2007-06-02: Brothers from a different mother


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Summary: Drake's vacation in California takes a dive as he finds out that a Company Agent named Aidan may be his older brother.

Date it Happened: June 2nd, 2007

Brothers from a different mother

San Francisco - California (Pier 39, and Grandma Maxwell's apartment

[This takes place after a prelude scene in which they 'bumped into each other' by chance, where Aidan introduces himself as a fellow tourist]

It is a beautiful day in San Francisco, with perfect blue skies, and a light warm breeze being kissed from the surface of the ocean. As always, Sunday is a busy day for tourists, as they stalk the piers in hopes of deals, souvenirs, and a few memorable pictures to take of Alkatraz in the background. At the moment, Drake is walking along one of the piers, dodging the groups of people, sidestepping the sidewalk street shows that beg for cash. He's on a mission, and that mission is to the small ice cream shop so that he can get himself a double scoop sundae filled with caramel, and whip cream. After having helped his grandmother pack most of her belongings in the attic to take into storage, he could really use the rest of the day off.

Psh, what kind of time is this for an ice cream break? Not that it doesn't sound good, it's been a good long while since Aidan ever had any, it was a truly rare treat as a kid. He was hardly ever well-behaved enough to earn any. Day by day, Aidan has continued his long-distance stalking, studying and watching, and growing steadily more impatient by the day. The Company isn't going to put up with his taking his sweet old time forever, as likely as a relief as it is - he's usually the type to rush in guns blazing. But the rough sigh the metallokinetic utters shows his waning patience. He has to make a move, soon. This would be a lot easier if he could just kill him. Grunting under his breath, he picks at a fingernail with what looks not unlike a long, metallic pencil, sharp at one end and blunt at the other.

After ordering his sundae, and practically balking at the price, Drake takes it and makes his way to a small bench, settling himself down to stare out over the expanse of the ocean, watching the gulls sneak down to the surface to steal a fish, then dart back upwards to a nearby roof to feast. It's so peaceful here, with the water, and the fresh, salty air, as opposed to the reckless noise of New York, which never seems to quell. As he eats, he reaches into his pocket and picks out his iPod, turning a video on and watching it idly.Pick, pick, prod, Aidan continues to watch from afar, fiddling impatiently with the metal rod as the gears in his head whirl. His face is set in a firm frown as he watches Drake from the corner of one eye. So many plans he made, and now that he thinks them over again, they're all stupid. How he hates to second guess himself, it wastes time. "…stupid. This isn't going to work." He mutters, growling to the metal as if it was all its fault.

As he eats, Drake doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Finishing his sundae, he picks his iPod up and watches the last minute of a music video he stored the other day, then rises up, then starts to head down the small stone steps towards the beach beneath the docks. Not a lot of people go down here, being that there is no stores, and nothing of interest, but it would make for a good place to just hang out, and think. That, and he planned on finding a few sand dollars for Elena and Claire later. Free gifts are the best gifts.

Aidan watches Drake make a move for the beach and pockets the metal rod. A breath is exhaled as the thoughts keep grinding, one side of his mouth tugging back into a frown. Hmf. Pulling himself up from where he leaned against a building wall, the young man lumbers his way towards the beach a short distance behind. His mouth begins to open, pauses, then opens again. "Drake."

Tilting his head up, Drake turns around to face Aidan, vaguely recognizing him from the day before. "Hey. Aidan, right? It's nice to see you again. What's up?" He asks as he as scoops up a sand dollar from the ground, and tucks it into a small plastic baggie, which already holds a few shells of various colors. "I take it you're still on vacation, huh? Couldn't get enough of the ocean?"

"It's cleaner than Lake Erie." Drawls Aidan as he looks out briefly to the water and then back to Drake. "Swimming is one of the few sports I'm good at." Pausing midway down the steps, he crosses his arms across his chest, breeze ruffling blond and brown hair. "I'm due to go back in the next couple of days, though."

"Yeah? I love swimming too. It's great, too bad it's too cold in New York most of the time, and we don't have an a fantastic beach like this." Drake says as he rocks a bit on his feet, giving himself a bit of a stretch of his arms, before looking back out across the water. "I should beg my mom to have us move out here for reals, and just .. live in California."

"Well…it's just as expensive." Aidan murmurs as he absently scratches at the back of his neck. "You always live in the Apple?" He asks, quirking up a brow questionably. "It looks like you don't get a chance to get around much."

"Yeah, my entire life, though I got to travel a little bit with my mom. She took me to Europe a few times when I was younger, and we've been here at least once a year to see my grams." Drake says as he sniffs the air, drinking in the fresh scent of the ocean breeze. "How about you?"

Hmf, they never took him to Europe. "Huh. Oh, me? This is the farthest I've gone. I'm a New Yorker too, just not the city. I'm a kid of the 'burbs." And one seemingly innocent paper factory. "I never got to travel much, too many other things to worry about."

"Ah, well, California is awesome, and you'll love it while you're here I'm sure. Maybe find yourself a lady or two while you're here, huh?" Drake says with a grin as he crosses his arms a bit, rocking on his feet. "Hopefully you'll get out more often, huh? So, what burb' in New York do you live at? I'm in Manhattan with my mom. The traffic is just 'horrible' there. About as bad as this."

"I'm a little ways north of the city," Aidan remarks. "You actually try and drive? Just take the subway. Crowded, but its easier.. and cheaper." Besides, Aidan is a bad driver. "Even if it is filthy. I might buy a bike one of these days, to make things easier."

"Nah, not me. I only have a learner's permit. I just bus everywhere. What I meant is that trying to get across the street, and playing Frogger with some of the cars is horrible." Drake bobs his head a bit, then offers up a grin. "So, what's your plans for today then? I was thinking of hitting up Blondie's for some pizza, and then maybe I dunno… scope out the night life on the piers. I could show you around if you want."

Aidan looks briefly dubious, but then, there /are/ specific orders not to do any hurting. He's got to learn more somehow. "Hm, sure, I could use some pizza. There's got to be some excitement around here come night. It better, or else I'll be real disappointed. This is California, afterall."

"Great. You know where Blondies is, right? It's on Market, around the corner of the Virgin records." Drake says as he runs a hand back through his hair, then whips out his cell phone. "So, what's your number? I'll give you a buzz when I head over. I just wanna change into some warmer clothes, cuz' it gets chilly at night here sometimes." He looks to be excited, having found a 'friend' in wolf's clothing it seems.

Friend is such a strong word, especially when there's truths to be told. "Oh, uh…212-485-9976. I admit," Aidan says as he begins to walk towards the pizza parlor. "I'm fairly bad at answering it, but I get to messages. Eventually. It's something I gotta work on."

"It's not hard to just pick up the phone when it rings." Drake says with a grin, then lifts up a hand. "I'll catch you in about a half hour then. I'm not that far away, since my grams has a ocean view apartment." He says as he turns, heading back for the steps with a bounce in his walk. "Get a table for us! It's always busy."

Aidan does get a table, and dinner goes without a hitch - except that annoyingly long wait that comes with a busy locale. A full belly seems to placate Aidan's jittery nerves, though by the bulk and speed with which he eats, he should be in pain and not just content. Curse that young metabolism. "So, where's the good party spot? ..can't wait until I'm 21, I could use a drink."

It seems that Drake has quite an appetite as well, and he easily devours nearly a half of his own pizza he ordered. To go's are always great. It just means he won't have to buy lunch tomorrow. "A drink, huh? I've never had booze yet. I'm still not sure if it's something I'm going to dabble in when I turn 21. I'm such a church boy." He says with a laugh as they head down the boardwalk of piers, watching the night life go on. There is a few clubs across the street that is blasting music, but unfortunately, nothing they can sneak in to. "There's a lot of great parties going on, just no where I can get into. More or less we'd have to get lucky and find a house event or something. Um." He trails off a bit in thought.

Aidan slowly raises up an eyebrow at this talk of church. Oh goodie, a bible hugger. "No one would let us in a private party. We don't know 'em and we don't got anything to offer. Booze is good, though, long as its not the cheap shit. That's just not worth the money you paid. Gets you drunk then gets you sick. More sick than drunk."

Chuckling, Drake shrugs his shoulders. "Well, I don't know, maybe we could just call it a night?" He asks as he turns his head towards Aidan, offering him a smile. "Or, I dunno… could go by my place. I got a PS2 there with some games." He lifts a shoulder upwards. "I've been on a Twisted Metal kick the last few days. Other than that, I'm out of ideas. Being sixteen sucks, you can't get into anything cool."

"That's a good game, been awhile since I got to play anything." Aidan remarks with a snort. "My family weren't fans of the video game, didn't want me rotting my brain and all that shit. Your grandma live here in the city? I bet it'd cost a fortune to even rent a place here."

"Yeah, you'd think, but her husband was a real big wig or something. Had a lot of stock that took off. I guess. I think at least." Drake says as he shrugs his shoulders. "So, she bought a small place about.. oh… twenty years ago?" He chuckles. "She's been here forever, so it's paid off, back before it rocketed up through the roof." Leaning over to tie his shoes, he whips the laces around into a tight snug.

"Lucky break." Aidan murmurs with the faintest jealous note. He'll never be rich. Or likely have a house. "She wouln't mind company this late, will she?" Aidan, polite? Well, this woman might be his own grandmother - not that he's sure. But, at least he can show he listened to lessons about polite behavior, even if he can't remember the days his father tried to teach him them.

"Nah, I don't think so. She'll probably start baking something for us." Drake says with a laugh as he rubs the back of his neck. As they head down the boardwalk, then cut over a block or two, they come to a tall high rise of apartments tucked away near the end of the long beach row. On the outside, the buildings look tiny, and crammed, and once they head into the lobby, it's obvious that… they are really small, and crammed. Hard to believe these may be million dollar suites. As they ride upwards in the elevator to the ninth floor, where the young teen is babbling on about the Yankees, or something, he seems completely relaxed, as if there wasn't a care in the world. Why would he? So far, he's had a great afternoon with what may be a new friend, a fellow Yorker. His grandma's small two bedroom apartment is down the hall, and once they enter it, one could see that it's been decorated straight out of the sixties. It's definitely 'old', and hardly modern. The TV set is at least new, a thin LCD screen nestled on a glass shelving unit. But the furniture? Old as dirt.

Ooh, cookies. It makes the hideous decorating worth the agony. Aidan doesn't say much of anything on the way, or even when they get into the apartment, he just takes the moment, two steps into the door, to study the surroundings. Damn, but this shit is old. "Nice tv." He does murmur, though.

Chuckling, Drake nods his head. "Yeah, she picked the TV up when her eyes started going bad. I bet we'll end up getting it if she.. you know." He says, then pokes his nose into the kitchen, where, yes, cookies are being baked. "Hey grandma. I brought a friend over, Aidan. He's from New York also. He won't steal from you, promise." He says with a chuckle.

The elderly woman, wearing a long blue dress, with her gray hair pulled up into a bow, slips out to give the boy a quick once over, then says. "Why, hello there Aidan." She says with a soft voice, smiling all the while with a pair of milky blue eyes. "You two want some milk and cookies?"

"Yes grams." Drake says politely as he licks his lips, then flops down in front of the TV, turning on his video game, then slides a book full of PS2 cd's over to Aidan. He has quite an extensive collection.

Aidan dips his head to the elderly woman, looking at her as she looks at him. "Evenin', ma'am." He says with his oddly multi-cultural drawl, not the typical tinge of the City. He settles down onto the couch, briefly surprised its not coated in vinyl, and begins to investigate the games. "Huh, got some good classics in here."

"Yeah, a lot of bargain bins." Drake says with a chuckle as he leans back against the couch a bit, unwinding a controller to flop it into his lap. "I got some fighting games in there too. Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat I believe." He trails off in thought, before shrugging his shoulders again uncertainly.

Once grandma heads into the kitchen, then comes back out with the warm plate of cookies, she settles them down between the boys, then begins to give Aidan a long look over. "Huh.." She trails off a bit, tilting her head to one side. "Ya'remind me of my boy, Eric." She says with a chuckle. "You look like him. That's Drake's father. He was such a handsome boy when he was your age. Huh." Her thin lips pull upwards slightly, then begins to stare into Aidan's eyes, almost a bit 'too' directly, before shuffling herself back to the kitchen. "You boys play nice, and don't play too much of those violent ones!"

"You, a church boy, got Mortal Kombat?" Now this seems to amuse Aidan greatly, who threatens to crack a smile, especially s the cookies come. But then the woman speaks, and his gut feelings were confirmed. So, this woman was his grandmother. "Uh…well…" But he trails off, face heavy with thought, and simply gives a tiny, ghost of a smile as she begins to move off. "Thanks for the cookies."

The remark from his grandmother causes Drake to pause for a moment, before letting out a laugh. "I get told I look like someone all the time too. Just never that I was someone's dad. Eric is my father. He was a cop, before he was killed in an accident, my mom said. I never got to meet him." His shoulders drop a bit, before slightly shrugging. "I got a picture of him at home though. I guess you 'kinda' look like him." He says, studying Aidan for a moment, before starting to select a character in Kombat. He's going with Raiden, of course. "But yah, I play the fighting games. It's not like you can go to hell for ripping off a cartoon's head."

A cop, huh? So many little details, so hard to learn. "It's ironic, actually." Aidan remarks quietly as he mindlessly cycles through characters before settling on Scorpion. He was always his favorite. "My dad's name was Eric too. Guess it was the popular name that year."

With a laugh, Drake looks amused, raising his brow up. "Yeah? That's cool. Though, unless your last name is Maxwell, I"m not too worried." He says as he starts to play, his fingers working over the buttons. He throws lighting bolts here, and there, being more of a defensive player, than an offensive. He seems to enjoy picking the right moment, before attacking. "So, what is your last name anyways, Aidan?"

My dad's was. The words are right there, at the tip of his tongue, but he just can't spit them out. The game consumes his vision, but his mind whirls, even as his fingers mindlessly flow over the buttons in a fierce offensive. "My last name is Telford." A brief pause, and then, "It's my mother's maiden name."

"Oh." Drake says as he continues to tap the button a bit harder, fingers flipping from one to the next as he parries, and lobs another bolt of electricity. "Why did you take your mother's name for? Usually you end up automatically with the guy's, right? Or was your dad just.. kinda not in the picture?" That much he can sympathize with, to a point.

"No, he was around, just they were never married." Aidan says in a somewhat hollow tone. "I had mom's name just to save any legal issues since they weren't really together. I never saw him much, and he died when I was… seven." Was he seven? He could never remember, everything seems just hazy back then. "I was mostly raised by my relatives, mom was always too busy with work."

"That sucks, my dad died when I was still in the womb." At least, it's what Drake was told, having never known the truth, that his father was simply casted out by his mother after the 'cheating' was brought to light. Flicking his fingers across the controller a bit, he turns to face Aidan, offering up a quick smile. "… It looks like we got a lot in common, huh? Practically brothers." He says in a teasing tone.

Aidan is distracted, and it leaves his character open for a fatal shot. Letting out a breath, he rests the controller in his lap, letting out a low breath. "Guess we do. I… I really should get going, but… I should tell you something first." The words are heavy, slowly spoken, as if he was ready to pull them back at the last moment but doesn't.

Lobbing the controller a bit forward, Drake hops up to his feet, then smoothes his pants down. "Oh, alright. Well, hit me up tomorrow then, yeah? I'm gonna rent a wet suit and try my hand at surfing. I could use someone to pull me out when I start to drown." He says, then raises a brow upwards as Aidan mentions he ha something to say. "…yeah? What's up?"

Aidan passes a brief glance towards the kitchen, where the old woman still is. He really doesn't want her to hear, she doesn't need to hear. From his pocket he pulls the simple, metal rod, holding it flat in an upraised palm. "Don't freak out, I'm not here to cause problems. I just think you should know. My last name is Telford, but.. my father's… was Maxwell. Eric Maxwell." In his hand, the metal shifts, growing soft and molten and forming into a simple, smooth coin of silver steel.

Taking a quick step back, Drake shoots a look to the kitchen, then back towards Aidan, his face stunned, mouth slightly agape. ".. you.." He stammers out, swallowing, before giving his head a shake. "No. No way. There's.. " He seems stupefied, since this has came out of left field. As he watches the metal form, and manipulate in the man's hand, he grows even more wary, his eyes locked on the other in disbelief. "This is a trick." He hisses out. "I want you out of here.. /now/."

Aidan flips the small medallion of metal from his fingers, letting it land on the couch where it glitters under the light. "Believe me… I wish it was a trick. But, it's not. She's right… they always said I looked like him." His words are numb as he turns to walk towards the door.

Frowning, Drake gives the other a wide circle, and quite a bit of berth as he curls his fingers up slightly into tight fists, bleeding his knuckles white. "I don't believe in.. coincidences. Who sent you?" He asks, watching the man's back as he tries to keep his voice low, and even. "This is a trick."

"No one sent me, I came on my own." Aidan says as his hand rests on the doorknob. "Pissed 'em off royally. By the way, I wouldn't let on you know anything, I doubt anyone will appreciate it." The doorknob is turned and the door opened, his motions carrying him to leave.

"Pissed who off? Who? /Them?/ The Company?" Drake says, rubbing at the mark on his neck, his eyes burning with mistrust and anger. He follows after him, glancing over his shoulder for a moment, before entering the hallway with the other, closing the door behind him.

"Only real family I've had." Murmurs Aidan in the echoing expanse of the hallway. "Look, don't worry about them. They're done with you, they barely even let me get this far once I.. found out. It's a mindfuck. Believe me, I know, I felt the same way."

Continuing to frown, Drake looks visibly upset as he scuffs his foot against the ground, then says. "Am I gonna see you again then? Look.." He trails off. "Look. I.. I need.. you to show me proof, and I'll listen, OK?" He says with a frown.

But Aidan doesn't offer proof. Right now, he doesn't even have any to give. "You got my number." Says the young man as he begins to walk down the hall, hands stuffing into his pockets with hunched shoulders. "If you come back to the Big Apple, give me a buzz."

Following him a few steps down the hallway, Drake watches him head off into the elevator, then clenches his fists up again. With a frustrated breath, he heads back to the apartment and closes the door, dead bolting it behind him. He won't get much sleep tonight it seems.

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