face helps. "It's my mom. I'll meet you outside, Cam." he says, pulling the phone from his jacket pocket and flipping it open as he opens the front door. "Hi mom." he says, slipping out the door to take the call.

Cam nods quickly to Micah and says, "Don't worry, she knows Kory, she'll be ok with you here I bet." Once Micah's out the door he moves over closer to Kory, and says, "Nope. Well, there's a kid named Ben at school, but don't think you mean him."

"No, no, not a kid," Kory tells Cam, quietly, cleaning up after Micah's departure. "An adult. And although I saw him do something that looks scary…I'm not sure it was what I saw. He says he was babysitting." She doesn't sound convinced either way. She sounds confused, and frustrated by the fact that she's confused. "Curly hair. Big puppydog eyes for a grownup? Soft voice?"

Cam ends up looking pretty confused now too, "A scary babysitter?" Then he shakes his head quickly to the last questions, "Nope, dun..oh! Yep, I met him, I think. Dunno about 'puppydog' eyes, but think I know who you mean. Friend of Niki's. Met him when she took me skating at the park."

"Oh?" Kory seems relieved. "He's a friend of Micah's mom, then." Which seems to settle her concerns and ease her mind. "Nevermind, then. He must really have been babysitting."

Cam nods quickly to that and grins, "Yeah, probably. I mean, he's like an accountant or something I think. What could he've been doing that's bad?"

"I saw him with a little girl a few months ago," Kory says. "I thought he was taking her against her will. He said he was just babysitting her…and I guess he must have been. Micah's mother wouldn't let some creep watch over Micah." Niki, who would let an evil person melt her face before she let anything happen to Micah? Not likely, no.

Cam nods quickly to that and says, "Dunno if he's ever watched Micah, though. Hadn't seen him before that day in the park. But still, know she wouldn't even be friends with someone who might hurt Micah." He sips his hot chocolate again now, apparently having decided it's cool enough now.

"That's true," Kory says. "I know it is." She whispers in Cam's ear. "Remember what I told you I could do? I saw in a dream how much Mrs. Sanders loves Micah. She would do anything to protect him." She straightens back up. "But that makes me feel relieved. I don't need to worry about him being dangerous to you guys…or anybody's kids."

Cam grins and says, "You seen her dreams? When?" Then he blinks, and asks, "You been in mine yet?" He talks softly, though maybe a little too loud for comfort. Then he shakes his head quickly, "Don't think ya gotta worry at all."

"Only the one time, when I got into a lot of people's dreams at once. I haven't been able to do it again for more than a few seconds." Kory answers quickly, looking a bit embarrassed as Cam speaks loudly. She crouches to keep the volume down. "And no. You've never been asleep around me, so I haven't seen your dreams."

Cam nods a little at that, flashing from disappointed to a bit relieved. "Oh, ok." Then he smiles again and says, "But yeah, she loves him a lot. His dad does too. He's lucky, even with all the bad stuff that happened, like his dad going to jail."

"Yeah, you mentioned. That's a shame," Kory sighs. She quirks her head at Cam. "Besides, I try not to go in the dreams of my friends uninvited, unless they really need me to. Like …" she pauses, considering. "If you were having a really bad nightmare, I'd go in to smooth it out so you would get enough rest." She smiles affectionately at him, though an ember of curiosity has lit in her eyes at the fact he was a bit relieved as well.

Cam nods quickly to that and says, "That'd be cool. Um… guess ya could go in anytime ya wanted, if I was close enough. Long as ya promise not to tell anybody what ya see." He then looks to the window and says, "If Micah's talking this long, bet Niki'll be coming to pick him up soon. I better go too, 'case he needs an excuse or something."

"Yeah, I can't do it from far away," Kory explains. "And only if you want. You can spend the night over. But sure. Go be Micah's wingman. It's cool you two are so tight." She is sincere in this statement. The two boys' friendship seems to be something Kory finds genuinely heartwarming.

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