2007-03-13: Brotherly Reunion Take Two


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Summary: Peter and Nathan (finally) meet. This time for real.

Date It Happened: March 13, 2007

Brotherly Reunion Take Two

The Petrelli Mansion

The house is eerily silent, so when Nathan closes his cellphone, the beep and click that go with it seem too loud. It's possibly the third time (in the last half hour) he's rang the hotel, using the number Angela had given him, and nothing has yet come of it. Slipping the phone into his pocket, if only to ward off the temptation to try again not a few minutes later, Nathan finds himself pacing restlessly within the sitting room, turning on a lamp as the sky outside darkens. He should call Heidi, perhaps, and tell her something at least resembling the truth as to how he's doing. Instead, he finds himself switching off the light once more and heading for the foyer. If he'd have to track everyone down on foot, he would. Or by sky. Whatever works.

The entire trip across town from Mohinder's apartment in Brooklyn to this house, Peter and Elle made invisible. Hand-in-hand, relatively quiet, 'they' are watching the house. There are people watching, but he recognizes them as house guards. One of them, the same guard who saw Nathan Petrelli fall out of the sky not too long ago, happens to have a set of keys on his belt. Still invisible, he sneaks up and unhooks the keys as quietly as possible. The man could swear he felt something, but dismisses it. It's been a weird day for him. With the keys, they go around to the back, and let themselves in the back door. It's here that he finally lets go of her hand. "Elle— can you wait here a few minutes. I want to talk to my brother alone first…" he says in a soft whisper, hoping that she'll understand, before he moves off into the house. The sound of the door opening and closing may have alerted him.

The sound of a door stops Nathan in his tracks before he can reach the foyer, and with almost instinctive caution, he quietly sidesteps out of view, beside the door leading into the foyer, before he can really look into the space. Had not Angela said the name 'Sylar' less than 24 hours ago, and had he not been a captive of the Company before that, perhaps he'd be a little more confident about going to see who had just walked into his home. Instead, he waits for a few seconds, listening to the sound of footsteps. One person. That's not particularly reassuring.

But really, Nathan doesn't walk around with a gun, and the idea of wielding a lamp as a weapon doesn't appeal to him. Taking a breath, he resolutely steps into the foyer, expression stern, before bewildered surprise takes it over. "/Peter/?"

Hair cut, courtesy of Elle, certainly changes his appearance, but it doesn't take longer than a glance to know that Peter's standing in the doorway. Still dressed in a coat to keep out the cool late winter air outside, he self-consiously tugs on the dark sleeve at the cuff. "Nathan," he responds softly, voice actually a shaky. Seeing the picture had told him that his brother had been healed— somehow, but it's different seeing it in person, after his last physical memory of his brother happened to show his heavily damaged face and body. Damaged by him. Taking a few steps closer, to get within arms length, he's looking him over carefully, as if trying to find the scars of what he'd done, eyes filled with mixed emotions. Positive emotions, like relief and joy try to take up the same space as residual guilt.

Nathan is still stuck on '/Peter/?', really, by the time his brother has walked further into the room. Unusual for Nathan, his emotions are blatantly obvious - a strange mix of surprise, wariness and hope. Memories of the trick back in Kirby Plaza keep him silent and still, hesitant to react at all. However, the haircut is a surprise, the coat, also, he recognises it as his own, the searching look he's given - all of this is enough and Nathan finds himself reaching for his brother, pulling him unstoppably into a hug. "Jesus, Peter, where've you been."

Likely, Peter wouldn't have stopped the hug even if he could. Like standing in headlights, really, as soon as it starts he leans into it, arms raising up around his brother's back, while he glances quietly over his shoulder. Eyes staying open, glancing across the room towards photographs along the fireplace, he continues to tremor with emotion. If he weren't hugging back, his hands might be shaking. As is, it stays with his breath, and when he responds. "They said they could help me— make me safe." It would seem he's thinking about where he's been the last five months, and not the last three or four days.

In contrast, Nathan's eyes are closed, and though he wouldn't admit it, he's clinging as well as comforting before finally backing off, hands coming to rest on Peter's shoulders. "Did it work?" he asks, a little dryly, mouth turning up in a smile. "Come on, let's…" It's as if all the anxieties of the last few days have returned, and he frowns again, lines at his eyes deepening. "We should probably talk. Are you okay? Do you need anything, money?" He doesn't seem to expect Peter to stay around long - no one does, in this house.

"Not the way they were trying if it did," Peter admits softly, glancing back in the direction of the back door, as if reluctant to leave her back there by herself so long. With the hug broken, even if contact isn't, he reaches up and runs the hand over his face, avoiding eye contact as he lets it drop to continue, "We should talk, yeah. I don't need any money yet— took the stash from the desk in the back. I'll pay it back when I can." If he can. He's not sure how much he'll be able to do with the world in peril again. Always in peril. To start off things, he finally glances back, "They let you go. Elle said they would. She helped me escape, when you and Hiro tried to break me out."

"Elle? The girl?" is Nathan's response, finally letting his hands drop, as if convinced that Peter isn't going to just disappear in front of him. "Ma told me you had someone with you." That's a prompt for explanation, judging by a slightly raised eyebrow, but he continues to talk. "Bennet— Claire's father, he's one of their agents. He was supposed to help, but he betrayed us. But he also made sure they let me go, and they told me the same of you. I don't think you gotta run from them anymore, Pete."

"Yeah— she's Bob Bishop's daughter. The Bob that was friends with our parents," Peter explains, though that might give some kind of odd mental image, really. Bob didn't look like the type of man who'd have a beautiful daughter. At all. They'd never met the girl, that he can remember, but they'd seen Bob a few times. As he talks about Noah, the younger of the two brothers nods, even if he looks a little bothered by the mention of betrayal. Betrayal that gets lightened by the actions he did to make sure his brother got released, but the end makes him look up in surprise, "I don't?" That's the last thing he expected to hear. "They're just going to let me go? Even though I'm dangerous?" That doesn't make sense.

"They didn't go on to explain the why's and how's," Nathan says, shaking his head to ward away the question. "And I'm not gonna go and trust their word yet, so I don't expect you to." He smirks faintly in vague amusement, and nods once. "I remember Bob. He's the man I talked to back at the facility. Go figure. And you have his daughter trailing after you, now?" The question holds an implication, and it's not particularly subtle, especially when Nathan backs that up with, "Be careful with who you make friends with, especially anyone with ties to the Company."

"If they're not coming after me right now— Guess we could stay here instead of hiding out in a hotel," Peter responds softly, glancing back towards the backdoor again. Yes, that was a we. To which he also needs to address, "Not— trailing after me, exactly. But— she's helping me." From the look in his eyes, there's definitely more than that going on, but he glances back to explain, "She used to work for them, but I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. She took me off the pills, and— she brought me a picture of you, healed. Not sure how that happened, but— she let me know you were okay." Not to mention the revelation that she helped him escape all together. "And Noah— he could have taken me in the night I escaped, he had the Haitian with him, but he let me go, and let me say goodbye to Claire first…" In short, he wants to trust them still.

To say Nathan looks doubtful at all this is an understatement. His expression has turned stern and mildly exasperated - not something Peter is unused to seeing in his brother. "Peter," he says, as if beginning to lecture him, but instead thinks twice and lets out a sigh. "If you think you can trust her? Then go ahead. But just… know what you're doing, alright?" He now follows Peter's glance. "She's here?" he asks, in clipped tones, as if he already knows the answer and isn't so happy about it.

Not unused to it, no, but Peter hasn't seen it in a while either. Though he glances back to catch the mixed look, his eyes slide away again, still talking about a young woman who can probably hear most of what they're saying. Especially if she's trying to listen in. "She's here. We're sticking close together— in case we run into Sylar, or the Company." The realization that his brother isn't pleased cause him to look back, making tight eye contact for a moment. Rather than the shakiness of before, now he has determination, "She's staying where I'm staying." No one's going to make him budge on that, from the sound of things.

Nathan tilts his head back, regarding the ceiling and what to do for a moment, before nodding once. "Fine," he says, his tone a little milder, perhaps apologetic if you squint. Sometimes, there's just no point, and Nathan doesn't particularly want to have to track down his brother again. Not for at least a night. So he doesn't push his point, for now. "Then you can both stay. Security's been tightened since Sylar came here last so, there's that." He tilts his head at Peter. "And you can tell me exactly /why/ Sylar decided to drop by."

Though he wouldn't have taken no for an answer, Peter still looks relieved when his brother gives in. The only other option would have been to ask about his apartment, but that can come up tomorrow. Reaching into his coat, he pulls out a ring with keys on it and holds it out, "I— borrowed that from one of the guards." For some reason he felt more inclined to steal borrow it while invisible. Maybe because Claude seemed inclined to do that sort of thing. "I don't know why he was here— when I got here mom looked distraught, said Sylar was after Claire, we ran upstairs and— he had hurt her, and was trying to drag her out the window. Elle threw lightning at him and made him fall. I didn't stop to ask him why he was taking her."

"Oh. Elle threw lightning at him," Nathan repeats, blandly. Forgive him. He's still getting used to being a superhero. "That's good." He pockets the keys to give back to the poor guard later. "So he wanted Claire," he says, with a hint of confirmation in his voice. "Well, she's. More or less safe now. So we won't have to worry about her." He casts Peter a mild smile, and tilts his head towards where his brother had been glancing, presumably where he's stashed his new girlfriend. "Go get her, there should be a couple of rooms free. Then we can figure out what to do next."

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