Bryan Pendley
Bryan James Pendley
Portrayed By Jason David Frank
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 2, 1985
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Bruce
Place of Birth Haleyville, AL, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Police Officer
Known Relatives Jill (mother), Scott (father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Martial Artist
First Appearance Close Encounters

Bryan is a down to Earth southern man, with a heart of gold. He's a Christian, with deep moral values, and also a trained Martial Artist. He's light tempered, and easy going.


Bryan, was born and raised in Haleyville, Alabama. He had a normal upbringing, and is a normal human being. He began training in martial arts during his senior year in high school, and became an extraordinary practicioner of the art. He quite possibly witnessed the worst day of his life around that time, which gave him the edge he needed to go into the police force. He recently transferred from Haleyville's Police Department to the NYPD. Where so far, he's met only a few people, and hopes to build great friendships with them.


Close Encounters, Breakfast at the Bar, Clarifying Statements


"Well, I reckon the good Lord put bacon on earth for a reason." (To Charlotte and Sydney in Breakfast at the Bar)
"I believe you…" (to Sydney, in Clarifying Statements)


Bryan is a advanced student in the art of Jeet Kune Do.
Bryan is aliased Bruce because Jeet Kune Do is Bruce Lee's creation

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