Brubaker Secondary School
Brubaker Secondary School
Location Upper East Side, New York City, NY, USA
Enrollment 1000~ students; 7th grade - 12th grade
School Hours 7:35 AM - 2:20 PM, M-F
Office Hours 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM, M-F; 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Sat


Brubaker Secondary School is a non-profit, private school in the Upper East Side, and encompassing a small campus of buildings. Established in 1942 as an all-boys school, it is now a co-educational institution with a fairly diverse student body. With a graduation rate of 87%, many of its students have the opportunity and education to move forward into a post-secondary system. Clubs, sports groups, and special electives make certain to help students flourish in fields that interest them, while parents involving themselves with the school have no shortage of games, fundraisers, and events to attend.

People Involved With The School

School Events

  • September 2nd - Start of Academic Year
  • September 19th - Open House
  • October 4th - Homecoming
  • October 31st - Halloween Dance
  • December 23rd thru January 5th - Holiday Break
  • PTA Meetings every other Wednesday.

School RP Notes

At the beginning of the school year, students are in an area of uncertainty, since a large number of students from the previous year are not returning. They have been expelled in an effort to ease the problems of the school. However, this did not address the underlying issue - drugs - just got rid of its most prominent promoters. The further segregation of "at-risk" students out of the main population, to be given inferior teachers and classrooms makes some of the worst problems worsen:

  • Cliques. Yes, every secondary school has them. At Brubaker they are often exclusive, always unfair, and unrelentingly hostile to one another. Sometimes even cliques that have a lot in common (entitled jocks, for example), hate each other worst of all.
  • Violence. Although open violence in the halls is less, beatdowns and after-school jumps are common.
  • Drugs. From the top of the school's academic levels to the very bottom, heroin and cocaine use, distribution, sales and addiction are rampant. The distortion of relationships that come with the drug trade - blackmail, extortion, and so on, go even farther than the reach of the drugs themselves. Just resisting peer pressure is not enough to come out clean.

The important thing about these problems from a RP standpoint is that without PC intervention - probably coordinated PC intervention - they won't get better. The administration wants to bury the problem to avoid parents yanking their kids from the school. And it should not be easy, at all, to make things better: students who stand out will be targetted by other students and hassled by administration trying to keep things quiet, teachers who try to make a difference will be on their own against colleagues and staff who want the problem to go away on its own, and of course, there's a lot of drug dealers that like the market…

School RP Progress and Rumors

If your character has stepped up and made some difference (good or bad!), post briefly about it here so other PCs can react to it, you don't need the whole log or anything, just a line saying 'Mr. Smith intervened with a nerd who was getting jumped after school.' or whatever it is. This is also the place for confirmed or unconfirmed things you can incorporate into your RP as rumors (or dig around to find the truth!)

  • Lee and William were dumped in Brubaker and given the school's worst students and no support, being set up to fail. The students responded neither to Lee's blatantly fakey and uncaring "cool teacher" shtick or William's more earnest authoritarianism. Lee discovered the administration's virtually complete apathy about the "problem" kids he had been assigned, but did nothing but complain.
  • After a breakdown related to his personal life, Lee became more receptive to the needs of his students. Portia, also assigned to his class primarily because she was a transfer student, has started to become a class leader as Lee has worked harder to challenge and teach the students.
  • Reports from boys showering before gym in early morning gym classes are saying that every 2 or 3 days chunks of ice are found around the floor in the showers, even when it's warm outside.
  • Cam, who was recruited into being a runner and lookout for the drug gang, snitched out one of the gang's distributors, a student named Marshall, to Lee, after a beat-down on a student left him broken and bloody. Snitch has the details.


  • Lenient uniforms are a standard at Brubaker. The school does not have official uniforms, but simply a stricter code of dress. A list of clothing items and colors is provided by the school to all students; mixing and matching from this list is most common and by far the easiest way to manage.
  • School colors are dark blue, silver, and white.
  • Acting mascot is a gargoyle.

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