2010-04-06: Brothers



Date: April 6, 2010


Brothers from different mothers aren't keen to be separated again…


Kitty's Safehouse

Sitting cross-legged on the floor of the room Cam stays, Micah peers through one of the many comic books strewn across the room. He and his foster brother managed to pick up a bunch and are taking a time-out of sorts from the reality of fugitive life. His nose wrinkles as he snaps the latest one shut and turns to look at Cam contemplatively. After yesterday, he's feeling more determined than ever to get the remote control for the collar made, and connect to the little family he has. Like Cam.

"Any good ones?" he finally asks, his voice just above a whisper. Slowly he lays back on the floor to stare up at the ceiling. He's been oddly distant lately and he knows it, but then, that happens sometimes, right?

Cam flips through another of the comics, laying on his back and looking up at it. "This Blackest Night comic looks pretty cool, way better than Final Crisis anyway, but it's late in the series. Gotta go back and find the first ones for it." He closes the comic, sitting up.

"I have so many to catch up on," Micah observes as he sits up, following Cam's posture. "This fugitive thing sucks." It's an observation anyone in their position could make. "Although things seem busy here. I bet it's fun living with Kitty." It's an odd comment all things considered. He clears his throat idly before saying, "I was talking to Peter the other day. He figures everything we had was probably taken by the government." Everything left of his parents too, but that's left unspoken. "I think… I think we'll need to start over… or something. I mean, when we're not fugitives anymore." It's when, but then it's always been when for Micah, not if.

Cam grins, "We both do. These are the first comics I've seen since this whole thing started." He leans back so he's sitting against the edge of the bed, frowning a little as he nods. "How? It's not like we'll have anywhere to go. Well, ok, you still have Monica, but I'll end up with total strangers. We're not blood relatives, so no way they'll keep us together."

Micah is silent for some time. Cam is right; they're not blood. Monica isn't exactly in a position to take a foster kid. "And I guess Charlotte is out of the question — I burned that bridge, didn't I?" he frowns, it's his fault and he knows it. Running away twice doesn't exactly endear the pair to anyone in their current circle. "I already lost mom and dad, I can't lose my only brother too…"

Biting his bottom lip, Micah's thoughts are racing as he tries to tie something together. "I have some money from the heiress person, and while I missed it… I think we did okay this year without school…" he winces, wholly unsure how Cam will react to this thought. "Or, I might be able to forge us a guardian. Maybe." He cringes.

Cam flips through another comic absently, but his attention isn't on it. His thoughts are away as well, thinking of their future. "Yeah. We're smart enough, we can make it without school. You probably know enough to graduate already anyway. And… I can catch up later, after we're old enough that we won't have anybody trying to make us do anything."

"Yeah?" Micah asks as he quirks an eyebrow. "Really?" He sighs with relief, delighted that Cam thinks this is a good idea. "That would be amazing. Just you and me! We could like… travel the country or something and try to find… somewhere that feels like home, and then just stay there, you know? And I bet next year you could actually be like independent or whatever legally anyways. Maybe." He grins a little. Just a little. It's not a perfect solution, but at least they'll get to be together.

Cam grins as well, more than Micah's, and nods quickly. "Yeah. There's a lot out there to see, I got to see a lot of places when I tried to make my way back here to New York last year. And I think I have a better sense of direction now than back then," he adds with a bit of a grin.

"We should like chart out a course of places we want to see," Micah suggests with a grin. "And we could figure out all of the stuff we want to do and should do!" Who says you have to wait to grow up to start living. "And I bet it'll give us something to look forward to." He bites his bottom lip again. "We can do this, right?"

Cam grins and nods. "We should. I want to stay in areas with cool temperatures, though," he adds. He stands up, stepping to pull out the laptop Micah got him for Christmas, sitting back down and opening it up, and opening Google Earth. He nods quickly again then, "Of course we can. It's harder, but we can do it. And we'll be together, not trying to live alone."

"That's true. And foster care seems lame." Beat. "I mean, when it's not mom and dad and… you know what I meant…" Micah's cheeks flush involuntarily. "Alright. So cool places. We should go to D.C. to see the white house and the museums. I think that's something people want to do before they die." He presses his lips together. "Where else?"

Cam nods quickly, "Well, they weren't in it for the money, a lot of people are. And then you get the really crazy ones like that other family I had." He marks Washingtin D.C. on the map, and then thinks. "Well, there'll probably be other places in between, but Yellowstone park."

Nodding, Micah agrees, "Yellowstone sounds good. I wonder if we could camp or something. We should get backpacks! Like big ones we can carry with us around with all of our gear in them. That way we can camp if there's a spot — save some cash." His eyebrows furrow. "Alright so D.C., Yellowstone… where else? I don't feel the need to see Vegas ever EVER again…" he frowns, but only for a moment. "If I get us passports maybe we could visit Canada too. I bet it's cooler there…"

Cam nods quickly with another grin, "That'll be awesome. Bet there's a lot of places in Canada that are cool to see, too. Places we could camp out and nobody'd ever find us." He considers, and then says, "We could go to other countries too. Like England."

"Maybe. England would be cool," Micah hadn't really considered going that far. "And maybe we could visit Germany for real instead of the inside of an orphanage." His eyes twinkle with mischief. "Alright. I have some things I need to do. But we should actually like start getting ready. Even if things aren't resolved…" Maybe this should be someone else's problem? He doesn't state this thought, although it is there. "…maybe we should still think about traveling?"

Cam nods to that and says, "Yeah, we should. We do whatever we have to do to help while we can, but eventually the adults will want to take over everything anyway. So, then we can go." He nods and says, "I'll start getting stuff together. So we can go as soon as the time comes."

"Sounds good," Micah agrees with a lopsided grin. "And who knows? Maybe we'll end up back where we started, but at least we'll be together." He offers his foster brother a wink before rising and padding towards the door. "I have some stuff to do too. I'll be back though. And in the meantime, I'll try to make some more plans." He winks again. Being a runaway isn't ideal, but then, what about their lives is ideal right now?

Cam nods to that and grins, "I'll go today, to start getting supplies. I know this whole area, haven't had much else to do but learn it, I can make sure nobody who'd report me sees me. This'll be great, just seeing new things, without worrying about the government or anybody else." He waves then and says, "Let me know if you need any help with anything, too."

"Will do," Micah grins before issuing Cam a quick wave and walking out the door. At least now he has something to look forward to, yet there's something eerie about choosing a runaway's life after having it forced on them. Maybe they're just getting used to it? He pads down the hall, unsure about anything except that he is going to hold on to what little family he has. Hopefully he can make Monica understand that. Maybe.

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